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O.M.G - Overclock - Mod - Game - is the only podcast & live streamed talkshow that discusses news from three of the largest PC Hardware communities: Overclocking, PC Modding and Gaming. This shows is brand new and a we are looking for regular contributors to join the show - drop us a tweet if you are interested. @overclockingtv
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Can the latest PC Hardware release be the ultimate game changer ?
With Lucky_n00b from JagatReview, we go over the recent (and upcoming) hardware announcement of the summer. In this episode we talk about AMD Ryzen 3000 and Zen2, the X570 motherboards, the Radeon RX5700 and the nvidia RTX Super. Lucky_n00b also share with us insights on his work as a tech-tuber and tech-reviewer. We all wonder how he can deal with so many announcement and releases at once - seriously! Guest : Alva Jonathan :  Your Host : Isaie Simonnet :  Intro 05:00 RX5700 23:10 RTX Super 38:00 Ryzen, Zen2 X570 51:00 Crunch Time of hardware reviewers - how can they make so many reviews in short time! ----- OverClocking-TV Twitch | Facebook | Twitter | Discord |  Support the show --------- Produced by OverClocking-TV under CC-BY-NC-SA licence.
July 17, 2019
Behind the scene of Computex 2019 - w/ Anandtech
For years regarded as an outsider, AMD is setting the pace for high performance mainstream computing. The newly unveiled Ryzen 3000 series CPU and X570 chipset made Computex 2019 a unique show. Gavin from Anandtech share his thoughts as a first timer of the show and how AMD stole the show in 2019. Why is this show the most important of the year? How does press and Media work behind the scene to get the content out? Why is everyone so hyped about the new AMD products ? Listen to the show to find out. Follow our guests: - Gavin : Your host: Isaïe :
June 25, 2019
The state of VR [as of June 2019]
Today on the show we look at today's state of VR. (as of June 2019) What's happening to VR. With billions of dollars burned, where is the VR Gaming experience we've been all waiting for. While VR application for business, VR for B2B and VR in education seems to be the driving force now for in front of Gaming, Oculus from Facebook seems to be one of the few brands left to lead VR gaming. What are the challenges? What's the latest in VR hardware, and where is VR heading? To answer these question we brought on two guests: Alex, a VR & Desktop game developer Anshel an industry analyst in the tech industry that follows VR, AR, MR and XR. Follow our guests: Alex : Anshel : Your host: Tim:
June 7, 2019
What future for LAN events?
This week on the show we have a discussion about the future for LAN events. For this, we discuss with davido_lavido about his experience at UK's largest LAN event Insomnia which we attended recently. Insomnia, Dreamhack, Gamers Assembly and so many other smaller LAN events are changing. But is it always for the good? What truly makes a great LAN event? At what point does greed and money takes the fun out of it? Let's find out.
April 29, 2019
The best tech April Fools of 2019
This week, we take a look at some of the best April Fools of 2019.  Also on the show this week, Maarten H. from Pine PC Design who's here to talk about his experience as a young case modder in the Netherlands. In just a few years, Maarten made himself noticed and quickly secured sponsorship by some of the biggest brands in gaming - but how much works does really goes into it - we will find out!
April 5, 2019
Is there a place for Valve's "Index" VR headset?
A little bit of a weird episode this week for O.M.G. (and apologies for the upload delay) as we are recording live from EVGA's booth at PAX East - the only place we could find proper internet! Thanks guys! This week we talk mainly about Valve's new / upcoming VR headset called "index" and if there is actually any space or place for it in the market. 
April 2, 2019
Google Stadia, the death of PC gaming? (or console gaming)
Most likely not! In this show we dive into the impact of Stadia, Google's new cloud-based gaming service announced earlier this week at GDC 2019. Will it kill PC Gaming, or Console gaming? Learn why it will most likely be a game changer, but not the death of gaming as we know it. On the second half of the show Josh L. tells you more about how he won the 10K challenge will a massive PC-Desk Aeris Lignea. Follow the hosts: @trouffman : @xyala: Some links: Josh's mod:
March 22, 2019
Is $1 Million too much to play a game?
In this weeks show we dive into esports sponsorship and the case of Ninja allegedly getting $1 Million to play APEX Legends. We discuss with Jens (Alphacool) about the watercooling industry, how he ended up in this field. How he is helping case-modders get parts for their projects and what's the role taken by Alphacool in the modding community.
March 15, 2019
Has Crypto a future?
In today's O.M.G. [Overclock-Mod-Game] show we discuss with guest BurriedOne ( about the state of crypto. Is it still a thing, is there still room for new players to join the craze, will it ever go up again? Subscribe to the show and support us with a share.  We are actively looking for show guests - send us a tweet @overclockingtv to join! 
March 8, 2019
Mind-folding! Bendable smartphones are here to stay?
O.M.G. [Overclock-Mod-Game] is back and this time we focus on news exclusively, dedicating a large segment of the show to the Mobile World Congress 2019 (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain. At the show Samsung and Huawei unveiled their take on the foldable smartphones. Two radically different designs for the same tech. Other news mentioned in the show: AMD Series 3000 update with Tom's Hardware, Intel's Quantum Computer, Division 2 Open Beta, and OBS studio asking for money. Subscribe to the show and support us with a share.  We are actively looking for show guests - send us a tweet @overclockingtv to join! 
March 1, 2019
The GTX 1660Ti is here!
O.M.G. is back for a third episode. This week we talk about the freshly launched GTX 1660Ti cars from Nvidia. We also welcome as guest bjpc on the show - pc case modder from Germany to talk about his passion and the state of the community as seen through his eyes.
February 24, 2019
AMD Radeon VII Overclocking & Rainbow 6 Siege 2019 Invitational
Welcome to this second episode of O.M.G. - Today we have Aerotracks from Germany as guest on the show to talk about AMD's new Radeon VII card and how well it overclocks.  We talk about the card design, it's performance and the choices made by AMD in term of voltage on these cards. In this show we also discuss APEX Legends and the Rainbow 6 Siege's invitational taking place this week in Montreal, Canada. Enjoy the show.
February 15, 2019
We are back! - APEX Legends totally takes over Twitch as the most watched game
After a year break from any live streaming, we are back with a new show - this time bringing you the best of all three of our greatest passions: Overclocking, PC Modding and Gaming  - all into one single show. We are so exited about this - Hope you like it! In this episode, Tim (Xyala) and Isaie (Trouffman) briefly talk about what happened in 2018 and why they took a break. They also talk about the various shows they attended such as Computex, CES, but also PAX WEST, PAX EAST and TwitchCon. Finally, Gaming: APEX Legends, a new battle royal type game totally takes over the Twitch most watched game within days. What this means of Fortnite & PUBG. Enjoy the show.
February 10, 2019