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Offbeat Perspectives Podcast

Offbeat Perspectives Podcast

By Offbeat Perspectives
In a series of interviews and narratives, Ying and Cass from OP seek to uncover the “elephant in the room” - topics that are not usually discussed on the dinner table.

Featuring guests from all walks of life, the OP podcast looks at how the individual experiences, that we deem as unique to us, tend to intersect with the larger social structures around us — from culture to politics.
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March 9, 2019

Offbeat Perspectives Podcast

EP3- Simi (What is) Sex Positivity?
Sex positivity? What are you talking about?  Hands up: How many of us actually went through the birds-and-bees talk with our parents? How many of us really learnt about sex through porn?  OP sits with Dr. Martha Lee, the first sexologist with a doctorate in human sexuality in Singapore, to discuss her experience as a sex-positive advocate in Singapore, her perspectives on the sex-ed curriculum [1], and female pleasure among the nuts and bolts of "getting there."  [1]  Dr. Lee’s webpage:  Music Credits: Lee Rosevere - Where Was It?  Podcast transcript/timestamp:
May 04, 2020
EP2- Leaving Islam
Many find comfort, solace and security in their faith, more so when it's something that they've grown up with most of their lives.   Also when it comes to organised religions, the believer is situated among people who shares similar beliefs and rituals which breeds familiarity. To leave or switch faith is equivalent to leaving behind this community.  Hence, leaving one’s faith can become a traumatic decision. In some cases, ex-believers experience moral condemnation and risk cutting off ties with their families when they openly declare their decision to do so [1][2][3][4].   Why do they still do it despite the cost of doing so? How did they (try) to break the news to their closest ones? How do they then cope with the consequences that follow? OP speaks to two ex-Muslims from Singapore, Mary and Faizi, about their individual experiences leaving Islam.    [1]  [2]  [3]  [4]  Video Soundclip Credits:  Youtube - Ex-Muslims share their experiences | The Economist   Music Credits:  Lee Rosevere - As I Was Saying Lee Rosevere - I'm Going for a Coffee Lee Rosevere - Here's the Thing Lee Rosevere -  Introducing the Pre-roll Podcast transcript/timestamp:
June 11, 2019
EP1- Negotiating Religious Citizenship in a Secular State
Why is a Malay a Muslim in Singapore? How did institutions like AMLA and MUIS which govern specifically Muslim issues come about in a secular state like ours? Why is apostasy regarded a crime in some Muslim countries?  OP sits down with Mohamed Imran, interfaith activist and researcher from Singapore's Centre for Interfaith for Understanding (CIFU), to discuss the origins of the Muslim Law in nation-states; the impact of British colonial history on our current institutional arrangements; and why apostasy is still regarded a “hush-hush” issue in the Malay-Muslim community despite the secular and multicultural nature of Singapore society.  Ep Artwork Credits:  Srivatsa Shanmugam  Music Credits:  Lee Rosevere - As I Was Saying Lee Rosevere - And So Then Lee Rosevere - Quizitive Lee Rosevere  - Introducing the Pre-roll Podcast transcript/timestamp:
March 10, 2019
March 9, 2019
March 09, 2019