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Discussions about the pursuit of individual liberty through self-sufficiency, non-aggression, counter-economics, agorism, and non-compliance.

Our mission is to give our audience advice and techniques on how to live a life of freedom and liberty using real world strategies, not just philisophical jargon.

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Anti-politics pt. 2

Off Grid Agorist

2022 Predictions and reflecting on last years predictions
In keeping with the Off Grid Agorist tradition, this episode is where we give our predictions for 2022 and we revisit last year's predictions to see what we missed and what we got right. This is not a live stream episode because the live stream version was comically awful. Of course, it was live so if you want a good laugh go watch it on YouTube. Come join us on Discord. Don't forget to check out all the cool stuff at Off Grid Agorist Plus our free download about starting an agorist side hustle "131 ways to make money using counter-economics".
January 03, 2022
All I Want for Christmas is ... |Off Grid Agorist live stream
Today's episode is our Christmas episode. It's just a fun episode where we kind of goof off and have a lot of fun with the folks in the chat. Join our new Discord Group for off-grid folks, agorists, and freedom lovers!  Check out our podcast archives and free stuff at Do you want to start your own agorist side hustle, but your not quite sure what type of agorist business to start. Check out our free download "131 ways to earn money using counter-economics"
December 27, 2021
Anti-politics pt. 3
Uncle Cy's Book Club is a channel on our Discord server"Off Grid Agorist Outlaws". In this channel, we will read a community chosen book together and have discussions on the topics we read about. Are you interested in studying more deeply the topics and philosophies around the liberty movement from an agorist perspective? Do think it would be more interesting in a group setting with others who share similar beliefs to your own? Just click this invitation link if you would like to join the Off Grid Agorist Outlaws Discord. Here's an Amazon link to purchase Anti-politics by Sal Mayweather
December 24, 2021
Self-Ownership, Do You Own Yourself? |Off Grid Agorist Livestream
Any conversation you have with an agorist about anarchy will inevitably lead to topics like the non-aggression principle(N.A.P.), freedom of association, and voluntary interaction. These are all great topics worth a deep dive, but there is one concept that is at the core of all of these topics. Self-ownership As with many other philosophies, agorism holds the idea of self-ownership as absolutely fundamental. It's an either/or state of existence. Either you do own yourself or you don't. And, if you do, then it guides all the above topic discussions. It goes like this. If I own myself then; - You must own yourself too and I don't have any right to initiate violence against you and you don't have any right to initiate violence against me. - I have every right to use any force necessary to repel violence against me. - I am free to associate myself with whomever I choose and for whatever reasons I choose without permission from others. - All interactions with me require my consent for them to be legitimate. and any interactions I have with you require your consent. These are really simple ideas and most people agree with them except when it comes to the government. People excuse the government from these very simple yet obviously moral principles. Why is that? People must excuse the government from these sets of moral codes because they believe we must have government and government can not exist under such restraint of behavior. If this short article resonates at all with how you view liberty then I highly recommend the book "The World's Most Dangerous Superstition" by Larken Rose. Larken has an incredible way of distilling some really complex thinking down to easily digestible bits. If you are seriously searching for a moral perspective of liberty then this is a must read. Join the Off Grid Agorist Outlaws on Discord
December 19, 2021
Anti-politics pt. 2
Uncle Cy's Book Club is a channel on our Discord server"Off Grid Agorist Outlaws". In this channel, we will read a community chosen book together and have discussions on the topics we read about. Are you interested in studying more deeply the topics and philosophies around the liberty movement from an agorist perspective? Do think it would be more interesting in a group setting with others who share similar beliefs to your own? Just click this invitation link if you would like to join the Off Grid Agorist Outlaws Discord. Here's an Amazon link to purchase Anti-politics by Sal Mayweather
December 14, 2021
The Renegade Entrepreneur | Off Grid Agorist Live Stream
We talk a lot about the government and its inability and unwillingness to control its own growth. We talk a lot about the uselessness of the constitution in reigning in the powers of government. We talk a lot about how voting has very little if any impact on meaningful change in the government. Now let's talk about something that does have an impact. Let's talk about the action of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs are the front lines of any push back against the government. They are the ones to push back against regulations. They are the ones to decide whether or not to provide a product or service that may or may not be "allowed" by the government. Make no mistake about it - the person dealing weed out of their apartment is as much of an entrepreneur as the person running a fully state-sanctioned, licensed business. It was the state's inability to even slow the growth of marijuana use with its multi-billion-dollar war on drugs that has made marijuana legal in most states now. This in large part is because of the entrepreneur who refused to bow to the state's commandments. These millions of entrepreneurs who used to operate in the black market now operate in the gray market. And, it's not just the weed dealers either. What about all those people that started giving rides under the Uber umbrella when it wasn't legal in most of the states they operated in.. The point is that there are enough people willing to accept the risks of dealing in a black market that it can impact the actions of the government. We often hear the phrase "Vote with your pocketbook". This is the only vote that matters when it comes to government. If you want to reduce or eliminate government then take the fight to the market and forget about the ballot box. We should all know by now that's a rigged game. Find a gray or black market that will allow you to use your own skill sets and start a business. Evaluate your own aversion to risk and find a sector in the gray or black market that aligns with that tolerance level. Stop operating in the white market where the government has all the control and takes whatever it wants from you at will. If you're unfamiliar with the different market classifications I've been discussing then I suggest listening to "What is Agorism: Part 2". This is how entrepreneurship is an act of rebellion. Starting a gray market or black market business allows you to keep more of your own money while diminishing the power of the state and voicing an opinion about the tyranny of government. If you want to explore this idea further you can download our FREE PDF "131 ways to make money using counter-economics" You can also check out our eBook "How to start a stealth business using counter-economics" Join our Discord
December 13, 2021
Anti-politics Pt. 1 | Uncle Cy's Book Club
Uncle Cy's Book Club is a channel on our Discord server"Off Grid Agorist Outlaws". In this channel, we will read a community chosen book together and have discussions on the topics we read about. Are you interested in studying more deeply the topics and philosophies around the liberty movement from an agorist perspective? Do think it would be more interesting in a group setting with others who share similar beliefs to your own? Just click this invitation link if you would like to join the Off Grid Agorist Outlaws Discord. Here's an Amazon link to purchase Anti-politics by Sal Mayweather
December 06, 2021
Rebuttal to an argument against agorism| Off Grid Agorist Live Stream
Recently one of the OG Members in the Discord group posted a link to an article titled “6 Reasons Agorism is a Failed Strategy” and recommended that a rebuttal episode may be interesting. Shout out to Xed101. I After reading the article I agreed with Xed101. So, here it is. Here is a link to the article. As titled the article list 6 reasons for the failure and to avoid any kind of copyright problems I won't publish the article here, but I will list the reasons given. 1 You're Alone 2 High Risk 3 Real World Failure 4 Ineffective 5 Self-limiting 6 Short-sighted The author does make some valid points when it comes to the hurdles of agorism and as a self proclaimed agorist for about 5 years he would certainly be aware of the hurdles but in my opinion these hurdles don't mark the strategy as failed. I don't know if the author intended to use the word failed in the past tense intentionally or not, but it insinuates a sort of finality to the unsuccessful application of agorism. After the second paragraph, the author writes” Agorism is a failed strategy. I encourage people not to pursue it at this time.” This implies that there may be a good time to pursue agorism in the future, but when would that be? I assume he means when these 6 problems have been solved, but none of the problems can be solved without the number of agorists increasing to substantial numbers. Maybe the author means to suggest that you should pursue agorism after other agorists have, through outreach, proselytizing, risk absorption and institution building increased the number of agorists to such levels that these 6 hurdles aren't that risky. This risk avoidance strategy will be employed by most people because most people are not very risk-tolerant when it comes to authority. However, this is accounted for in Konkin's writings. Konkin was clear in his predictions that agorism would take a long time. In this episode, we are going to discuss why we believe none of these 6 reasons are good enough reasons to either say agorism is a failed strategy or that people should not pursue it. Join our new Discord Group for off-grid folks, agorists, and freedom lovers! Check out our podcast archives and free stuff at Quote of the Week
December 05, 2021
Quashing the Constitution with Special Guest, Legalman | Off Grid Agorist Live Stream
Is the constitution of the united states really the document we have all been taught? Why are we told the constitution was the result of the American revolution? What does the declaration of independence have to do with the constitution? Why do so few people know anything about the Articles of confederation? These may seem like benign questions at first glance, but I assure you the answers to these questions open a door to a train of thought that leads to questions about the true nature of freedom in the United States. The idea that you have been misled your whole life about the constitution by nearly everyone around you is unsettling. I say “nearly” everyone because sometimes you will hear someone say something about that “sacred” document that goes against the national mythos and it sounds ridiculous. Those people get mocked and marginalized by the “good citizens” for their blasphemy. For those who have misled you, don't cast blame on them. They were lied to their whole lives too. The lies have been told for so long that the perpetrators of the lies are long dead and those who perpetuate the lies are a minuscule minority. The rest are just compliant dupes spreading the lies because they believe the lies. It is my belief that one can never have real liberty in this country and still believe in the national story. The two are diametrically opposed and the belief in one must negate the other. It is possible to see these lies for what they are, but it requires a suspension of belief in the mythos. One must be able to honestly question the validity of the mythos so the mind can rationally evaluate the contradicting information. In today's episode, we have a special guest. Legalman is one of those who are trying to shed some truth on this great deception. He is among the best at pointing out the inconsistencies in a concise way that leaves little debate about the truth of the matter when it comes to the true purpose of the constitution. To those of you in our audience who call yourselves constitutional republicans I urge you to listen with an open ear. Compare what you hear in this episode with what you've been taught all your life then contrast the information with what you see all around you in reality.  Join our new Discord Group for off-grid folks, agorists, and freedom lovers! Check out our podcast archives and free stuff at To listen to Legalmans podcast The Quash Quote of the Week For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it might cost, I am willing to know the whole TRUTH; to know the worst, and to provide for it. - Patrick Henry
November 30, 2021
Expatriation: Living Off-Grid Abroad | Off Grid Agorist Live Stream Podacast
Have you ever thought about leaving the USA, Canada, or any first world country? Do you daydream about going to a foreign land and sipping margaritas on the beach of a tropical island for the rest of your life? I know that I do. I have thought about it quite a bit. Although we live in the richest countries in the world, tyrannical policies and over-taxation have many of us wondering what it would be like to exit the system. Our tax dollars have been weaponized and are being used against us. The Fed keeps printing money like it's going out of style, causing massive price increases in just about every commodity available. People have simply stopped looking for work as our jobs are being threatened because we don't want our healthcare dictated to us. As our first world countries become more like slave systems, many of us have thought about exiting our countries entirely, but it seems like such a difficult task to accomplish. Not only is leaving the country intimidating, how about expatriating and going off-grid? Now that sounds like a doozy! Sourcing supplies takes much more than running to the local Lowe's and picking up everything you need. All of the dynamics and conveniences we are used to change. Is it difficult, yes. Impossible? No! In this week's show, we are talking to a very interesting woman, Kristen Krash. She has managed to leave the The USA for many of the reasons noted above. She now lives in Ecuador. Not only did she expatriate from America, but she is also living off-grid and flourishing. Check out her website There are lots of things to think about when expatriating to another country to live off grid. How is the country reacting to the pandemic? What are the country's policies towards crypto, taxation, building permits? What is the primary language? Are they friendly towards Americans? Is there access to healthcare, and what are the costs of that healthcare? If you are thinking about leaving the country for a more simple life, you must perform your due diligence. Do lots of research and see if it is viable to begin an off-grid life abroad. I think you will be surprised at how many options are really out there. Join our new Discord Group for off-grid folks, agorists, and freedom lovers! Check out our podcast archives and free stuff at Quote of the Week Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don’t need to escape from. – Seth Godin
November 20, 2021
Crypto - Security Vs Simplicity
The world of crypto is a much different sphere than it was just a few years ago. Crypto has been called a joke, a fad, a scam, a novelty, and many other things. Very few people took it seriously when the early adopters were saying it was revolutionary, genius, disintermediating, and world-changing. Now people are coming around to the real world applications of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, but the underlying goal of bitcoin, the first crypto, a permissionless, trustless, way to exchange value between 2 parties anywhere in the world without any centralized interference is getting obscured. Nowadays, the big players in the world of transactional money are jumping into this trillion-dollar world. This acceptance of crypto by the likes of wall street, investment firms, dot coms, and money processing companies has opened up a world of centralized intermediaries. This fact proves crypto is not a fad or a novelty and is here to stay. There is an interesting dynamic with crypto though. It can be as secure as you wish and it can be as simple as you please, but at this point in time, it is like a spectrum. On one side of the spectrum is security and on the other side of the spectrum is simplicity. So as you move across the spectrum from security to simplicity you lose more and more security as you gain more and more simplicity. The vast majority of people prefer simplicity over security so most of the development and new user onboarding in this new frontier is happening in centrally controlled, KYC compliant arenas. Personally, I don't see a big problem with this, but it does warrant a discussion and some thought about why a person wants to get into crypto. For the agorist, security is a big concern. The ability to exchange value in an anonymous manner consensually with another individual or company is important for many reasons. To be secure in one's property and associations requires that transactions can't be tracked by a government willing to use force against an individual. That being said, it is also important to be able to move in and out of the system as needed to take advantage of needed or wanted opportunities within the white market. Today, we'll be discussing the places where you can find security and how you can take advantage of platforms for simplicity. Join our new Discord Group for off-grid folks, agorists, and freedom lovers! Check out our podcast archives and free stuff at
November 13, 2021
Self-sufficiency Skill Sets To Beat The System
In today's world, self-sufficiency is an integral part of freedom. Our society seems to be structured in such a way that people are heavily dependent on other people, infrastructures, businesses, institutions, etc. for their very survival. In a truly voluntary world, there would be nothing wrong with this, in fact, it would be beneficial. The division of labor has been a key variable for the increase in human quality of life.  The problem with the situation today is an ever-increasing control state, where these dependencies on others are used against people as a form of control and manipulation. We can all think of situations where our decisions are based on consequences imposed on us by the government without any natural consequence of the decision. Most of the consequences imposed on us - through the use of force by a government - are directly or indirectly tied to the institution of government monopolized money. As we talked about in last week's episode, finding ways to live outside the fiat system can increase the sphere of liberty that you live within.  This week we are talking about self-sufficient skill sets that you can develop to decrease your reliance on the use of the fiat system that is used to control and manipulate the population. The purpose of developing self-sufficient skills is to ultimately reduce your need to buy goods and services. Reducing your need to continually buy things reduces the amount of money you have to trade your time and energy for. Anyone can learn new skills. It does require determination and substantial investments of time, you may even choose to pay someone to teach you a skill, but the great thing about these new skills is that once you have them they can't be taken away from you. Here's an example of what we mean. What would it look like if you learned how to raise chickens? If a family of 4 eats eggs for breakfast 4 times per week, they would spend roughly $9 per week buying eggs. If one family member learned how to raise chickens, they could easily tend to 15 chickens and conservatively expect to collect 6 dozen eggs per week. This would supply the family's egg needs, plus enough surplus to sell eggs to friends and neighbors to pay for the chicken feed. This would save the family over $500 per year and doesn't account for any of the other benefits of raising chickens. Learning skills is an act of liberty in and of itself. Here's an invite link to check out our Discord Community. Check out The Off Grid Agorist YouTube Channel
November 07, 2021
Is it possible to live without money? Off Grid Agorist Podcast
Why would it be beneficial to learn how to live outside of the traditional monetary system? Is it even possible to live without money? If it were possible, what would that even look like and where would you learn how? When people are governed with an illusion of freedom and democracy it’s important that control be maintained indirectly through institutions. Because of this illusion, these institutions become sacred cows. When an individual speaks out against these institutions, it must be seen as unpatriotic. One such institution is the institution of money. It is probably the single most important tool a coercive government has to manipulate and control a population. The” money changers” of central banks in cahoots with governments use the fiat money system to steal value, wealth, and life energy from the population. They effectively embezzle money from the economy. They extort workers and families. They lie about inflation rates to keep the people complacent. They use the money they stole from citizens to spy on those citizens, to incarcerate those citizens, to enforce unjust laws against those citizens, to adjudicate against those citizens. This is a small sample of the ways in which government uses fiat money to control a large population with a small number of people. These are some of the reasons why the agorist wants to avoid giving their wealth to the government. Living without money or outside of traditional fiat money systems is just one way to take back a little bit of power from a tyranny of legalized thieves. It isn't easy, but it can be done to a large degree. Join our new Discord Group for off-grid folks, agorists, and freedom lovers! Check out our podcast archives and free stuff at Freedom Quote of the week: “Hundreds of billions of dollars are spent every year to control the public mind.” Noam Chomsky
October 31, 2021
Upcoming Livestream Event Announcement
Off Grid Agorist Live Stream Announcement! Streaming live at 10/30/21 at 9am Central Time. Topic: Is it Possible to Live Without Money? Join in on the conversation by attending our livestream. You can ask questions or comments, which could be highlighted on our show! Visit for the links to the live show.  Don't miss out on our growing Discord channel, where you can become a part of our Off Grid Agorist community:
October 28, 2021
Off Grid Health and Fitness | Off Grid Agorist Podcast
There is one lesson I learned really quick when I took the off grid plunge, and that lesson is it pays to be fit and healthy! The reality is, if you are planning to homestead, you will either need a whole lot of money to pay others to build things for you, or you will need to build it yourself. Materials are a lot heavier than they appear. Wood, rock, dirt, all weigh much more than you would ever expect it to.  When I went off grid last year, I realized very quickly that I was more out of shape than I had realized. We had to build fences, dig ditches, construct structures, mount solar panels, and so much more. Everything takes more exertion and if you are not in the construction industry or a laborious career, you will quickly find out that it takes extreme effort, endurance, and physical strength to get your homestead up and running.  This flipside to this is you will become stronger every day that you work on your homestead. We used the natural soil under the trees to put into our raised beds. I dug up hundreds, if not thousands, of cubic feet of soil, wheeled it over to the garden, and dumped it into our cut barrels.  I was burning thousands of extra calories a day, just getting our garden ready for the season. We also constructed a 1500 square foot crop cage to keep birds and deer out of our garden. Pouring concrete, handling chicken wire, and erecting the framework built muscle and trimmed fat.  Key takeaway: Homesteading will make you buff! But there is more than just being in good physical fitness to run a homestead.  Your mental and emotional state will be challenged, possibly on a daily basis. Mental fortitude is no joke, and homesteading likes to push the boundaries of what we can handle.  When you pour your heart and soul into a project, and things break, die, or simply don't go according to plan, your mental and emotional state will be tested. You will have doubts, feel depressed, cry, or want to give up.  It has happened to me several times, especially when our power inverter to our solar system got fried because mice got into it. I was so pissed off, I literally broke stuff. We put so much time, effort, energy, and money into this system, and all it took was one little mouse to sabotage the whole thing.  But, I recovered and moved forward, because I had to.  In this podcast episode, Cyrus and I talk about the strength you need to be a homesteader. I hope you listen to the podcast because this one I think really gets into what we all need a bit more of.  Join our Discord Community, for conversation with like-minded individuals! Visit our website, for more podcast episodes about freedom, liberty, and self-sufficiency. 
October 26, 2021
Cryptocurrency is the Key to Agorism
Regina and Cyrus discuss why crypto is the key to agorism. The monopoly of money is where all government control begins. If agorists can find a way to operate outside of the government-controlled fiat system then freedom exists to a much larger degree. The aim of agorism is to starve the state of their income which is the root of their ability to regulate and control individuals and markets. Our Website: YouTube: Facebook Page:
October 15, 2021
What in the bloody hell is a crypto NFT???
Are Crypto NFT's a fad, or are they here to stay? In this episode, Regina breaks down what an NFT is. What are the newest developments? What are the current applications? How NFT's apply to the gaming world? Sign up for our ( FREE Bi-weekly newsletter) (Agorist Products) FREE PDF ( "131 ways to make money using counter-economics") FREE PDF ("Step by step guide to your first crypto purchase")
September 05, 2021
Negative Rights vs Positive Rights and Primitive Offgrid
What are negative and positive rights and how do they apply to the mandatory vaccine debate? We also talk about primitive offgrid living. Sign up for our ( FREE Bi-weekly newsletter) (Agorist Products) FREE PDF ( "131 ways to make money using counter-economics") FREE PDF ("Step by step guide to your first crypto purchase")
August 26, 2021
3 Main Agorism Points To Remember
In this episode, Cyrus discusses the 3 main things about Agorism that will help you understand the finer points of the philosophy. Regina lets off a little steam with an offgrid rant. We give our 2 cents about the New York vaccine mandates and the agorist solution. (The Agorism Playlist) Sign up for our ( FREE Bi-weekly newsletter) (Agorist Products) FREE PDF ( "131 ways to make money using counter-economics") FREE PDF ("Step by step guide to your first crypto purchase")
August 18, 2021
How the government steals from you with money
How the government controls you and steals value from you by controlling all aspects of money. As an Agorist how do you avoid this control and theft? Check out the (Crypto Playlist) Check out (Still'n The Clear podcast) Sign up for our ( FREE Bi-weekly newsletter) (Agorist Products) FREE PDF ( "131 ways to make money using counter-economics") FREE PDF ("Step by step guide to your first crypto purchase")
August 06, 2021
The Monopoly of Money
Why is it so important that the government have a monopoly on money? Some people may have never even thought about it because it's the only system we've ever known. Just like all the other forms of control placed on us by the ruling class, we are given Barnum statements to explain why it's necessary but don't worry, I'm going to break it down for you. I'm going to give you the one and only real fundamental reason the government wants to control the money system. Here are the useful links for the information in this episode. (95% devaluation of the currency) (Value of the currency graph) (Value of the dollar from 1863 to 1899) Sign up for our ( FREE Bi-weekly newsletter) (Agorist Products) FREE PDF ( "131 ways to make money using counter-economics") FREE PDF ("Step by step guide to your first crypto purchase")
July 28, 2021
A Focus On Agorism
In this episode, we talk about why we are going to focus more on agorism and counter-economics and why it might matter to you. We're going to be teaching the tactics and strategies of counter-economics, agorist business models and structure, pirate technologies, tax strategies, and cryptocurrency. Sign up for our ( FREE Bi-weekly newsletter) (Agorist Products) FREE PDF ( "131 ways to make money using counter-economics") FREE PDF ("Step by step guide to your first crypto purchase")
July 05, 2021
Upgrading The Off Grid Ranch
Regina discusses their new upgrade with a great new purchase of an adjoining property and why it is such a great deal for them. Sign up for our ( FREE Bi-weekly newsletter) (Agorist Products) FREE PDF ( "131 ways to make money using counter-economics") FREE PDF ("Step by step guide to your first crypto purchase")
June 19, 2021
7 reasons To Go Off Grid Now
In this episode, Regina goes over some great reasons to go off grid right now. You Can also check out her (youtube video) of the same name. Sign up for our ( FREE Bi-weekly newsletter) (Agorist Products) FREE PDF ( "131 ways to make money using counter-economics") FREE PDF ("Step by step guide to your first crypto purchase")
June 11, 2021
Crypto Agorism Is In Good Shape
Cryptocurrency is a powerful tool for the agorist. With decentralized money, the agora can thrive outside of the manipulation and inflationary tax of government fiat systems. With the latest Giga dump in the crypto markets, a lot of people are fearful of crypto, but in this episode, Cyrus discusses why he thinks it is a good thing overall for agorism. Sign up for our ( FREE Bi-weekly newsletter) (Agorist Products) FREE PDF ( "131 ways to make money using counter-economics") FREE PDF ("Step by step guide to your first crypto purchase")
June 04, 2021
Tax extortion racket reaches new levels
How much more taxes are you willing to pay. At what point do you say "ENOUGH!". We discuss the various ways in which the tyrannical tax system is planning to get more of your money. Some of the measures taken are a direct attack on agorists who have used loopholes in the system to operate in a gray fashion. The US government is accelerating its abuse of the citizens. Sign up for our ( FREE Bi-weekly newsletter) (Agorist Products) FREE PDF ( "131 ways to make money using counter-economics") FREE PDF ("Step by step guide to your first crypto purchase")
May 14, 2021
How to get ready to live off grid
The number of people considering off grid living now is skyrocketing. People are looking into buying land and becoming self-sufficient outside of this crazy system of control. In this solo episode, Cyrus talks about a few simple tips to help make the transition into off grid living easier. Off grid living for the beginner can be a scary proposition. These tips can help ease the anxiety involved with such a life-changing decision. Sign up for our ( FREE Bi-weekly newsletter) (Agorist Products) FREE PDF ( "131 ways to make money using counter-economics") FREE PDF ("Step by step guide to your first crypto purchase")
May 07, 2021
This is your brain on Socialism
We got a piece of "fan" mail that was just too much fun to read and not share. Not much else to say. You just got to listen. Sign up for our ( FREE Bi-weekly newsletter) (Agorist Products) FREE PDF ( "131 ways to make money using counter-economics") FREE PDF ("Step by step guide to your first crypto purchase")
April 30, 2021
The Weekend Agorist
An interview with Morgan, The Weekend Agorist. In our first 3-way interview, Regina and I talk with Morgan about her rapid transition from a statist to an agorist, how she and her husband have made quick-draw decisions to get out of the city and into an off grid lifestyle, and the authoritarian lock-downs taking place in Ontario, Canada. Morgan is the host of The Weekend Agorist podcast, a very unique short-form podcast where she talks about her thoughts, feelings, and plans as she moves through her agorist journey. (The Weekend Agorist) is a gem of a show and you don't want to miss it. Sign up for our ( FREE Bi-weekly newsletter) (Agorist Products) FREE PDF ( "131 ways to make money using counter-economics") FREE PDF ("Step by step guide to your first crypto purchase")
April 23, 2021
The Road To Agorism
We talk about what in our lives lead us to Agorism. Regina talks about her use of arbitrage to earn untaxed income just to survive in Commifornia, using her tech skills to earn a living under the radar, and working in the male-dominated world of the Pipeline industry. Cyrus talks about starting his first agorist business at age 11, Getting shut down as a loan shark in the 6th grade, and running a bootleg snack business in junior high. Both living as agorists for years before even knowing what the word meant. Sign up for our ( FREE Bi-weekly newsletter) (Agorist Products) FREE PDF ( "131 ways to make money using counter-economics") FREE PDF ("Step by step guide to your first crypto purchase")
April 16, 2021
Mental Transmutation
Regina discusses mental transmutation or mentalism. The idea that all is mind and mind can affect reality and this ancient science has been weaponized. This weapon is being used on the human race at scale, but you can protect yourself from it. Sign up for our FREE Bi-weekly newsletter Agorist Products FREE PDF "131 Ways to make money using counter-economics" FREE PDF "Step by step guide to your first crypto purchase"
April 09, 2021
COVID - Fun Facts Or Fiction?
We talk about the many things with the current narrative and government reactions to the virus that just don't make sense. Reason and logic lead you to a point of view that maybe there's more going on than public health concerns by the leaders of the world. The numbers being reported aren't adding up. So much of the information about masks point to non-affectiveness. The massive power grab by the government and the consent of the people to have government dictate the most basic liberties people have. With a little critical thinking, this whole shit show seems like a big farse, a smokescreen to disguise some hidden agenda. Listen and decide for yourself. Check out (Tom Woods podcast), lots of content about the fallacy of the virus and lockdowns Sign the declaration if you want to support the many medical professionals speaking out against the response to the Virus (Great Barrington declaration). Sign up for (The Hitching Post). A FREE weekly newsletter all about the pursuit of liberty through self-sufficiency, non-aggression, counter-economics, and the Agora. Sign up for our FREE Bi-weekly newsletter Agorist Products FREE PDF "131 Ways to make money using counter-economics" FREE PDF "Step by step guide to your first crypto purchase"
April 02, 2021
6 DIY Solar Projects You Can Make For Pennies
When you think about solar, the first thing that comes to mind is expensive equipment. However, there are a TON of DIY solar projects that can be made without photovoltaics. In fact, you can make all of these projects with salvaged materials! In this episode, we go over 6 ideas (plus a bonus idea) on how to utilize the sun for many applications. Read the whole article at --- Send in a voice message:
March 26, 2021
How To Steel Yourself From Hyper-inflation
Inflation. Its happening everywhere, across the globe. Its been harder and harder to keep up with the bills, purchase food, and even go out and enjoy a meal and a movie. If we go into a hyper-inflationary state, what do we do to protect ourselves and our families? In this episode, we talk about ways to combat hyper-inflation and steel yourself against rising prices. --- Send in a voice message:
March 19, 2021
6 Foundational Gardening Techniques
In this episode, we talk about 6 different ways you can build your garden for this year, and the pros and cons to each style of gardening. Check out more episodes and cool stuff at! --- Send in a voice message:
March 12, 2021
Don't Be Trippin' About Authority
We have been groomed at a very young age to fear and obey authority. But the reality is that there are nowhere near enough authoritative figures to police our every single move. However, they make examples out of a few of us, so the rest fall in line. In this episode, we discuss why you don't need to be trippin' about authority. Find more content at! --- Send in a voice message:
March 06, 2021
What I Learned In My First Month of Going Off Grid
Yes, it has been a whole month. And no, it has not been easy! Systems did not work correctly, weather was not behaving, and lots of money flew out of our pockets! But we are persevering every step of the way, becoming wiser, stronger, and more free. In this episode, Regina goes over the most iconic moments in her first month of off grid life. Enjoy the show? Check out for more content! --- Send in a voice message:
February 27, 2021
Building A Bug Out Bag - Part 2
In this second part, we talk about the factions of survival and what items to tote with you to address those factions. Some are obvious, others are not so much. Check out my Ultimate Bug Out Bag guide at ( Visit The Off Grid Outpost for more awesome content! ( ) --- Send in a voice message:
February 20, 2021
Debunking Constitutional Truisms - WTH Does That Mean?
There are a bunch of slogans in the Constitution that really don't mean anything and doesn't regulate the government whatsoever. These truisms are used as a tool by politicians to get people to agree with them even though they don't even know what they are agreeing to.  In this episode, we debunk constitutional truisms! Checkout for more content! --- Send in a voice message:
February 13, 2021
Building A Bug Out Bag - Part 1
In this miniseries, we will go over all the basics that you want to put into your bug out bag, and then some! We cover the foundational gear you need to survive, along with what type of backpack you should choose for your bug out bag.  All gear referenced can be found at Maximum Off Grid's Ultimate Bug Out Bag article: Happy prepping! --- Send in a voice message:
February 04, 2021
How To Get WiFi Off Grid - Internet In The Boonies
In this episode, we talk about creative ways to get internet in hard to connect areas.  We are both waiting for Elon Musk to get Starlink going, which will cover the entire world with internet service. Until then, we have other ideas for you.  One way you can get reliable WiFi is thru a company called Roaming Man. Help support our channel thru purchasing with this link:  We have more ideas in the episode so give it a listen and check out for more cool content! --- Send in a voice message:
January 30, 2021
Tips and Tricks for Purchasing Shipping Containers
In this episode we give you some good advice for purchasing a used shipping container.  The price is going up drastically on used containers so if you have been planning to pick one up now is the time to do so.  Check out and enter in our giveaway when you sign up for our newsletter! --- Send in a voice message:
January 22, 2021
Its The White House Season Finale! Get Yer Popcorn
Will Trump instill Martial Law in an effort to keep the White House and invoke a New Republic? Or will he gracefully step down and it is just business as usual? In this episode, we discuss the rumors flying about that the insurrection act will be invoked and if it were what would that look like for this country? Tune in and subscribe to our newsletter for a chance to win our eBook, "How To Start A Stealth Business Using Counter Economics" at  --- Send in a voice message:
January 15, 2021
Concepts From Spooner And The Agora
We have a special guest today! Blake Roder, creator of, discusses the concepts of one of our favorite Agorists, Lysander Spooner. We also talk about the Agora and the Constitution.  So tune in for some interesting discussion and don't forget to visit Blake's YouTube Channel! Make sure to head on over to for more great content on opting out and going off grid! --- Send in a voice message:
January 13, 2021
Do It Yourself Solar Hot Water Heater For Pennies
Cyrus is the master at salvaging junk and turning into something cool and valuable! In this episode, we teach you how to build a DIY solar hot water heater for hardly any money.  Most of the materials used are salvaged materials you can find in most towns.  Want more off grid ideas? Check out our episodes and content at! --- Send in a voice message:
January 09, 2021
The Big Uneasy - Our Predictions For 2021
As we launch our 2nd season, Cyrus and I get together for a New Year's chat and cook up some suspicions about what 2021 will be bringing us.  I will give you some hints: we talk about the vaccine and how it could possibly affect mankind, and we also delve into how the political landscape may change and what that means for us all.  Warning - your mind could be blown so secure your tinfoil hat! Check us out at! The research document mentioned in the episode is here: --- Send in a voice message:
January 01, 2021
All I Want For Christmas is FREEDOM.
We are on the naughty list this year! In this episode, we talk about FREEDOM, and how current events are taking more and more of it from the masses. We also talk about fundamental human rights and how they are being drastically infringed on by the control machine.  Warning: we use naughty language in this episode!  Visit for more great content! --- Send in a voice message:
December 25, 2020
The Trust: A tool for the Agorist
This is an interview with Kelly Hohnholtz. Kelly has been using trusts for years to insulate himself from the bureaucracy of the state and to protect his assets from litigation. This episode is packed with useful information for the agorist. As agorists, we can use the trust to navigate around the prying eyes of the state. I mention early in the interview that Kelly and I are in a MeWe group together called Applied Agorism. This group talks about all kinds of techniques and strategies to practice agorism. If you would like to join this group and chat with Kelly or I here's the link. --- Send in a voice message:
December 24, 2020
Tavern Talk 2 – Bullshitting Over A Couple Of Beers
It's that time again to gather round the fire and have a couple of beers and talk about the craziness that our world has become. Fun! Some of the topics we go over: - Ballot fraud and why are we counting votes by hand - The outrageously massive US national debt  - 3D printing and how we can take manufacturing back into our own hands Its a really good one so give it a listen! Find more content at! --- Send in a voice message:
December 18, 2020
Just Compost It.
In this episode we dive into the pile and talk all about composting! Nuff said.  Visit for cool content! --- Send in a voice message:
December 12, 2020
How to Solve Disputes WITHOUT the Government
In this sue-happy western world we live in, it seems like everyone wants the government court system resolve all their issues. But the courts are extremely ineffecient, expensive, and time consuming, let alone likely to give unfair judgments to those with the most expensive lawyers.  Its hard to envision a world where we would have a choice to where we could have justice served. Its hard because we are so used to the state having a monopoly over our justice system. But it is possible and could happen! In this episode, we talk about how to avoid the court system and resolve disputes using other privatized channels where you are being served fairly and effeciently. Yes, it does exist! Check out our website,, for more great content! --- Send in a voice message:
December 09, 2020
Let's Develop Pioneer Skills!
Looking for a new hobby? Want to hone in on your survival skills? Looking to develop your skills for a post SHTF world?  If so, we suggest taking some time to build up your pioneer skills! Pioneer skills are learning how to make and do things using old timer methods. This could be anything from hunting and fishing to skinning, tanning, building, preserving, etc.  There are so many skills to learn! In this episode, we talk about all the different kinds of pioneer skills you can learn! Enjoy more of our content at  --- Send in a voice message:
December 05, 2020
Disobey and walk away
Obedience is not a virtue. In this episode, we discuss the idea of "Disobey and walk away". We prefer disobedience to obedience because disobedience requires thought and constant evaluation of one's own morals and ethics. You cant be free and be obedient to another. Being responsible for your own life is a prerequisite for being free. Being responsible for one's own decisions sometimes requires disobedience. You will really like this episode. Join our FREE newsletter at The Off Grid Outpost. --- Send in a voice message:
December 02, 2020
How To Make Biochar And Its Many Awesome Uses
Charcoal. Its not just for cooking.  When you make biochar - a more advanced type of charcoal - you have created a product that has a plethora of uses.  Not only can you cook with it, you can also apply it to many household, healthcare, and personal care uses.  Love our content? Check out more on! --- Send in a voice message:
November 27, 2020
How Government Destroys Capitalism
From corporate giants using the government to their advantage by squeezing out competition, to small business owners being red taped out of existence, in this episode we go over real examples from big to small of how government totally impedes, if not destroys, capitalism.  Love our show? Check out more content at! --- Send in a voice message:
November 24, 2020
How To Salvage Building Materials And Save Money Doing It
If you haven't noticed, building materials from the local hardware stores have skyrocketed to unbelievable levels! We have seen double, if not triple the price for lumber, steel, hardware, etc.  Now is the time to take advantage of salvaging materials for your next building project!  In this episode, we give you tips and advice on when and where to salvage materials without getting in trouble and what to look for.  Enjoy this podcast? Please rate and share!  And don't forget to visit for more valuable information and to sign up for our awesome newsletter! --- Send in a voice message:
November 20, 2020
So What Is Agenda 2030, Anyways?
Agenda 2030. You may or may not have heard of it. Basically, its a world blueprint about how every man, woman, and child should live on this planet in the name of sustainability.  It is a global agenda brought on by the United Nations and 100s of countries have agreed to comply, including USA.  In this episode, we take a deep dive into what Agenda 2030 really is and the sinister undertones and overtones it encapsulates.  Read the official documents here: Read my studies here: Don't forget to visit for more great content! --- Send in a voice message:
November 17, 2020
How To Convert A Shed Into A Cabin
Alternative housing is gaining a whole lot of popularity as housing prices and building materials soar.  As big houses are becoming more out, tiny homes and cabins are in. But these are also very expensive to purchase and build! What to do? Convert a shed into a cabin, of course! In this episode we talk about all the different ways you can acquire a shed for cheap and essential building tips to not overlook on converting your shed into a tiny home.  Enjoy this episode? Check out our entire archive at! --- Send in a voice message:
November 13, 2020
How To Secure Your Off Grid Property!
When it comes to your land, you want it to be secure from trespassers. There are the typical methods such as fencing and cameras, but there are way more things you can do than just buy a couple of dogs and hope for the best.  Basically, fences keep the honest people out. So how do you step up your game?  In this episode, we go over some interesting ideas to securing your property! Check out more podcasts and unique content at! --- Send in a voice message:
November 11, 2020
Playing Hooky on Voting Day and why NOT to Feel Guilty About It!
In this special current events episode, we get down to the details about the voting process and why it is ok NOT to feel guilty if you didn't vote this year.  It is my first year of opting out of the voting system and I am having some guilties about it. Cyrus talks me through why I don't need to feel guilty and points out some valid reasons about how flawed our democratic system really is.  Check out more of our episodes at!  --- Send in a voice message:
November 07, 2020
How To Practice Everyday Agorism
Agorism may be a new concept to you, or you may be interested in actually practicing the Agora but are unsure how to incorporate it into your everyday life. This is what we are addressing in this episode! We talk about the various ways you can support Agorism and incorporate it easily into your daily lives, from small to big actions.  Check us out on! --- Send in a voice message:
November 04, 2020
Off Grid Pillar 7 - Waste Systems. What To Do With Your Dookie!
When going off grid, you will get to the point where you need to do something with your waste.  There are all sorts of wastes to deal with. Recyclables such as plastics, aluminum and paper, food wastes, grey water from your showers and sinks, to black water from your toilet.  Getting good waste systems in place are tantamount to the completion of your off grid lifestyle.  In this episode, we go over what to do with your shit. Literally! Lots of different ideas in this one, so have a listen! Check out MOG's article on composting toilets:  Don't forget to check out our website,! --- Send in a voice message:
October 31, 2020
Tavern Talk! Interesting Conversation Over A Couple Beers
Over all the episodes we have created we have lots of interesting thoughts along the way. We have gathered all these interesting thoughts and have a nice conversation over a couple of beers in what we have dubbed Tavern Talk.  We think you will enjoy all the things we talk about as it is plain old good advice and gives you some things to ponder about over your day.  Enjoy the show? Support us at! --- Send in a voice message:
October 27, 2020
Off Grid Pillar 6 - Energy Systems
We all go right to solar power for energy systems when it comes to off grid living, but there are many more inventive options to energy than just that one source.  In this episode we talk about the different ways to generate electricity. We also talk about heating, cooling, and cooking fuel with alternative renewable sources in mind.  Don't forget to visit us over at! --- Send in a voice message:
October 23, 2020
Debunking Prepper Myths - Logical Preps Advice
Over the years, preppers have gotten a distinct reputation, usually revolving around the conspiracy theory persona. Although there are radical preppers that have been popularized by main stream media, most of us are pretty chill and down to earth.  In this episode we go over entertaining and curious prepper myths, we debunk or validate them, and we offer simple good prepper advice for those looking to get into preps or people wanting to expand their preps.  Please visit our website for all of our awesome content and help support our channel!  --- Send in a voice message:
October 20, 2020
Off Grid Pillar 5 - FOOD. Ideas for Growing, Harvesting, Foraging, and Storing Food
Food! We all love it, and we need it to live! But producing your own food in an off grid environment is quite challenging and is an ongoing process.  In this episode, we give you ideas about how to produce your own food from growing, raising, foraging, to preserving and storing the fruits of your labor.  Learn more about permaculture:  Check out for more ideas about going off grid!  --- Send in a voice message:
October 16, 2020
Election Political Commentary - From Two Agorists
Sick of only hearing the two perspectives of our bi-polarized political system? Take a break and have a laugh at our Agorism flavored political commentary! Once you can stand back and opt out of participating in this radicalized bipolar governmental shitshow, its time to grab the popcorn and enjoy the show!  Check out the Larken Rose youtube video: Check out the Simpsons eerie future predictions: Visit our website for free stuff and great content! --- Send in a voice message:
October 13, 2020
Off Grid Pillar 4 - Water Systems Part Two
In the continuation of the off grid water system topic, we dive into water filtration and purification. It is important to know the difference between the two, as both are important in acheiving a successful off grid water system. We also talk about various methods you can apply to filter and purify your water.  Check out some of our water filtering and purifying product recommendations here:  Please leave us a voice message with any topics you would like us to cover!  --- Send in a voice message:
October 09, 2020
Some things can transcend time and relate to our very present moment. No Treason, by Lysander Spooner, is an essay that was written in 1867 which has transcended the generations with a message: the government and the constitution is invalid.  Because Lysander wrote this piece with the lawyer mindstate and was so much closer to the time of the constitution being written, he had a more clear view of what the American government was becoming and was very outspoken about his observations.  You can read the piece here: It is actually a fairly easy read as he wrote it for the laymen of his time. Enjoy! Don't forget to visit us for more great content and free stuff at! --- Send in a voice message:
October 07, 2020
A Day In The Life Of A Gold Miner - Off The Cuff!
Today, yours truly hung out with a rugged old mountain man named Josh. Josh is a profession gold miner, prospector, and metal dectorist, which is not someone you meet every day.  I decided to record an off-the-cuff podcast about the day in the life with Josh. I walk you through the action in this realtime episode! And yes, we do find gold! This is also a video that will be on Maximum Off Grid YouTube Channel so be sure to subscribe and get notified when it releases! And don't forget to check out more amazing content at! Stay tuned! --- Send in a voice message:
October 03, 2020
The Infallible Guide to Your First Cryptocurrency Purchase
In continuation with our diversifying away from the dollar topic, we have created this episode about how to purchase your very first crypto coins. It can be intimidating and confusing  to know even where to start when it comes to owning crypto, so we break it down into bite sized easy pieces to swallow and act upon.  To go with this episode, I have created a FREE PDF that holds your hand from turning dollars into coins and then placing your coins into a wallet. I include screenshots and direct instructions so you can't go wrong. Download it here: Coinbase link: Kraken link: LocalCoinSwap link: Exodus Wallet link: Trezor Wallet link: --- Send in a voice message:
September 30, 2020
Off Grid Pillar 4 - Water Systems Part One
Water systems! They're so important when considering everything about going off grid.  In this episode we talk about conventional and not so conventional methods of harnessing water for your off grid system setup.  We dive into overlooked aspects about water and we also go into some technical stuff too.  Check out Off Grid Maker's article about building a gravity fed water system: Check out Maximum Off Grid's article about off grid water systems:  And don't forget to visit for more unique content! --- Send in a voice message:
September 26, 2020
What is Agorism? Part Two of Two
In continuation from last week, we cover more aspects and principles of Agorism, from the classification of different markets we interact in, to the social classes we live in.  We wrote an ebook about how to apply counter-economics and the Agora to your side hustle or small business! Check it out here:  To find out more about Agorism and enjoy more unique content, check out!  --- Send in a voice message:
September 22, 2020
Off Grid Pillar 3 - Building Your Shelter
In this episode, we go over all kinds of different types of structure you can use for your off grid build. From cabins to earth ships, to cob buildings and bunkers, we touch on every type of imaginable build to get your off grid creative juices flowing! Visit for more unique and interesting content! --- Send in a voice message:
September 18, 2020
What is Agorism? Part One Of Two
In a world full of contradictions and violence, it can be hard to find a path that doesn't include being involved on the "left" or the "right" side.  Personally, I am sick of having to label myself as a democrat or republican. But I am always pushed by friends, family, and society into aligning myself into one side that I personally do not believe in.  Now that I have discovered Agorism, I have chosen to opt out of both sides! And you can too, if you like. You can listen to this episode and discover concepts and philosophies that may apply to your beliefs but never had the words to describe them.  If you are interested in developing a counter-economics lifestyle, you can start with our free PDF, 131 Ways to Make Money Using Counter-Economics. You can also advance into Applicable Agorism by reading our ebook, How To Run A Stealth Business Using Counter-Economics. Check out Samuel Edward Konkin III's work, An Agorist Primer, for free.  --- Send in a voice message:
September 15, 2020
Off Grid Pillar 2 - How To Make A Living
In this episode, we go over all sorts of unique and interesting ways to make money while living off grid. We get asked a whole lot about how to go off grid and still make a living; there is a commonly held misconception that if you go off grid you will have less opportunities to make money - we beg to differ.  We actually believe that you will have even more opportunities to make money off grid than you would living a conventional lifestyle! We bust a lot of myths and giev you a bunch of ideas on how to earn while living the off grid lifestyle of your dreams. We actually wrote a free PDF "131 Ways to Make Money Using Counter-Economics" that gives you tons of ideas about how to make more money with less government interference.  Check it out! --- Send in a voice message:
September 11, 2020
Antifa Part Two: The Modern American Twist
In this episode, we cover the second half of what Antifa has become in America, which is quite far removed from its European roots. If you missed the first part, we recommend you listen to it as we go over the history of Antifa which sets up the stage for this episode.  Antifa has become radicalized in America and has deep seated roots in Communism. American Antifa was formed by a group called the American League Against War and Fascism which was formed in the 1930s. This group openly admitted in 1950 to using Antifascism as a cover to take down American government and replace with communism.  To this day, we see modern Antifa using tactics against a Fascist regime that simply doesn't exist (no, we officially do not have a Fascist regime in this country).  We go over the differences between rasicm and fascism, the strategies used by modern day Antifa to justify their violence, and the hypocrasies within those actions.  Please take a visit over to for more interesting and unique content! --- Send in a voice message:
September 08, 2020
Off Grid Pillar 1 - How To Choose Your Location
In continuation of our Off Grid Living Series, we discuss the first and foremost pillar - your location. Location is everything when it comes to going off grid, but we tend to be stuck in a mental box that we must purchase a sprawling piece of rural land in order to become off grid - we beg to differ.  In this episode, we go over the most pertinent things to consider when looking at purchasing property, where and how to purchase property, and unique alternatives to not having to own property!  Check out for more unique and exciting information about freedom, liberty, and self-sufficiency! Feel free to email us at: And always feel welcome to leave us a comment or a voice message! --- Send in a voice message:
September 04, 2020
Antifa Part One: The Mysterious History of Antifa
In this week's episode, we peer into the unusual and mysterious history of the beginnings of Antifa.  It is quite interesting to learn about how Antifa started and where it is now in modern day America.  This is a prelude to next week's episode when we look into what is going on in modern day American antifa and how it compares and contrasts to its roots.  Please check out for more interesting and unique content! --- Send in a voice message:
September 01, 2020
The 7 Pillars Of Going Off Grid
In today's episode, we go over what we have dubbed The 7 Pillars Of Going Off Grid. Being experienced off grid folk, we have formulated 7 epic systems of what you will need to set up and consider when going off grid. Consider this an introduction to going off grid, or off grid 101! Each off grid experience is unique and we can only provide you foundational guidelines; it will be up to you to make the decisions in your life of how you want to go off grid.  This is Part 1 of our newly launched Off Grid Series that will occur every Friday.  Stay tuned for upcoming off grid living episodes! For more excellent content and free downloads, visit us at: You can also email us with any questions and comments at  --- Send in a voice message:
August 28, 2020
Is Traditional Schooling Dead? Let's Explore Alternative Education (Opting Out)
We have to ponder if our traditional government ruled schooling systems are becoming obsolete. With the pandemic afoot, many parents (to the tune of 50%!) are not planning to send their children back to school this fall and are looking for homeschooling and alternative schooling options in replacement of the public school system. This brings about an opportunistic time for educators, parents, and entreprenuers to support the divergence away from prison school systems and bring about a whole new world of independent education. In this episode, we go over lots of interesting and creative ideas as to how to utilize and create new schooling systems within your home and community.  The Ron Paul Curriculum Monthly subscriptions boxes for learning --- Send in a voice message:
August 25, 2020
If I Were To Make Moonshine... How to Make and Sell Moonshine Safely and Discreetly!
--- Send in a voice message: We would never ever make moonshine because it is illegal and we are not outlaws ;) BUT. If we were to make moonshine, this is what we would do! In this episode, our in-house master moonshiner goes over step-by-step on how to make a safe and delicious moonshine. We then dive into how to market and sell your moonshine safely and discreetly.  For entertainment purposes only! We do not condone illegal activities.  Please visit for product links mentioned in this episode.  The Super Simple Beginner Recipe Kit  You can download easy and delicious moonshine recipes here: Easy beginner recipe here:
August 21, 2020
The Monopoly On Seeds - Food Independence Thru Heirloom Seed Saving
Most of us do not realize what is happening with our global seed industry. What used to be the Big 6 that controlled 70% of seeds in the world, mergers have made only 4 large industrial food companies in control of producing and selling most of our global food seed supply! There are all sorts of implications for large corporations controlling a huge portion of our food supply. The solution? Heirloom seed saving! In this episode, we go over what is happening with the seed industry today, and how we can fight for our food sovereignty with heirloom seeds.  We also talk about GMOs, hybrids, organic, and heirloom meanings so you can be informed about what type of seed you want to purchase and save.  Please check out my very own heirloom seed store on Etsy! Visit for more amazing and liberating content! --- Send in a voice message:
August 19, 2020
Crypto Currency Ice Breaker and Diversifying Away from the Dollar
Are you curious about cryptocurrency but unsure about how it works? Do you want to invest but need more info on what cryptocurrency is? Looking to diversify away from the dollar? Then this is the episode for you! Regina goes over the ins and outs of cryptocurrency and how the blockchain works so you can begin to understand how crypto is actually resilient against the dollar and fully decentralized, unlike fiat currency. By the end of this episode, you will have the knowledge about what blockchain is, how cryptocurrency is decentralized, how digital coins stack up against gold and precious metals, and why crypto is a good investment in these uncertain economic times. Email us with any questions or comments at! --- Send in a voice message:
August 14, 2020
How to Survive the Flailing Economy By Using Counter-Economics
Let's face it. Our economy is screwed! There are two ways to go: Either live in fear and paralysis, or work towards liberating yourself from this economic death trap and start using tactics of Agorism and counter-economics now! In this episode, we go over the meaning of Agorism and counter-economics, how our economy is a huge ripoff, and then we give you the tools to work towards living a more liberated lifestyle by putting counter-economics to work.  Don't miss out on our super valuable FREE PDF! 131 Ways to Make Money using Counter-Economics: Please feel free to leave us a voice message or email us at  --- Send in a voice message:
August 11, 2020
Are We Really Free? Unmasking The State and Defining True Liberty
Do you question the Government everytime you pay taxes, or do you feel that it is a force that you cannot control? Do you ever wonder if the State is really working for our common good? Do you feel like there is nothing you can do to opt out of paying for the perpetual war machine and violent government actions? In this episode, we take a hard look into unmasking the State, what true liberty is, and what you can do to rise above the modern day slavery system.  Please visit The Off Grid Outpost for more mind expanding content and answers to our modern day issues.  --- Send in a voice message:
August 07, 2020
Is It Time To Leave The City? Your Urban SHTF Plan
The city is looking less and less desireable these days and the era of city life is changing at its core.  Between riots, concentrated plague breakouts, bar and restaurant closures, mandatory mask wearing, venue and theater closures, distance learning from schools, and working from home all add up to a decision that you have to make: is staying in the city worth it? There is no right or wrong answer, just cause and consequence.  We take a look at the reasons why you may want to sell now, get out of the city, and settle in a more peaceful, rural area.  We also talk about bug out strategies for those who choose to stay.  Please support our channel by taking a look at our recommended products! This week we recommend premade bug out bags. Check them out: Check out our individual websites for awesome off grid tips: --- Send in a voice message:
July 31, 2020
Is Shit Really Hitting the Fan in 2020? Let's Take a Deep Dive!
With everything going on in 2020, we have to ask: Is Shit Really Hitting the Fan? There seems to be a conglomeration of a perfect storm looming that could culminate into a complete SHTF event. However, everything is taking its sweet time that is leading to many of us letting our guard down.  In this episode we talk about the red flag events that are leading to SHTF and things you can do to be prepared to handle The Greatest Depression.  Check out for more episodes and some awesome product recommendations! --- Send in a voice message:
July 28, 2020
The Economy. It's a Train Wreck! How to Safeguard Your Money in an Economic Meltdown
The Fed is going off the rails with runaway spending, sneaky stock buying tactics, and infinity repo dollars. We really don't feel good about what is going in our current monetary system.  Cyrus and I have a good chat about all the swirling economic chaos that is developing around us and how to prepare your finances to survive the economic shitstorm - and even possibly thrive while others are tanking.  Visit for more content! Want to learn more about going off grid and becoming independent from the soul crushing system? Visit and for valuable tips on how to be more self-sufficient.  --- Send in a voice message:
July 25, 2020
Is There a Food Shortage Disaster Looming in 2020? What you can do to prepare
Today we are talking about the potential perfect storm for a food shortage disaster.  Although we may not be seeing it at the stores here in America, there are implications that a food shortage could be on the horizon.  We delve into what to do to steel yourself against a possible food shortage, gardening, seeds, and stocking up on commodities. Be prepared, folks! Want to comment on this episode? You can leave us a voice message at Check out Maximum Off Grid Survival Seed Packs at Help support our channel by checking out our recommendend products at Check out Cyrus's homebase at Check out Regina's homebase at --- Send in a voice message:
July 21, 2020
The Off Grid Mindstate - Mental Success Hacks!
There are so many factors to going off grid - setting up systems and investing your all into the lifestyle. However, many fail to consider the mindset you need to succeed at leaving the system and going off grid. In this episode, we go over the key mental tactics in order to be successful at going off grid along with tricks and tips to make your transition easier. Check out our homebases: www.offgridmaker. com --- Send in a voice message:
July 12, 2020
CHAZ/CHOP Seattle Takeover Mayhem! Antifa, and True Anarchy
CHAZ/CHOP has now been dismantled, but many questions remain. How did Antifa manage to takeover the city? What exactly is Antifa anyway? And how does anarchy fit into all of this? We go over this intriguing story and discuss how Antifa really works, why Seattle handed over the keys to the Capitol Hill police department so easily, and how the principles of anarchy have been distorted in order to fit this modern day political dialogue. Link to class action lawsuit against Seattle: Check out our websites for more information on how to become off grid! Regina's homebase: Cyrus's homebase: --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. ( --- Send in a voice message:
July 09, 2020
The Off Grid Outpost (Trailer)
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July 08, 2020