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Off DaChange Podcast

Off DaChange Podcast

By Steph Sanders
This podcast will cover comedy, pop culture, current events, sports, and food/travel!!!
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Mom's Off Da Change!!! Bless her Heart Feat. Kente Scott, La Toya Myers, Chasidy Infante, Jaylyn Jordan, & Trang Tran
Off Da Change Mother's Day Special. Kristy and Steph talk to framed Comic and actor, Kente Scott about his Mom, his acting career and who he is being to dinner.  Then they switch gears to talk to a few mothers about things they enjoy(or not enjoy) about mother role.  Video version on Youtube.  KfglwMfAF3hKLPwYS2Bq
May 12, 2021
OffDaChange Chat with Rising Superstar: Dean Edwards
Kristy and Steph chat with SNL Alum, Dean Edwards.  They discuss his career journey, prepping for Tiffany Haddish: "She Ready!" comedy show for Netflix during the Pandemic, Stars Wars, and Mac & Cheese.
May 5, 2021
Success Hits Different Feat: Comedian Shea Shuga, Naomi Robinson, Ruth DeCastro, and Mindy Bills
Kristy and Steph chat with comedian Shes Shuga in the Comic roundtable. Then Kristy rallies three women professionals to discuss their career journey and how the path is not always a straight line.   Check out the video of this Podcast on Youtube Subscribe, Like, and Share  
April 15, 2021
Lady BOSSES..."Don't Quit" Feat. Michaela East, Kaboo Bill, & Ann Phoong
Kristy and Steph finish off National Women's History Month with Professional Ladies: Michaela East(Custom by Michaela), Kaboo Bill(Kaboo Photography), & Ann Phoong(Phoong Law Corp). They discuss their journey, their love life, their kids, and who they would want at their Dream Dinner. Check the video version on Youtube.
March 30, 2021
How Lady Bosses live OffDaChange Ft. Annie Alves, Nitika Nitashni, Amanda Rawls, and Arlene Moua
Kristy and Steph continue National Women History Month by having a conversation with a panel of Professional Ladies: Annie Alves(Hundred Unit), Nitika Nitashni(Attorney), Amanda Rawls(Loan Consultant), and Arlene Moua(Realtor)
March 24, 2021
OffDaChange & Ladies First!!! Feat. Rhoda Ramone, Glory Magana, Dr. Akele Newton, Alanna McWilliams, Shywanda Royal, & Trang-A-Lang
Kristy and Steph kick off National Women's History Month by talking to professional women and let them speak on their journey. 
March 17, 2021
Food & Funny Feat. Dennis Sydnor, Erick Avila, Eddie Abram, & Juice
Steph and Kristy talks to Eddie and Juice about comedy show promotion and helping the community. Then, they go into foodie mode and talk to Renegade Dining founders: Dennis Sydnor and Erick Avila.
March 11, 2021
So you think you know your partner?? Feat. Auntie Vice, Ryan Davis, Tristan Johnson, CharRon Smith
Happy Black History Month and Valentine's day, everyone. We have a great show for you.  We bring on two couples and see how well they know each other.  Then in our Second segment, Steph, CharRon, and Kristy quiz each other on topics about dating, love, and bad Romance. 
February 17, 2021
Our Politics are our Life Choices Featuring Reggie Steele, PB Smiley, Rashid Sidqe, Raphael Jemmott, Domonique Owen
Steph and  Kristy talk to Reggie Steele and PB Smiley about life, politics, and making moves in 2021 in our Comic Roundtable. Then Steph and Kristy talk to Domonique Owen about investment and opening a business. Finally, Rashid Sidqe and Raphael Jemmott talk about the politics that people should deal with, Local and State government.   For video: Off Da Change Show on Youtube.
January 27, 2021
The Co-Vid Dating Game. Who's Playing Feat. Willis Turner, Destiny, Barbara, Joshlyn
Steph and Kristy talk to Steph's longtime comic friend from SoCal, Willis Turner, at the comic Roundtable. They discuss Willis' marriage, Steph's time in LA, and Willis' green thumb discovery during Co-Vid.   Steph and Kristy are curious on who is dating during Co-vid. So, they invite Destiny, Barbara, and Joshlyn to talk about their Co-Vid dates they encountered.  These confessions will surprise you.
January 21, 2021
You got your Stimulus Check. Now What?! Feat. Rodney Perry, Damond Owens, and Rodney Ferrell & Alex Chompf of Evolution Accelerator
Kristy and Steph talks with comedian, actor, & Steph's comedy mentor: Rodney Perry about turning comedy into a money making business.  Rodney discusses the different with an LLC, S Corp and C Corp.  Listen to Rodney's Comedy Album, Survivor and get his book, Moments in my Journey on Amazon or his website: Kristy and Steph talk to Financial and start up advisors: Rodney Ferrell & Alex Chompf of Evolution Accelerator about starting a business is almost the same amount as one month rent.  Then Kristy and Steph finish the discussion with New York Life agent Damond Owens about understanding what life insurance is all about. For more business startup  information:  To contact Mr. Owens:
January 13, 2021
New Beginnings & Overcomers Feat. Alex Ortiz, Paul Coyers, Ngaio Bealum, & Tiffany Dionne
Happy New Year Everyone! This is our third episode. We talk to comedians Alex Oritz, Paul Coyers, & Ngaio Bealum in the comic roundtable. In the second segment, We talk to Sex Traffic Survivor Tiffany Dionne about her new book on  being kidnapped and trafficked for a year. This incident show awareness in the POC community on Mental health and sexual Assault.   Social Media: Tiffany Dionne - Steph Sanders - @Iamstephsanders Kristy Nong - @foodienong Alex Ortiz - @funnyalexortiz Paul Coyers - @paulcoyers Ngaio Bealum - @ngaio420
January 6, 2021
An OffDaChange Holiday Ft. Ellis Rodriguez, Anthony K, Kristen Frisk, D Tyler, Rachel Valley, Diana Medina, Laura Clark, Manghams, Sanders, & Hamiltons
Santa's Elves, Steph & Kristy, talk to comedians, singles, and couples to find out who is Nice and Naughty for Christmas.
December 23, 2020
What is "OffDaChange?" The Comedy Roundtable FT. Lance Woods, Carlos Rodriguez, Mick E. Winfield, Regina Givens, & Becca Henry
Welcome to First episode of the OffDaChange Podcast. Your Host Steph Sanders and Kristy Nong have gather of panel of Professional Comedians to discuss Co-Vid effect on their career and how they are coping with it.  You be surprised on the responses. Social Media: Instagram Steph Sanders: Iamstephsanders  Kristy Nong: Foodienong  Lance Woods: Sirlancewoods   Carlos Rodriguez: Carloscomedy  Mike E. Winfield: Mikeewinfield  Regina Givens: Reginagivenscomedian  Becca Henry: Beehenry
December 16, 2020