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Big C talks music and much more from across the pond!
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Just One Gin For Jacqui And It’s All A Blur For Stinky Pete
Live From The CBW Studios, This week’s episode will see Big C joined by Jacqui Martin for her second appearance and they will be discussing their top singles released in 1994! 2022 CBW Productions
July 03, 2022
The Answer Is In Stinky Pete’s Question, Fuck Marty Wilde & Tell Tchaikovsky The News
Live From The CBW Studios,Join Big C for the season 3 premiere this week when he will be joined by Stinky Pete and musician/radio presenter Wyatt Wendels. They will be discussing artists/bands who, in their opinion, should really have had more success over the years than they actually did! 2022 CBW Productions
June 26, 2022
Stinky Pete Is Slating Queen Again. Part 25
Live From The CBW Studios, Join Big C, Stinky Pete & Austin Dunmore in the Season 2 finale  as they discuss their top albums released in 1975! 2022 CBW Productions
June 13, 2022
A Bottle Of Red, A Bottle Of White, Perhaps A Huge Glass Of Gin Instead
Big C & Stinky Pete will both be live from the CBW Britsville Studio & will be joined by the wonderful Jacqui Martin who’ll be offering her 20 desert island tracks for debate. There may also be an appearance by a mystery guest! 2022 CBW Producitons
June 06, 2022
Poppy Sings Her Way Over Bridge Of Sighs & Through Pink Hotels, Boutiques & Swinging Hot Spots. In Fact, It’s A Gas
Live From The CBW Studios, Due to Big C’s sojourn to see Alice Cooper on Wednesday, this week’s show has been brought forward 24 hours to tomorrow evening (Tuesday) at the usual time. Big C will be joined by Stinky Pete and our very special guest Miss Moppet, a music-loving Anglophile Canadian living in Italy who will be putting forward her 20 desert island songs. In what is clearly a desperate attempt to return for future shows , Miss M will be concentrating on the 1960s this week! 2022 CBW Productions
May 30, 2022
A Song From Blue, Some Red Rain, A Yellow Ledbetter And A Magnolia Phil
Live From The CBW Studios, this week we are returning to guests’ Top 20 desert island songs. Joining Big C & Stinky Pete will be Jon Matthews, the self proclaimed vinyl loving lefty. He will run through the songs he couldn’t do without with us. 2022 CBW Productions
May 22, 2022
Scots Dragoon Guards At The Top? That’s Amazing, Grace. But The Bagpipes Should’ve Been Covered By Bernie Tarpaulin
Live From The CBW Studios, in a last minute change of topic, Big C is going old school with a singles chart rundown. But in a twist, he will be challenging Stinky Pete to identify the artists from each of the songs in the UK Top 40 on this very day in the year of 1972. This should be fun. Good luck, Stinks! 2022 CBW Productions
May 15, 2022
It’s Official: The Whole World Is Coldplay. An Udder Chance To Slay Some Sacred Cows
Live From The CBW Studios, Big C will be belatedly celebrating with Stinky Pete as he enters his 66th year on this planet. The old (especially Stinky Pete) triumvirate is reforming as Flash Gordon from bonnie Scotland will also be with them to discuss their own individual “over-rated” artists from over the years. 2022 CBW Productions
May 08, 2022
Methinks The Stinky Doth Protest Too Much
Live From The CBW Studios, Due to unforeseen circumstances, tonight’s show’s topic & featured guest has had to be changed. But Big C can, as a result, welcome back Stinky Pete to discuss the best protest songs from over the years! 2022 CBW Productions
May 01, 2022
Still Attracted To The Byrds, Saintly Matt Certainly Knows His Product
Live From The CBW Studios, As Off The Rekord enters its second year, Big C will be joined occasionally by friends, listeners/viewers of the show who will be able to put forward the twenty songs they just couldn’t do without if they were stuck on a desert island. First in the hot seat this week will be Matt Wyatt to tantalise us with his selections! 2022 CBW Productions
April 24, 2022
Jimmy Helms, Jacuzzis & Defecating Scotsmen
Live From The CBW Studios, Join Big C for the one year anniversary episode, yes the 52nd show  , when he will be joined by three frequent OTR flyers Stinky Pete, the return of singer/songwriter guitarist Austin Dunmore PLUS returning for his third show, Flash Gordon Wallace, Pete’s vinyl supplier. They will all be offering their favourite singles released in the classic pop/rock year of 1973! 2022 CBW Productions
April 17, 2022
Songwriting Talent. McCartney? Dylan? Mariah Carey? You Decide…
Live From The CBW Studios, this week’s show will see the UK’s prime country artist Ags Connolly joining Big C again to discuss his favourite songwriters from over the years, whatever the genre. 2022 CBW Productions
April 10, 2022
Music Can Be Great And Yet Not Prog. What’s So Funny ‘Bout Pete’s Lack Of Understanding?
Live From The CBW Studios, Big C will be re-joined by Stinky Pete &, back by popular demand, his dealer Gordon, not the go-pher but more a go-to for all your vinyl needs. The three amigos will be running the rule over the career of London-born Declan Patrick McManus OBE, aka Elvis Costello and will be offering their favourite Costello tunes. 2022 CBW Productions
April 03, 2022
Cocteaus? No, It’s Just The Way I Walk. Gay Gordons, Lilac Shorts & UFOs. A Standard Night Out For Uncle Wald
Live From The CBW Studios, Big C will be joined by Stinky Pete’s dealer, and proud vinyl junkie Scot, Uncle Wald and they will share their “Jock Hall of Fame” nominees. There are so many Scottish acts from which to choose! 2022 CBW Productions
March 27, 2022
Pixies? Never Heard Of ‘Em! We Didn’t Start The Fire? Nope, Says Stinky. Stone Roses Album? Haven’t Heard It. Now, Let’s Talk About Yes
Live From The CBW Studios,  Big C & Stinky Pete will be musing over their top selections of albums released in 1989. 2022 CBW Productions
March 20, 2022
I Suspect Stinky Pete, With The Exhaust Piping In The Mk1 Ford Cortina!
Live From The CBW Studios, Stinky Pete & Big C reminisce over their most memorable live gigs over the years. Can Stinky Pete possibly narrow his list down to just ten? Could he narrow it down to even a hundred and ten? 2022 CBW Productions
March 13, 2022
Where Do You Go To, My Lovely? It Sure As Hell Isn’t Bloody Wichitawww
Live From The CBW Studios, Big C & Stinky Pete will each be putting forward their top 10 singles from 1969. With no doubt some honourable mentions along the way… 2022 CBW Productions
March 06, 2022
Big C, Stinky P & Sean B. Another 23 Letters Are Available For Hire. The Boys Discuss Girl Singers. I Thought I’d Have A Shorter Show Title This Week But Oops… I Did It Again
Live From The CBW Studios, This week’s episode will find Stinky Pete and Sean B joining Big C to debate their favourite girl/female singers! 2022 CBW Productions
February 28, 2022
Never Seen Back To The Future, Stinky? Great Scott! And The First Lady Doth Protesteth Too Much About The Homo Erotic Volleyball Scenes In Top Gun, Methinks. This Is Heavy
Big C & his guest Stinky Pete this week when they will ruminating over their top movie themes. Also included will be songs that were either recorded specifically, or are simply remembered overwhelmingly for, a particular movie. 2022 CBW Productions
February 18, 2022
Ags Reveals His Favorite Country Songs So Big C At Least Can't Allude Tenuously To A Beatles Lyric In A Show Title. Man, You Should Have Seen Him Picking David Allan Coe
Live From The CBW Studios, this week’s show is all things country music. Big C will be joined by Ags Connolly, considered to be one of the best country singer-songwriters ever to emerge from the UK. His last album Wrong Again was named 2020’s Album Of The Year at the UK Country Music Awards. Ags will be selecting a few of his favourites from the genre, as will Big C. 2022 CBW Productions
February 11, 2022
Big C & Stinky Pete Try To Swim Through Their Faves From The Motown Catalogue But There Ain't No River Wide Enough, Baby
From the CBW Studios, This week’s show is a MotownFest as Big C & Stinky Pete recall their all time favourites from the label’s vast catalogue! 2022 CBW Productions
February 05, 2022
Well Hung And Snow White Tan. But That's Enough About Stinky Pete, Let's Talk Ziggy Stardust
This week’s episode celebrates the musical output of David Bowie. Stinky Pete will be joining Big C to discuss their favourite 10 Bowie tracks! 2022 CBW Productions
January 30, 2022
Freddy Krueger Driving A Red Double Decker Bus, Ian Gillan Playing Jesus Christ And Other Stinky Pete Incredible Anecdotes
Live From The CBW Studios, our 40th episode, will comprise Big C & Stinky Pete debating the best and maybe worst double albums ever released. 2022 CBW Productions
January 22, 2022
After A Shaky Start For Big C, It Couldn't Get Worse. Bublê Says "Hold My Beer"
Live From The CBW Studios, Big C will be joined by Slim Nick & special guest Rebel Radio’s DJ Style when they will be confessing their musical guilty pleasures. Songs/artists they maybe shouldn’t like but actually do. 2022 CBW Productions
January 16, 2022
It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Perry Como
Live From The CBW Studios, It’s the first show of 2022 on Wednesday evening and Big C will be joined by a returning Slim Nick as they go back to their podcast roots by running through a singles chart from January 6th 1974! 2022 CBW Productions
January 08, 2022
Pete Asserts That Freddie Mercury Wasn't A Great Singer. Oh, He's As Playful As A Pussycat And Guaranteed To Blow Your Mind Is Stinky
Live From The CBW Studios, As 2021 comes to an end, Big C is reminiscing over some of his earlier shows this year as Stinky Pete & Aussie Austin discuss their top 3 live albums, frontmen, rock guitarists & songwriting teams.. 2021 CBW Productions
December 30, 2021
He's Making A List, He's Checking It Twice. We're Gonna Find Out If He's Naughty Or Nice. Stinky Goes For Cliff's Little Town
Live From The CBW Studios, Big C and Stinky Pete will be joined by special guest Julez from Style’s Rebel Radio Show to discuss with Big C all things Christmas songs, telling us their favourites from across the years. 2021 CBW Productions
December 26, 2021
Living Life In The Fast Lane, Jeff Strich Talks Eagles Still Strapped Into His Car. I Can't Tell You Why.
Live From The CBW Studios,this week’s show celebrating the music of the quintessential American band Eagles. CBW Radio morning DJ Jeff Strich has vowed to join Big C & Austin Dunmore in putting forward their favourite tracks by the band. 2021 CBW Productions
December 19, 2021
Rum, Sodomy & The Lash. But Enough AboutTory Government Antics At Illicit Christmas Parties In Lockdown. Back To 1985
Live From The CBW Studios, As season 2 continues, Stinky Pete joins Big C live from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to discuss each of their top 10 albums released in 1985. 2021 CBW Productions
December 10, 2021
Music Chat, Haringey Hat And A Great Face For The Radio
Live From The CBW Studios, As season 2 continues, Big C will be joined by the Taste Making “Haringey Hero” Paul Kramer, who has spent 35 years in the music industry, to debate the best British punk/new wave artists & songs (and American influences) to burst on to the music scene in the mid to late 70s. 2021 CBW Productions
December 05, 2021
Futuristic Stinky Pete Comes Clean About His Jefferson Airplane Gaffe. R-E-S-P-E-C-T
This week, Season 2 continues as Stinky Pete joins Big C again in putting forward their top 10 album releases from the year of the summer of love, 1967. 2021 CBW Productions
November 28, 2021
John, Paul, George, Ringo, Thomas, Henry, Percy, Stinky, Big C & Klaus Voorman. We All Stand Together....
Live From The CBW Studios, Big C will be joined by Stinky Pete to run the rule over the post-Beatles catalogue of John, Paul, George & Ringo selecting their top 3 albums and songs by each of them! 2021 CBW Productions
November 21, 2021
Can Stinky Pete Shoehorn A Prog Rock Reference In This Week? Yes.
Live From The CBW Studios, Big C and Stinky Pete get talk one hit wonders! 2021 CBW Productions
November 14, 2021
21st Century Albums... It Was All Going So Well For Big C Until He Mentioned Coldplay
Live From The CBW Studios, Big C is joined by Aussie Austin and Stinky Pete as they discuss their 10 favorite albums of the  21st century! 2021 CBW Productions
November 07, 2021
Getting Down Down, Deeper And Down Into 1974, Big C Mentions The Wombles Once. Think He Got Away With It.....
This week Big C, Stinky Pete and Aussie Austin get together to discuss their top singles of 1974! 2021 CBW Productions
October 31, 2021
The Heavyweight Talks. But He Prefers To Be Called Big C
This week, Big C, Stinky Pete and Aussie Austin get together to talk the best/worst albums from 4 rock heavyweights: Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd and The Beatles! 2021 CBW Productions
October 25, 2021
The Cream Rises To The Top But Regrettably So Does The Turd. Featuring Tony Orlando
This week on Off The Rekord, Big C and Stinky Pete get together to talk about number one singles they can't stand!! 2021 CBW Productions
October 17, 2021
Stinky Pete Shocks Himself And All His Prog Fans As He Selects A 1980 New Wave Single.... And Subsequently Walks Out
Live from the CBW Studios, Big C, Slim Nick, Stinky Pete, and Aussie Austin get together and discuss their top 10 singles from 1980! 2021 CBW Productions
October 10, 2021
Prog Boy Arguments, Thin Lizzy's Manager & How Pete Loses All His Neighbours
Live from the CBW Studios, Part two of Off The Rekord’s Year In Rock, Slim Nick makes his triumphant return with Big C, as well as returning guests Stinky P & Aussie Austin, this week covering 1976! 2021 CBW Productions
October 03, 2021
1971- Rock's Golden Year For Albums. Ten Each But We All Could've Dunmore!
Live from the CBW Studios, the first in a series of A Year In Rock. Starting this week with 1971 often cited as “rock’s golden year”. Big C, his buddy Prog Pete & the returning singer/songwriter/guitarist Austin Dunmore live from down under will be running the rule over all the great rock albums released that year.
September 26, 2021
Slim Nick Gone Walkabout Again. New Guest. Who Can It Be Now? Do You Come From The Land Down Under? Reckon!
This week it's Big C in an Aussie Rock special featuring special guest, Zooming in live from Melbourne, Australia, singer/songwriter/guitarist Austin of Dunmore! 2021 CBW Productions
September 19, 2021
When Shall We Do An Elvis Show? It's Now Or Never, I Guess. A Little More Conversation Between Big C And Style...
Live from the CBW Studios, Big C sits down with Radio's Rebel Dj Style talk the King! 2021 CBW Productions
September 12, 2021
The Name's C. Big C
This week Big C and Slim Nick talk about their favorite Bond Movies! 2021 CBW Productions
September 06, 2021
Mass Debates As Big C Amasses French Mosquito Bites. Nice!
This week Slim Nick makes his triumphant return to put Big C's skills to the test, this time August 17th 1980, as he joins us from France! 2021 CBW Productions
August 29, 2021
Disturbed By Some Of Our Choices Of Covers, Shaggy's Flabber Has Never Been So Gasted
This week on Off the Rekord, Big C is joined By his good buddy Pete sitting in for Slim Nick, talking their favorite covers over the years. Some may surprise you, it sure as hell did me!! 2021 CBW Prioductions
August 23, 2021
Rock Guitarists: Such A Huge Agenda To Fit Into Our Tight Schedules
Live from the CBW Studios, this week Slim Nick is back as him and Big C talk the best iconic rock guitarists from across the years!! 2021 CBW Productions
August 08, 2021
Not Sponsored By Jeff Strich Or The Beatles.. But We'd Like To Be.. The Rebel Radio Show
This week, in episode 16 Radio's Rebel Radio Dj Style fills in for Slim Nick as him and Big C talk their favorite frontmen throughout rock history! 2021 CBW Productions
August 02, 2021
Cuba Gooding Jr?? Show Me The Honey With Laughter In The Endless Drizzl
In this week's episode, Slim Nick puts Big C's knowledge to the test, this time the UK chart for July 21st, 1974! Will Big C knock it out of the park or will this stump him more than ever? Only one way to find out.... 2021 CBW Productions
July 26, 2021
Dave Lea & Jimmy Hill??? When You Land Upon Your Head Then You've Been Slade!
This week Big C and Slim Nick discuss songwriting teams over the years!
July 18, 2021
It's Coming Home... To Eddy Grant's House For Tea, A Chat And A Strat
Live from the CBW Studios, this week Sim Nick puts Big C's skills to the test, covering the U.K. Charts for July 7th, 1985! Great Scott! 2021 CBW Productions
July 11, 2021
Beards, Beatles And The Beautiful Game
This week, Slim Nick puts Big C's skills to the test, hitting the charts for June 30th, 1975! 2021 CBW Productions
July 05, 2021
Every Podcast Worth Its Salt Goes To Eleven
This week, Slim Nick puts Big C to the test again, this time with the quizzing the charts for June 23rd, 1977! 2021 CBW Productions
June 28, 2021
Three Lions/Three Limeys. Pronounced Pëtêr Williš
This week, in Episode 10, Peter joins Big C and Slim Nick talk their top debut albums! 2021 CBW Productions
June 20, 2021
The Octave Difference Between The Stylistics & Barry White Is Wider Than The Waistline Of Big C's Shorts
This week, Siim Nick puts Big C's music knowledge to the test, quizzing him this time on the U.S. Chart for June 10th, 1972! 2021 CBW Productions
June 12, 2021
Some People Are On The Pitch, They Think It's Over.... But Can Big C Still Turn Things Around?
This Week, Slim Nick tests Big C's music knowledge, this time the charts on June 2nd, 1966! How many can you get right? Let us know! 2021 CBW Productions
June 06, 2021
The Roses In The Window Box Are Tilted To One Side. It's A Little Bit Funny....
This week on Off The Rekord, Big C, and Slim Nick are joined by Jeff Strich to talk about the career of Sir Elton John! 2021 CBW Productions
May 31, 2021
I'm Singing All The Right Notes, Just Not Necessarily In The Right Order
This week, Big C and Slim Nick are back at it again, this time hitting the charts for May 17th, 1970! 2021 CBW Productions
May 23, 2021
Terence Stamp Meets Julie Christie, Waterloo Station, Every Friday Night
This week, Big C and Slim Nick talk their top ten favorite singles! 2021 CBW Productions
May 16, 2021
Kiki Dee Shuns Slim Nick's Advances, But Buys Him A Consolation Pint
This week the Big C and Slim Nick are back at it, as Slim Nick puts Big C's chart knowledge to the test, this time covering April 25th, 1976! 2021 CBW Productions
May 08, 2021
Where's Nick Gone?
In this week's episode, Big C and Slim Nick talk about their favorite live albums! 2021 CBW Productions
May 02, 2021
1973 Featuring Tony Orlando
Big C and Slim Nick are back for episode 2! This week, they cover the charts in 1973 and give a you peek into what's in store for next weeks episode!! 2021 CBW Productions
April 24, 2021
Status Quo's Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame- This Is Where It All Began
In this inaugural episode of Off The Rekord, Big C and Slim Nick talk about the charts in 1972, and why the hell Status Quo isn't in the Rock Hall! 2021 CBW Productions
April 18, 2021