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abiding gracefully podcast

abiding gracefully podcast

By Olivia Grace
this is a place where we as ladies can feel welcome + loved, dig deep into the truths of God’s word together, embrace life through grace & growth, and just have fun. grab whatever makes you coziest, and let’s take a look at the things that matter!
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ep10: advent, worship, + others - how to be Christ-focused in a season of chaos
so glad you’re here to listen to another chat! im excited about this one. advent 2020 is here! we look at a season of waiting, worship, and being others focused. how can you add one way of worship + selflessness to your life this season? listen as we learn together! connect :: • instagram: @abidinggracefully • facebook: imoliviagrace • blog: • episode notes + resources:
November 29, 2020
ep9: gratitude + encouragement: a nov 2020 chat and challenge
today we talk about gratitude and encouragement and how they both connect. i've even added in a november gratitude challenge that I hope you will join in on! listen in or head to instagram for details :) reach out & connect! as your friend, I would love to pray for you and do whatever I can to encourage you. don't be shy if you just want to say hi or you need a listening ear. catch me in any of the places below . . . . W E B: BLOG: IG:
November 7, 2020
ep 8: looking UP: how my mind & worship changed my spiritual game plan
today I talk about spiritual dryness, how i've healed from it, & prayer to never go back in that land ever again. we chat about "looking up" + dig into the truth that Jesus IS better. plug in your buds, hook up your speaker, grab a cozy beverage....and be sweetly encouraged. THINGS IN THIS PODCAST: reach out & connect! as your friend, I would love to pray for you and do whatever I can to encourage you. don't be shy if you just want to say hi or you need a listening ear. catch me in any of the places below . . . . W E B:  BLOG:  IG:
September 7, 2020
ep7: sanctification & two-way discipleship (WITH Chelsea!)
today I chat with my friend and pal: chelsea! we talk all about her testimony, sanctification, and dear-to-heart friendships. running a little longer in length, but I think it's definitely worth it. we invite you to tune in and dig deep with us .  let's always live for God-filled moments! lots of blessings + lots of coffee! episode notes @ connect! —> W E B: BLOG: IG:
June 16, 2020
ep6: dream small . . . aligning God's deepest desires with our lives
today we're talking about "dreaming" and how we can rightly align it with God's deepest desires. we look at a three-part question and ask ourselves. . . .are my goals for God's message, God's mission, and for building the kingdom of God? I invite you to join me as we chat through this topic!  let's continue always living for God-filled moments!  episode notes @ connect! —> W E B:  BLOG:  IG:
May 8, 2020
ep5: refreshment + the shining light
i'm really excited and passionate about the podcast today. I hope you are encouraged, and that together as women, we can share the things that are the most important. in today's episode I share two main encouragements that God has given me in the past week or two.  i’d love for you to connect below so I can hear what you’ve learned lately & how God is speaking to you⬇️ Let’s continue to live for God-filled moments! {episode notes/links are on the website}  connect! —> W E B:  BLOG:  IG:
April 15, 2020
ep 4: bible study ideas + 2020 faves
hey hey! today we are chatting about bibles, devotionals, verse mapping, and bible study resources. I share my top favorite bible study tools i’m using this year to get closer to Jesus, and encouragement to try them out for yourself. don't forget to share your ideas and connect below! ---> web---> blog---> ig--->
February 20, 2020
episode 3: fullness in 2020
in today’s episode I talk about not so much my goals – those can get crushed so easily, but more of a focus. if nothing else, I pray I get closer to Jesus in this new year. I highlight a few spiritual focuses, and how I hope to grow within the next year, as I look forward in God’s fullness. let's dive into another year of God-focused moments together - happy 2020! /// connect! web---> blog---> ig---> 
January 15, 2020
ep2: cinnamon dolce, the gospel, + advent
welcome to the podcast! today we chat about the gospel and advent, and how it all connects as one big truth. take a listen, connect, and share with me what you're learning this advent season.  episode notes: connect below! . . . W E B: BLOG: IG:
December 15, 2019
ep1: INTRO — quiet time & tips to finding it
welcome to the podcast! (the very first episode!)  this episode is an introduction, plus a conversation on quiet times and how we can find God-filled (and such needed) moments among everyday life, no matter what season you're in- even if they aren't so "quiet".  check out notes & more @ this episode’s blog post: connect! —-> W E B: BLOG: IG:
November 9, 2019