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Old Desert Lizard’s Tech Talk

Old Desert Lizard’s Tech Talk

By Ray Harwood
Practical but technical discussions on Zoom, WordPress, Eventbrite, Mailchimp, Adobe Creative Cloud applications (primarily Premiere Pro). Some discussion of OBS and Rodecaster Pro, plus occasional coverage of social media applications including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. Oh yeah... info about podcasting along the way too!
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Tech Talk with Old Desert Lizard -- What Will I Cover?

Old Desert Lizard’s Tech Talk

Tech Talk with Old Desert Lizard -- What Will I Cover?

Old Desert Lizard’s Tech Talk

Is your Zoom app up to date?
The good news is that Zoom updates their client applications regularly. The bad news, of course, is that Zoom continues to update their applications.  Regularly. Keeping up can be an issue.  My suggestion: Put in a plea to your meeting participants to update their Zoom software before your meeting... even suggest the day before your meeting. Check out Zoom Release Notes here!
March 03, 2021
Podcast Checklists: Essential or Overkill?
In this episode I'm going to share my thoughts on creating a personal Podcast Checklist.  Spoiler alert: You should have one! I'm on the Buzzsprout Podcast Community Facebook group, a decent resource for podcasters new and old -- though be careful joining: there are some restrictions in the group policies, and you can't just go posting willy-nilly!  (I've just started another podcast over on Buzzsprout, though the Tech Talk series is hosted on Anchor.  I've also got a podcast over on Podbean.) On one post to the Buzzsprout Facebook group, a group member showed off his newly acquired Rodecaster Pro, and I replied that he should be sure to create a Podcast Checklist.  A few people responded, wanting me to share mine.  Well... I've made scripts for my Zoom event productions in the past, but honestly, I've been winging it on the few early podcasts I've been doing, though I have accumulated several scribbles on Post-It notes. Today I've gathered up those notes -- and reviewed my Zoom scripts (with built-in checklists) -- and started compiling my usual "overkill checklist".  It's only overkill when you don't forget anything.  But I've read several posts on the FB group like, "I had a great interview, but I forgot to hit record!"  Yeah, following a checklist would probably have fixed that. Download the checklist-in-progress from my web site here. Old Desert Lizard 11 Minute Podcast:  HOA Coach:
January 28, 2021
Tech Talk with Old Desert Lizard -- What Will I Cover?
In this trailer I'll tell you about what I'm going to tell you about!  Future episodes will have timely and important information on a variety of tech tools, including Zoom, Mailchimp. Eventbrite, and WordPress, along with occasional updates on various Adobe Creative Cloud apps (primarily Premiere Pro), OBS Studio, and the Rodecaster Pro, which I'm now using almost exclusively for my podcast production. Listen in and get a flavor of what you'll hear more of soon! Correction/Program Note: Anchor.FM is a product of Spotify. Web Links Web site: Short link to my YouTube channel: RSS Feed:
January 27, 2021