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Oh, Gurl! A funny podcast with Jeni and Shellane

Oh, Gurl! A funny podcast with Jeni and Shellane

By Shellane Demarest

We are 2 Gen X, multi-racial friends talking about anything and everything with our twisted sense of humor. If you are stressed or just looking for some new friends, we are here with a cocktail and a laugh to lighten your day!
When we talk, you know it is going to be a good time!
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Thank YOU!

Oh, Gurl! A funny podcast with Jeni and Shellane

Hey what's up y'all! The Gurls talk about previous #Thanksgiving celebrations in the past. Shellane tells us about the time she added a special ingredient to her #stuffing. There's also a story about a butter induced coma and another fantastic What You Drinkin' cocktail. It's all here. Be sure to #listen #like and #share. 
December 1, 2020
Celebrating a Special Oh Gurl Podcast Birthday
Hey y'all! November 24 is Shellane's birthday and rather than just wait on Tuesday, Jeni wanted everyone to help her celebrate. This episode we learn all about Shellane's favorite things. From pecan pie to blind squirrels, Jeni gets down to the nitty gritty around Shellane's birthday. Won't you join along?
November 21, 2020
Superstitions and Food Trucks
Hey y'all! Are any of you superstitious? Well today's episode, the Gurls talk about superstitions and which ones they've hung onto after all of these years. Some of these are actually pretty darn funny. Also a run down on food trucks, some favs and not so good ones in the Atlanta area so be sure to listen for that. A lucky segment of What 'Chu Drinking and a bonus segment about Fear of the Walking Dead and World Beyond.  It's all right here so be sure you listen!
November 11, 2020
One Final Farewell to Halloween
By the looks of the art cover, you can already see the Gurls aren't letting go of #Halloween🎃 that easy. One of the girls talks about her love of scary movies and the other explains why she hates them. They also talk about their childhood Halloween costumes and favorite trick or treat #candy.  Plus there's another drink of the week that is the perfect toast to Fall. It's all right here in this week's #ohgurlpodcast.🍻
November 6, 2020
Halloween Ghosts and Gurls with Heather Dobson
Hello you little ghouls! Welcome back to another episode of #ohgurlpodcast where they chat with returning guest Heather Dobson. Dobson discusses her new book Recollections of a Future Ghost, which happens to drop on Halloween! Also, the Gurls reveal their own scary experiences on the other side and get some ghostly advice on how to deal with their "paranormal friends." 🎃 Don't forget there is a new What You Drinkin' and listener stories from Mary Pullium-Edgar and William Herlth.  
October 30, 2020
Resting Witch Face
This week the Gurls chat with the author of Salem 1692, E.R. Russell. Russell is a "Masshole" whose written a variety of supernatural books including Touring the Bridgewater Triangle and Lizzie's Lost Girls. Tune in to hear about the history of the Salem Witch Trials as well as how one podcast episode changed her life. Also this week there'll be a small discussion about Ouija Boards,  a tarot card reading, and a Hocus Pocus influenced What You Drinkin' segment. Be sure to listen! For more information about E.R. Russell, go here: Lizzie Lost Girls: Touring of Bridgewater Triangle: Salem 1692:
October 22, 2020
Ghosts and Gurls!
This week the Gurls have Heather Dobson, an author and a paranormal investigator for the past 13 years! Heather shares tales from her first book Memoirs of a Future Ghost and highlights of her upcoming book Recollections of a Future Ghost.  Also, the Gurls share their own ghostly encounters and ask Heather what her opinions are about the two stories. There's a special shoutout to the Mothman and we learn how one investigator got sucker punched in the stomach! Yep, it's all here on this week's edition of #ohgurlpodcast🍻 For more information about Heather, please check her website: Paranormal Georgia Investigations:
October 16, 2020
#TWD Finale Review and some cool #TWD behind the scene stories
Well the moment we all waiting for, the S10 finale of The Walking Dead. The Gurls talk about their favorite scenes and reflect on parts of the storyline that could play into S11! Plus, Shellane talks about what it was like filming in the Tower and finding JDM's lunch. Jeni talks about the day she met Samantha "Alpha" Morton. That and so much more! Please be sure to like, share, and follow for more #ohgurlpodcast shenanigans. Photo courtesy of Ryan Hurst's IG profile
October 10, 2020
It's officially Oh Gurl October!
This week the Gurls kick off the first of many spooky themed podcasts. In this episode, one Gurl talks about her time at Halloween Horror Nights. From people running out of their shoes to people doing things that actually got one person trespassed from the park. The other Gurl talks about how Little Red Riding Hood got a little more than what she bargained for and how Dawn dish detergent took a Halloween prank a little too far. 🤣🤣🤣 Be sure to submit more of your 🎃 Halloween stories! Whether it's scary, creepy or just plain old funny we want to hear. PM them on the their social media or email them at
October 2, 2020
Feeling Lucky?
Today the Gurls decide to try Lady Luck and play a game of Topic Roulette. Plus check out this drink from Delish! It's yummy and good for the tummy. Last but not least listen to one Gurl's embarrassing moment on an ATV! It's all here and more on #ohgurlpodcast🍻 Also be sure to listen to the Podcast Awards on September 30th which just happens to be #internationalpodcastday! The Gurls are nominated for this award and can't wait to hear the voting results! Awards Ceremony on International Podcast Day Sept 30th @ 6pm PST
September 25, 2020
Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice, Sort of...
This week the Gurls have not one but TWO fall drinks that are guaranteed to make your toes tingle! They also debate about #pumpkinspice. One Gurl loves it and the other thinks it's from Satan himself. It can't be too bad because #negan himself, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, had himself an iced pumpkin spice latte. Tune in for some laughs and cocktails!  #ohgurlpodcast🍻 #cafe #podcast
September 18, 2020
Season 2 is officially here!
The Gurls are so happy to announce that Oh Gurl Podcast begins Season 2 today! Without you, it wouldn't have happen. Today the Gurls tells us about one Gurl's new job and the other Gurl tells us how an extraction that left her in stitches, LITERALLY. Be sure to tune in because they have a special announcement at the end of the episode!
September 11, 2020
A Trailer Hitch and Other Crazy Car Stories
This week's episode starts off with interesting incidents on dealing with trailer hitches.  A trailer hitch saved one Gurl's vehicle while the other Gurl had some explaining to do. 😳 Also, listen how an accident helped one of these Gurls get married.  It all starts here on another funny episode of #ohgurlpodcast🍻
August 21, 2020
Listener Collaboration Time!
This week the Gurls read some of the funniest listener stories sent in from their super fans! Appreciate the love and the stories folks, keep them coming! Email them at
August 14, 2020
Jeans and Jackie
Hey y'all! Do you hate trying on Jeans? Well,  one of our Gurls hates that more than life itself while the other Gurl got showered with fingernails! Just gross.. Be sure to listen today for another funny episode of #ohgurlpodcast🍻
August 7, 2020
Birthday Gurl Weekend
Woo Hoo, it is the Queen of NOLA's birthday 2mmrw! Ms. Jeni will be celebrating all weekend long and she wanted to start her birthday celebration with YOU! Be sure to tune in and check out the shenanigans. We're talking Jason Mamoa, Drinks, anddddd Ted Bundy. Yep you heard right. Listen now and pour yourself a tall one it's about to go down!
July 31, 2020
Playing A Little Summer Catch Up With Y'all!
This week the Gurls talk about their summer binges on Netflix! Jeni's movie selections seemed to be more on the fun and humorous side. Shellane's choices had Jeni worried 😳. Tune in to see which movies they watched and also catch up on another segment of Things We Love and Things We Hate.  For this week's drink, you may want to find your ice cube trays. You're going to need them,😂😂 Be sure to follow our social media:  Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:
July 24, 2020
Theatre, Zombies and Finding Love
This week we continue our chat with The Mitchells! Kaleb and Tina reminisce about how they met and how they both ending up working at the same stunt show. Tina and Shellane talk about zombies and scary bathrooms, yes you read that right. Lastly, fun theatre memories with broken props and bag pipes. (Yes, we are serious!) It's all right here at Oh Gurl Podcast 🍻 Grab yourself a drink and share some laughs with us. 😂😂😂😂
July 17, 2020
So Funny You'll Split Your Pants
Hey y'all! The Gurls have a special two-part theatre guest starring Tina and Kaleb Mitchell! Highlights this week covers a story about Jeni's encounter with New Girl's Lamourne Morris, Tina and Kaleb's funny stories about props not working on set, and what happened to the HOT theatre guy that made him blush.  Be sure to pull up a chair and pour yourself a tall one. It's the weekend!!!  For booking inquiries for Tina and Kaleb Mitchell, reach out to them on Instagram @loovetina @kalebdmitchell
July 10, 2020
Summertime is Here
Happy 4th everyone! Summertime has arrived and even though we're in a pandemic  doesn't mean we can't have a different type of celebration, right? Today the Gurls talk about carnival rides, funnel cake and fireworks. There's a cute story about one dog's reaction to fireworks and Nailed it!  Pour yourself a tall one and join in on this special edition of Oh Gurl Podcast🍻
July 3, 2020
Wedding Bells are Ringing!
It is time to walk down the aisle with the Gurls!!! Today they share some of their favorite memories from their wedding, plus a couple of listener's stories to make the episode extra festive. Break out the bubbly it's time for Oh Gurl Podcast!
June 26, 2020
Oh Gurl Podcast Road Adventures!
This week the Gurls finally talk about that infamous road trip to the Omni Hotel! It only took them 45 mins to get there, but finding the actual garage to getting there? Well, that is where the fun begins! We have the shoutouts of the week, road trip snack recommendations, and what happened with Jon B and Jeni at Walker Stalker? Tune in this week to find out! Be sure to check us out on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter! Rate and review pretty please on Apple Podcast!
June 19, 2020
We're talking Walking Dead and Flaming Grills This Week!
Hello everyone! This week we talk grills, blueberries and of course The Walking Dead! It's what brought us together. Be sure to listen to see if you made our shoutout list. If you haven't, be sure you follow us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook to tell us you follow us and we will shout you out. Pull up a chair and pour yourself a drink cuz it's time to get your laugh on!
June 12, 2020
Music Makes the People Come Together, Part 2!
Time to tease your hair and put on your parachute pants while you pour yourself some Bartles and James! Today's episode continues talking about their music journey. Did you cut loose with some Footloose like Jeni or were you a part of the Rhythm Nation with Shellane? Either way, you're going to love listening to part two of Music Makes the People Come Together. Please like and share, rate and review. Tell your friends the Gurls are back in town! #ohgurlpodcast🍻
June 5, 2020
Music Makes the People Come Together
Today, the Gurls talk about music from their youth so pull out your Tiger Beat magazines and Trapper Keepers for another fun-fulled episode. Cheers!
May 29, 2020
Coffee, Banshee Kids in the Dressing Room, and Laundry Struggles with the Spouse
We're pretty sure there are some things that you absolutely love and some things that just get on your LAST nerve! 😂😂 Tune in today for episode 5 where the Gurls talk about Jeni's love for coffee, Shellane's frustration with kids in the dressing room, and their favorite time of the week, Laundry Day! Be sure to like and subscribe. While you're at it give us a rating on Apple Podcast! #ohgurlpodcast🍻 Photograph: David Vintiner/The Guardian
May 22, 2020
Shoutout Invitation
We invite everyone to review our episodes so we can give you a shoutout on the air. We can be heard where all podcast are hosted. Cheers and thank you!
May 21, 2020
Chillin Like a Villain with Ozark 3 and John G!
John Gettier is one of Atlanta's fresh hot talent whose appearances include Richard Jewell, Dynasty, the Resident and the "gurls" Netflix favorite binge, Ozark! Listen to some of John's experiences on the hit show plus meeting Clint Eastwood and Al Pacino. Please listen and review our podcast on Apple Podcast and Google Podcast. Check out the website at
May 15, 2020
Episode 3 Mermaid Pants and Purple Voodoo
The gurls start the weekend with Purple Voodoo, Cobra Kai and William Zabka. Plus they'll tell you what's up with those mermaid pants!
May 8, 2020
Episode 2 is here!
We're talking about some behind the scene Walking Dead stuff, the drink of the week and some juicy hot tea! Lets do this.
May 1, 2020
Oh Gurl Podcast is Live!
Episode 1 covers our backstories, favorites shows and the 411 of some juicy tea. Pour yourself a drink and lets have some fun.
April 23, 2020
Thank YOU!
A quick thank you to everyone who listened to our first episode.
April 7, 2020
Oh Gurl teaser
Ever have those days where you just need to vent to someone? Well that is what we do when we need to lget sonethings off our chest. Listen to us and let us help you destress and have a good time.
April 2, 2020