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The On-Call Empath Life After Trauma

The On-Call Empath Life After Trauma

By Raj Montage
Welcome to the tribe! This podcast is geared for empaths, highly sensitive people & trauma victims. It’s about rediscovering the person you're meant to be, overcoming fears and obstacles, and finding your true purpose in life. My goal is to create a positive community and the pursuit of happiness. My guests includes people that are experts in their field of study and have good stories to tell that will inspire the audience. The vibe will be causal and informative. Topics: overcoming obstacles/difficult times, resilience, healing, trauma, narcissist abuse, and recovery.
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#9 Are you a Highly Sensitive Person? yep, me too! | With Dr. Katie Larson

The On-Call Empath Life After Trauma

#9 Are you a Highly Sensitive Person? yep, me too! | With Dr. Katie Larson

The On-Call Empath Life After Trauma

#37 Turn Your Pain into Power | Ben Eden
No matter what the cause, emotional pain can be dismissed as being less serious than physical pain, it is important that emotional pain is taken just as seriously.  In this episode, we talk about the number of common feelings that are associated with emotional pain that can have an impact on both your physical and mental health.  My guest, Ben Eden is an international speaker, life coach, and podcaster. With real-life examples and entertaining stories, Ben helps listeners understand and acknowledge their emotions so they can turn their pain into power. Ben also talks about his emotional pain and the tragic events he survived growing up that led him to become a powerful speaker today. Ben now helps young adults overcome emotional pain so they can unlock their potential. If you or you know of anyone that has faced emotional pain growing up this is an episode you don't want to miss! 
October 27, 2020
#36 Crushing Your Goals and Sustain Lasting Change in Your Life | Jessica Derksen
Have you ever wanted to change something, start to make a little progress but always find yourself falling short to make it last long term?  This episode hopefully will inspire you to start making that change from within you to crush your goals!  We will take a closer look at how to start creating habits and sustain lasting change.  My guest, Jessica Derkson aka. (Habit Changer) is the founder of True To You Lifestyle where she is a certified health and life coach life &  Revitalization Specialist will explain her profound, long-lasting transformation has been her goal ever since she experienced first-hand how consistent, incremental efforts to enhance our mindset can manifest outwards, replacing negative behavior patterns.  Make sure you tune in to this episode as Jessica also talks about her own struggles which led her to find her true passion in life.  
October 24, 2020
#35 How to Regulate Your Emotions & Create Healthy Boundaries | Amy Fiedler
Do you find it a challenge  to set boundaries with people?  As empaths/HSPs we tend to fall into this vicious cycle and people please to the point of complete mental breakdown. In this episode, we will identify the physical, emotional, mental, and how to regulate our emotions.  My guest, Amy Fiedler is a Certified Trauma Support Specialist, Holistic Life Coach & Reiki Master Practitioner. She is also an Ordained Minister and 3x Published Author.  She specializes in providing you healthy emotional coping tools, supporting you in setting essential boundaries and improving your ability to self-regulate and communicate your needs and wants with those in your life. Her strong focus on improving emotional awareness and intelligence through emotional education is what is applauded for facilitating total healing and long-term sustainable mental health. 
October 22, 2020
#34 The Anxiety Doctor: How to Kick Anxiety's Butt For Good | Dr. Lisa Cortez
Have you ever experienced a sudden rush of overwhelming anxiety and fear? Many empaths and HSP"s suffer from anxiety and panic attacks on a daily basis. In this episode, Dr. Cortez "The Anxiety Doctor" will talk about the symptoms, treatment, and self-help tips. We will cover the following:  Do empaths have a higher chance of getting Anxiety? -Can anxiety be cured? -How do you treat anxiety? -Do I need to take medication to eliminate anxiety? My guest, Dr. Lisa Cortez is a psychotherapist,  Life Coach, and motivational speaker.  She has a Master of Science in Rehabilitation Counseling and a Ph.D. in Psychology.  She's been in the mental health field for 20 years and has specialized in anxiety for 11 years. Dr. Lisa has helped thousands of clients eliminate their anxiety and live a happy, healthier life. If you have anxiety you don't want to miss this episode! 
October 20, 2020
#33 Breaking The Emotional Shackles of Codependency | Nick Bognar LMFT
Do find yourself going out of your way and making sacrifices for other people's happiness, but not getting much in return?   Codependency is a behavioral condition in a relationship where one person enables another individual's addiction, poor mental health, immaturity, and irresponsibility. It seems to be common among some HSP's and empaths. Some of the characteristics of codependency is an excessive reliance on other people for approval and a loss of identity.  My guest, Nick Bognar is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Pasadena, CA. Nick’s therapeutic work as a client-led him to pursue a career in helping others shed the emotional shackles and burdens that keep them down, so that each may live their own happiest life and have the greatest impact on their community. Nick’s professional interests include helping people set boundaries and codependency issues.  
October 18, 2020
#32 How to Overcome Adversity When Life Knocks You Down | Kawan Glover
If you struggle with coping with life’s blows, you’re not alone.  Everyone encounters challenging times in their lives at one point or another. I think we can all agree that you never know what life will throw at you.  My guest, Kawan Glover is a Survivor because he has lived through a stroke and three brain surgeries. He also dealt with suicidal ideations, one attempt, opioid addiction, depression, and been $1.2 million in medical debt.  Despite these hardships, he has started his own company called Overcome Adversity, which leverages his ordeal to help others, as the name says, Overcome their Adversity no matter the shape or form. He is also a writer, public speaker, and a self-published author of a memoir entitled “Favor: How Stroke Struggle and Surgery Helped Me Find My Life’s Purpose”
October 15, 2020
# 31 How to Rise Above Your Challenges & Achieve Greatness | Francisco Garcia
In this episode, my guest Francisco Garcia explains his own journey in life and how having a disability did not stop him from crushing his goals in life. Francisco kept pushing forward despite being in a wheelchair for most of his life.  He's going to talk about his childhood challenges and how he wasn’t like his peers growing up but tried to look for the best in every situation. Francisco had to hone in on his talents and to keep moving forward despite the challenges he faced in life from the day he was born.  This is a really truly inspirational episode you don't want to miss!  Francisco Oller is now a Digital Operations and Marketing Specialist for BeniComp Health Solutions, a health tech company in the insurance space. He is also an active civic member, community builder, and advocate of lifelong learning. He is the Marketing Chair for the University of Tampa's Board of Counselors, on the Digital Marketing Advisory Board Member for The University of South Florida, and involved with Emerging Leaders of Tampa Bay. Earlier this year Employee Benefit Adviser recognized him as a Rising Star and recently he was named a top 10 Marketing Operations by Chatfunnels and a Linkedin Sales Star. He holds a B.S. in Management from Providence College and an MBA with a Marketing concentration from the University of Tampa.
October 14, 2020
#30 How To Deal With Stress During a Pandemic| Kelly & Torie Cueto
Welcome to This Special Bonus Episode!  The unpredictability of this pandemic may bring up experiences of uncertainty and fear, which can evoke feelings of shock, confusion, frustration, and anxiety. How do empaths and HSPs deal with all this stress? In this episode, my guests will talk about the best ways to deal with stress during these harsh times. Torie Cueto and Kelly Cueto are sisters, stress-management educators, Torie is a licensed therapist, and Kelly is a former corporate burnout, turned Bali-trained Hatha yoga teacher.  Torie and Kelly are both passionate about teaching their students how to successfully manage stress from a research-based, mind and body perspective.  Please stay tuned till the very end of the episode for a powerful 1-minute breathing exercise!
October 12, 2020
#29 Harness the Power of Your Empathic Abilities | Rachael Shaffer
Have you ever just come across someone for the first time and felt like you've met them before in the past? As empaths, many of us "click" around other fellow empaths like a long lost friend you haven't seen in years. That's exactly what happened with my guest in this episode, as we only spoke once before this episode. That's when the real magic happens when two highly intuitive empaths when they cross paths.   My guest, Rachael Shaffer is a healing practitioner and the owner of Urban Empath where she specializes in supporting empaths, highly sensitive people, healers, and artists to create successful relationships, find a true sense of purpose and transform their lives through vibrational medicine, hypnosis, coaching, and more. She also speaks about her own traumatic experiences of being blinded as a child in a hospital even decades later. If you're are an empath, you don't want to miss this episode!
October 10, 2020
#28 The No Bullsh*t Approach: How to Build Self-Trust From Within | Kelley Hoag
In this episode, my guest, Kelley Hoag explains how she lost touch with her body, developed an eating disorder, became overwhelmed by an unattainable routine, and gained 20 pounds. Kelley talks about overcoming her battle with orthorexia growing up. She is fully transparent about her past and gives the audience a no bullsh*t approach on how to build self-trust within us.  She knew the only way to get over it, was to work through it by using the tools she learned through her education and rooting back to her intuition.  She now helps men and women achieve holistic existence and sustained success through her research-backed and intuition-lead approach Kelley Hoag is a Behavioral Health Advisor with a Master’s of Science in Applied Behavioral Analysis and a Certificate in Integrative Nutrition. As the founder of Root to Rise Health, she uses a behavioral and intuitive approach to help men and women create rituals and routines that feel aligned and authentic.
October 7, 2020
#27 How I Overcame Binge Eating & Lost 60 lbs- Without Dieting | Reshanda Yates
Some Empaths and HSPs turn to food to mask the pain to cope with daily stress. My guest, Rashanda Yates opens up about her own path to overcoming binge eating and losing 60 lbs without dieting, Reshanda discovered she could enjoy food AND be healthy. Her goal is to empower you to be confident, love your body and love your relationship with food. This episode really hits home with me and worth a listen for anyone that has faced food addiction.  Please share this with anyone you care about that may be struggling with food addiction.
October 5, 2020
#26 The Power of Yoga : My Secret Weapon Against Anxiety | Joy Stone
In this episode, my guest, Joy Stone talks openly about her alcohol addiction for many years before experiencing a "shift" that changed her life completely. She explains how she used yoga as a secret weapon against anxiety. Joy Stone is a best-selling author, speaker, and spiritual teacher, trained in both positive psychology and yoga therapy. Known for her ability to deliver spiritual teachings in a practical and modern way. Find out how she beat anxiety using the power of yoga as a secret weapon in this episode!
October 3, 2020
#25 Peak Performance Mindset & How to Regain Your Edge | Justin Atherton
It's not easy being a cop these days, so I decided to ask one to be a guest in this episode.  My guest, Justin Atherton has over 14 years of Law Enforcement experience in SWAT, Investigations, Officer Training, and Leadership roles, Justin developed and shared tactics and techniques that helped forge the next generation of leaders.  Justin breaks down the three pillars of the program focus on specific areas such as Mental Toughness, Emotional Fortitude and Health Awareness, explaining what they are, why they are important, and how to implement them in any environment.   Justin shares some of his craziest stories working in Law Enforcement in this episode.  Tune in!
October 2, 2020
#24 A Real-Life Come Back Story | David Hollingsworth
This is a truly remarkable story of a man who faced a life-threatening motorcycle accident a few years ago. My guest, David Hollingsworth had to relearn many of his life skills over the following months and years. It was his strong will and determination to never give up in life that kept his spirit going strong. David is an award-winning speaker, storyteller, and author of the book "Get Out the Door!". He has completed 10 100-mile bicycle rides, 4 marathons, 3 triathlons and too many 5Ks to count. Despite his tragic accident, David kept on moving forward and didn’t give up. This is a real-life comeback story! Find out how he did it in this episode!
September 28, 2020
#23 Finding Your "Bad Ass" Authentic Self | Heather Roddy
We are all just trying to fit in, be liked, and be accepted by our friends, family, and people on social media.  And as a result, these societal expectations have become mere presentations of who we think we should be and not reflections of who we truly are as a person.  It's not until we take off the masks we've been wearing and ask the right questions.  Find out how in this episode, as my guest Roddy, an Intuitive Soul Coach will talk about going against the societal norms and how to find your true authentic self. She also talks about her past toxic relationships and finding her true authentic "Bad Ass" self once again! 
September 26, 2020
#22 Life After Trauma: How I Used My Natural Born Abilities To Help Others | Carrie Cardozo
In this episode, my guest, Carrie Cardozo talks about her tragic loss of her fiance and dealing with cancer at a young age.  She was able to sense these tragic events beforehand using her natural-born psychic abilities. Carrie Cardozo is The Business Psychic: a coach, strategist, podcast host, speaker, and single mother of three. She started her business over five years ago after leaving her job running a multi-million-dollar company.  She believed that there was nothing different about her and thought that everyone saw the people and energy that she saw daily. It wasn’t until her visions started to all come to fruition and tragedy struck that she dug deeper into who she was and what she was meant to be doing with that. Carrie now uses her psychic abilities and her 23 years of experience in running and growing businesses to help others to release the struggle, create an unstoppable mindset and belief in themselves, and build a profitable business.
September 25, 2020
The People Whisperer | Kingsley Moyo (Bonus Episode)
Many empaths tend to be being "overly sensitive," and get stuck in a relationship with people that may not respect your needs.  My guest, Kingsley Moyo is an Author, Professional Counsellor, Relationship Coach & Marriage Educator with over 10 years of working with individuals and couples Kingsley is known for being called  “People Whisperer” for his strong intuition, awareness building conversations, creative ways, and tools for helping individuals, and couples, maximize and realize the changes they’re seeking.  In this episode, he breaks down sex, marriage, and valuable information for highly sensitive people.  If you're an empath or HSP, you definitely want to tune in to this bonus episode!
September 23, 2020
#21 How To Rebuild Your Life After You've Hit Rock Bottom | Guest Wendy Ann Zamora
At some point or another, life punches everyone in the face and knocks us down for the count.  For some empaths, this can truly actually be the best thing that could happen to us.  In this episode, my guest Wendy Zamora talks about a vibrational pivot that came after she received a phone call informing her that her husband of 20 years was having an affair. For 3 years after receiving the information and determined to keep her family together, her mental health and well-being continued to decline. Then 2 weeks after, almost to the day Wendy met her current husband of 10 years, who embodies all of what she had declared. Tune in to find out exactly how she was able to finally turn her life around. 
September 20, 2020
#20 How I Cultivated My Intuitive Gifts To Help Others | Dr. Shahana Hoque
In this episode,  We take a closer look at where our intuitive gifts originate from? Dr. Shahana Hoque, Energy & Intuitive Coach & Functional Medicine Practitioner, using holistic treatments from around the world to help individuals align their mental, physical, and energetic selves to be the best version of themselves. She talks about her own gifts and how she is able to help others.
September 19, 2020
#19 I Am A HSP: Now What? | Dr. Katie Larson- Part 2
In this episode, Dr. Katie Larson talks about HSPs realizing they are not 'crazy' or other diagnoses but actually HSP!  Dr. Katie goes more into depth talking about overstimulation, loneliness and creating healthy boundaries. More HSP's are coming to the realization later in life that we are sensitive and to embrace it.  If you haven't listened to part 1 of episode #09 yet, I highly suggest you listen first before this episode.  
September 17, 2020
#18 When Trauma Leads To Spiritual Awakening | Guest Preethi Jain
In this episode, my guest, Preeti Jain, explains how she has suffered from years of emotional pain before miraculously turning her life around. All of a sudden, it was as if her deep emotional pain melted away, replaced by a vision of clarity and blissful spiritual radiance.  She describes this as a spiritual awakening, in which an individual can overwhelmingly feel a sense of peace, heightened intensity, a powerful sense of inner well-being.  She now dedicates her life to helping others find their way to happiness by mind consciousness and spiritual practice. 
September 15, 2020
#17 How To Help Heal The Body Naturally | Guest Jill Rikind
As empaths and HSP many of us can be easily overwhelmed by our past traumas which may lead to physical pain in the body.  My guest Jill Rikind, specializes in helping highly sensitive people reconnect with their past traumas.  Jill is an Acupuncturist & Bodyworker, she explains how acupuncture works as we take a closer look into this form of alternative medicine. Jill also shares her own personal challenges she faced in life and how she overcame them. 
September 11, 2020
#16 How To Cope With Suicide Loss | Guest Michelle Anhang
Coping with any type of loss can be a challenge, but a loss by suicide may be more complex given the stigma, guilt, and shame attached to suicide. My guest, Michelle Anhang, Certified Leadership Life Coach talks about her own experience losing her husband to suicide. She shares her tragic story and how she made sense of it all and reveals a big secret in this episode.  Michelle also talks about turning her pain into purpose, now dedicating her life to helping individuals and families with mental health challenges.  If you have lost a loved one to suicide or know of anyone that has then please share the episode. 
September 10, 2020
#15 From Darkness Into Clear Light, Confessions of A True Empath | Guest Chiara Luce
Many empaths have the ability to read an individual's mental or emotional state. My guest Chiara Luce, talks about her experiences and the challenges that she faced as an empath. In this episode, Chiara explains how recovery from trauma as a sober, survivor, and a child of a narcissist made her empath abilities grow even stronger. Tune in and find out more!
September 9, 2020
#14 How To Avoid The Introvert Burnout | Guest Emma-Louise Parks
Being an empath or HSPs can come with challenges, such as being sensitive to loud sounds, bright lights, and large crowds. If left unchecked it can lead to emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion from excessive and prolonged stress.  My guest, Emma-Louise Parkes tells her story working in the aviation industry and also an air traffic controller for 17 years.  Emma gives her expert advice on the  "Introvert Burnout"  and the best way to deal with stress as an introvert HSP. She now dedicates her life as a business & mindset coach helping ambitious introverts, empaths, and HSPs to get back on track again.   
September 6, 2020
#13 Overcoming A Rare Disorder While Struggling To Become An Actress | Guest Courtney Lyons
In this episode, my guest Courtney Lyons, an actress, battled with a very rare health disorder for the last 8 years. Despite being in severe pain 24/7, Courtney continued chasing her big dreams of being an actress.  After seeing 30 different medical specialists and 25 emergency room visits later, she was labeled as mentally ill.  She finally ended up taking matters into her own hands and self-diagnosing herself only to find out she wasn't crazy after all. Tune in and find out exactly how this she never gave up and overcame the impossible! 
September 4, 2020
#12 The Narcissistic Slayer | Guest Michelle Williard Hoffer
My guest Michelle Williard Hoffer, The Narcissist Slayer, explains her devastating revelation about the illusion of the marriage, life, along with crippling emotional and physical abuse for nearly three decades by the person she trusted the most. Her judgments of others, in combination with the negative self-worth, as she believed to be swimming in what she describes as “the black hole.” She didn’t know how to ask for help.  Find out in this episode how Michelle, a woman who went from survivor to empowered leader.  
September 2, 2020
#11 My Narcissistic Mother Fueled My Passion Not My Poison | Charity Buhrow
My guest, Charity Buhrow opens up about her tragic story for the first time about her narcissistic abuse by her mother.  She describes the hell she went through and how she never felt good enough. Charity went no contact with her mother only to find herself married to a narcissist husband that almost ended her life.  Tune in on how she was able to turn her life around and find her true passion. Charity is an amazing caring mother, empath, and an NLP coach that dedicated her life to helping others.
September 1, 2020
#10 We Make Choices, But In The End, Our Choices Make Us | Guest Dr. Stephan Neff
This episode is for anyone that is an alcoholic or struggles with addiction. My special guest Dr. Stephan Neff, Anaesthetist from New Zealand, and an alcoholic in recovery. He opens up about the hell he went through and shares what learned to keep sober.  Dr. Neff has been to rehab and over the last 2367 days taking tiny baby steps after the other.  He now lives a life so beautiful that he could have never imagined in his wildest dreams.  He shares his valuable lessons to the world and even published his own book called “My Steps To Sobriety” and also hosts YouTube and podcasts. 
August 30, 2020
#9 Are you a Highly Sensitive Person? yep, me too! | With Dr. Katie Larson
This has to be one of the most interesting conversations yet in this series! In this episode, Dr. Katie T. Larson, breaks down what it means to be a Highly Sensitive Person and explains the science behind it. She is a Personal Growth and Transformation expert who specializes in working with Highly Sensitive People, Empaths, and Perceptive Souls. This is for anyone who still wonders what it means to be "Highly Sensitive". Give it a listen if you think you might be, or if you have a loved one who is!
August 27, 2020
#8 Loving The Addict | Guest Danielle Goldsmith
Do you live with an addict that you love?  My special guest Danielle explains how she survived her darkest moments by addressing the mind, body, and spirit with a focus on four principles.  Bonus: Danielle will disclose her 4 key principles on this show.  She is now a spiritual coach and lives her life dedicated to helping others.
August 25, 2020
#7 How To Deal With A Soul Sucking Job| Guest Tony
In this episode, a guest named Tony talks about his toxic job and how he broke free. Always remember this, “Never give it your all, when you only get half”  He was targeted and discriminated against for years. I will give my top 3 ways to protect yourself.  This is episode is a must for anyone in a toxic working environment.
August 24, 2020
#6 Power of Belief | Guest Randy Morgan
In this episode, A guest by the name Randy Morgan sheds light on his personal struggles of being an empath and the importance of the power of belief. He slept out of his car many nights and working two jobs just to get by. He will take about how he turned it all around with his faith.
August 22, 2020
#4 Living With A Narcissist | Guest Barb
Summary Have you ever been abused by a narcissist and left for dead?  If so your not alone and it’s more common than we think. I have a special guest by the name of Barb that speaks out for the first time against her abuser.  Her abuser did the unthinkable to her that nobody should go through.  Her shocking story will hopefully inspire others to take action. She was able to turn her life around after her traumatic experiences and finally live in peace.
August 19, 2020
#3 Making Sense of Family Abuse | Guest Yumay Chang
Have you ever been a victim of abuse by a family member?  If so, this episode is worth turning in.  I bring a brave special guest named  Yumay Chang, a trauma survivor and founder of the "Life Is Love School"   She explains her perspective being raised as an Asian American, she opens up about her past horrific childhood.  I ask Yumay the hard questions about her trauma and how she survived years of childhood abuse. If you have been abused by a family member you do not want to miss this episode. It' Feel free to support my podcast so I can bring keep making episodes and new weekly guests. Every little bit helps out! Thanks :)
August 14, 2020
Surround Yourself With People Who Get It.
This is a quick summary of what to expect from this podcast series. I briefly talk about why I decided to create this podcast as well as what to expect in future episodes. I’m also excited to announce that l’ll be having special guests coming up very soon. Please stay tuned for that! If you do have a special story and would like be a guest on my show, please reach out to me directly. :)
August 10, 2020