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Spoken Word is truth from broken pieces of our hearts that bleed from our pen to paper.
When we share the experiences and inspiration behind the worlds we create on paper with different parts of the world, we realize that we are really not as different as we like to think we are.
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The Flicker Of Old Dreams

The Spoken World Podcast

Sex Is Art
On this Episode we talk to the founders of Sexquisite Events, Maedb Joy and Carmen Ali.  Maedb Joy is the founder of Sexquisite Events, a community arts project for sex workers. She is also 1/3 of the poetry writing collective, Women of Words. She has notably performed for The Barbican, Beaconsfield Gallery Vauxhall, Islington Mill, Manchester and represented the Guildhall School of Music and Drama at the National Poetry Slam UniSlam for three years running. Since her recent graduation from drama school, she has been nominated for the Evening Standard Future Theatre Fund and run several poetry workshops on a regular basis. Carmen Ali is a multi-discliplined performer and writer, co-artistic director of Sexquisite Events and co-organiser & dancer at virtual strip club Cybertease. She is a passionate sex worker activist, and is committed to increasing safety for all sex workers and decreasing stigma CREDITS Logo by WillBe.Creative Podcast Theme Song Boys No Dey Smile by MEMA Music Transition Music from YouTube Audio Library Please support the podcast by following, subscribing, sharing and donating (donate link here) so that we can continue to give you great content that you love! Visit our website for more information. Follow Huwa on Instagram and TikTok Follow The Spoken World Podcast on Instagram and Twitter
April 15, 2021
Man Of Action
I'm back! It's Season Four of the podcast by storytellers for storytellers with the amazing Steven T. Seagle from Man Of Action, the creators of Ben 10, Generator Rex and Big Hero Six! We get to listen to his journey and the complexities of comic book writing and how to stay young and fresh in the demanding world of creativity.  Follow Steven T. Seagle on Twitter Learn more about Man Of Action on their website. CREDITS Logo by WillBe.Creative Podcast Theme Song Boys No Dey Smile by MEMA Music Ben Ten Theme Song on YouTube Transition Music from YouTube Audio Library Please support the podcast by following, subscribing, sharing and donating (donate link here) so that we can continue to give you great content that you love! Visit our website for more information. Follow Huwa on Instagram and TikTok  Follow The Spoken World Podcast on Instagram and Twitter
April 1, 2021
Thriving In Sex Work - Part Two
It's part two with real and authentic sex workers and former sex worker Lola Davina, discussing relationships, marriage and self care in the sex industry.  In the Part One of this series, we introduced the sex workers from Nigeria; Patience and Ejiro, and the US, Amy and Lola and why and how they got into the profession. Help Us Create More Content Like This By Donating right here: You can find out more about Lola Davina by checking out her website: Follow Amy Taylor On Instagram: For more information about NSWA, their helpline and events: CREDITS: Intro/Outro music by Mema Music - Boys No Dey Smile Interlude: Music by Dominique
December 3, 2020
Thriving In Sex Work - Part One
Raised in a society that believes sexuality which is unfairly skewed towards women, we are curious about women who offer services in the sex industry. Retired Sex Worker, Lola Davina shares her journey and experiences in her book, Thriving In Sex Work. We are joined by private model, Amy Taylore from LA, USA and members of The Nigerian Sex Workers Association, NSWA to talk stigma, mental health, consent, security, good and bad times involved in working in the sex work industry. In the Part One of this series, we introduce the sex workers from Nigeria; Patience and Ejiro, and the US, Amy and Lola and why and how they got into the profession. Help Us Create More Content Like This By Donating right here: You can find out more about Lola Davina by checking out her website: Follow Amy Taylor On Instagram: For more information about NSWA, their helpline and events: CREDITS: Intro/Outro music by Mema Music - Boys No Dey Smile Interlude: Music by Dominique
November 26, 2020
Berlin Syndrome
AFRICA IS BLEEDING. Find out more about what's happening and how you can help here: **************************************************************************************** That moment when a passionate one night stand becomes more... much more. And no, I don't mean the sappy love story that ends up with them getting married and having two adorable children. I mean the charming lover locking you up in an isolated building with thick glass and a heavily locked door. Pretty tempting right? Berlin syndrome is a book turned movie about an adventurous young photographer, Claire, who meets a charming young German teacher, Andy, in her travel to Germany. They hit it off pretty quickly... then everything goes dark pretty quickly. SPOILER ALERT! Andy is a psychopath who holds Claire hostage in his house leaving her desperate to get out. Does she get out? Join us on this episode with the author of the book MELANIE JOOSTEN as we discuss toxic relationships and her debut novel turn big screen movie. Want to help us create amazing content like this every Thursday? Rate, Review, SHARE and DONATE
November 19, 2020
Three Seconds (The Informer)
AFRICA IS BLEEDING.  Find out more about what's happening and how you can help here:  **************************************************************************************** What is the justification for violence? Why do criminals think the way they do and can society do a better job of rehabilitation in order to provide a safer society?  On this episode we are joined by Anders Roslund. Anders has published ten novels to date as part of the successful writing duos Roslund & Hellström and Roslund & Thunberg. His books have been read by millions and he is the recipient of numerous prestigious international awards. Sweet Dreams is the second novel published under Roslund’s full name.  Our focus is on one of the books he wrote with Borge Hellström which has been adapted to the 2019 movie, The Informer. The casts consist of great characters; Joel Kinnaman from Altered Carbon Season 1, Common and other talented actors. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @TheSpokenWorld and Twitter @TheSpokenWorldP for updates on our next guests, book giveaways and our virtual open mic. You can find out more about Anders and his work here:
October 29, 2020
Independence Special!
Nigeria is 60 years! The podcast celebrates by giving you a unique stream of Nigerian spoken word poetry. Meet the poets! Ndukwe Onuoha Tobi Toun Solarspeaks Divine Adachukwu Onyekwena Psalms&Proverbs The Medical Poet Ibquake Adaobi Chiemelu Nuel Obodokwe Follow The Spoken World Podcast on Instagram @TheSpokenWorld and Twitter @TheSpokenWorldP. We would love to hear your thoughts! Be sure to leave a review, rate us and share! Find out what we are up to... Our next Virtual Open Mic and Free Book Giveaways by checking our Website. Donate and help keep the podcast going by joining our tier on our Patreon page!
October 4, 2020
The GONE series is ranking top five on my list of best YA novels. Imagine my shock when Michael Grant, the author of over a hundred books and the sole author of GONE said, "Yes" to speaking with us on the his experiences and journey to creating the books. Michael Grant is an American author of over 160 books, though most he co-authored with his wife, Katherine Applegate. They created the Animorphs, the Everworld series and the Making Out series. Grant is the sole author of the Gone series, the BZRK series, the Messenger of Fear series, and the Front Lines trilogy. On this episode, we discuss The Gone Series. When the adults suddenly disappear, kids under the age of fifteen are left to fend for themselves. That would be terrifying enough, but then, they discover that some of them had mutated due to exposure to some kind of radiation. Now there are kids running around with telekinesis, super strength, laser beams, super speed and literal green fingers that sprout vegetation from the soil. Things might not be so bad without the adults, at least they thought until they learn that they weren't the only living species that mutated. There are talking coyotes and mutated diseases. Who will be in charge? Who will stop little kids from killing each other? More importantly, what happens after you turn fifteen? You can find out more about Michael Grant by following him on Twitter @MichaelGrantBks or click the link Be sure to subscribe and leave a review guys that would mean a lot! Follow the spoken world on Instagram and twitter @thespokenworld. Send your questions, reviews and opinions to Get awesome updates on podcast seminars, live sessions and book giveaways by signing up to our newsletter Join a tier on our patron page and support all our hardwork plus MORE EPISODES!
September 17, 2020
Would You Have It Any Other Way?
The podcast is back with deep spoken word poems by the world's finest. We talk family and relationships on this episode with three amazing guests. Mike Rosen is an award-winning poet on a mission to normalize the less than perfect by addressing anxiety, depression, and addiction without stigma. In addition to appearances at The Whitney Museum, Fortune 100 companies, and venues on three continents, Mike's poetry videos have been viewed over one million times online. He teaches narrative healing workshops globally, and is a masters student at the University of Pennsylvania. He shared a very vulnerable piece that he says has taught him a lot about standing up for yourself especially to those you love. You can find out more about Mike by following him on Instagram @heymikerosen and his website Our next guest is Aliya Chaplin sharing a poem about magic of motherhood. Aliya is a mother, poet and student majoring in English and creative writing. Check her out on Instagram @aliyachaplin. We also have Pages D. Matam. Pages Matam is an international artist & educator from Cameroon, Central Africa, currently residing in Washington D.C. He is the Director of Poetry Events for Busboys and Poets, a Callaloo Fellow, and Write Bloody published author of The Heart of a Comet (2014), which won Best New Book 2014 from Beltway Poetry Quaterly and was a Teaching for Change bestseller. A national and 2x regional poetry slam champion, he has passions in the field of education, violence and abuse trauma work, immigration reform and youth advocacy. Follow him on Instagram @pagesofle and check his website  Be sure to subscribe and leave a review guys that would mean a lot! Follow the spoken world on Instagram and twitter @thespokenworld. Send your questions, reviews and opinions to Get awesome updates on podcast seminars, live sessions and book giveaways by signing up to our newsletter Join a tier on our patron page and support all our hardwork plus MORE EPISODES!
September 9, 2020
Under The Rug
Nick Courmon (NDC_Poetry) is a spoken word artist from Greensboro, NC. He enjoys using his art to address a myriad of social issues in addition to mental health awareness. He has work published in BROAD magazine, a digital and social justice publication from the Women's Studies and Gender Studies program at Loyola University Chicago. He was also a member of the Detour Slam Team that placed 11th overall at the 2019 Southern Fried Poetry Slam and has featured at the North Carolina African American Cultural Celebration, and the 2019 National Black Theatre Festival in Winston Salem, NC. He is currently a Masters student at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke. You can follow him on Instagram at @ndc_poetry and find him on Facebook at “Nick Courmon” as well.
July 15, 2020
Caging Skies (Jojo Rabbit)
Christine Leunens is a New Zealand based author of three books. Her second book, Caging Skies, was the inspiration behind the 2019 Oscar winning Taika film, Jojo Rabbit. Starring award winning actors Scarlet Johannson, Rebel Wilson and Taika Waititi playing the imaginary Adolf Hitler. The book has been translated into about twenty languages and adapted into a play and film. Despite how successful the book became, it was quite the struggle getting it published... Grab your pop corn and snuggle in!
July 1, 2020
A Broken Childhood
Imagine a childhood where the child lives in absolute fear of their biological parents. Where each day, that child would pray for an uneventful time and protection from their guardian. That was the very life of Dr. Lydia Taiwo. She writes about her life in her book, A Broken Childhood, published by Austin Macauley Pubishers. Lydia is a survivor of horrific, grievous bodily harm and child abuse. She has over sixty scars all over her body. There are six on her face and eight on her head which are visible to the naked eye, all at the hands of her parents, most especially her mother.  Though the physical scars remain, Lydia has been resilient and been able to forgive her parents and move on with her life. She does not consider herself a victim but a victor. "Having suffered abuse doesn't mean you have to be an abuser yourself" is her motto.  Join us on this episode to discuss what it really means to forgive. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter Visit our website at to find out more about the spoken world, subscribe to our YouTube channel and join a tier on our Patreon page to support all our hard work. Send us a comment via email or you can always send in a voicenote and you never know. It could be live on our next episode! Thank you so much for listening Remember to Stay Safe, Stay Sane and Stay Positive.
June 11, 2020
Spoken Word Is Truth
Spoken word is truth from broken pieces of our hearts that bleed from our pen to paper. A lot has been going on in the world with hate crime, prejudice and discrimination. Today we talk those sensitive issues the way we know best Three amazing ladies share with us their spoken word piece that speak on the basis of discrimination, stereotypes and prejudice. On this episode we have Porsche Kelly a.k.a the poetic activist from Oakland California. She speaks on the topics of racism in America with her"powerful piece, "Jokes and how we cannot do much if we do not acknowledge the wrongs in order to make them right.  Anna Maria Morris from Houston Texas shares her poem, "We Used To..." A poem based on history, culture and of course discrimination.  Finally, Sarah Kesteven, spoken word poet from shares her piece, "Some men" If you thought we were done with the feminism talks, you are listening to the wrong podcast. Don't forget to like, subscribe and share. You can find The Poetic Activist here Anna Maria Morris here and Sarah Kesteven here Send your comments to our email Follow us on Instagram  and twitter and support us on our Patreon page by joining a tier to pay for our hard work
May 28, 2020
Half The Size But Twice The Life
Can't believe it's been three years already! And what better way to kick off season three than some motivation and positive thinking from author, health and fitness coach, Carli Jay.  A couple years back, Carli had a shocking experience that made her sure that she had to do something about her health. And with that in mind, she set out to lose half her body weight in two years. And that's not all, she did it all by herself! On this episode we discuss eating habits, childhood relationships with food and learning to build positive relationships by eating healthy and staying healthy.   If you liked this episode which I am sure you did. Don't forget to follow, share, review and rate us guys!  To find out more about Carli Jay and her book, head to    If you love our new cover art, the logo was designed by willbe.creative. Go to his website here  And the photography is credited to Osy Studios  Visit The Spoken World Podcast Website to know more about us. Send us a comment via email  Join a tier on our Patreon page and support our hard work   Thank you so much for listening. Remember to Stay Safe, Stay Sane and Stay Positive.
May 13, 2020
Season 3 Trailer
Third time's the charm. Here's a sneak peak to the excitement we've got stored up for you! New episodes every Thursday starting May 14th with Huwa and Daisy.
May 10, 2020
May 10, 2020
May 10, 2020
Q&A Special
It's the season finalé you guys!!! Can't believe we made it this far. And as is tradition from season one, my friends, family and I listen to questions sent in from the fans of the show and give our honest (goofiest) answer. Get to know what we think about feminism, reaching out to the global audience, following your dreams and why girls break the hearts of good guys. SEASON THREE COMING SOON!
February 19, 2020
The Present is A Gift
Our guests on this episode play a little bit with time in their books. How much does our "future" influence the present? New York Times Bestselling author, Chigozie Obioma, takes us on his journey to publishing the finalist for The Man Booker Prize, The Fishermen and Ayesha Harruna Attah is an amazing Ghanaian writer and her book, Hundred Wells of Salaga touches the sensitive spot about slave trade in West Africa... If you could change the past, would you do it? If you had the chance to see your future, would you take it?
February 5, 2020
Five Strong Women: Leanne Moden, A.R.I.A, Robyn Kaur Sidhu, Courtney Kiolbassa and Mahek Jangda share their spoken word pieces, their story and journey in today's special Flash Episode! Featuring artists from different parts of the world; Canada, Nottingham, America and Mumbai, India.
November 27, 2019
Navigating Life
Ever felt like you're drowning in responsibilities while striving your best to be the greatest you can be, then wonder if your efforts are even worth it? I go through that everyday. As a full time Chemical Engineering student and podcaster, shuffling two lives that are different but significant to me can take its toll. But having an enlightening conversation with Rachel Heslin, a psychologist and the author of "Navigating Life", I was able to look at the positives and everything I had accomplished thus far. Your efforts are worth it!
October 25, 2019
MUSH (Tough Love Pt 2)
Part Two of Tough Love. We go deeper into Domestic Violence as it relates the children in the family. Are our African parents depressed? How do we deal with that? Will we repeat the wrongs of our previous generation. Join the conversation with my awesome friend T.O.R.I. Awesome spoken word piece, Mush by PHILIP ASAYA
September 26, 2019
Tough Love
Tough Love is a true life story of Aalia Lanius who authored it. Read it and find out how Aalia got out of an abusive relationship while fighting cancer. Aalia's optimism and will is nothing short of amazing and I am so glad to be sharing this episode with you. Of course while maintaining the seriousness of the matter, I have a round table discussion with my friends; Daisy, Shawn and Kendra (and we know how fun that gets) about domestic violence in this part of the world, Nigeria, West Africa.
September 11, 2019
The Orphan's Code
C.R.R. Hillin discusses her amazing debut fantasy book, The Orphan's code, the world of publishing, and her trials as a female autistic writer. Cat is so much fun to chat with! Oh and there's a surprise at the end!
August 22, 2019
Think Like A Man
Hilarious and fun filled episode with JD Shapiro. We discuss his experience as a writer, working with late comic book legend Stan Lee and his new book, Think Like A Man.
August 10, 2019
Never Say I Can't
Jason David Frank, famously known as The Green Ranger in the Mighty Murphin Power Rangers, takes us on an amazing journey from before catching the media's eyes as the longest power ranger in the series to surprising us with his intimate moments through spoken word poetry. I felt honoured to have interviewed my childhood hero and legend, and it was a pleasant surprise know that he’s a spoken word artist! "It's Murphin Time!!!". Be sure to listen to more JDF SPOKEN TRUTH and follow him on Instagram and Twitter @jdfffn
August 10, 2019
Deeply emotional piece by Project, 10.10.12 explores the what ifs and what haves in the modern time where bullying is a rising cause of suicide in the Western World. Have you ever been bullied, were/are you a bully, or were you the bystander who saw everything happen... and did nothing? Daisy shares her story being bullied in an all girls' boarding school because of her complexion! And no, we are not talking about colourism again on this episode, but you really need to hear why.
April 24, 2019
Cynthia Amoah, originally from Ghana speaks with her powerful spoken word piece, "Honam" meaning skin. We talk about the concept of colorism and how it deep rooted it is and like always, there's a follow up round table talk with my friends; Daisy, Shawn and twin brother, A.J. Why is light skin preferred than dark skin? How long have we done this consciously or unknowingly? What is society's description of beauty... What is yours?
April 10, 2019
Can I Kiss You
Welcome Welcome to Episode One of Season Two! On this episode we talk about sexual harassment and the culture of respect with American educator, author and founder of The Date Safe Project, Mike Domitrz. To kick off we have a reading from the excerpt of his book, 'Can I Kiss You?' Mike shares his experiences teaching "How To" skills to people in and out of relationships. And that's not all, i have a round table discussion with my friends Deji, Daisy, Shawn and my twin brother, A.J. about rape culture in Nigeria. Please be sure to leave a review, support us by joining a tier on our patron page and share, share SHARE!
March 27, 2019
To round off such an amazing and thought provoking season, I bring you the mistakes, funny moments, call drops and everything that got cut out during the post production. Great reviews from listeners all done with my four brothers in the studio! Join the laughter, music, heart and joy celebrating progress and luck for the new season launching this March.
January 16, 2019
It's the 1970s and a rising star in London, Ralph, is approached by renowned novelist Edmund Greenslay to score a stage adaptation of his most famous work. Through Edmund's house, Ralph sees Daphne, Edmund's 9 year old daughter and from that moment he's obsessed with her. He showers her with affection, gifts and secret notes, though Ralph is 25 and Daphne is a child. When Ralph accompanies Daphne alone to meet her parents in Greece, their relationship intensifies. Decades later, Daphne is back in London and recollections of her youth lead to a hurtful realization that makes her confront Ralph about their years spent together. All New On The Spoken World Podcast today... Sofka Zinovieff discusses her latest book, Putney, exposing the uncomfortable realization of love(maybe), consent, abuse and the grey areas.
December 6, 2018
Perfect Love
Onome is unhappily married to Temi and after six years of marriage, she bumps into her ex-boyfriend (the love of her life) and now she can't get him out of her head. As if things could not get any worse, they are now neighbours... Ufuoma is a young professional and social entrepreneur and founder of Fair life Africa Foundation. Join us in an episode discussing love, trust, marriage and God
November 29, 2018
A Touch Of Gold
Just Don't Give Up! Debut author, Annie Sullivan, takes us deep with her amazing book, a touch of gold, inspired by the myth of King Midas and his touch. If you're a fan of The Pirates of The Caribbean, then it is a must read for you. If you love fantasy books, you'll go crazy after you listen. Background music by Kevin MacLeod Theme song by MEMA Music Get Annie's book on Amazon:
November 15, 2018
The Flicker Of Old Dreams
Mary Crampton has lived all of her thirty years in a small Western town called Petroleum. She watches as the town slowly dies after the tragedy leading to the close of the town's major source of income, the big grain factory. Being invisible seems impossible and her best chance connecting with her neighbours is when they're dead. Susan Henderson is a four time Pushcart prize nominee and the recipient of an Academy of American Poets Prize. We talk about her amazing book, The Flicker of Old Dreams available on Amazon. If you love bestsellers, this episode is for you. Delve into the creative mind of an author. Background music for book excerpt by Bensound.
November 7, 2018
Please Stay/ Dirt in the Dust
Love lost, abuse and forgiveness. Please stay delves deep into the common rift between fathers and sons. Join the conversation with founder of bymepoetry, Susan Llewelyn. Secrets, Scandal, Threesomes. Ivie M. Eke expresses the difficulties being an indie author in West Africa, Nigeria while developing her novel, Dirt in the Dust. Check it out on Okadabooks The theme song is by MEMA Music The background music for Please Stay is by Bensound
November 1, 2018
Forgiveness/Happy Place
The world is a cruel and unfair place. Rachel Hall is determined to make sure we retain kindness and love for one another with her piece, Forgiveness. It is more for you than whoever offended you. But then, what do you do when trust is broken? What someone hurts you so much, you stay sane hoping you'd never have to face them again? Woodzy feels the world is changing too fast and now we live at a time where we talk more with our fingers and emojis than our eyes and mouths. When it feels like the world is going to shits, where is your Happy Place? Background music for Forgiveness by, Chris Zambriskie, NirvanaVEVO Background music for Happy Place by Satie, Gymnopedie_no1
October 17, 2018
Outro/ If I Would Have Waited
Sam Olayemi asks a thought provoking question with his amazing piece, OUTRO. "Anyone who is sexually abused is instructed to 'speak up' to get justice, but what happens when the abused is barely five and her abuser his her father/hero?"... What would you do? Jazmin Fernandez takes it straight to our hearts with her piece, "If I would have waited". Expressing how she dealt with a one-sided and heartbreaking relationship. Background music by ashamaluev music Theme song by Mema Music
October 11, 2018
Rolling tires, gasoline and a match stick... All that's left is for someone to scream "thief" at an innocent/guilty soul before they are set to flames. Jungle Justice... Who is to blame? The Police or the People. Join Nene and I as we take on a sensitive topic diving deep into the amazing poem written and performed by Nigeria's finest spoken word artiste, Philip Asaya.
September 26, 2018
Sophia Griffin shares a piece, "Three", that talks about family and important connections. Join the conversation as we discuss love lost maybes and better days.
September 19, 2018
Black Man/ D-D-Donnie
In this two in one episode SPECIAL, we are joined by two up and coming artistes, Trina and Gemini. Both ladies share pieces close to their hearts. Trina and I discuss Trap music and social media; how are both contributing to the image of women in modern society? Gemini explains what she feels about The Journey before the Destination.
September 13, 2018
A Life For A Life
Mel takes us through her self discovery journey having survived an abusive relationship with two children for her abuser. Her daughter barely born saved her life.
September 5, 2018
It Hurts To Grow
Ari Safari in her moving piece, "It Hurts To Grow" expresses the hardship and triumphs she faces while growing up.
August 30, 2018
Heartaches and Heartbreaks. Going forward or staying back. Jared and I have a go at our experiences with the matters of the heart.
August 22, 2018
Eyes of Truth/ Pupils of Reality
Felice Mathieu teaches the ways men and women hurt each other in relationships and what a good man and woman should do.
August 16, 2018
When You Say You Love Her
What does it mean to fall in Love. You ever been in Love? Does it Hurt? Kevin Bateman from Ireland discusses how he met his mystery woman.
August 9, 2018
Omoh, Nene and I discuss the "Friend zone". The unpopular zone that seems to get most of us swept up. Maybe, just maybe, there's a way out.
August 2, 2018
Hurricane Ellie
Jen Leahy from the North of England shares a very special piece dedicated to her little girl, Ellie.
July 25, 2018
She's Just A Friend
Join the crazy fun discussion with Chizi on another episode of the podcast, "She's Just A Friend". We want to figure the secret of the "Just Friends" in a relationship. Are they really Just Friends?
July 23, 2018
Dear Fake Friend
There are those people who are never there for you. They just pretend to be. On this episode I talk about friendship with an amazing funny friend of mine, Ramsey Umeh.
July 22, 2018