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Odyssey Podcast Radio

Odyssey Podcast Radio

By Odyssey Magazine
Art, Literature and Entertainment provided by the students of Lake-Sumter State College.
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Freedom and Fate: Chapter 1 (Teaser)
Susan Lewis is your average working reporter. Troubled and conflicted with daily life, she dedicates herself to reporting the truth, no matter the consequences. When Susan is given the task to pitch a life changing project to the Ambassador of the United States, she is quickly met with strife and unprecedented obstacles
October 6, 2020
Macbeth - Episode 1: Foretellings
Macbeth learns he is destined to be King of Scotland and the foretelling sends him and his ambitious wife down a dark, treacherous path towards murder. 
October 6, 2020
Macbeth - Teaser
Odyssey Podcast Radio presents...William Shakespeare's Macbeth - Episode 1 teaser
October 5, 2020