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Episode 6: People Don't Forget especially Uncle Sam

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A Frugal Athlete Podcast Network is an audio channel hosted by founder, Amobi Okugo. This podcast is meant to provide an insiders look into the financial playbooks of professional athletes, give insights on what it means to be a frugal athlete, and discuss topics regarding all things sports business
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Bank Shots: Antoine Walker helps athletes avoid losing millions, Andre host Players Tech Summit, and AROD money lessons
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July 16, 2019
A Frugal Athlete: Navigating The Start Up World with Lyle Adams
In this episode, we catch up with former professional soccer player Lyle Adams and talk about how he transitioned from soccer into the start up space. Lyle Adams gives us great lessons on the journey and how his frugal athlete mindset help catapult him to a different lane.  Frugal Athlete Quote "Invest in a Product or Invest in a Person" Lyle Adams Frugal Athlete Tips: Avoid distractions during 1:1s and team meetings. If you are distracted or on your laptop/cell, it appears that you are not interested in who is presenting and you don't value them. I took all my 1:1s out of the office to ensure that I was 100% focused on the individual.  Team Meetings: encourage everyone to share during team meetings to create a positive environment for feedback and inclusion Everyone perceives things differently: you might not favor anyone more than other person but if you move always ask to reschedule XX's 1:1 and never reschedule YY's 1:1, XX might perceive that you like YY more. Be careful of what you say or type. I stopped typing 'hey guys' in emails and used 'hey team' or 'hey folks'.  Always ask open-ended questions to encourage discussion. Can you explain this in more detail? Can you share your logic or why you believe this will be successful? Avoid "Yes" "No" questions.  Whenever possible play the role of devil's advocate; you want your team to be able to defend or justify their work. You might not agree with their plan but you have to let them try and fail as a teaching point.  It's okay to make mistakes. When you make a mistake, acknowledge this mistake and say it won't happen again. You are also a person and will make mistakes. Sadly, everyone makes a management mistake early in their careers.  Never become a blocker for someone. I traditionally responded to my team's emails and questions first then respond to everyone else (including my boss). If you cannot respond in a reasonable time frame, set a fair expectation with them.  Books Daring Greatly Radical Candor Good Boss Bad Boss Having Difficult Conversations The Daily Entrepreneur The Messy Middle Blitzscaling Shoe Dog Subscribe to newsletter   https://us14.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=95f4ae40cfac1c61a16e61a31&id=c81ea7f138 Use promo code PODCAST for all merch on  https://www.theloyalist.com/afrugalathlete
June 27, 2019
Bank Shots: Luol Deng builds real estate empire, Tony Parker looks to help athletes as financial advisor, Female athletes in paradigm shift, & How 1st round NBA stars should plan
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June 26, 2019
Money Talks: Financial Habits with Carmela Hawkins
In this episode we speak with the founder of Melanin Investor, Carmela Hawkins. We go in on her path into the financial sports industry, recent trends of athlete investors, what one should look for to increase their wealth, and how to be frugal in the right way.  Subscribe to newsletter  https://us14.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=95f4ae40cfac1c61a16e61a31&id=c81ea7f138 Use promo code PODCAST for all merch on  https://www.theloyalist.com/afrugalathlete
June 25, 2019
A Frugal Athlete: Building Impact Through Community and Comedy with Lou Young
In this episode we interview  active professional football player and entertainer, Lou Young. We dive into the financial lessons he's learned through his career and the different ventures he's started through entertainment and impact.  Lou Young gives practical insights on the impact of networking, social media, and the business of sports.  Follow Lou Young on his youtube channel  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW0T34ALTAMzGAzxlUUp65w Subscribe to our newsletter  https://us14.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=95f4ae40cfac1c61a16e61a31&id=c81ea7f138 Use promo code PODCAST for all merch on  https://www.theloyalist.com/afrugalathlete
June 19, 2019
Bank Shots: Zion Williamson sues marketing firm, Athletes in Business, Nflpa's Athlete And Program, & Endorsements help Athletes create extra revenue
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June 17, 2019
Bank Shots: College Coach gives recruits money, VaynerSports partners with firm to stop fraud, Another Athlete jumps into VC, & Serena cracks Forbes
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June 13, 2019
A Frugal Athlete: Marketing Yourself with Lillian Chukwueze
In this episode we interview former professional basketball player Lillian Chukwueze on her unique journey from basketball to real estate. How she developed side hustles and built her business through smart financial management and key networking. Frugal Takeaway quote: "Attention Turns To Dollars" Find Lillian Chukwueze on twitter/instagram: @flyhigh_lil For discount on merch use Promo Code PODCAST Subscribe to newsletter here www.afrugalathlete.com 
June 11, 2019
A Frugal Athlete: Financial Perspectives with Hakeem Valles
In this episode we interview Hakeem Valles, former NFL player turned Real Estate Investor and Public Speaker. We uncover his mindset behind some of the financial strategies he's developed, dive into why he is bullish on LinkedIn, and his perspective on how his life and career led him to what he's doing now.  Subscribe to newsletter here  For more information check us out at www.afrugalathlete.com Follow up and reach Hakeem Valles here: "The fortune is in the follow up"  Twitter Instagram  LinkedIn Book recommendation : Rich Dad Poor Dad Frugal Athlete takeaway quote: "Be fully immersed in rather than just giving capital"
June 5, 2019
Bank Shots: Kawhi sues Nike, Young Players Skipping College Roadmap to Pros, USWNT Players Launch Business Venture, & Financial Advisor cuts his athletes for being Unfit
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June 4, 2019
Bank Shots: WNBA star looks to shake up Silicon Valley, What Russell Wilson learned from Jeff Bezos, and How New Balance turned Kawhi Leonard into a "Fun Guy"
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May 28, 2019
A Frugal Athlete: The Transition with Phil Costa
Phil Costa former NFL offensive lineman now Author of The Transition Playbook gives insights on his life and  how elite athletes should transition. Join in on the things he's learned from his own transition and interviewing hundreds of other elite athletes.  Pre Order Book Now For more information, check out  The Transition Playbook  Follow us for more insights on A Frugal Athlete Subscribe to Weekly  Newsletter Get Your Merch
May 15, 2019
Bank Shots: 014
Subscribe to newsletter here Why Athletes have lost over 500 million dollars to financial fraud and how Chase Carlson is out to combat that issue Juju Smith-Schuster on building his social empire  The Real Reasons why NFL Players go broke Check out more at A Frugal Athlete  Get Merch here
May 14, 2019
Bank Shots:013
Subscribe to newsletter here Lavar Arrington on things he wish he would have told his younger self in terms of money management Desmond  Mason on his path from NBA to Art Entrepreneur Kayvon Webster publishes dictionary Check Out more on www.afrugalathlete.com For Merch 
May 7, 2019
Money Talks: Building Your Pyramid with Justin Bass
In this interview, we had the pleasure of speaking with Justin Bass, managing director of True Capital Management, about money management as it pertains to athletes.  Topics discussed include: Changing of the guard with how athletes look to invest Building a Solid Foundation How to control your Burn Rate Principles that help with money management What it means to be Frugal Quote from Justin: "Money talks, real wealth whispers" Book recommendation:  Lebron Inc Find Justin Bass on twitter or Linkedin Subscribe to our newsletter here Check out more on www.afrugalathlete.com
May 1, 2019
Bank Shots: 012
Subscribe to Newsletter How much collegiate football players spend before NFL draft Christian Wilkins  is the most frugal athlete in the NFL draft Russell Wilson gifting his teammates Amazon stock Thoughts from Columbia's Venture Investing Program for professional athletes
May 1, 2019
Money Talks: The Power of LinkedIn with Sebastian Sam
Sebastian Sam former track star at Cal Berkely gives insight into why Professional Athletes need to use LinkedIn as a tool for not just a resume platform. Also dives into steps you can take to transition out of sports and his own company, Forever Athlete.  Book Recommendation: The Start Up of You - Reid Hoffman Subscribe/Follow to newsletter here
April 26, 2019
Bank Shots: 011
Zion Williamson  social media presence will change his future endorsements Jake Plummer's QB lessons translate to start up success Shaq and how he provides value as board of directors Michael Avenatti embezzles up to 2 million dollars from NBA star Subscribe to A Frugal Athlete Newsletter 
April 23, 2019
A Frugal Athlete: Quincy Amarikwa Building a Conglomerate
A Frugal Athlete Episode with Quincy Amarikwa. Building a plethora of business under one umbrella using his professional soccer status as leverage. Currently playing for DC United, MLS veteran Quincy talks about his journey both on and off the field that's got him to this point.  From creating his own soccer business to starting his own media company to building out a whole ecosystem and even why he represents himself on the field, Quincy gives us his book on how to be A Frugal Athlete
April 16, 2019
Bank Shots: 010
Why K.J. Wright says NFL players need financial awareness  Luis Robles becoming his team's unofficial financial advisor Chris Paul signs deal to become producer Dwayne Wade seeks therapy to help with post retirement
April 15, 2019
Money Talks: Building A Brand with Tiffany Scott
Tiffany Scott of Elite8 Marketing gives insights on the ever changing landscape of athlete brands. How she was able to carve out a niche for her clients with partnerships with Youtube, Gillette, One37pm, and more. Scott also reveals how mentors and networks go a long way in the sports business world.   Welcome To Money Talks a series where we talk to financial advisors and business managers that represent professional athletes. Money Talks gives us behind the scenes expertise on how athletes can be frugal from the experts perspective 
April 3, 2019
Bank Shots 009
Thoughts on Abby Wambach's recent remarks about spending money on cars and watches as well as Giancarlo Stanton's claim  that he still shops at TJ Maxx
April 2, 2019
Bank Shots: 008
Current news including Lonzo Ball and the firing of his family business manager and Rob Gronkowski and why he is retiring on a high
March 25, 2019
A Frugal Athlete: Zach Pfeffer From Youth Phenom To Investment Banking
A Frugal Athlete Episode with Zach Pfeffer. Signing for Philadelphia Union at the age of 16 years old in 2010. After a 7 year career he decided to retire and follow his passion in investment banking. This episode we talk about  how he navigated money management before he even had his drivers license, where he developed an interest in business, and principles that he's learned from soccer that help him now.  Zach Pfeffer's Top Book Recommendations on Investing  The Intelligent Investor More Money Than God The Most Important Thing Illuminated Mastering The Market Cycle When Genius Failed Liar's Poker Too Big To Fail The Only Game In Town Barbarians At The Gate King Of Capital New Tycoons The Big Short The Courage To Act Monkey Business Fooled By Randomness The Smartest Guys In The Room The Alpha Masters Security Analysis Capitalism In America Flash Boys On The Brink The Little Book That Builds Wealth Principles The Black Swan
March 21, 2019
Bank Shots: 007
Why being Boring may be the best financial advice for professional athletes and some lessons from the best and worst money moves from professional athletes
March 18, 2019
Bank Shots: 006
We discuss Jason Witten’s decision on returning to playing football, The Shop’s question about whether you owe your family money when you make it big, and why Antonio Brown is great example of an athlete with leverage ... subscribe to the podcast and follow the newsletter www.afrugalathlete.com
March 5, 2019
Bank Shots: 005
High Flying Bird review and frugal lessons we learned from the movie.  Check the movie out on netflix....leave a review on the podcast below 
February 14, 2019
Bank Shots: 004
Tom Brady's excellence on and off the field. Quick call to action for all other athletes to take notes on how Brady capitalized on moments for his brand.  Newsletter
February 5, 2019
Bank Shots: 003
Quick insights on why there has been an increase of athlete investors and some rules and guidelines to follow if you are considering investing  Newsletter  Sudden Death
February 1, 2019
Bank Shots 002
Quick recap of CES and thoughts on Kyler Murray using his leverage while Justin Reid is investing in his education. Subscribe to podcast and newsletter https://mailchi.mp/c6a33aeeda85/bankshots-694267
January 15, 2019
Bank Shots: 001
First official episode of our stand alone segment, Bank Shots within our Frugal Athlete Podcast network. Bank Shots is our weekly recap on recent events as it relates to sports business and A Frugal Athlete. We discuss our thoughts on recent affairs as well as keep you up to date on all things happening within our world. All in all, this is a basically a deeper dive into our weekly newsletter which you should subscribe to as well as this. Link https://mailchi.mp/369385b019e8/bankshots In this episode, topics include: What Warren Buffet can learn from Lebron James Ryan Mundy superbowl champion on his ranging portfolio of ventures and investments Fred VanVleet making sure the fruits of his labour lasts Spice Adams turning into a social media star after a bet
January 7, 2019
We're Back
It's been awhile but our podcast is back and we are here to stay. We are now a Podcast Network with two stand alone segments, A Frugal Athlete Podcast & Bank Shots and many other series type segments coming as well. Catch up on what we've been up to and what are next steps for us. 
January 4, 2019
Episode 16: Free Agent
Quick recap on some of the World Cup stars and how they are frugal with their finances and career decisions. We talk about one particular star from the World Cup making a transfer. Speaking of transfers, NBA free agency is in full swing. We give insight to the mind of a free agent and why Lebron’s move to Lakers is more about his life than about basketball. Lastly we close with thoughts on a recent article about the power of LinkedIn pertaining professional athletes.
July 18, 2018
Episode 15: Knowledge Is Power with Arik Armstead
We sit down with Arik Armstead star defensive lineman for the San Francisco 49ers and talk about his journey both on and off the field. We take a deep dive into what he’s learned from a financial perspective so far in his early career, why knowledge is power, and the value in being more than just an athlete. Make sure you tune in for the many gems Arik Armstead provides.
July 13, 2018
Episode 14: World Cup and the endless opportunities
World Cup starts tomorrow so you know we had to talk about that. But you know since it’s a frugal athlete over here, we are coming at it from a different angle. How athletes and student athletes can use big opportunities like the World Cup to set themselves up for the long run. We also dive into to another professional athlete hard done by a financial advisor and Reggie Bush winning his lawsuit against the now Los Angeles Rams
June 14, 2018
Episode 13: Forbes Sports Money List
The annual Forbes Sports Money list that identifies the top 100 highest paid athletes came out and we dissect the list and all the figures behind it. From the compensation differences in salary vs endorsements to ventures that different athletes are doing to certain trends in the market. We also discuss Lebron’s 45,000 dollar outfits and why it’s okay for him to do that and not someone like me. Lastly, we quickly go over another list I came across with the top 50 most powerful people in sports according to Worth.
June 7, 2018
Episode 12: Choose Wisely
This episode I go on a quick rant about professional athletes choosing their significant others and companions wisely. It doesn’t get talked about enough but divorce rates and child support payments amongst professional athletes are exceptionally high all things considered. So I talk about that and why it’s important to be upfront and communicate as well as cautious when it comes to dating.
May 24, 2018
Episode 11: Check Yourself
In this episode I talk about how colleges are helping student athletes create their personal brands. For example, Ohio St’s creative media department is working with their football student athletes to help build a personal brand. I discuss why former number 1 NBA draft pick Kwame Brown is suing Merril Lynch, Bank of America, and former financial advisor. I also share some tips on how you can avoid Kwame Brown’s current dilemma. Lastly, I make a quick shoutout to Christian Wilkins who decided to stay another year at Clemson and pursue his masters while working as a substitute teacher to help increase his draft stock instead of rushing to the NFL. Also acknowledge some more athletes who have taken it upon themselves to invest in their education and finish what they started.
May 17, 2018
Episode 10: Education Matters
Why Education is Important For Athletes and how to take advantage of furthering your education while playing. Also touch on why franchising is an ideal career opportunity for professional athletes in light of recent article on entrepreneur.
May 9, 2018
Episode 9: Athletes Are Brands Too
In this episode I talk about the news on the possible changes for College Athletes with the NCAA Basketball Rules I recap the NFL draft including Josh Allen and his previous tweets getting him in trouble and the brand impact the new rookies have I take some quick time to highlight team frugal of the week athlete, Arian Foster and how he transitioned out the game Close with some quick hits around the sports business world including another athlete, Robert Meachem, who was scammed by their financial manager Lastly, I introduce you to our brand new segment Book of the Month and share the book for May Athletes are brands too
May 2, 2018
Episode 8: NFL Draft Prep
Nfl draft is tomorrow so I talk about the next steps athletes should do when getting drafted. Additionally, I talk about different things rookies should do after getting drafted and how much money doesn’t need to be wasted on a suit and clothes for that matter. I also chat about Steph Curry and his new media company partnership with Sony and why athletes need to think of themselves as media companies as Gary Vaynerchuck would say. I also take time to touch on other investments and moves athletes are making in response to Entrepreneurs latest article (https://www.entrepreneur.com/topic/most-entrepreneurial-athletes) and give thoughts on moves like Aaron Rodgers’ ownership stake with Milwaukee Bucks and Rob Gronkowski’s acquired stake in a race horse. I divulge in why tech is so popular for athletes with a quick shoutout to Jason Fox who we highlighted as our Team Frugal Athlete of the week. Lastly, we close with the changing landscapes of agents.
April 26, 2018
Episode 7: New Money Staying Rich
In this episode I talk about the recent book I just finished New Money Staying Rich by Phillip Buchanon. I also talk about the new netflix original amateur , the movie that follows the life of a youth basketball phenom and his journey navigating his personal struggles on top of his hoop dreams. I also talk about different things around the sports business realm such as minor league player, Tyler Adkison retiring to start a crypto firm for athletes and kobe’s new espn show detail Lastly I divulge on some thoughts on why team sports with investing is important and other news in the sports business
April 20, 2018
Episode 6: People Don't Forget especially Uncle Sam
In this episode we talk about taxes and all you need to know when it comes to paying Uncle Sam from the athlete perspective. With light of recent news regarding Drew Brees we also talk about some skeptical investments athletes make. We discuss the importance of thinking before you tweet and how to carry yourself on social media due to the backlash Final Four Most Outstanding Player Villanova’s Donte DiVincenzo. Lastly, Lebron James and Nick Saban two of the more polarizing figures in sports today are in a little legal tussle, so we cover the insights behind that and leave you with some thoughts.
April 12, 2018
Episode 5: No more breaks
After a little break we are back with episode 5 of A Frugal Athlete Podcast. We have a lot to catch up on. I talk about NFL free agency and franchise tags specifically Richard Sherman and Kirk Cousins. I also discuss my current situation as a Free Agent and Health Insurance. I also touch on how Kobe winning an oscar is great for athletes and what it means. Lastly we talk about Alex Rodriguez’s new show on CNBC Back in the Game.
April 2, 2018
Episode 4: So What's Next?
I sit down with Akachi, my brother and co founder, and talk shop on everything. We divulge in his world of basketball. From the different levels of the basketball professional ranks to NCAA and whether athletes should get paid. We also talk about how athletes can control their own story and avoid the question so what's next?
March 1, 2018
Episode 2: Resources for A Frugal Athlete
In this episode I talk about the different resources that can help on your quest to be A Frugal Athlete. From books to podcasts to other platforms, this is great information that can build your financial base. I also highlight two athletes that are helping their peers become frugal athletes. I also divulge in what I learned at a Thuzio conference I went to and talk about another conference I’m attending at the NBA all star weekend. Books: Winning the Money Game , Athlete CEO, Brands Win Championships, Athletes Are Brands Too, Free Agent, Money Shot, New Money Staying Rich, Is There Life after the NFL, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Millionaire Next Door, Think and Grow Rich, Richest Man in Babylon, Pogues Basic Money. PODCAST: Dave Ramsey Show, Listen Money Matters, Stacking Benjamins, You Need A Budget, Smart Passive Income. For more information make sure you check the website www.afrugalathlete.com and follow us on all the s
February 23, 2018
Episode 3: NBA Allstar weekend
This week’s episode I recap my time at the pursuit financial summit during NBA all star weekend. What I learned from the summit and also observations from people such as Miko Grimes surrounding the all star weekend. I also talk about Lebron James, All Star MVP and his mantra “More than an Athlete” in light of recent events due to his Uninterrupted X Uber collaboration with Kevin Durant. Also talk about the NFLPA externship program and why it’s important for athletes to use these opportunities presented to them. In addition I make some quick plugs on cool podcast to listen to as well as different athletes to follow on youtube. 5 YouTube professional athlete channels to follow Kevin Durant , Cedric Thompson, Matthew Sheldon, Quincy Amarikwa, & Paul Rabil Updated playbook to help you become a frugal athlete on the website as well afrugalathlete.com/playbook
February 22, 2018
A Frugal Athlete Podcast Intro
First official episode of A Frugal Athlete podcast. Founder, Amobi Okugo takes you through the journey of how A Frugal Athlete came about, what it means to be A Frugal Athlete, and what the podcast will consist of. Follow the website at www.afrugalathlete.com
January 26, 2018
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