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Stages with Ola Jackson

Stages with Ola Jackson

A platform for the baby boomer evolving woman who wants to keep elevating and thriving as she continues through life's journey. For the 40, 50, 60plus woman who asks, "What about me?
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The Menopause Maze with Dr. Deborah Roebuck

Stages with Ola Jackson

So You Want to Make a Career Exit?
So what happens when Deadre Welcome, CEO of Concerning Learnin g, simply could not take her job any more and wanted to make an exit? Why did she feel trapped, stuck, depressed and depleted? Listen in as we have a conversation about how she took several leaps and one big jump out the doors of destruction and in to the doors of her own business.
January 15, 2020
The Menopause Maze with Dr. Deborah Roebuck
This is the podcast for the 40, 50, 60 plus who says, "I'm not done yet!" So what's an evolving woman to do when the menopause blues show up?  We are talking about "The Change", nutrition, exercise, mental clarity, sex after 50 and a lot more.  See more at
October 15, 2019
Guest Dorinda Walker Is Evolving from Employee to Employ Me!
Award-winning author and businesswoman Dorinda Walker is an evolving woman who is showing other women how to thrive at any age as she takes on a new venture with her business the Cultural Solutions Group. She is a woman of excellence and influence who knows how to reach back and lift other women along the way. Listen in as she shares how she has knocked down barriers and pushed aside hurdles to cross the pathways that got here where she is today.
August 22, 2019
So What's The 411 on Staying Happily Married for Over 36 Years!
Author and Speaker C. NaTasha Richburg is the author of People Ask...What's the Secret of Our 36 Year Marriage?  C. NaTasha takes a very humorous approach to a serious matter of holding on to a relationship while having fun, love and affection.   You need to hear her tips and advice on how to navigate the thing call marital bliss.  She says you have to plan the marriage even more than you plan the wedding ceremony. 
July 18, 2019
How to Make Your Caregiving Experience Less Overwhelming
Janet Taylor, President of Totally Organized, tells us how to get organized to be better caregivers and avoid the pitfalls that may overwhelm you. Janet is known as the organizing guru. Are you prepare in case you have to take care of a loved one. Listen and learn how not to feel overwhelmed and underprepared.
July 3, 2019
Aging in the Workplace
Principal HR Consultant/Owner of  iHR pro, LLC, Fonda Duse, will give tips on how baby-boomer women need to go about seeking employment and navigating themselves through the workforce. We will discuss how to get over the hurdles and address the obstacle that keep older women lock out advancing in the workplace. Start your new year or your new job armed with the information you need to survive in the work environment.
May 31, 2019
Own Your Time and Live in the Moment
This is just a personal note about prioritizing your efforts to engage in the self-care that you deserve and desire. 
May 30, 2019
Life Transformation: How to Reach Your Full Potential
Are you tired of dealing with obstacles and issues on the surface, and ready to go deep to discover your true potential? Our guest is Life, Career and Relationship Coach Pamelia Robinson. She will give you some great advice on how to achieve your goals, stay focused and activate their unique strengths and develop hidden talents that enable you to gain the confidence and courage to live up to your potential and overcome obstacles, like impostor-syndrome, self-esteem, fear of failure, etc.  See more at
May 25, 2019
Success, Stress and Suicide
What happens when your circumstances outweigh your belief system? What are the consequences to suppressing verbal and physical abuse, sexual exploitation, adulterous affairs, and abandonment? There are those of us who are born to succeed, ingrained with a can-do attitude and a fierce determination to make it no matter how difficult the odds.   Our guest, Author, International Speaker and Coach, Corretta Doctor knows this all too well. She will share the experiences that lead her to wanting to take her own life.    To someone on the outside looking in, this person always has it together; they exude joy and confidence with a comfortable lifestyle and pleasant demeanor, ensuring their appearance is always on-point. Oftentimes, they may even be put on a pedestal, as others secretly wish they could be just like them. These women can be CEO’s, top religious leaders, widely known celebrities and most are everyday women.
May 25, 2019
Girl, Reset Your Life!
Are you an evolving  woman transitioning through life changes? We can no longer be the invisible women. Join us as we tackle the issues facing middle-aged women. We can no longer be the invisible women.  Life Coach Cheryl A. Pullins is our guest and an expert on how to reset your life. See more of our shows at where we combine style and self-care
May 25, 2019