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On Air With Niilo

On Air With Niilo

By Niilo Alhovaara
I'm basically just testing here, curious about Anchor for sure (was it USD 150 million Spotify paid? That's a nice pile of cash!) but this is the deal: my focus is broadly on learning, education and technology; some episodes are one-on-one interviews. I'd love to get some feedback from you so don't hesitate to hit the 'Message' button and make your voice heard!
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BeSmartOnAir #35: Strange Days (Eng)

On Air With Niilo

DViSonAir: Per Nilsson och Katarina Kieri (Swe)
Jag har länge varit nyfiken på hur det gick till när Per Nilsson och Katarina Kieri, anno 2010, tillsammans skrev en höjdarbok med titeln 'I det här trädet'. I våra pandemitider är det såklart mer en regel än ett undantag att man jobbar 'på distans' men så har det minsann inte alltid varit. Dessutom är författare nog fortfarande för det mesta lite av 'ensamvargar' - i alla fall på jobbet. Det var riktigt trevligt och givande att ha denna pratstund tillsammans med Per och Katarina som verkar ha en alldeles speciell personkemi.
March 7, 2021
DViSonAir: Bokprat med Per Nilsson (Swe)
Det här blev suveränt trevligt, att tillsammans med Jonathan och Hjalmar få nöjet att prata med Per Nilsson som är en inte helt okänd författare - och också upphovsman till ungdomsklassikern 'Hjärtans fröjd' som killarna hade läst och gjort en suverän podcast-episod av. Mer av liknande övningar? Det tror jag - och dessutom finns det också en uppföljare till Per Nilssons bok..!
December 18, 2020
DViSonAir: Bokprat med Agnes (Swe)
Det var alltför länge sedan sist, konstaterade jag, när litteraturproffset Agnes Lindholm och jag återigen sammanstrålade Live på YouTube 28. oktober 2020. Suveränt kul att prata med Agnes igen - och få fina boktips, såklart!
October 29, 2020
BeSmartOnAir #38: Calling Finland (Eng)
Yay, at last I managed to get connected with Tiina Sarisalmi in Finland- once again! She's a busy lady, that's for sure. Read all about our meeting in the corresponding blog post, including the YouTube video!
October 16, 2020
BeSmartOnAir #37: Long Distance (Eng)
Always great to get together and chat with Zack and Bjorn, from across the pond! Kinda long distance but that doesn't luckily need to be a major hurdle today. A bit of laughter rarely hurts and these days, when educators (and especially students) in many countries are in a really tight spot, it sure feels good. Quite a bit of work-and-life-in-lockdown-talk - not surprising - but also some hugely valuable insights to distance learning. Do check out the corresponding blog entry, including the YouTube video, here.
October 14, 2020
BeSmartOnAir #36: The (New) Normal (Eng)
"There has been lots of water under the bridges since the previous BSoA episode; however, the ongoing pandemic is still very much dictating the way we work, play and learn". Whoa, it sure was great to meet with all of these guys again! Especially cool that Bjorn and Lisa joined us, from the US and UK, respectively. We are living in rough times; however, it's not all gloomy - there is kind of an an upside to the present situation as well. See the corresponding blog post here! 
September 25, 2020
BeSmartOnAir #35: Strange Days (Eng)
It's been ages - more than a year, I believe, while I've been working at a constantly changing building site with no chance to stream or podcast! - but now is definitely time to relaunch. We're not in the best of times anywhere on the globe and that's why it's even more important to connect with other educators and friends.  This was also my first try using StreamYard to live stream through YouTube; this podcast episode is the audio version of the live stream. StreamYard is very easy to get started with and it worked fine, even though I still lack a wired Internet connection. The free alternative should also be generous enough for most (non-pro) streamers.  It was great to see Alastair smiling by the way, even though it might have been brief; not always easy to keep a positive tone these days. One thing is for sure though - meeting with friends does you plenty of good. I'm looking forward to the next one! 
April 2, 2020
DViSonAir Intervju: Jack Werner (Swe) - inspelad november 2018
Jack är inte precis lastgammal men har ändå redan hunnit med mycket - bland annat att kamma hem Stora Journalistpriset, anno 2014, och skriva (minst?) två böcker: 'Creepypasta: spökhistorier från internet' (2014) och 'Jag skiter i att det är fejk det är förjävligt ändå: om myter på nätet, fejkade berättelser och vikten av källkritik' (2018). Om jag idag skulle vilja höra några visdomsord kring källkritik, sociala medier - och kanske också spökhistorier! - så skulle jag nog allra först försöka få tag på Jack. Det superroliga är att jag nu faktiskt har lyckats med just det! Motsvarande blogginlägg hittar du här!
November 28, 2018
BeSmartOnAir Interview: Zack Gilbert (Eng)
[This is a repost from 2014! No EdReach network any more, for one thing.. but Zack is still going strong :) The original blog post about this episode is available here]  I made it, at last – I managed to get Zack Gilbert in the show! If you’re interested in using games in education, you probably already know who Zack is but, in the unlikely case you don’t, this is a unique opportunity to get your bearings right. Zack and his colleague Gerry James have a great podcast titled EdGamer on the EdReach network and there’s always great content there so hurry and subscribe if you haven’t already done that!
February 18, 2014