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Off the Arrow Shelf

Off the Arrow Shelf

By Rob Jones
The thoughts and experiences of a UK field archer and archery coach. I hope it will cover shoot reports, equipment used & book reviews, shooting tips and advice. Check out the website I've been shooting instinctively for years, mostly recurve bows and flatbows for last few years under the NFAS (National Field Archery Society). Any questions or ideas for episodes let me know. #archery #fieldarchery #archer #archerycoaching #nfas #traditionalarchery #tradarcher #bow #arrow #instinctivearchery #nfas #archerylife #archerypodcast
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Episode 15 - Arrow making part 2

Off the Arrow Shelf

Episode 19 – Tips on reading field courses - Don’t over think it.
Hi everyone and welcome back to another podcast.  As always, I hope you and all your family are doing well? So, following on from the last podcast on distance judgement I am going to into giving a few tips and thoughts on course laying. Thinking about it I think I could have titled this podcast “You look once chances are you will shoot twice, look twice and you are more likely to shoot once.” I have recorded this episode back to back with episode 18 as the topics were merging together at one stage. So, in this episode I am taking a look at my view on course laying and how course layers may try and trick you in judging distances. As always, any questions or thoughts let me know, drop me an email on via the website Stay safe, stay well and thanks for listening. #bows # arrows #fieldarchery #archerycoaching #archery #archerypodcast #archerylife #archer #gapshooting #aiming #unmarkeddistance #nfas
October 23, 2020
Episode 18 – Look twice, shoot Once – some thoughts on distance judgement in field archery
Hi everyone and welcome to another podcast. Hope you are doing well? I have recorded this episode back to back with episode 19 as the topics were merging together at one stage. So, in this episode I am taking a look at my view on distance judgement and giving some thoughts on techniques you can try to help you improve. I also go into some thoughts on conscious and sub conscious distance judgement, along with trying to explain gap shooting. I mention at the start of the episode High Power Archery Podcasts and suggest you check out his latest podcast ( Episode 28 – Growing the Sport ( I do love his Don’t be that guy segment. In my next episode I will be giving my view and, offering some thoughts on reading field courses and some tips on overcoming the tricks course layers will use. As always, any questions or thoughts let me know. Stay safe, stay well and thanks for listening. #bows # arrows #fieldarchery #archerycoaching #archery #archerypodcast #archerylife #highpowerArchery #archer #gapshooting #aiming #unmarkeddistance #nfas
October 14, 2020
Episode 17 - Some thoughts on coaching
Hi everyone Hope you are doing well? In this episode I am taking a look at coaching and how I see the difference in coaching approaches from an instructional level through to mentor. Also mention the NFAS AGM and registering for it, details can be found on the website  I also mention the Angry Badger podcast ( The Push – episode 151 with John Winker talking about target panic and his techniques for overcoming it. As always, any questions or thoughts let me know. Stay safe, stay well and thanks for listening. #bows # arrows #fieldarchery #archerycoaching #archery #archerypodcast #archerylife #thepusharchery  #arrowmaking #archer
October 5, 2020
Episode 16 Wooden Arrow making part 3
Yes, it is, indeed part three of me trying to explain how I make wooden arrows and, in this episode I try to explain how I tune the arrows in. This is the last of the wooden arrow making trilogy and I really hope it has been of use. I’m not sure what the next topic will be, if anyone has any ideas let me know. I do have an apology first and that is this episode took longer to both record, edit and publish. Sadly, working life has got in the way of podcasting. In this podcast I also mention a couple of other podcasts I think are well worth a listen. High Power Archery – episode 27, titled “The moment”. The Push – episode 151 with John Winker talking about target panic and his techniques for overcoming it. Also, if you get chance check out the TradLab page on Facebook as there is some good advice on nock alignment. As always, any questions or thoughts let me know. Stay safe, stay well and thanks for listening. #bows # arrows #fieldarchery #archerycoaching #archery #archerypodcast #archerylife #thepusharchery #gatewayfeathers #arrowmaking #archer
September 28, 2020
Episode 15 - Arrow making part 2
Welcome to episode 15 from Off the Arrow Shelf. In this podcast episode I will be going through how and what I record when I am going through my process of making wooden arrows. As I came to the end of this podcast I realised I have not gone into details of fine tuning of arrow construction, so I will cover that in part 3. I hope people are finding this useful. I made a comment about the top tip for this podcast about using the banding on the arrow to check the brace height. I’ve included here a link to an article I wrote this up and show how it works. As always, any questions or thoughts let me know. Stay safe, stay well and thanks for listening. #bows # arrows #fieldarchery #archerycoaching #archery #archerypodcast #archerylife #thepusharchery #gatewayfeathers #arrowmaking #archer
September 20, 2020
Episode 14 – Arrow constructions part 1
So, following requests from some listeners I am focusing this and the next podcast on arrow making, giving my thoughts and starting the breakdown of what I consider important with arrow making. You might find this article i wrote several years ago useful starting point too  I make mention of a couple of other podcasts and wanted to include the details here. Also if anyone has come across any studies on the use of different woods in arrows i would love to hear about it. Check out The Push technical guys I was talking about was Cody and the Trad lab podcasts. I mentioned  a review of the Batwing feathers from Gateway I wrote and here is the link also to Gateway themselves ( A good thing to buy is a grain scale to weigh you arrow components, I use a digital grain scale. Top tip to remember your arrows are a disposable asset so accept they are disposable asset, they will wear out, break or get lost. As always, any questions or thoughts let me know. Stay safe, stay well and thanks for listening. #bows # arrows  #fieldarchery #archerycoaching #archery #archerypodcast #archerylife #thepusharchery #gatewayfeathers #arrowmaking #archer
September 12, 2020
Episode 13 - Getting the right coach and comic duo
So, in this episode which marks a the 13th episode (unlucky for some) I am going to be talking a little about the importance of finding a good coach you can work with, along with saying how coaching made me think of a classic British comedy duo of Morecambe and Wise Christmas show with Andre Previn. Also, I want to give a shout out to a few of other podcasters who I have been listening recently Richard over at Archery Geek Outdoors, The Off Center Archers with Stephanie & Anthony Conte and Angel Garcia at High Power Archery Podcast. I am so sorry Angel I couldn’t remember your name off the top of my head, anyone who knows me will tell you my memory for names is truly awful.  Please accept my apologies. I really  do like the slot in your podcasts “Don’t be that guy” hope you don't mind me adapting / adopting a similar idea. #bows # arrows #NFAS #fieldarchery #archerycoaching #archery #archerypodcast #archerylife #thepusharchery @offcenterarcher @A_G_Outdoors @highpowerarchery
September 4, 2020
Episode 12 - Current view of Field Archery
So in this episode I am going to give a bit of a review of the current situation field archery is in in UK or at least a perspective of how some NFAS clubs are coping with COVID-19 and have started to run competitions again. I also mentioned the Angry Badger podcasts which is following a bushcraft day I did in North Wales recently. #Archery #fieldarchery #nfas #theangrybadger
August 28, 2020
Episode 11 - the Archers triangle - mental game
In this episode I cover the last element of the archers triangle - that of the archer and the archers mindset when it comes to  shooting. It is a huge topic and I made mention of a couple of books which are detailed below. Apologies for all the sniffing too and chair creaking. My desk chair is about given up and I blame the sniffing on the change of weather here in the UK. Before anyone says it, it's not me that is creaking it is the chair. Thanks for listening, stay safe. The Chimp paradox - Prof Steve Peters ISBN 978-0-09193-558-0 Jay Kidwel - Instinctive Archery Insights overcoming target panic - REVISED EDITION ISBN 0-9639718-2-4 I also made reference to The Push podcasts and it was episode Episode 143 - Canadas Finest with Alex Melnik
August 21, 2020
Episode 10 - Archers Triangle - Shot Sequence
So this is episode 10, double figures time already. In this podcast I will be continuing to look at the Archers Triangle and focusing on the Archer side of the triangle. In the previous podcast I talked about the physical aspects associated with the archer and in the one I will spend time discussing the Shot Sequence. How the chain of actions you perform when taking a shot, might have a positive or negative effect on the success of your shot. I mentioned a several podcasts and I thought it worth adding a list here of them. I also mentioned Joel Turner and Shot IQ which is well worth investigating further. There is a great session with the guys at Bowjunky archery podcasts available from Podbeam ( Fellow club member Rich at Archery Geek outdoors - Off centre Archers - The Push podcasts and especially the coaching moments one they have released, which has some great resources. Joel Turners site Some of these guys have their own YouTube channels too which are worth checking out.
August 15, 2020
Episode 09 - The Archers Triangle - Archer physical aspects
So in this episode I focus on the third side of the Archers Triangle, that of the archer. Possibly the hardest element of the triangle to control as it has the most variables. I will be focusing on the physical aspects in this podcast and moving onto shot sequence in the next episode and finishing on the mental side in the episode after that which should be episode 11. I mentioned Archery Geek Outdoors in this podcast and here is a link to his site
August 8, 2020
Episode 08 - Archers Triangle - the bow side
Continuing the series on the Archers Triangle concept I mentioned back in episode 6. This episode gives some thoughts on the second side of the triangle the Bow. How this might affect the archer, touching on topics like over bowing. As always if you have any questions drop me a line on or drop by the website
August 1, 2020
Episode 07 - Archers Triangle - the Arrow
In this podcast I am expanding on the concept of the Archers Triangle, focusing on the arrow initially. This covers one of the sides of the triangle and looks at some of the aspects to be considered when thinking about arrows from a traditional archers prospective. I hope you find this of interest and use.
July 25, 2020
Episode 06 - The Archers Triangle
In this podcast I am going to introduce the concept of the Archers Triangle.  Whether you are a target archer, hunter or field shooter. Archery can be broken down into three components, Archer, Arrow and Bow. These three need to work together successfully for the best outcome. I have found this method of explaining archery to students very useful when coaching as they can easily identify the relationship between the three elements, whilst also useful in focusing them on specific elements as they develop. In future podcasts I will go into each of the three elements in more depth.
July 18, 2020
Episode 05 - Filtering out the noise
SO in this episode I am going to talk about the wealth of resources out there for archers, but also the dangers of getting swamped by all the different messages and advice.
July 13, 2020
Episode 04 - What is Instinctive Archery
Here I explore what my thoughts are on Instinctive archery and what it means to me. I mention Grizzly Jim so here is a link to his channel - Archery Adventures YouTube  ( As always if you have an thoughts, questions or ideas drop me a line on and check out the website 
July 6, 2020
Episode 03 - Some back story
So it's traditional to provide some background of how you got into archery, how long I've been shooting and so on. So I've tried to do this here. Telling how I fist started all those years ago. Sorry if it rambles on a bit. Thanks for listening.
June 30, 2020
Episode 02 - Back to the woods
In this, the second instalment from off the arrow shelf I will be talking about our return to woods after a long break thanks to COVID-19. I'll be trying to offer some advice on things to consider, beyond the obvious things like bow, arrows etc.   I wanted to include a link to Forest Knight article I wrote after taking their first aid course.
June 26, 2020
Episode 01 - Welcome
Welcome to this, the inaugural podcast from Off the arrow shelf. I’m Rob Jones, a field archer in the UK who is hoping to help other archers and  do my bit to promote the hobby of field archery here in the Britain.
June 19, 2020