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Off YOUR Record

Off YOUR Record

By Tia T
Welcome to Off YOUR Record, hosted by Tia Thevenin, ex-athlete and current law student. Hear conversations off the record as she reveals how the secrets & wisdom she has learned along her life journey that have helped her overcome obstacles and mentally hack her brain can help YOU attain YOUR personal level of success. This is where wellness, law, business, sports, media, fitness and love meet. And remember, this is all off the record.
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1: Off YOUR Record - Transitions

Off YOUR Record

4: Off Your Record Impact, Influence, and Branding
On this episode Tia goes into conversation about how you can leverage your impact and influence on social media to have a better experience by creating a community and authentically using your voice. At the latter part of the episode she briefly goes over how to monetize your platforms.
June 03, 2021
3: Off Your Record - Priorities
In Episode 3 Tia outlines how to effectively prioritize to get everything we want out of life. This four step plan consists of ranking priorities, creating attainable deadlines, recording your progress, and commitment. Being a law student, influencer, starting a new job, and refining her career has kept her away, but she is back with some knowledge that can help anyone, no matter how good they already are at prioritizing. 
April 18, 2021
2: Off Your Record - Relationships
In episode 2 Tia speaks on getting bad relationships off your record and cultivating the ones that will help you live the life you want. She outlines a four step plan to doing so 1. Become clear about your needs 2. Become clear about whether you’re ready to be a good teammate 3. Find someone suitable with your RIGHT now, and 4. Set & Maintain Boundaries as needed. As always, thank you for listening - download, and share with someone who hasn't heard Off Your Record yet!
February 14, 2021
1: Off YOUR Record - Transitions
In episode one Tia is joined by her friend Tyra Forbes as she unravels how to take your old identity off YOUR record to improve your life and transition into whatever phase of life is next for you. Tia breaks down her decision to transition from being an athlete to becoming a law student and lays out a framework for abolishing self-limiting beliefs about your ability to transition. Step 1: Make a decision Step 2: Find a new passion Step 3: Become consistent in your new passion Step 4: Use what you learned in your old passion to fuel your new passion
January 31, 2021
Off Your Record Trailer
The beginning of off your record, host Tia outlines the vision for "off your record"  music: Nites - Yugi Boy
January 31, 2021