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Words Matter: Encouraging exercise in teens

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By Em
Em is dedicated to dismantling diet divas and putting health back in the spotlight. Along the way, we talk about theatre, coping skills, and the struggles of being a nutrition nerd in a Dr. Google world.
Dementia and Exercise: Maybe a link?
Today's episode is covering a really cool study covered by the Alzheimer's Reading Room ( about a possible association with exercise and dementia. I also briefly mention the Washington Post's article on healthy living ( Of course, I have a bunch of other thoughts about it, but I want to hear from you! Twitter: Instagram: Facebook:
March 23, 2018
3 signs you could be addicted to exercise
Today's tidbit is about exercise addiction and how to spot it. While I was researching this episode I decided I'd give you guys 3 quick red flags that your hobby might be more taxing on your life than you notice. These signs are also easy to spot in others, making it easier for you to decide if it's time to see a healthcare professional. Sources: Psychology today: Walden Eating Disorders: Clarifying Exercise Addiction (PubMed full article): let's chat!!: Twitter: IG: Facebook:
March 21, 2018
Words Matter: Encouraging exercise in teens
As a "sequel" to last episode, today's podcast is all about how to start talking with teens about exercise. I specifically share ideas on making exercise habits stick by talking more about the mental ("unseen") benefits of exercise, and how to take note of your view of exercise and how it could shape your teen's view. Here's the article I mentioned in the podcast: As always I'd love to hear from you! Call in, tweet me @citymousewrites, Instagram me @centerstagenutrition, and have a great rest of your day. :)
March 15, 2018
Keeping your teen daughter active & healthy
Inspired by GRRRL clothing and my post about teen athletes, today we talk a bit about why your teen daughter might be hesitant to work out, ways you can start the conversation, and the benefits of exercise (none of which are weight loss). GRRRL clothing is a female empowerment brand all about taking the shame out of doing anything "like a girl". All of their clothing is sized by athletes & measurements, not numbers, to remove the stigma of clothes shopping for women of all sizes. I love this clothing brand and think it makes an excellent addition to anyone's wardrobe! Support GRRRL clothing through their campaign: Buy something nice for yourself & your daughter: Show me how rad you look in your new clothes on IG (, facebook (, twitter ( Check out my blog:
March 13, 2018
Review: "Ragtime" at the Marriott Theatre
In this episode, Em nerds out over why theatre is perfect to get conversations going about politics, muses over why Ragtime is a great show, and then proceeds to geek out over how amazing the Marriott Theatre's production was and why you should see it ASAP. The show itself is PG-13 and runs through March 18th, 2018. LINKAGE: Center Stage Nutrition: Em's Twitter: Marriott Theatre homepage: Ragtime director interview:
March 11, 2018
WTF Friday: Match Day, Cool Sculpting, and Icky Research
WTF Friday is an off the cuff, improved podcast recapping the week. Whether it's interesting facts, questionable nutrition news, or general goofiness, you can guarentee that we'll cover it every Friday. Today I talk about how Match Day sounds a lot like a strange ritual and how I try to describe it as the #rd2b version of NFL draft day, the textbook example of diet culture that is cool sculpting, and how it feels to be a "baby graduate" and be presented with a questionable article that you can't really trust (Narrator: And how to trust yourself in the end). Let me know what you guys think and how you like this podcast format over scripted stuff- and call in! I'd love to share your stories during WTF Fridays. You can reach me here, on Twitter (, and Instagram ( Blog post I mention:
March 9, 2018
Diving Deeper into Puberty Nutrition
This is the extension of my previous post on Center Stage Nutrition called 'Nutrition Education and Teen Girls'. Talkin' bout 1,000 days for teens capable of getting pregnant, where nutrition education fell flat, and how schools can incorporate better nutrition education! India Today article: Blog post: Twitter: Instagram:
February 27, 2018
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