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The Advancing Oceanside Podast

The Advancing Oceanside Podast

By Oceanside Chamber of Commerce
The Advancing Oceanside Podcast, brought to you by the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce, hosts business & community leaders from all industries to help inform, better educate & ultimately advocate for a prosperous, economic climate here in Oceanside. Each episode features an industry leader who focuses on current topics influencing not only Oceanside, but all of North County. The Oceanside Chamber is working to serve as a champion for a stronger community, act as a convener for leaders and influencers and maintain a significant role as a catalyst for business growth.
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7. How Martial Arts is Supporting the Oceanside Community | Ruben Rowell Jr., Extreme Power Gym
The Advancing Oceanside Podcast is back! Joining us on today’s episode is local Oceanside business owner, recognized Muay Thai instructor and role model for youth, Ruben Rowell Jr. As mentioned before, Ruben is a recognized Muay Thai instructor who is passionate about all the martial arts has to offer. Ruben goes into detail on why he’s so passionate about the martial arts, the awards and recognitions he’s received, and how he believes practicing martial arts has and will continue to significantly improve the lives of Oceanside’s local youth. I’m excited for you to hear Ruben’s story, so, let’s get into it. Learn more about Extreme Power Gym here: Follow Extreme Power Gym on Facebook here:
May 11, 2022
6. Made in Oceanside - Olli Salumeria, More Than Just Meats
Today on the Advancing Oceanside Podcast, we are so excited to have with us the owner of Olli Salumeria here in Oceanside. Olli Salumeria is a local salami manufacture specializing in slow-cured fine meats based on old family recipes handed down over four generations. Olli, originally from Rome, has created a company that is so much more than meats. During the interview you’ll hear his incredible story and how he has created a company culture that excites his employees. He is passionate about what he does and treats his employees with the utmost respect. We are so blessed to have Olli here in Oceanside. Learn more about Olli Salumeria:
November 17, 2021
5. Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton Update | Colonel Daniel M. Whitley, Commanding Officer, Headquarters And Support Battalion
On today’s episode of the Advancing Oceanside Podcast, we have a very special guest. Joining us is Col. Daniel Whitley, Commanding Officer of the Headquarters and Support Battalion for the Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton and the liaison to Oceanside for all things military-related. An extremely decorated officer, Col. Whitely has worked internationally in a variety of roles providing him with a significant amount of expertise and knowledge. Our interview covers a very time-sensitive, relevant information including the impacts of the pandemic on military readiness, the United States withdrawal from Afghanistan, and how the Marine Corps is preparing for national security threats. This interview provides a great amount of detail on military activities for those interested on staying informed.
October 27, 2021
4. Giving a Voice to the Voiceless - KOCT Celebrates 40 Years | Carly Starr, Executive Director
Today on the Advancing Oceanside Podcast we are celebrating another 40 year anniversary! Joining us is Carly Starr, Executive Director for KOCT, the Voice of North County. Before coming to KOCT, Carly was an award-winning filmmaker and the founder of Love Machine Films. After leaving her hectic Hollywood life, Carly brought that same passion for film and story-telling to KOCT. Carly explains she strives to give a voice to the voiceless, and that’s just what KOCT does. KOCT is a non-profit, live stream peg outlet partially funded by the City of Oceanside and powered by Cox Cable. The organization commits to programming the issues that directly impact the everyday lives of Osiders and aims to keep locals well-informed and actively engaged with the latest Oceanside news. They have consistently remained the voice of North County.  Learn more about KOCT -
October 13, 2021
3. Ivey Ranch Park Association Then and Now, Celebrating 40 Years of Community-Based Work | Tonya Danielly, Executive Director
Joining us today on the Advancing Oceanside Podcast is Tonya Danielly, Executive Director for the Ivey Ranch Park Association. Ivey Ranch Park Association was established in 1981 and is a private non-profit, community-based corporation that provides services targeted to disabled and able-bodied children and young adults located throughout San Diego County. During the interview, Tonya will take you through Ivey Ranch Park’s history, and how over 40 years the organization has evolved from a dirt mound to 12-acres of beautifully kept grounds with the only duly accredited equestrian facility in the state of California. The organization has so much to offer and I’m excited for you to hear about their programs and the special horses that are happy to call Ivey Ranch home. And now, Tonya Danielly. Learn more about Ivey Ranch Park Association here:
September 22, 2021
2. Supporting Active-Duty Military & Veterans | Lori Boody, Veterans Association of North County Executive Director
The Advancing Oceanside Podcast is back! After taking a little hiatus while we worked on the launch of our new website, make sure you check it out at, we’re back with another timely interview. Joining us today is Lori Boody, Executive Director for the Veterans Association of North County or VANC. VANC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created and operated by Veterans as a one-stop resource center for all active-duty military, Veterans, and their families. They centralize services from diverse agencies to assist with jobs, education, finances, health, and wellness. VANC has done so much for our veterans and active-duty military families, and Lori discusses pandemic related programs and aid, and how the community can get involved. And, lastly, with the content of this interview pertaining to our service members and considering recent events in Afghanistan and the 20th anniversary of 9/11, the Oceanside Chamber staff wants to say to all our veterans and active-duty military, thank you for your service. We at the Oceanside Chamber appreciate so much your sacrifice and duty to our country. And with that, Lori Boody.  Learn more about VANC.
September 13, 2021
1. Tri-City Medical Center Celebrates 60 Years of Service | Aaron Byzak, Chief External Affairs Officer and Jennifer Paroly, Chief Development Officer and President
Season 2 of the Advancing Oceanside Podcast is here! Our first episode celebrates Tri-City Medical Center's 60 years of service and we're joined by Aaron Byzak, Chief External Affairs Officer and Jennifer Paroly, Chief Development Officer and President. This episode explores Tri-City Medical Center's history, improvements in technology over the years, and exciting new projects and plans. Aaron and Jennifer even go over some exciting TCMC trivia. We're so blessed have have Tri-City Medical Center in our community, and are grateful for our many years of partnership. After six decades of service, Tri-City Medical Center remains committed to the community—fulfilling the vision of the leaders who championed its creation. The combination of world-class care and community stewardship has earned national recognition for the hospital. Tri-City Medical Center has been named a Top 100 Hospital several times, received National Certifications in stroke care and heart failure for its Pulmonary Rehabilitation Center, been named a Best Maternity Hospital by Newsweek, won Wound Care Facility of the Year, been designated as a Blue Distinction Center for cardiac care and spine surgery by Blue Cross/Blue Shield, won countless awards for its heart and stroke care, and was named Top 100 hospitals for spine surgery nationwide, awarded by Healthgrades. Learn more at
July 28, 2021
Going Green: A Virtual Sustainable Business Workshop with Green Oceanside
Last week, the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce and City’s Green Oceanside Team presented Going Green: A Virtual Sustainable Business Workshop. The webinar show attendees how to incorporate economically-feasible sustainability measures into their business operations and featured resources from the Green Oceanside team, City of Oceanside and SDG&E. Resources:   Contact Information: City of Oceanside, Green Oceanside Team Phone: 760-435-4500 Email: Website:  Oceanside Chamber of Commerce Phone: 760-722-1534 Email:   SDG&E Phone: 1-800-644-6133 Email:
July 21, 2021
29. Mental Health Awareness - Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Therapy to Treat Depression | Dr. Chaudhri, CalTMS
Today we are joined by Dr. Chaudhri a practicing psychiatrist in the greater San Diego Area and one of a select few providers in San Diego offering Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) for patients with major depression. Before we get too much into detail, this interview does include information on depression, its causes and various treatments which may trigger an emotional response in some audience members. As a reminder, if you or someone you know is experiencing thoughts of suicide or self-harm, please seek immediate help and call 911. People in a state of crisis are also encouraged to call the 24-Hour Crisis Center Hotline at 1-800-273-TALK. Known in North County as CalTMS, the California Medical Behavioral Health specializes in anxiety and depression treatment using Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Therapy. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Therapy is a non-invasive, non-systemic, non-drug treatment for depression. TMS Therapy uses a targeted pulsed magnetic field, similar to the magnetic field produced by an MRI machine, to stimulate the under-active area of your brain thought to control mood. Dr. Chaudhri goes into detail regarding how TMS therapy works and the supporting research behind the treatment’s success. This interview is meant to share an alternative method to treating depression and any of the doctors at CalTMS would be happy to discuss if TMS therapy is right for you. So, without further ado, Dr. Chaudri. Learn more:
June 09, 2021
28. How Interfaith Community Services' Faith-Based Approach is Helping People Help Themselves
Today we are exploring another amazing service provider in our community. Greg Anglea, CEO for Interfaith Community Services, joins us to discuss how the organization is helping people help themselves. Interfaith Community Services empowers people in need to stabilize their lives through comprehensive programs, in partnership with diverse faith communities and people of passion. With 5 main areas of focus, supportive services, housing, clinical and behavioral health, recovery and wellness, and employment and economic development, Interfaith has helped thousands of individuals just in North County alone. And, not only does Interfaith help those in need, their Faith-Based Mental Health Academy provides training for faith leaders and mental health professionals in order to better serve those struggling with their mental health. Just to disclose any information beforehand, this interview does briefly discuss mental health and depression. But for anyone out there struggling, Interfaith’s doors and phone lines are always open. Learn more about Interfaith Community Services:
May 26, 2021
27. AAPI Heritage Month Special - Vishnu Sneller on Taking Lessons from her Indian Upbringing into the Business World 
It is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month and we are joined by Vishnu Sneller, Owner of Minuteman Press Oceanside. Vishnu is an incredibly intelligent woman who for decades studied the epidemiology of infectious diseases and health services for displaced populations. After a personal tragedy took her son away from managing Minuteman, Vishnu stepped in to run the shops daily operations. Driven by positivity and perseverance, Vishnu shares how her Indian upbringing has taught her to overcome any obstacle. Our interview shares an open and honest recollection of what it means to be Asian American, and how Vishnu hopes to continue to recognize and honor other Asians and Pacific Islanders within our community. Her love for Oceanside and our local small businesses is evident, and I’m excited for you to hear her story.  Visit Minuteman Press Oceanside:
May 19, 2021
26. Small Business Social Media Strategies, Content Creation, Storytelling & More | Jacqueline Farkas, Social Marketing Boutique
Today the Advancing Oceanside Podcast is diving into a hot topic for small businesses, social media marketing. Joining us is small business owner and social media expert, Jacqueline Farkas founder of Social Marketing Boutique. Jacqueline is passionate about educating and inspiring small business owners and specializes in designing creative content and developing marketing strategies. She is a creative business owner who is multi-passionate and great at what she does. In just under 30 minutes, Jacqueline provides small business owners with the tools they need to start their social marketing strategy.  Visit the Social Marketing Boutique:
May 12, 2021
25. Sustainability Series - Water Use Efficiency & Conservation with the San Diego County Water Authority
The Advancing Oceanside Podcast has one final episode in its four-part sustainability series, and it’s brought to you buy water. Joining us today from the San Diego County Water Authority is Water Resources Manager Elizabeth Lovsted and Water Resources Specialist Joni German. Our interview discusses how the San Diego County Water Authority has saved water by providing programs and incentives, utilizing water saving devices, advocating for water regulations, and many other efforts that have all propelled them towards their goals. Lastly, you’ll learn how simply living “WaterSmart”, such as adjusting your landscaping or taking advantage of the turf rebate program, can help you not only cuts costs but can actually create vibrant, energy efficient, water-conscious yards.  Learn more about the San Diego County Water Authority -
April 29, 2021
24. Sustainability Series - SDG&E Commits to Net Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2045 | Estela de Llanos, Vice President, Clean Transportation, Sustainability & Chief Environmental Officer
Thank you for joining us for another episode of the Advancing Oceanside Podcast! We are excited to have Estela de Llanos from SDG&E with us for the third episode in our sustainability series. Estela is the SDG&E’s Vice President of Clean Transportation and Sustainability and Chief Environmental Officer. In this role, she oversees clean transportation, advanced clean technologies, environmental compliance, and other sustainability initiatives. In our interview, Estela dives deep into SDG&E’s commitment to sustainability highlighting the company’s promise to reach net zero gas emissions by 2045 and shares affordable ways you can cut your carbon footprint. Learn more about SDG&E's commitment to sustainability:
April 27, 2021
23. Sustainability Series - Why the Future is Solar | David Boylan, VP Marketing, Stellar Solar
Welcome back to another episode of the Advancing Oceanside Podcast and Happy Earth Day. Today we continue our Sustainability Series with Stellar Solar. We are excited to have David Boylan, VP of Marketing with us to discuss solar energy.  Stellar Solar has been in business for over 20 years and has earned their reputation as a top solar provider in San Diego County. Our interview covers everything you need to know about the solar industry and why homeowners or business should consider switching. But, more importantly, David discusses the environmental impacts of the solar switch and how this transition is powering the future. He even talks money and how solar is easy on the environment and can be easy your wallet. And now, here to electrify your life, special guest, David Boylan.  Learn more about Stellar Solar:
April 22, 2021
22. Chamber Board Chair, Haley Wonsley, on Leadership, Embracing Change and the Future of North County
The Advancing Oceanside Podcast welcomes Haley Wonsley! Haley a Senior Account Manager at Intesa Communications Group, and is also currently serving as the Oceanside Chamber’s 2021 Board Chair! Intesa Communications Group is a San Diego-based strategic communications and government relations firm focused on doing their best work for the clients they believe in. At Intesa, Haley oversees the projects here in North County and serves a variety of other government relations and community outreach clients. Haley is an incredible woman and a great leader who is passionate about creating the best future for North County and is so happy to call Oceanside home. Since this interview was recorded back in March, which is Women’s History Month, Haley discusses what it’s like to be a young female leader who is heavily involved in politics. She shares what keeps her motivated, tips for young professionals, reasons to surround yourself with those who uplift you and just packs so much knowledge and inspiration into this 20-minutes segment. Learn more about Intesa Communications Group:
April 14, 2021
21. Sustainability Series - Get a Green, Chemical Free Clean with ENJO
Welcome to the Advancing Oceanside Podcast! Today we begin our celebration of Earth Month with a sustainability series focused on green and clean living. Today we have with us Nicole Douglas with ENJO California. ENJO is cleaning the world with chemical free products and reducing the average amount of household waste. Their patented fiber technology uses nothing other than water to clean surfaces and has a product lifecycle between 3 to 5 years. Learn more about ENJO’s 100% carbon neutral production and how you can incorporate these small, sustainable changes into your everyday life as we work towards a chemically clear and plastic free environment.  Learn more about ENJO:  Visit Nicole on Facebook and Instagram: Facebook: Instagram:
April 01, 2021
20. Oceanside's Arts are Alive with the Oceanside Cultural Arts Foundation
Today we’re celebrating Oceanside’s arts with Anita Romaine and Elaine Weidauer! The Oceanside Cultural Arts Foundation is a non-profit organization whose goal is to broaden the cultural, artistic, musical and performing arts here in Oceanside and the surrounding communities. They are a project-oriented company with a focus on nurturing and showcasing the rich and diverse talent from our community. Today’s interview goes into all things OCAF, showing off their many projects and events in our community. Learn more about what’s upcoming including their Women of Note event Saturday, March 27th at Bliss Tea and Treats, the Oceanside Film Festival, Write On Oceanside, Oceanside Arts Live and much more!    Learn more about the Oceanside Cultural Arts Foundation by checking out their website and Facebook:
March 26, 2021
19. Creating Positive & Fundamental Change - Milestone House is Helping Girls & Transgender Youth Overcome Severe Abuse and Trauma
On this episode of the Advancing Oceanside Podcast, we are joined by Beverly Boone, Founding Executive Director of Milestone House. Milestone House is a short-term, residential, therapeutic program for girls and transgender youth ages 13 to 19 who are survivors of child abuse and are part of the child welfare system. These teens have serious emotional, psychological and behavioral issues, but are treated in a compassionate, caring environment with highly trained professionals who focus on meeting the needs of every specific child. Learn more about Beverly’s amazing work and how supporting Milestone House helps to bring positive and fundamental change to the lives of children who are among the most vulnerable in our community.   Learn more about Milestone House and how you can get involved below:
March 24, 2021
18. Jennifer Paroly, Tri-City Hospital Foundation's President, On Advancing Healthcare to Build a Better Community
On this episode of the Advancing Oceanside Podcast, we are pleased to have with us Jennifer Paroly, President of the Tri-City Hospital Foundation. The Tri-City Hospital Foundation aims to build and support the community by helping advance exceptional healthcare. Hear how the Foundation has directly supported Tri-Cty Medical Center by raising funds for necessary improvements, new facilities and state-of-the-art equipment. Jennifer even discusses how the Foundation played a pivotal role during the pandemic and has provided PPE equipment, air filters and more to keep hospital patients and staff as safe as possible. Visit Tri-City Hospital Foundation's website to find out how you can get involved: Thank you to our sponsor Tri-City Medical Center. Check them out at:
March 15, 2021
17. "Love your neighbor." - Bread of Life and the San Diego Rescue Mission's Loving Approach to Saving Our Homeless Neighbors
Tim Yzaguirre with the Bread of Life and Donnie Dee with the San Diego Rescue Mission join us today to discuss a loving approach to caring for our homeless neighbors. The partnership between the two organizations was quite literally a match made in heaven. The organizations’ missions align seamlessly and their efforts combined have helped countless individuals and families. Their vision is to see God transform the lives of those experiencing homelessness and impact San Diego one life at a time. Their mission is to lovingly address the needs of men, women and children by sharing the Good News of Salvation and providing a holistic approach to rehabilitation and recovery. I guarantee you their approach, mission and overall work will change the way you view homelessness here in Oceanside. If you'd like to learn more about the Bread of Life and the San Diego Rescue Mission's partnership and how you can get involved, please visit their website.  Or check them out on social media:  Facebook: Bread of Life SD Rescue Mission Twitter Instagram: Bread of Life SD Rescue Misson YouTube Flickr
March 12, 2021
16. Amy Richards, Program Manager for Vets Community Connections, Discusses Successful Veteran Reintegration
Joining us today is Amy Richards, Program Manager for Vets’ Community Connections. Vets’ Community Connections works with veterans, military and their families to help integrate them successfully into their community by expanding their local networks and opportunities for involvement. Learn more about how businesses can connect with VCC to play a role in veteran reintegration and raise awareness around opportunities for community involvement.  Learn more about Vets Community Connections or give them a call: Website Phone: 1-844-VET-CONX Check them out on social media: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Thank you so much to our sponsor, Frontwave Credit Union.
March 03, 2021
Black History Month Special - Quantal Langford Talks Confidence, Authenticity & Removing the “Black-Owned” Stigma
Quantal Langford, owner of Langfordesign, joins us today for another special episode honoring Black History Month. Originally from Cleveland, TN, Quantal has always had a passion for creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit. Focusing on building great relationships and trust, Quantal has clients all over the nation who thoroughly enjoy him and his work. Being a small, black-owned business, Quantal discusses some of the challenges within his industry, and highlights the need to change the stigma sometimes associated with the phrase “black-owned”. Now, with over a decade of industry experience, Quantal explains how he is working to remove the stigma entirely using confidence, authenticity, patience and perseverance. Ultimately, Quantal hopes to inspire other black creators and entrepreneurs to be confident, stay authentic, create their own opportunities, and build relationships which will, in turn, build a future where the quality of someone's work is no longer defined by skin color. Personal Instagram Langfordesign - Website Facebook Instagram The Creative Brew Podcast -  Podcast Facebook Instagram Radio Show - Tuesdays
February 25, 2021
15. Chris Weiner, OYPN Chair & Alphagraphics Outside Sales Manager, Emphasizes Business Relationships & Discusses the Future of Young Professionals in North County
Joining us on this week's episode is Chris Weiner. Professionally Chris is the Outside Sales Manager for Alphagraphics Oceanside, a local, veteran owned, full-service printing and marketing facility. For the Chamber, Chris serves as the new Chair for the Oceanside Young Professionals Network and is an active member in all the Chamber's networking groups. In North County, Chris is a member of the Carlsbad Chamber, a volunteer for MainStreet Oceanside, and co-chair’s OUSD's CTE Program. Chris emphasizes how important it is to make and maintain relationships to be successful, explains how the pandemic forced him to step outside the box to establish connections and reach potential clients, provides his tricks to creating memorable interactions, and discusses his plans and goals for the future of young professionals here in North County.  As mentioned above, Chris is the new chair for the Oceanside Young Professionals Network! The purpose of the group is to provide young professionals the unique opportunity to build connections and develop professionally within both their career field and as a North County community member. This group is free to join and open to all individuals across North County. You do not have to be an Oceanside Chamber member to join! Check out Alphagraphics on social media:   Facebook Instagram Chris's contact info: 858-900-7399
February 24, 2021
Black History Month Special - Rushell & Al Gordon, from Bliss Tea and Treats, on the Tea Experience, Oceanside's Culture & What Black History Means to Them
In honor of Black History Month, we’re joined by Rushell and Al Gordon, the brother and sister duo behind Bliss Tea Treats, a local Tea Room here in downtown Oceanside. Originally from Panama, Rushell and Al lived in Oceanside back in the 1980s. After spending some time away from the city, the two were excited to come back and see how Oceanside had economically transformed, but still had the same welcoming environment they experienced before. Rushell and Al start by diving into Oceanside's black history specifically, and then broaden their discussion sharing with us their perspective on black history overall. They explain that, to them, black history's significance lies in the appreciation for their ancestors and what they did to create opportunities and pave the way for generations today. We encourage you to try Bliss's tea experience. At Bliss Tea & Treats, guests can experience an authentic artisan tea experience. Through her travels worldwide, Rushell realized no matter the culture, tea was used as a means to connect all individuals. Her goal is to create space where people can connect on and offline and to bring Oceansiders the core tea experience that so many cultures around the world have enjoyed for decades. Despite the difficulties caused by pandemic, Bliss Tea and Treats is now open and has lots of fun things planned! They're located at 301 Mission Avenue #10, Oceanside, CA 92054. Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram, or check out their website to catch their latest updates.
February 17, 2021
14. #WeAreOneUs - Chris Megison, Solutions for Change Founder & CEO, on Solving Family Homelessness through Personal, Workforce and Community Development
On the 14th episode of the Advancing Oceanside Podcast we’re joined by Chris Megison, founder of Solutions for Change. Solutions for Change is working to solve family homelessness, one family, one community at a time. Megison’s approach focuses on personal development, workforce development, and community development to rehabilitate once homeless families. Driven by the phrase “Get up. Suit up. And show up.” Chris has saved over 1200 families and over 2500 kids. Solutions for Change is in the business of transformation, and got its start from a tearful experience. After an endearing encounter with a 9-year-old girl sleeping on the floor of a shelter, Founder Chris Megison and his wife, Tammy Megison made it their mission to make sure no other child or family goes without a home. Since then, Chris has changed the lives of thousands of families through his "no-handout" approach to rehabilitation. In essence, Chris is not handing these families a sack lunch; he's giving them the tools to become prosperous members of society. Learn more about the immense opportunities Solutions for Change offers, including the Solutions Farm and the #WeAreOneUs campaign. Thank you so much to our sponsor, Frontwave Credit Union.
February 10, 2021
13. Inside Oceanside's Photography Industry with Marcy Browe Photography
The 13th episode of the Advancing Oceanside Podcast hosts a local from Oceanside’s thriving photography industry. Marcy Browe, founder and owner of Marcy Browe Photography, brings years of industry experience. She provides us with details on how to find your niche in the industry, shares tips on how to style your subject, and shows us some of Oceanside’s hidden location gems. Marcy packs hours of knowledge into this short 20-minute segment, and her passion is sure to inspire you to do what you love.  Learn more about Marcy, read her blog, or contact her on her website!
February 02, 2021
12. The San Diego North EDC Discusses Challenges and Opportunities for the Regrowth of North County
On this episode of the Advancing Oceanside Podcast, our host Scott Ashton sat down with Erik Bruvold, CEO of San Diego North Economic Development Council. The SDNEDC focuses on marketing economic development opportunities and amplifying positive news about the North County economy, helping North County employers grow by solving specific business challenges, and connecting K-16 educators and employers through events and individual meetings to strengthen workforce programs throughout North County. The San Diego North Economic Development Council recently released the results from a study on the COVID-19 impacts along the 78 Corridor. The study found that nearly 36,000 jobs were lost. These numbers were extremely high in the hospitality, restaurant and retail sectors. The SDNEDC plans to use the data collected from this study to examines these impacts and the recovery efforts necessary in moving forward.  A huge thank you to our sponsor, Tri-City Medical Center.
January 14, 2021
11. Innovate78 on Growing the 78 Corridor's Business Ecosystem through the Collaboration of 5 Cities
On episode 11 of the Advancing Oceanside Podcast, our host, Scott Ashton, sat down with Kierstin Rielly with Innovate78 to discuss how the contract is growing the 78 Corridor's business ecosystem through the collaboration of five cities. Thank you so much to today's podcast sponsor, Frontwave Credit Union. 
January 07, 2021
10. The Oceanside Charitable Foundation's Pooled Philanthropy Model and How It's Changing Oceanside
On this episode of the Advancing Oceanside Podcast, our host Scott Ashton sat down with Colleen O'Harra and Estela Mitrani representing the Oceanside Charitable Foundation. The Oceanside Charitable Foundation is an affiliate of the San Diego Foundation focused on creating and sustaining a local foundation to serve the community of Oceanside. Since its start around 12 years ago, the Foundation has donated $650,000 back into the community and awarded over 50 grants to local nonprofit organizations. The purpose of the Foundation is to meet the emerging needs of Oceanside by encouraging and increasing responsible and effective philanthropy for all who live, work and play in the community; build a community endowment to provide funding annually to Oceanside organizations and causes; and give Oceanside community members a vehicle for legacy planning and gifts that will benefit Oceanside, now and forever. The model of the Foundation is a pooled philanthropy approach allowing for their members to control the area of focus for the year. This is done through surveys sent to their member base. This year the group has chosen to focus on promoting and fostering diversity amongst Oceanside's high school students. Thank you to our sponsor Frontwave Credit Union!
January 04, 2021
9. Exploring MainStreet's Past, Present and Future with MainStreet Oceanside
On this episode of the Advancing Oceanside Podcast, our host Scott Ashton sat down with MainStreet Oceanside to discuss their history and what the future of downtown looks like post pandemic. MainStreet Oceanside is a self-supported, non-profit organization focused on organization, promotion, design and economic restructuring in downtown Oceanside. With the extremely loyal customer base in Oceanside supporting local small businesses combined with the growing restaurant scene, MainStreet Oceanside is hopeful about the future of downtown post pandemic. Learn more about their other efforts including the Downtown Oceanside Property and Business Improvement District, which has helped improve and maintain our downtown. Thank you to today's sponsor, Frontwave Credit Union. Be sure to follow MainStreet Oceanside on social media: Facebook, Instagram and YouTube
December 28, 2020
8. Jodi Diamond, Boys & Girls Clubs of Oceanside CEO, Emphasizes Education and Food Support During the Pandemic
On this episode of the Advancing Oceanside Podcast, our host, Scott Ashton sat down with Jodi Diamond, CEO of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Oceanside, to discuss how their organization transitioned to continue supporting the community despite difficulties stemming from the pandemic. The Boys & Girls Clubs of Oceanside is a youth development organization dedicated to providing a safe, fun and enriching environment for youth to spend time during non-school hours. With over 1,400 youths to serve daily, the BGCO recognized the necessity to continue serving the community and immediately transitioned their in-person programs online. They also provided free meals to all children 18 and under after realizing the closure of schools left many children hungry. Thank you to our sponsor, Tri-City Medical Center.
December 26, 2020
7. The North Coastal Prevention Coalition Discusses San Diego County's Complex Opioid Epidemic
In this episode of the Advancing Oceanside Podcast, our host, Scott Ashton, sat down with two influential individuals from the North Coastal Prevention Coaltion, Aaron Byzak, NCPC President and John Byrom, Vista Community Clinic's Prevention Specialist. Aaron Byzak, who also serves as the Chief External Affairs Officer for Tri-City Medical Center, has been a part of the North Coastal Prevention Coalition since 2003 and has served as the President of the organization for the past eight years. John Byrom has worked closely with the NCPC and explains that NCPC supports San Diego County’s four main prevention initiatives including Binge and Underage Drinking prevention, Marijuana Prevention, the Meth Strike Force and the Rx Drug Task Force. Recently, NCPC held the National Prescription Drug Take Back Day and collected 741lbs of medications. The County continues to work towards deterring individuals from abusing drugs and helping those addicted receive proper treatment and have access to medical resources. Thank you to our sponsor, Tri-City Medical Center.
November 18, 2020
6. Jim Floros, CEO of the San Diego Food Bank, on Crisis Response and a Caring Culture
On this week's episode of the Advancing Oceanside Podcast, the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce hosts San Diego Business Journal’s Nonprofit CEO of the Year, Jim Floros with the San Diego Food Bank. The Food Bank was recognized for their work during the COVID-19 crisis, feeding a growing number of families throughout all of San Diego County. In a typical year, the San Diego Food Bank spends around 1 million dollars in food purchases. However since the beginning of the pandemic, the Food Bank has already spent 8 million dollars on food purchases all thanks to the generous donations from community and corporate supporters. Thank you to our sponsor, Tri-City Medical Center.
November 11, 2020
5. OUSD's Be the Resistance Club Educates Youth on the Harmful Consequences of Substance Abuse
On this episode of the Advancing Oceanside Podcast, the Oceanside Chamber spoke with two student board members for the Be the Resistance Club at Oceanside High School. Oceanside High's Be the Resistance Club is supported by the North Coastal Prevention Coalition, an organization which aims to reduce the harm of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and other drugs in the cities of Carlsbad, Oceanside, and Vista through community action, education, support, and collaboration. Thank you to our sponsor, Tri-City Medical Center.
November 04, 2020
4. Executive Director for the Oceanside Museum of Arts, Maria Mingalone, Discusses Advancing Oceanside's Arts
In this episode of the Oceanside Chamber's Advancing Oceanside Podcast, our host and CEO, Scott Ashton, discusses the growing and evolving arts district here in Oceanside. Maria Mingalone, Executive Director for the Oceanside Museum of Arts, gives audience members a look into Oceanside's efforts to keep the arts community alive and how the museum is implementing innovative ways to continue arts education during and after the pandemic.  Thank you to our sponsor, Frontwave Credit Union, who has been serving the community for 52 years.
October 27, 2020
3. A Look into Oceanside's History with Oceanside Historical Society's President, Kristi Hawthorne
On this episode of the Oceanside Chamber's Advancing Oceanside Podcast, Kristi Hawthorne, Oceanside Historical Society's President and Director of Events at the Oceanside Chamber, gives us a blast into Oceanside's past. Equipped with photographs and city trivia, Kristi's interview gives listeners with a plethora of information on Oceanside then and now. She also discusses how you can support the Oceanside Historical Society as they aim to preserve Oceanside's past.  Thank you to our sponsor, Frontwave Credit Union, who has been serving the community for 52 years.
October 19, 2020
2. District 4 Candidate, Peter Weiss, Provides Insight on Plans for the Future Growth of Oceanside
The Oceanside Chamber had the opportunity to connect virtually with District 4 Candidate, Peter Weiss, to discuss what qualifies him as a representative for both the people of District 4 and the City of Oceanside as a whole. As the current Mayor of Oceanside, Peter Weiss has years of experience and knowledge in dealing with Oceanside's most complex issues including the homeless crisis, public safety, code enforcement and tourism in regards to beach sand depletion. The interview delves into Weiss's dedication to maintaining a stable and positive investment environment as he works towards enhancing the services provided to the Oceanside community.
September 09, 2020
1. District 3 Candidate, Ryan Keim, Discusses His Approach to Solving Oceanside's Complex Issues
The Oceanside Chamber connected with District 3 Candidate Ryan Keim to hear his thoughts on how to tackle important issues within the Oceanside Community. As a former Oceanside Police Officer, Keim offers a unique perspective on how to handle complex topics including the homeless crisis and general public safety. Additionally, Keim discusses how he plans to support and promote Oceanside's small businesses as the state moves through the COVID pandemic.
September 08, 2020