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The Oliver Manning Show

The Oliver Manning Show

By Oliver Manning
Once a busker in Paris and an au-pair in Rome, now he's a guitar teacher in Sheffield waxing lyrical about whatever's going on with him right now.
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Episode 7: Conor Houston Is Not As Weird As He Looks
The fifth and final part of my Saturday afternoon conversation with Conor Houston sees us both answer the question: "What would people who only know your music be surprised about?"
September 23, 2019
Episode 6: Conor Explains His "Music" & Oliver Slags Off Britain
Does Conor Houston spread paté on young boys, and if so... why? Is there anything good about Britain, and if so... what?
September 21, 2019
Episode 5: Christmas for Conor Houston
In the third installment of my conversation with Conor Houston, I ask him what what be Christmas for him - the perfect day where he did everything exactly the way he wanted to do it.
September 18, 2019
Episode 4: What Would Conor Do If His Son Wanted to Be a Pornstar?
Chapter 2 of my Saturday afternoon conversation with Sheffield-born, but London-based musical boy Conor Houston. In this episode we delve into the importance of seeing everything as some kind of cosmic joke, and Conor makes the case for encouraging young people to take up trades like plumbing or pizza delivery instead of resorting to filming themselves having it away with strangers.
September 12, 2019
Episode 3: Who Is Conor Houston Jealous Of?
After two incredibly self-indulgent solo episodes, I finally have a guest. It's none other than Conor Houston, a man who has gone from being a complete stranger to a best friend over the past three years or so. Last Saturday, we set up microphones in my loft and we chatted for almost two hours. "We can edit it down," I thought, but then when I listened back I realised it was all pretty good. So I've chopped it into 5 pieces, and that's the next 5 episodes of the podcast.
September 9, 2019
Episode 2: Get Off The Stage!
First they asked me to play. Then they asked me to stop playing. Then they replaced me with a CD of house music. All in a day's work.
September 1, 2019
Episode 1: Vibrating Mattresses for the Elderly
Welcome to The Oliver Manning Show! In the first episode, I take you all the way back to 2011, when I had a job trying to sell vibrating mattresses to old people over the phone and how, ultimately, this led me to listen to my first podcast. Enjoy!
August 27, 2019