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Making Art Happen

Making Art Happen

By Olive Hill Center for Arts and Education
Olive Hill Center for Arts and Education has been bringing arts programs to the surrounding area since its creation. Spearheaded by the Olive Hill Historical Society, our purpose is to provide arts to our underserved community. Located in Eastern Kentucky, the area is rooted in Folk Art and Bluegrass music. Our organization is made up of amazing individuals both in performing arts and visual art.
This podcast will cover how we operate, provide art programs, and discuss art-related topics.
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Where to find money!
We explain the many ways we find financial means to cover our program costs and facility costs.
March 27, 2022
Art for..........
In this podcast, we discuss art for art sake and art for humanity sake with our own thoughts on to two.
November 02, 2021
One: Introducing Us
Debbie Baker Harman and Caleb Jordan Burchett from the Olive Hill Center for Arts and Education (the hill), start with their first episode. In this episode, they introduce who they are, how they meant, a little about the community, and what they do on the hill. The two answers the question, " What does making art mean to us?"
September 20, 2021
Coming Soon
Hey y'all The Olive Hill Center for Arts and Education is starting a podcast! Please stay tuned for episodes about how we make art happen. We will cover art related topics, how we create events, and whats it's like being the foundation for arts in a rural town. 
September 08, 2021