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Once Upon a Jam

Once Upon a Jam

By Once Upon a Jam

A group project between friends, experimenting with musically infused narratives, created together on Endlesss ( )
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The Stag and His Antlers

Once Upon a Jam

The Reed Flute's Song by Rumi
The Reed Flute's Song by Rumi
The Reed Flute's Song by Jalalludin Rumi Directed, mixed & produced by littlewing  Performed by  aryayawe  badrico holler littlewing ludi _the boundless_ thesaxophonewarrior  using the music platform Endlesss ( ) Directed, mixed & produced by littlewing   Also available on Youtube with video, Apple podcasts, Spotify, and Bandcamp
August 22, 2021
The Stag and His Antlers
The Stag and His Antlers
A reimagining of 'The Stag and His Antlers' from Aesop's Fables with a wildly new yet appropriate take on the stag's personality with a vivid soundscape that draws you deeper into this old yet familiar story. Project Artists: Narration by Badrico (as The Stag) Holler [Stevo] (as Narrator) Soundscapes and Textural Effects Badrico Littlewing Ludi Instrumental Music Badrico Holler [Stevo] Littlewing Ludi Thesaxophonewarrior Featuring Saxophone by Thesaxophonewarrior Creative Director Littlewing
August 21, 2020