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The Boho Business Guide

The Boho Business Guide

By Olamide Michelle
Do you have an amazing idea, a new business, or an established brand? If you are a creative entrepreneur or desire to become one, then you know how challenging balancing your vision with reality can actually be. This podcast is for the dreamers, the mindful, and the ambitious innovators desiring inspiration and business education. Tune in for the stories behind my brand, tips from other entrepreneurs across the globe, and real talk on what it actually takes to create an abundant lifestyle. Follow me on Instagram @TheBohoBusinessGuide or reach out at!
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Mental "Spring Cleaning" In Your Business with Dr. Tracy Asamoah
A little late with this one, but still feels like perfect timing! I had an incredible chat with psychiatrist and physician life coach, Tracy Asamoah at the start of spring this year. She is a super talented creative and business owner, and she had just published a blog on mental spring cleaning that really hit home.  In business, our lives as well as minds tend to stay in a state of clutter. This usually leads to more overwhelm and way less productivity. If you want to reassess your values for a more fulfilling life and journey in business, this episode is the perfect motivational tool to get you started. Please learn more about Tracy and her services HERE You can also follow Tracy on Instagram to stay connected!
July 21, 2021
How I Start My Morning + A Look At Imposter Syndrome
If you've been searching for a new way to practice gratitude, build a routine, and feel more successful in your day then you will enjoy this excerpt from a recent Clubhouse series I hosted titled: Wake Up Winning.  Today's episode explores a new way to look at imposter syndrome and a positive mindset shift that might be the confidence boost you needed today. Take a listen and share a voice memo with me with your questions or comments. I can't wait to hear from you! Follow me on Clubhouse: @bohobizguide 
June 3, 2021
Legally Protect Your Digital Brand: Trademarks 101
Have you been panicking about whether or not you're doing everything you need to do to legally run your business? I get it, it's a lot! Recently, trademark registration has actually been on the rise. I'd like to think it's not only because everyone sat at home last year thinking of a master plan, but also because new business owners are more informed than ever. A federally registered trademark can provide a lot of benefits to your brand, and I'm sharing a quick crash course with you in this episode. If you're ready to get started with the trademark process, make sure to check out the following links and resources.  The Trademark Guide: Masterclass + Tools The USPTO Free Consultation  For more on this, follow us on IG @thebohobusinessguide or reach out at
May 13, 2021
Success Through Community With Pia Beck
Pia Beck is the founder and creator of Curate Well Co., a business all about coaching and community for impact driven entrepreneurs. In this episode, listen to Pia's journey as a thriving entrepreneur and how to create a true community focused business online.  We discuss: Pia's clear tips and lessons for success How to make data driven decisions What community can mean for different people Building from a logistical and energetic space The power of belonging and feeling celebrated Learn more about the Curate Well Co Membership Community HERE, and make sure to follow along on Instagram @curatewellco For more on The Boho Business Guide, contact us at or visit us online at
May 13, 2021
Empowered To Stand Out With Marina Abrahim
Tune in and catch the very first episode and interview of the season! Marina is so fun to chat with and such an incredible brand to follow online. In this episode we get to take some pretty powerful gems away, including the following: Starting over and taking big risks Navigating influencer life and social media marketing Leaning into "being the brand" Schedule planning for a profitable life Setting boundaries, and so much more!  Marina is the the the creator of Empowered Confidence and also offers a business coarse for entrepreneurs, Brand Business Accelerator.  Be sure to visit her website to learn more at: You can also follow Marina on Instagram @_mmarinaa + @empoweredconfidence_
May 13, 2021
Season 2 Trailer
Welcome to The Boho Business Guide Podcast. Listen in each week for stories from entrepreneurs, new tips + tricks to help you build and protect your brand, and personal lessons from your host - Olamide Michelle (Michelle). Michelle started The Boho Business Guide to connect with and inspire more bosses across the globe. This season you can catch weekly episodes to help you feel more motivated and educated around the topics that matter most to you and your business.  You can follow the journey and share your story with us by following me on Instagram: @thebohobusinessguide on Instagram. Make sure to subscribe to the newsletter for incredible free business resources! You can learn more about Michelle and The Boho Business Guide online today at
May 7, 2021
Content That Counts Pt 2: 2021 Updates #18
The first content episode was one of my most played episodes of the season, so I wanted to bring you what you want with part 2! I know social media is a big topic of concern for so many entrepreneurs and it's getting more and more diverse by the day.  Discover how to reignite your content strategy, make money from clubhouse, and start repurposing video content for reels and TikTok all on this episode.  For more ways to improve your brand's presence as well as business plans for this year, head over to: to learn more about The Boho Boss Academy. So many exciting new features and guest experts this year, and I can't wait to get started in February with a new tribe of boho bosses.  Stay connected by sending over an email to or DM @thebohobusinessguide.  For the new clubhousers (what I'm calling it), connect with me @yourbizguide!
January 13, 2021
Successful Launching in 2021: Activating Your Best Boss Self #17
Happy New Year Everyone! 2021 is officially here and this year will NOT be another year where you sleep on your big dream, vision or launch. Tune in now to learn how to apply The Boho Method for more wealth in your business and discover my top tips for successful launches. I mention a few important people and updates, so make sure to check out the following links below! People to follow: Influencer Coach: NYC Budget Blogger: Programs + Products to check out: The Boho Boss Academy: Free Business Plan Template: New Blog Post:
January 6, 2021
Changing Directions For Greater Impact With Temi Siyanbade #16
Have you ever wanted to change your career or business and go in an entirely new direction? If so, then you will really enjoy this conversation with Attorney and Entrepreneur Temi Siyanbade. In this episode things get really real and we explore various topics including: Knowing when and how to pivot Understanding your personal meaning of wealth  Overcoming imposter syndrome Starting new projects Serving a community  Being a faith based entrepreneur Embracing competition And so much more!  Tune in and learn more about Temi's journey and get inspired to finally do all the things you've been holding back on! For more information about Temi and her brand, check out her website: or follow her on Instagram: Enjoy 🌻
December 28, 2020
Your Legal Guide For Working With A Business Lawyer #15
Have you hired a lawyer to help you protect your business? It can be a tricky process to navigate on your own, so I wanted to share a few important tips and reminders with my fellow bosses. In this episode, I'm giving some context for what you can do on your own and what you might need a lawyer for. I've actually officially opened my virtual boutique law firm - OMI Legal LLC and I'm so excited to be helping so many boss brands by guiding the legal protection process. My firm specializes in Trademark Registration as well as other business services for the growing entrepreneur.  Learn more here: For more resources and business guidance check out the following pages:  When Do You Need A Business Lawyer (On The Blog) Conduct a Trademark Search  Copyright Website Important reminder: this episode is strictly for educational purposes. If you have specific legal questions, contact a licensed attorney.  Book a Free Legal Consult With Me!
November 19, 2020
How To Be Broke In New York + Learning To Make Life Happen with Julianne Simson #14
This episode is a special flashback to the very early days of quarantine. I'm chatting with law student and popular budget blogger, Julianne Simson, and you're going to love her story. From important financial tips to starting a new venture in your business, there are so many gems to start implementing today. Julianne is passionate about politics, making a difference, and has recently started her 2nd year of law school at Cardozo School of Law. We actually got the opportunity to work together at my law firm this summer! Read her article and learn more at the firm website here: You can also follow Julianne @howtobebrokeinewyork on Instagram, and check out her new blog at Enjoy!!
September 25, 2020
The Podcast Guide: Finally Create Your Very Own Podcast in Minutes! #13
Do you wan to start your own podcast but you're feeling a little intimidated by the process? I shared some tips for creating a podcast with my audience but figured an episode all about my experience, tips and tricks, as well as planning your first batch of episodes would be the perfect bonus. Listen now for some inspiration and guidance on how to successfully launch your new podcast!  If you'd like access to my free podcast guide download, email me at
September 14, 2020
Stop Hustling + Get Productive #12
Why do we do the things we do? This is the BIG question and answering it could actually help you discover better productivity. As a professional procrastinator, I am excited to share this episode with Life Design Coach: Elena Hartung.  Follow Elena on Instagram and access incredible free productivity resources:
August 7, 2020
Digital Public Speaking: Communication that Sells! #11
From IG Live to Zoom Webinars, learn how to effectively communicate for sales. I don't mean the kind of presentations that hide the ball or intentionally wait until the very end to finally share a very "over sold" item either. This short and sweet "how to" episode gets straight to the point. Check it out now!
July 23, 2020
Leaning into Your Gifts for More Balance + Fulfillment with Katelyn AnneMarie #10
On this episode I chat with Ayurvedic Business Coach, Katelyn AnneMarie. Katelyn shares her unique journey towards building a lucrative online business, her background as a writer, and amazing steps for discovering our callings. Listen to learn more about the power and science behind ayurvedic teachings and the importance of self liberation. There is magic in going against the norm and "the more you lean into your gifts, the more you''ll see doors open".  Follow Katelyn on Instagram and check out the following resources for a more aligned and holistic approach towards building your business empire! Ayurveda for Dummies Ayurveda and the Mind Free Dosha Quiz
May 6, 2020
Responding to COVID-19 as an Entrepreneur #09
We are in crazy times! Lost jobs, social distancing, and feeling stuck in quarantine. If you are an entrepreneur, this time can feel confusing for so many different reasons. You might be feeling a little lost and overwhelmed, but I want to offer some tips to keep things in perspective. Listen to this episode to catch how I've been responding to things, some very exciting updates, and a legal tip that every business owner is going to want to make sure they are on top of! Learn more about the brand behind The Boho Business Guide Here.  Don't forget to check out more details about the Academy + Speak with Attorney, Michelle Imoukhuede to protect your brand! Please note that podcast tips and opinions do not constitute formal legal advice. Please check with a licensed attorney about the specifics of your business in order to make the best informed decisions for your brand. 
April 29, 2020
Embracing Your Inner Boss with Ros Hedgepeth #08
This is the start of a new Spring Boss Conversations Series with Female #Entrepreneurs. In this episode, I’m chatting with Atlanta based boss, Ros Hedgepeth.  We’re discussing the importance of embracing your inner boss and showing up as your AUTHENTIC self in your brand. You can share your beauty and your brains and still be a BOSS ❤️ Listen as we share how to pivot during a pandemic, manage cashflow and budgeting, her new vegan beauty products and more! Explore the brand and pretty boss merch at: New Pretty Boss Budget Coming Soon! Contact Ros for more details 🤎🤎🤎
April 8, 2020
Content that Counts: A Masterclass on Instagram! #07
Ready to revamp your IG approach? I’ve tried so many different tactics and second guessed myself along the way. Now I’m here to share what I’ve learned and point out what you might be overlooking while creating marketing content online. Navigating social media is tough, but we can do it. I promise! Check out this episode and be sure to try PLANN, Buffer, and or Planoly when setting up your next batch of content.
March 12, 2020
The Secret to Alignment for Business Owners #06
Hey Boss - I have a big secret to share with you guys. My word for the year has been ABUNDANCE, so I am obsessed with discovering all the ways to manifest it in everything I do.  Alignment is key to feeling balanced and like you're on the right path towards success. Without it, we might wonder WHY we even started something to begin with. Staying focused, passionate, and confident in a new business idea or plan is easier said than done, so I wanted to create a system to promote a more positive attitude. From comparing ourselves to others to just simply lacking clarity, these things can be major distractions that stop us long before we can really get started.  In this episode I share my Four A's for Alignment to encourage the right attitude and lifestyle to win at life. I share clips from the live recording: The Boho Boss Retreat, and you get to hear from other women starting new businesses and finding their way.  Check it out and learn more at  Stay Bossy,  Olamide Michelle 
February 26, 2020
Success is REAL but so is STRESS #05
Therapy has become less taboo, but if you are still on the fence or don't know what to expect I have something for you! I invited a licensed therapist and friend to share her background and give you some insight on what to expect in therapy. Rachel and I are both entrepreneurs, so we both know how tough the journey can be. On this journey towards success we will experience a ton of stress triggers and it is important to manage them appropriately. I personally love to balance my time alone and with others, listen to music or do something creative, and travel as much as possible. Don't be afraid to say no, put yourself first, and start investing in your mental health and wellbeing.  If you want to learn more about this episode's guest, head over to her website. You can also follow Rachel Butler on Instagram. Also... For all my Atlanta Boss Babes, be sure to check out Power Suit Project. They are a non-profit organization dedicated to the personal and professional advancement of women.  If you enjoyed this episode and The Boho Business Guide Podcast, please rate and subscribe. I appreciate your support and hope you'll listen again very soon!
February 12, 2020
Balancing Your Side Hustle With Kae Gruner #04
Are you currently working a full time job and sneaking to work on your blog or product development at your cubicle? You make sure to slam your laptop shut whenever someone walks by or you’re staying up way too late in order to juggle your double life! If you can relate, trust me - so many of us can too! It’s so hard to try and do two conflicting things at once, and not to mention actually do them well. I brought my friend and fellow boss, Kae Gruner, on to the show to share how she created an entire book and built her brand all while getting a fab new job and becoming a new mom to a beautiful baby girl. Talk about balancing act! Finding ways to manage time and priorities while making sure to maintain your full time job requires a certain mindset and drive, but you can totally do it. You can also follow Kae’s new pages: @kae_gruner and @startupheartup to learn more about her and her side hustle!
December 27, 2019
Your Brand Online: The Instagram Challenge with Terri Watson #03
Your brand’s success is really in your own hands! Using free social platforms can be stressful but is worth the time investment. The ability to connect with so many new people all over the world is vital for the growing entrepreneur and there is really no excuse not to do it. In this episode I chat with my new friend and fellow entrepreneur, Terri Watson. As a successful makeup artist and beauty educator, she has learned a ton about building a visual brand online. We talk about how it was to do Stacey Abrams’ makeup and the sage advice she shared. Listen to Terri’s experience with the anxiety that comes with business success and learn basic tips that you can implement into your own marketing strategy! You can follow Terri at @thefabulouss.t and check out her website at Terri is also the founder of the Beauty Culture Conference. This is a growing platform and event for connecting and educating other beauty industry professionals. Be sure to save the date for the next conference taking place May 1-3, 2020. Learn more at
December 2, 2019
The Value of Momentum. How to Keep Going #02
It is extremely difficult to keep the same energy, positivity, and drive all year round. Whether you’re dealing with personal struggles and distractions or simply discouraged by the lack of progress in your business, it’s important to see the light at the end of the tunnel! I’m sharing my personal experience on this topic and THREE shifts that have helped me stay inspired and moving no matter the season. Listen now for a quick kick of positivity then go make something amazing happen! For more inspo and free tips, follow me on Instagram 
November 18, 2019
Do it Anyway. No More Excuses! #01
First episode on the first step for making anything a reality! Your thoughts become things and the way we see ourselves is everything. Are you ready to take the steps towards making your dreams a reality, or are you set on believing your own excuses? I share an interesting conversation with my client surrounding the concept of being a “doer”. We all want to be great - make moves + make money! But the one thing holding us back is usually US. Special shout out to HSTL UP Mastermind Podcast, Charlie “Rocket” Jabaley, and of course Nike - because “just do it”! Check out and for more. Please keep the family of Elijah Divine in your thoughts. A young leader who inspired everyone around him to live fully. “Our lives are not in years lived but in beautiful moments experienced and created” Olamide Michelle
October 31, 2019