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OKHR Leads

OKHR Leads

The podcast for Oklahoma HR Professionals (and anyone else who wants to listen).

Tara Crowley and Rob Trotter interview Oklahoma HR professionals to learn their story and find out hot HR Topics within Oklahoma.
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55. Todd Wade - HR Architect
As CEO of RumbleDrum, a creative guest experiences company, Todd provides exceptional leadership in the areas of design, logistics and event and project management. As a licensed architect, Todd brings 25 years of experience in working diligently to produce quality architecture including educational, multi-family residential, healthcare, parking garages, technical, warehouse, retail, restaurant, and office. During his 7 years of experience at RGLA, Todd focused on working with retailers across the United States doing whatever it takes to get the job done. And at Crafton Tull he acted as Architect/Project Manager for Tulsa Tech's Owasso campus project and the parking garage for the Central Tulsa City County Library Renovation. While working for KKT as an architect, Todd worked on a historic renovation of the Palace Building in downtown Tulsa and other projects with Tulsa Tech and Bixby Public Schools. In this episode Todd breaks down his architect experience and explains how this has helped him with his current role where he helps create exceptional guest experiences.  RumbleDrum OSU Tulsa Tech-Owasso Silver Dollar City Gap Harold’s J.Crew Joe Versus The Volcano Joe & Todd Show Podcast Hard Rock Live Enneagram – 4 Boomer Generation Gen X Gen Y When Calls the Heart American Idol A Way to Garden – Margaret Roach Todd Wade – LinkedIn
May 16, 2022
54. Nancy Gunter - Generation HR
Nancy Gunter has 25 years experience in executive coaching and corporate training. She is certified by Gallup to Coach using the Strengths Assessment and certified with MHS to coach using the EQi-2.0 assessment, centered on Emotional Intelligence. Nancy also designs and delivers trainings in Generational Studies, Emotional Intelligence, Supervision, Communication, Teambuilding, and more. She is certified in Temperament Fluency, Why People Do What They Do, and is also an Exceptional Leaders Lab Partner offering content in a wide variety of leadership topics for groups of every size and demographic. As OKHR Leads guest of our 54th episode we learn were she got her start and her interest in closing the cap between generations. If you love to discuss the difference in Baby Boomers vs. Generation Z and all in between you will enjoy this episode. As added bonus Nancy throws in her knowledge of emotion intelligence and the subject that will enhance our thoughts on brain science, Positive Intelligence.  Gunter Training Exceptional Leaders Lab Generations Generation names explained The Lost Generation — born 1883-1900. ... The Greatest Generation — born 1901-1924. ... The Silent Generation — born 1925-1945. ... Baby Boomer Generation — born 1946-1964. ... Generation X — born 1965-1980. ... Generation Y — born 1981-1996. ... Generation Z — born 1997-2012. ... Generation Alpha — born 2013-2025. Freakonomics Positive Intelligence and PQ Emotional Intelligence TAHRA Grace & Frankie Del Taco
May 09, 2022
53. Joe Mathis - Spreading Purpose
Joe Mathis is half owner in the event services company, Rumble Drum. Joe wants each of his clients to tell their story and he creates a way for them to share what makes them special in unique experiences. As Experienced Chief Creative Officer, Joe has a demonstrated history of working in the events services industry. He is skilled in creating amazing guest experiences for corporate and nonprofit organizations, event management, volunteer management, public speaking, and sponsorship. He is a strong business development professional, creative designer, author and composer. Listen as Joe tells his own story that is about finding ways to spread your purpose.
May 02, 2022
52. Shalynne Jackson - Fierce in HR
Shalynne is an innovative, collaborative and strategic diversity and inclusion (D&I) practitioner with management experience. She has experience in D&I integration, program creation, project management, and training and development. As a Senior Manager on Walmart's Global Culture, Diversity and Inclusion team, she was responsible for Associate Resource Group management and consulted with different business segments to drive successful execution of D&I strategy. As D&I staff for ONEOK, a Fortune 500 energy company, She was a member of the team responsible for providing support to our CEO-led D&I Council, Business Resource Groups (BRGs), training programs, policies, community initiatives and other organizational components designed to ensure a fully inclusive workplace. She is a graduate of The University of Oklahoma, with a Masters Degree in Human Relations Shalynne is fierce about her work with D&I  and HR. Her brave and fierce story is one that will get us thinking and inspire us to overcome our own challenges. Links to items mentioned in this podcast: City of Oklahoma City DEI Alopecia Asset Protection (job) ONEOK People to People Student Ambassador TAHRA Return on Inclusion Platinum Rule - The Platinum Rule is a variation of The Golden Rule that calls for a more thoughtful approach when dealing with others. It asks that you "Do unto others as they would want to be done to them." Brene Brown – Clear is Kind, Unclear is Unkind This is Us All American Sword & Scale podcast (true crime)
April 25, 2022
51. Art Gloria - Happy in HR
Why is SHRM Field Services Director, Art Gloria so happy? Well, it's because he loves volunteering in HR. Not only does he love volunteering he loves working with volunteers. As Field Service Director for the Southwest Region Art gets to work with volunteers everyday. In this episode we learn about Art's background and what led him to take on this new role. His passion for HR and volunteering is contagious and you'll find your day a little brighter just hearing his stories. SHRM El Paso SHRM Eartha Kitt Johnny C. Taylor, Jr. Sandy Asch – Roar Reset SHRM App SHRM Knowledge Center Julia TV show on HBO Max Honest HR podcast
April 18, 2022
50. Nathan Mellor - The Power of Storytelling
Can life be changed in a single conversation? How about a single podcast? You might just have your life changed after listening to this fantastic episode. Dr. Nathan Mellor takes us on a journey of his career and his thoughts as we explore leadership, personal change, mentorship, and many other facets of personal growth. If you have yet to find your purpose and wonder how to do that Dr. Mellor lays the groundwork for burning that flame through his insights and storytelling. Links to items mentioned in this podcast: Nathan Mellor Dr. Richard Boyatzis Sleeping Giants Grand Teton National Park Doerr Institute  Ted Lasso The West Wing
April 11, 2022
49 - It's Conference Time
We talk in this episode about the OKHR Conference that is held in Tulsa on 4/4 - 7/22. We are joined by several of the conference chairs who enlighten us on many of the fun details that will occur this very exciting week. Prepare to be gob smacked as we return to an person conference for the first time in two years.
April 04, 2022
48. Karla Shugart - Trial by FiHr
Karla Shugart is a highly-qualified HR professional with experience in a variety of industries including: aviation; retail/convenience store; higher education; state, federal, and tribal government; and health care. She is proficient in virtually all disciplines of the profession with strong facilitation skills and the ability to bring various constituencies together to work toward common goals. Listen to this episodes as Karla takes us on her journey to become this highly function HR professional. Pay special attention to her decision she made in her senior year in college to not follow her degree in education as she realized she didn't like working with children and how that led to a very fulling career in working with people. Links to items mentioned below: WKRP in Cincinnati Choctaw Nation SEOK HR Society ROTC University of Florida Central Washington University Ashland, OK THRMA SHRM Foundation OKHR State Conference – 2022
March 28, 2022
47. Chris Gordon - Serving HR
Chris Gordon's purpose is to serve others by helping them develop both personally and professionally. He has worked with all levels of organizations from the newest team members to CEO's and everything in between. Chris takes us on his journey of learning to his current position at TeamSight. At TeamSight he helps teams win together. TeamSight is more than just a one-and-done assessment, the TeamSight platform delivers on-demand coaching and insights that help organizations operate more effectively in a virtual world, transform leadership development, increase employee engagement, improve decision-making, and use behavioral diversity to build high-performing teams. TeamSight US Navy – USS Wasp OSU-OKC SandRidge Energy 9/11/2001 Suez Canal Indian Ocean Seychelles EBIDTA DISC Colors StandOut Cronbach Alpha Ruthless Elimination of Hurry by John Mark Comer
March 21, 2022
46. Rebecca Hartwig - The MatchmakHR
Rebecca Hartwig has been recruiting IT professionals in the Oklahoma City market since 2010. She was born and raised in Oklahoma. She graduated from Oklahoma State University. She is married to her college sweetheart and had two boys. Rebecca was raised by two IT professionals, so it's not surprising that she has a passion for IT. Rebecca started her own staffing company in 2017, specializing in IT staffing and is continuing to thrive. Rebecca has been a volunteer for the OKWIT board for the last few years.  She is a lover of staffing and  a lover of connecting people. She discusses her mentors who have helped her take on the challenges of starting her own company and the lessons she has learned along the way. This week she joins the "cool group" as our 46th guest. Listen to learn how Rebecca's has become a MatchmakHR.  Links mentions in this podcast: OKHR State Conference Hartwig Staffing OCHRS OSU OKWIT Paycom 10 Best Applicant Tracking Systems article Salesforce Marco Polo Tik Tok Kerr-McGee Y2K Toastmasters Euphoria Brene Brown Small Giants Morbid
March 14, 2022
45. Richard Brown - HR Referee
Every HR professional understands it takes a special kind of person to work in HR. Add to that working in HR for a nation within a nation AND THEN a person also moonlights as a Big 12 Football referee and you have a super special person. Meet Richard Brown, HR Director of the Potawatomi Nation and Big 12 Football Referee. In this podcast we learn how Richard takes what he has learned as a Big 12 ref and uses it to the benefit of his employees at the Potawatomi Nation. He shares his thoughts of what is important in HR today as well as stories of his own triumphs and successes. Links to items mentioned in this podcast: CITIZEN POTAWATOMI NATION Big 12 Sports OKHR CENTRAL OKLAHOMA HUMAN RESOURCE ASSOCIATION Oklahoma Employment Security Commission  WARN Notice  Mike Shaw  HR in Indian Country  Central Oklahoma Innovation Workforce Board  "Yellowstone"  "The Bootleggers Boy" 
March 07, 2022
44. David Imerbthama - The Great Connector
David Imerbthama is about helping people and businesses get better. In his younger years he worked as a self described "executive gopher" for his family's restaurant. Now he takes his great hair (listen to see what we mean)  and uses his talents to help people find solutions.  If he doesn't know the fix he knows the person who knows the fix.  When he is not connecting HR folks he loves to pass his time as a youth soccer coach where he focuses on strategy and teamwork. Listen to this heartwarming episode to experience a special moment of vulnerability where David shares a personal goal for his family which will challenge how you think about goals and what personally inspires you. Links to items mentions in this podcast: OKHR Alzheimer's Association University of Oklahoma Y2K Gallagher LinkedIn SHRM EAP Buyers Guide Thailand Peacemaker 36-Hour Day
February 28, 2022
43. John Bobb-Semple - The Bridge Builder
Episode 43 introduces us to John Bobb-Semple, the Community Project Manager for the Blue Zone Project. John's infectious personality brings to life this exciting episode were we discuss wellness, connectivity, helping others and just making a difference - which John does everyday. You cannot listen to this episode and walk away feeling energized and challenged to go make a difference in your little part of the world. John, who desires to become the ultimate encourager just got his start in this podcast.  OKHR Blue Zone  Enneagram  Advancing Oklahoma  Emmanual Acho, Uncomfortable Conversations  Foundation  Isaac Asimov  Suits  Ted Lasso  The Third Option by Miles McPherson  Be the Bridge Podcast
February 21, 2022
42. Tim Sullivan - Finding Solutions to Extraordinary Problems
Tim Sullivan is an HR Professional, leader, and engineer. He loves taking his analytical side and find creative solutions to helping people. Tim is taking on the leadership role the OSU HR chapter in addition to his senior manager job in business operation at OSU and he finds time to keep up with Formula One Racing as well. This podcast is full of whimsical stories and fun discussions between two peers in the HR realm. Great for listening to while sitting next to the fireplace, in the car, or even cooking – actually in whatever you are doing. College of Engineering – OK State University - CF Industries - Microsoft Outlook - Formula 1 - Drive to Survive  - BlackList - Dale Carnegie – How to Win Friends and Influence Others –
February 14, 2022
41. Wilson Pipestem - Discussing "Killers of the Flower Moon"
In this podcast we hear the story of how one man saw a concern within his community about how they might be portrayed in the upcoming movie "Killers of the Flower Moon." From that concern he organized a meeting with the tribe which led to actually meeting Academy Award Winning director Martin Scorsese and actually influencing the movie. This episode is a great example of how one person can make a difference that impact many people. This may not sound like an HR podcast but we think you will agree by the end that there are many principles discussed that parallel our daily challenges. Links to items mentions in this podcast: Wilson Pipestem  OSU Hall of Fame 2022  Killers of the Flower Moon book  Killers of the Flower Moon movie  Osage Nation  Emma Koskoff  Martin Scorcese  Eric Roth  Browning Pipestem  Maria Tallchief  Yellowstone  Reservation Dogs  Sterlin Harjo  Nike N7  Stanford  Notah Begay III 
February 07, 2022
40. Andy Beck - Leading From The Sky
Andy is a motivated high energy speaker, business partner, professional coach, and corporate trainer. He works with large companies and small groups to meet their goals from workforce development to learning how to skydive. There is no one that will work harder to help you succeed in business, life, or parachuting. Andy has a true passion for people and he loves learning from others and passing on what he has learned to business leaders, employees, or students. He also owns his own skydiving company where he helps people overcome their fears - literally. Links to items mentioned in this podcast Pioneer Tech – Ponca City- Autry Technology Center – Enid - Tulsa Tech  - NEO A&M College, Miami, OK - Oklahoma Skydiving Center - OSHA-300 - Free Solo – Alex Honnold -  
January 31, 2022
39. Brittany Currier - Arrived in HR
Brittany Currier was voted by both TAHRA and OKHR as an Emerging Professional in HR. In this interview we cover her love of helping people and taking on new and uncharted challenges for her employer, The People Perspective.  Brittany has her own perspectives and offers great insight on topics such as Mental Health, Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs), Psychological Safety, being involved with her local Chamber of Commerce, volunteering, and of course her take on the Emerging Professional awards. After listening we think you'll agree that Brittany is no longer emerging in HR but has Arrived in HR. Links to items mentions in this podcast: OKHR – Emerging Professional of the Year - TAHRA Emerging Professional of the Year - People Perspective - EAP -
January 24, 2022
38. Melissa Lockhart - Helping People Through Radical Positivity
Melissa Lockhart love's helping people. Whether it's working with domestic violence victims or helping her own employees through her current HR role. Melissa brings to this interview some real talk that we HR professional should listen too. We discuss culture, resilience this year, and some thoughts on how an HR professional can be aware of domestic violence issues.  Links to items mentioned in this podcast: Domestic Violence Intervention Services  Hospitality Management Corporation  TAHRA  Medefy  Real Housewives  Believe Her | Podcast 
January 17, 2022
37. Dena Culpepper - The Wizard of OKHR
Happy New Year!! OKHR Leads returns in the season 2 premiere with special guest Dena Culpepper. Dena is owner and founder of Culpepper Management Group where she is responsible to ensuring all things within OKHR runs smoothly. Like the Wizard of OZ behind the curtain making big things happen Dena is quietly behind the scenes making big things in OKHR happen except her impact is real and far reaching.  Listen and learn a few key leadership points, organizational tricks, and be inspired to get your calendars for 2022 in order. 
January 10, 2022
36. End of Season One Discussion
That's a wrap, an end, a finale of the first season of the  Podcast that started out as an answer to the question: "I wonder what would happen if we started a podcast to discuss volunteering in the HR space in Oklahoma?" Tara and Rob discuss the genesis of the OKHR Podcast, some highlights, Formula One. and where we might take this for season 2 in 2022. Happy Holidays to all, enjoy the final days of 2021, and may you have a wonderful 2022. We'll be back on January 10th to talk all things OKHR. Tara and Rob
December 20, 2021
35. Shala Andrews - Find Your Grit
Shala Andrews is highly effective in Human Resources, with experience managing HR operations across multiple locations and serving as a resource for hundreds of employees.  Her success is driven by her ability to lead strategies for recruiting, onboarding, employee exits, and employee relations, including the leadership of investigations and resolution of conflicts. She is an engaging Human Resources Leader possessing a winning blend of business expertise, skill in project and program management, and practical experience in large organizations.  Shala leverages a unique mix of strategic and analytical expertise, consistently exceeding performance goals by aligning talents and effort with organizational objectives. In this episode Tara drives solo as she learns more about what makes Shala tick. Links to  ROI Summit  Zeeco  Nordam  Sam’s Club  The Great Resignation  Tulsa Race Massacre  DEI   Yellowstone  Colors   Right Within – Minda Harts 
December 13, 2021
34. Geri Chuong - Talking HR from Canada
We are excited to have our first Canadian guest on OKHR leads. Her name is Geri Chuong and she has 20 years of experience in HR with expertise in leadership, organizational development and change management. She has experience in many industries including insurance, financial, engineering and energy. She is HR certified in the Canadian version of certification. Listen to learn about the similarities plus we get into Thanksgiving in Canada and their most beloved star, William Shatner. University of Calgary  Thanksgiving in Canada  Six Sigma Green Belt  2nd Amendment  Canada Minimum Wage  MindTools  Insights  William Shatner  StarTrek  Blacklist  CSI  Disney Jungle Book   Simon Sinek  Brene Brown 
December 06, 2021
33. Tracey Hixon - The Guru of HR Gurus
Tracey Hixon is an HR Guru who leads HR Guru's. As the Director of Corporate HR at Nextep Tracey manages all the HR consultants who are guiding their clients in the complicated world of HR management. We discuss how Tracey stays sharp to be an HR Leader. We also talk about why Tracey got rid of Performance Evaluations and we might even hear a story of a bat that was loose in her building. Links to items mentioned in this podcast: Great Places to Work - Nextep - Shauna Niequest - Diana Wall podcast - Potts Family Foundation - Leader Feeder podcast - Entrée Leadership podcast - Ted Lasso - Craig Groeschel Leadership podcast - Adam Grant Podcast -
November 29, 2021
32. Lindsey Nichols - PEO, OKHR, and ABBA
Lindsey Nichols is a Leader of the best HR team at the best PEO in the business. She loves contributing to the growth of the members of her team and organization. She is also an avid SHRM volunteer leader for the past 12+ years where she served as, among other roles, OKHR State Council Director.  She is a Society for Human Resource Management - Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP) and  Certified Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR).  In this episode we learn how Lindsey found HR which was early in her college career. We also go in depth about Professional Employee Organization and the benefits of volunteering for your HR Peers. Finally there is a litte ABBA talk, the royals and Brene Brown. Nextep - ABBA - UCO - PEO - Salesforce - Nextep/Gunman - Enneagram #3 - Ted Lasso - The Morning Show - The Crown - Brene Brown/Dare to Lead -
November 22, 2021
31. Kevie Mikus - Let's Talk Compensation
Kevie Mikus knows compensation. Kevie went to school to learn HR and landed her first job out of college as an HR Generalist who was asked to work on compensation plans. She quickly learned she had a knack for it or as she tells it, "it's her jam." Since then she has taken her years of compensation focus to her current position of Regional Practice Leader, Human Resources & Compensation Consulting at Gallager,  a global insurance brokerage, risk management, and consulting firm.  If you want to hear someone who can take the complicated topic of compensation and explain it in an easy and fun way this episode is a must. Heck, its a joy just to hear Tara get smarter. :)  Links to items mentioned in this podcast: OSU  Vanderbilt – VTS  Kraft CPAs  Arthur J Gallagher – Compensation  Gallagher Workforce Evaluation  Quote:  “Engagement is Fluid” Big Bang Theory  Patrick Lencioni 
November 15, 2021
30. Phillip Wilson - Unions, Riverboat Casinos, and Chess
Phillip B. Wilson is President and General Counsel of Labor Relations Institute and is a nationally recognized speaker, author and expert on labor relations, leadership and creating positive workplaces. Prior to joining LRI, Phil practiced labor and employment law in Chicago and was Director of HR for a riverboat casino (really). He graduated magna cum laude from Augustana College (IL) and earned his J.D. from the University of Michigan Law School. His book Left of Boom was a top 5 HR book on His most recent book, The Approachability Playbook, has shipped over 5,500 copies. Augustana College  University of Michigan  Labor Relations Institute  Left of Boom  Approachability Playbook  NLRB  Stuart Smalley – SNL  Ted Lasso  Tim Ferris  Against the Rules – Michael Lewis  Revisionist History – Malcolm Gladwell  Conversations with Cowan – Tyler Cowan  Queen’s Gambit  Searching for Bobby Fisher 
November 08, 2021
29. Diana Wall - Remembering our friend
This podcast was not Diana Wall's idea but it would not be in existence without the influence of Diana. Her impact through our community is far reaching and elevating. We are better practitioners of HR, friends, and family members because of Diana's influence. She will be missed dearly and we will not be the same without her presence but will venture on in her name.  This is a special replay of episode 12. Diana Wall - SuperstHr. Diana passed away on October 29th. The introduction is a few of Diana's close friends within OKHR sharing special stories. Tara Crowley Joy Killingsworth Heidi Hartman Lindsey Nichols Lisa Fleming Rob Trotter Mike Shaw
November 01, 2021
28. Matthew Arbo - Mixing the Wu Tang Clan with Ethics
What does the Wu Tung Clan have to do with Ethics in HR? Well, not much but it makes for a great title and both are mentioned in the 28th episode of "OKHR Leads." Today's guest is Matthew Arbo who has opened his own consulting company focusing on Business Ethics. Is there a space for such a company, well yes there is and we learn just how much of a need there is in this conversation. Wait until the end to learn about how the Wu Tang Clan fits in.  Links to items mentioned in this podcast: Kanon Consulting - (not operational yet) University of Edinburgh  Blue Ridge area of Virginia  ESG policy  Next Element – Nate Regier - Wu-Tang: An American Saga 
October 25, 2021
27. Chelsie Wilson - Mad about Payroll
Episode 27 takes a turn into the world of Payroll where we meet and learn from Chelsie Wilson. As a newly minted CPP (Certified Payroll Professional) we learn a few items all HR professionals should know. We also get to know Chelsie who is one of NextGen people under 30. She was selected for her talent, drive and service all of which shines through in this most exciting episode. NextGen Under 30  Certified Payroll Professional  OSU  Interworks  Strengths Finder  OneNote  Tableau  Jessica Cottom – episode Brene Brown 
October 18, 2021
26. Carolyn Shockey - Practical and Consistent
Carolyn Shockey has worked in the Human Resources field since 1977. Healthcare has been most of her experience. She has continued to grow in the field with continuing education to assure her re-certification as PHR and SPHR. Her passion is employee satisfaction and retention. Specialties: Employee Satisfaction and retention. Training and development especially with leadership development. Listen and discover the depth of her knowledge and experience. You'll get ideas on how to run your own HR department and maybe make a new friend in the process. University of Oklahoma Southern Nazarene University Norman High School Fiddler on the Roof Warren Bennis & Burt Nanus: Press Ganey:  healthcare experience analytics and insights: SHRM: Sooner HR Society (SHRS): OCHRS: HR Executive: Crowe & Dunlevy: McAfee & Taft: Journal of Organizational Excellence: Virgin River:  Crucial Conversations:
October 11, 2021
25. David McLaughlin - "Rock StHR"
Hej!! That's hello in Swedish. Why are we talking about the Swedish language? Well. if you listen to episode 25, David McLaughlin, we talk about how OKHR Leads has gone global. We also talk about HR, training, personal care, flexiblitiy, change management, drugs, rock and roll and so much more. Listen, to episode 25 and learn and be entertained by the wide ranging topics and always interesting David McLaughlin. Olivia Newton John vs Abba SHRM American Fidelity Oklahoma City Human Resources Society ATD-COC  Pendulum Coaching Brendon Burchard Radical Candor by Kim Scott How High Are Your High Performers? by David McLaughlin  John Maxwell Little Richard - Tutti Frutti  HBR article on change Veep, Ted Lasso. The Bikes of Wrath, Shameless OKHR Leads Heart Wisdom - Jack Kornfield, Keeping It Real - Jillian Michaels,  The Wise Heart - by Jack Kornfield, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People - by Stephen Covey, Life in the Leadership Lane - by Bruce Waller Rolling Stones, Prince, Beachboys, Marron 5, CheapTrick Dee Gees Plague Vendor Group Love
October 04, 2021
24. Steve Browne - Giddy about HR
Steve Browne is taking a much different approach to HR than many other opportunities he's taken or seen in most companies.  He works with the Executives to truly integrate HR across the company he works for so that they are a true Business Partner that can work with the Team Members to improve their Company. He not only takes this approach at LaRosa's Pizzeria but also shared his idea with the HR industry as a whole. Steve has done this through his presentations, books, blogs and websites he has created. Steve is a lover of people and that shows through his countless stories and interactions with people. You'll find his passion infectious and won't be able to hide the smile from his giddiness when he talks HR. Listen to episode 24 to generate some needed inspiration, ideas or just enjoyment as Steve Browne is giddy about HR. LaRosa's Pizzeria SHRM "HR on Purpose" by Steve Browne "HR Rising" by Steve Browne  Phil Wilson – Approachable Leadership  The Chair   Clickbait  U2  "The Tipping Point" – Malcolm Gladwell  Americana Icons – Spotify  Rush:     Twitter:  @sbrownehr
September 27, 2021
23. Krista Scammahorn - Making Magic Happen
Krista Scammahorn is a person who puts her thoughts first. She believes if leaders have the right thoughts proper communication, vision and execution will follow. Krista is currently the workforce Development Consultant at Francis Tuttle Vo-Tech where she connects companies to workers. She is also an author, speaker, trainer and email guru. Listen as we learn about how her science background eventually led to the great connector and visionary she is today. There will be a test at the end with questions regarding what does "Hippy Dippy" mean and how many emails Tara currently has in her inbox. Links to items mentioned in this podcast Six Sigma UPS South OKC Chamber Moore Norman Vocational Center "Not Everything is an Email: Creating a Communication Culture" Office of Management and Enterprise Services Dr. Daniel Amen The Alter Ego Effect by Todd Herman Beyoncé's Alter Ego - Sasha Fierce Crucial Conversations Stuart Smalley Susan Cain  Doodle Poll Getting Things Done Employ FT Reentry Program Oklahoma Heidi Hartman Linda Clark Pleading With God OKHR Canva Mentimeter Dexter Atomic Habits Cleaning Up Your Mental Mess Podcast
September 20, 2021
22. Kelly Smithee, HR Ninja
Self-described "HR Ninja" Kelly Smithee is an introvert who takes active interactions with her employees, volunteers with SHRM, and puts herself out there in her Jazzercise business - all in her sassy pants. Learn how she discovered HR by growing up with a father in HR. Find out how she found a passion in helping other get in shape, and discover the power of pivot tables in Excel. Kelly claims to be the most inappropriate person in the room yet when you get to know her you realize she wants to be the person who helps others and has shown that through her actions.  Listen and develop a smile from her stories. You might not be able to see the sparkly background behind her but you can hear it's there. Links to items mentioned in the podcast.  Smith Robert Baldischwiler University of Oklahoma Jazzercise  Excel AMC Movie Theatres Facebook of Introvert Kelly Smithee publicly dancing. WOKHR Ted Lasso Evil TV Show Intelligence Southern Charm TV Harry Potter Collection
September 13, 2021
21. Kyle Killingsworth, Sparking Change in HR
Kyle Killingsworth is a business advisor, speaker, and consultant focused on influencing behaviors and driving business results through employees. As a proven strategic human resources consultant with over 25 years of experience in successfully blending human resources strategies with business opportunities allowing a company to leverage their human capital and optimize the organization’s growth and performance. He has led Human Resources and Organization Development professionals in providing support in the areas of strategic planning, employee relations, compensation and benefits administration, internal communications, training, executive coaching, recruiting, and organizational and leadership development. Kyle has broad expertise in mergers and acquisitions, having led due diligence and integration efforts on over 15 acquisitions both domestically and internationally. Kyle has completed post-graduate work at the University of Michigan in Strategic Human Resources Planning and is a certified Senior Human Resources Professional by the Society of Human Resources Management. He is a certified instructor in numerous professional development courses including Crucial Conversations, Crucial Accountability, Harassment Training, and Business as Unusual (Change Management). Additionally, Kyle is certified with SHL in the suite of Talent Measurement Assessment and as a facilitator for over 60 leadership/management and workforce development courses with Development Dimensions International. SHRM Certification  HRCI Certification  Kyle Killingsworth – Catalyst Consulting Group - Kyle Killingswork  Bruce Waller – Greg McKeown – Essentialism:  The Disciplined Pursuit of Less  Blue Bloods  OKHR – Joy & Kyle Killingsworth Volunteer Leader of the Year 
September 06, 2021
20. Greg Hawks - Be Unique
Greg Hawks is an impressive individual. As a Corporate Culture Specialist, he is on a mission to Shape Environments where everyone gets to contribute their best daily! For two decades he has mentored leaders, developed teams, crafted culture, and empowered employees. Motivated to grow high-capacity performers who serve, sell, and lead with excellence, he is relentless in discovering ways for individuals to grow. Listen to episode 20 and learn just how relentless Greg is. Links to items mentioned in this podcast: Hawks Agency - Buckeye candy - Public Strategies - Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma: Violent Femmes - Atomic Habits - Seinfeld  Malcolm Gladwell – Revisionist history - White Stripes podcast - Adam Grant – Think Again - Daniel Kahneman - Thinking Fast and Slow -
August 30, 2021
19. Linda Clark - The People Whisperer
Linda Clark is passionate about helping people grow, learn, and make a difference in their field. With over 20 years of varied operational and HR experience Linda uses her talents to inspire and discover their inner strengths to boldly improve their lives.  By listening to episode 19 of OKHR Leads you will also be inspired to make the difference you have been shying away from. Links to items mentioned in this podcast: DistruptHR Linda Clark DistruptHR Tulsa UCO Dare To Lead Oklahoma Skydiving Central Oklahoma Workforce Innovation Board Peppermint Patty Mentimeter GoodNotes reMarkable 2 The Economics of Higher Purpose Vikings Brene Brown Ted Talk To reach Linda Clark text "curious" to 66866
August 23, 2021
18. Josh Ploch - Quiet HR Warrior
Josh Ploch is this quiet, unassuming man sitting there in the background working multiple jobs, volunteering for numerous HR roles, raising three children, hosting a radio show, and more. Listen to one of our more revealing podcasts as we unpack the crazy adventures of Josh and his never-ending activities. Learn what personal rewards saying "yes until it's a no" can reap for you as Josh enlightens us on his processes, style, and philosophies.  Links to items mentioned in this podcast: Murphy Business & Financial Services  Nordam Vallourec OKHR Conference 2021 Greg Hawks Towson University Tulsa - DisruptHR Mike Shaw Slack Blinkist Enneagram Sylvan Learning System Archer Fresh Off The Boat Tools of Titans Think and Grow Rich Marcus Buckingham Strength Finder
August 16, 2021
17. Natalie Parrish - "Excel"ing in HR
Episode 16 talks with Natalie Parrish. Natalie is the HR Manager at Overland Corporation but before she landed there she had to cut her HR teeth with the City of Ardmore. Natalie has advanced to a manager who personally loves and appreciates the HR process of taking care of her employees.  Always a learner, Natalie is also heavily involved in her personal development as well as volunteering with her local chapter and OKHR. Listen to learn how she manages all this and more. Links to items mentioned in this podcast: City of Ardmore Overland Corporation Excel Resilence Conference Working Moms: Manifest: Kim’s Convenience:
August 09, 2021
16. Bruce Waller, Energizing HR
Bruce Waller is amazing. He has written his book called "Life in the Leadership Lane" and started his own podcast all while raising a family and managing his career as VP and Corporate Relocation. Listen as he discusses how he challenges himself to learn more, works his network, and energizes himself to be the best version of himself. Links to items mentioned in this podcast: i
August 02, 2021
15. Barbara Abercrombie - Agent of Change
Barbara Abercrombie gets to hit the ground running telling us about her travel through university HR.  The experience of training and turning an introvert into a powerhouse trainer.  We truly unpack the reason we should all embrace the power of Yes, and reasons to Understand your business.  Enjoy Barbara and her effervescent energy and... oh yes... The Tulsa Shock! But truly the best comments ever of realizing, “You can’t make this #&*# up.” Slow down, because, Barbara teaches us, we need to:  "Be a change agent while honoring the work which has been put in, in the past." Enjoy the quips and links below:  UNT: University of Tulsa: TX A&M: University of Arkansas: NE State University: NCAA Softball Tournament: 2021 Word of the Year:  Joy 2020 Word of the Year:  Revolution The Americans: Friends: Brene Brown: WNBA: WNBA, Tulsa Shock: Linkedin:
July 26, 2021
14. Tara Crowley - The power of YES.
OKHR Leads turns the tables on the interview this week and speaks with....Tara Crowley. It should have happened sooner but finally, we get to learn about the one who created this very podcast. From her restaurant owner days to her running 24-hour races, to her raising two boys while having a great HR career, Tara has a great story to tell.  Celebrate the win and learn how saying "yes" has changed her life and about being the HR department of yes. Links to items mentioned in this podcast: OMNI: Ragnar Relay: Formula 1: Netflix – Drive to Survive series: Schitt’s Creek: Email us at
July 19, 2021
13. Jackie Ramage - HR Advocate
Jackie Ramage is a true HR Advocate, from the implementation of her company's EAP program, promoting it to assist her employees, to her participation in TAHRA's Return on Inclusion Summit and her facilitating the EOS Tracking system, Jackie is a busy woman focused on using her HR platform to improve her employees lives.  This is not to mention her volunteering efforts outside her day job. Get to know this off-the- charts' extrovert who loves animals and humans alike and has dedicated her life to making a positive impact with whatever she touches. Links to items mentioned in this podcast: Brief Media Rob Trotter's Instagram SHRM 30 under 30 Brief Media Tulsa Area Human Resource Association OKHR Plumbs TAHRA Return on Inclusion Greenwood Rising Magellan Health Headspace Headspace with Kevin Hart EOS Mare of Easttown SNL Parody of Mare of Easttown Contact us at
July 12, 2021
11 - Bonus Episode - OKHR Leads reflects on their first 10 (+1) episodes
No new episode this week. Tara watched fireworks and Rob took a nap. We will be back next week with the lovely Jackie Ramage. As a bonus, we have re-uploaded our bonus episode from two weeks ago as it never made its way to the Apple Podcast. Listen to this one - it's funny. Hope everyone had a great fourth and see you next Monday with a brand new episode. T&R
July 06, 2021
12. Diana Wall - SuperstHr
Tara and Rob connect with volunteer extraordinaire, Diana Wall. Diana is a recent part-owner of Accel Financial Staffing, where she has been a part of its growth since opening in 1995. Diana winds through amazing stories of driving through Oklahoma City at 7 months pregnant when the Murrah Bombing occurred in 1995 to guiding Sooner HR Society (SHRS) to a national SHRM Pinnacle Award. We talked about holding uncomfortable conversations as an HR professional, and what tip was given on how to determine how others view you in one word… Genuine Diana answers all of these things and more. Links: Accel Financial Staffing Oklahoma City National Memorial Museum SHRM Pinnacle Award Sooner HR Society Ted Lasso Contact us at
June 28, 2021
11 - Bonus Episode - OKHR Leads reflects on their first 10 (+1) episodes
"OKHR Leads" has hit a milestone. They just released their 10th episode. To celebrate this accomplishment, the wacky host get together to reflect on their favorite moments from each show and what they have learned.  It will be hard not to listen to this bonus show and not immediately go back and relisten to some of our past shows.  No cute music, no awesome guest, just two friends reflecting on some fun times and great lessons learned.  Enjoy.
June 24, 2021
10. Anna Tsakiris - You're not that big a deal
"OKHR Leads" brings in the 10th episode with past president of OCHRS, Anna Tsakiris. Anna is a self-described animal lover who also loves humans. She has been in HR at CompSource for over 15 years and has experienced great growth and change with her time there. We discuss her challenges, victories, passion for HR, her animals, and her love of organizational tools. Rob gets mauled by his Yorkie, Tara wears a swan shirt (not seen but so loud you can hear it in the podcast), and Anna talks about being a happy demented cheerleader - not really, well kind of - you have to listen to know what I mean. Links to items mentioned in this podcast you might find interesting: CompSource OKHR OCHRS True Colors DiSC Microsoft OneNote Rocketbook Fierce Conversations The Good Place Contact us at
June 21, 2021
9. Jessica Cottom - Model Millennial
In episode 9, OKHR Leads speaks with the Assistant Director of Business Operations OSU Library at Oklahoma State University, Jessica Cottom. Learn about her early rise through the HR ranks, her drive to help others through development, and her outlook on how HR should treat all with dignity. In an exciting twist, Tara and Rob expose Jessica to the classic film "9-5" while Jessica and Tara introduce Rob to the book "Girl, Wash Your Face." You'll love getting to know this proud Millennial, Mom, and developer of others and you'll get off the pod and start asking people "What's your plan?" just like we did. Links to items mentioned in this podcast you might find interesting: OSU Library  Stillwater Area Human Resource Association OKHR Tulsa Community College OSU CUPA-HR 9-5 StrengthFinder DiSC "Call the Midwife" "Dare to Lead" "Girl Wash Your Face" Contact us at
June 14, 2021
8. Mike Aitken, SHRM National Senior VP of Membership - A No Drama Leader
OKHR Leads is very excited to speak with SHRM Senior Vice President of Membership Mike Aitken. Mike has been with SHRM for 18 years and brings his wealth of knowledge and experience to this exciting interview. We discuss leadership, advocacy, recruiting, history, and wine tasting among other varied topics. Mike is a "no drama" leader who stresses supporting people and placing them in stretch assignments to get the most out of folks. You will walk away from this podcast with ideas and a mood to take your department to the next level. Links to items mentioned in this podcast you might find interesting: The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) University of San Diego College and University Professional Association for Human Resources SHRM Advocacy The National Labor Relations Act Central Oklahoma Workforce Innovation Board SHRM Self-Assessment The Crown The Last Lion The Razors Edge Contact us at
June 07, 2021
7. Lisa Fleming - Full of Verve
Lisa Fleming is the current Vice President of Human Resources at Collison Works. The self-described "Millennial in a Baby Boomer's body" discusses her love of compensation, diversity, and stories of wearing tight pants in the '80s. Lisa is a stop and smell the roses HR professional you will find inspiring, interesting, and just plain funny. Links to items mentions in this podcast you might find interesting: Oklahoma City HR Society Federal Reserve - Oklahoma City Branch Chesapeake Energy Sonic Navex Global OKHR Inroads Contact us at  
May 31, 2021
6. Chase Massie - Your Problems Can't Eat You
Tara and Rob speak with the HR Manager of Henniges Automotive, Chase Massie. Chase tells us the story of how he found HR after learning that his dream of working PR for the Texas Rangers would not come true. How he fought for his first Director of HR role at the young age of 25 and how he was recruited to his current role for the global automotive company where he makes employees cry by giving them a onesie (this is true, you have to listen to learn why).  Chase speaks to his passion for HR, Volunteering for SHRM, and how our problems can't eat us.  Links to items that might interest you mentioned in this episode: Chase Massie LinkedIn Cameron University" Simple Texting OKHR "For All Mankind" "On My Block" "The 360 Degree Leader" by John Maxwell "Successful Failure" by Devery Youngblood Steve Gilliland Contact us at
May 24, 2021
5. Joy Michelle Killingsworth - An HR Leader Among HR Leaders
Joy Michelle Killingsworth is an “HR leader among HR Leaders.” Joy has served on several SHRM chapter and state boards for the past 14 years. She has been a conference chair three times. Joy has been such an integral volunteer leader within OKHR that she even has a volunteer leader award named after her. Listen, learn, and be inspired by Joy’s passion for serving, her continued journey for learning, and her love of meeting people. Links to items mentioned in this podcast that might interest you: Contact us at  
May 17, 2021
4. Krystal Brue - Connecting HR with Higher Education
In episode 4 of OKHR Leads, Tara and Rob get to know Krystal Brue. Krystal is currently the Department of Business Chair at Cameron University where she helps equip students for their chosen career while advocating to raise the level of HR.  We learn from her experience as a board member of OKHR and an officer of her local SHRM chapter SWOKHR. Krystal has a passion for HR, Academia, books, and high adrenaline vacations. We hope you enjoy getting to know Krystal as much as we did.  Links to items mentioned in this podcast that might interest you: "Never Stop Learning" by Bradley R. Straats "The Artist Way" by Julia Cameron "Green Lights" by Matthew McConaughey "Smartless" Podcast "The Last Dance" on Netflix "Talking to Strangers" by Malcolm Gladwell "Just Mercy" by Bryan Stevenson Have a question? Have a comment? Contact us at   
May 10, 2021
3. Mike Shaw - Reach a Little Higher
Mike carved out a little time to spend with Tara and Rob on his 16th wedding anniversary. In episode three we learn Mike's SHRM relationship is longer than his marriage! He also discusses his passion for HR and his beard.
May 03, 2021
2. Kristi Spaethe - Hustle, Growth and Focus
In episode two Tara speaks with Kristi Spaethe of the People Perspective. Listen as Kristi get personal with what excites her, her love of Brene Brown, and her half-hearted New Year's resolution.
April 26, 2021
1. Heidi Hartman - The 7 Rule
Listen as Tara and Rob talk with Heidi Hartman, the OKHR District Director and President/CEO of HartmanConsulting. We delve into Heidi's previous experience, current HR philosophies, OKHR's pivot through Covid, and more.
April 19, 2021
0. Rob Trotter - Keep Moving Forward
In the "OKHR Leads" inaugural podcast Tara interviews Rob. Learn his story of how he left a 23-year career in the movie theatre business to find HR as a recruiter. Find out how he took that path to his current role of Learning and Development manager. Discover how he values his friendships and network that he has discovered through OKHR. Oh, and stay to the end for his concerns regarding his tiny hands.
April 13, 2021