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By Ole Pitsoe
NARS is Not Another Radio Show NARS. We are a lifestyle Podcast that is all about trending topics, candid conversations and the come up! We interview people with stories to share, that will benefit more than one person (we hope)!!! We hope you learn something from this show about yourself, we changing conversations, one podcast at a time!
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The reality of podcasting


The reality of podcasting


Ideas For Increasing Income Streams
In this episode Ole chats to Zah Mthethwa about things you could do (while keeping your 9-5), that will bring you extra income! We all would all love to have some more money at the end of the month, however we may not necessarily know how to go about earning that buck! Not everyone is a born jack of all trades and we know this!!  If you are keen on increasing your income streams, and wonder how to do it, have a listen!! Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE, SHARE AND REVIEW THIS EPISODE!!! We want to bring you quality content!!
March 15, 2019
Black Tax
Many of us pay an additional tax that isn't government related. That isn't building roads, or infrastructure, or libraries or funding some national pursuit. No. We pay black tax. Some of us don't have a choice. Some of us do. But either way, it's worth talking about! We tackle the following questions: What is black tax? Is black tax meant to be a burden? Why does it exist? What are the types of black tax? We also give tips on how to manage black tax! Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE, REVIEW AND SHARE!!!
February 15, 2019
Surviving R Kelly
In this episode, we are joined by Dj Abza! @olepitsoe and @neobeatsone discuss the Surviving R Kelly documentary and how this doc unearths alot of truth that speaks to the plight of a lot of families. We take an in depth look at personal stories and also chat about how generational curses also play a role. We hope you enjoy, and please don't forget to subscribe!!
January 15, 2019
The reality of podcasting
Ole speaks candidly about being a podcaster after just two episodes that have been recorded. She is not shying away from speaking about her challenges around making authentic content and she hopes that NARS will always be driven to touch people's lives, and not aim to be a passing trend. This podcast is not the traditional NARS you know, however, it should make for an interesting listen! Enjoy!
December 21, 2018
Neo Beats - Not Just Another Rapper
Neo Beats has been in the hip hop industry for over 10 years and has built a name for himself not only as a rapper, but music producer, creative director and owner of Backyard factory! We sit with him to discuss some highs and lows about the realities of being an artist in SA. The man has hella knowledge and most importantly, he is NOT JUST ANOTHER RAPPER!!!!
November 15, 2018
King Ole
NARS is about heart conversations! The story that begins on your normal radio show, will continue on NARS in depth - no ads!! On the first show, Neo Beats asks KING Ole questions on why the name NARS, what the movement is about, and what people can expect going forward! Ole a podcast content creator and host, Phenomenal Women Foundation Marketing and Ops director, Client experience consultant, Counsellor, Speaker and Believer of Christ shows why she should be dubbed King Ole!
October 23, 2018