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#EP9 - Talking Neuroscience with Stella Collins

An episode of Once upon a slide.

By The Prezenter
Presentation design team at theprezenter.com take you on a fun dive into tools like Prezi, PowerPoint, and many others that help you share your ideas in a memorable way. The team will also provide a weekly dose of design advice for non-creatives, and in-depth interviews with experts from the fields of data visualisation, neuroscience, and public speaking. All this in weekly episodes with a touch of humor and some really bad jokes!
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#EP14 - 10 minute rule to keep attention
Did you know that most people tune out of presentations at 9 minutes 59 seconds? It's true, not matter how good you are this is when adults attention spans start to wobble! In this episode of Once Upon a Slide Russell gives you 5 tips that will help you grab your audiences attention and keep it throughout the presentation. For more help and advice on how to deliver better presentations contact info@theprezenter.com
January 7, 2019
#EP13 - Dos & don'ts of conversational presenting
This episode is a recording of Russell delivering a great webinar for Prezi on the Dos and Don'ts of conversational presenting. It focuses on the planning and preparation steps you should take in order to create the best conversational Prezi presentation possible. For more presentation tips go to www.theprezenter.com
December 10, 2018
#EP12 - How to present data
Data is crucial to making the right business decisions but many people struggle to present their data in meaningful and engaging ways. In this episode we focus on 3 ways you can present data that will increase audience engagement and make sure your important findings get heard. For more presentation tips go to www.theprezenter.com
December 3, 2018
#EP11 - Avoiding copyright nightmares
We've all been there. You've got a presentation to give, you know your content but you have zero time to find the right visuals and make it look visually appealing for your audience. So you run to Google images, search for something, slap it on your slides, and voila you're done. In this episode we talk about how dangerous that could be for your presentation, and the financial consequences you might receive for using images that have copyright against them. Learn how to install some simple add-ins into your PowerPoint software that give you royalty free images of the highest quality. For more great presentation tips go to www.theprezenter.com
November 26, 2018
#EP10 - How to structure your presentation
In this episode Russell explains how to structure your presentations so that they have a clear objective, key messages, and a solid platform to help your audiences go on a journey with you. This great analogy can be applied to presentations of any kind. It will save you time and help you build more effective presentations that get remembered. If you enjoy the content PLEASE leave us a review.
August 31, 2018
#EP9 - Talking Neuroscience with Stella Collins
Stella Collins is the author of Neuroscience for Learning and Development, Creative Director of Stellar Learning and founder of the Brain Friendly Learning Group. In this great conversation, we talk about how Neuroscience can help you make your presentations more sticky. By 'sticky' we mean memorable and engaging, and presentations that leave your audience with new neural pathways i.e. knowledge. To make this episode an absolute must listen for all aspiring presenters we asked Stella to introduce her wonderful LEARNS model which she has developed to help learning and development professionals create better training. Everything in the model can easily be applied to the art of presenting and we are sure you'll get tonnes of useful info from listening to this. You can reach out to Stella on Linkedin, and she is on twitter as well @stellacollins And grab a free chapter of her book here: http://stellarlearning.co.uk/neuroscience-for-learning-development-chapter-1-download/
July 22, 2018
#EP8 - Creativity in business
In this episode we explore one of the biggest creative blockers that you probably don't even know exists! Fixedness is the description given for a fixed mindset that only see's a single fixed function for a particular product or service. Once you know about the different types of fixedness it is much easier to step outside of the fixed mindset and generate creative ideas that could improve your business in so many ways. The tips shared in this episode can be applied to presentation design, but will have a wider impact across your whole business. To help you break out of a fixed mindset join us in our creative challenge throughout July. Every day we'll be tweeting a picture of a random object that we want you to come up with different uses for. This simple exercise will allow you to flex your creative muscles and apply the same strategy to your own business products, services, and processes. Follow us on https://twitter.com/ThePrezenter and use #CreativeChallenge to get involved.
June 28, 2018
#EP7 - The Prezenter
After a very busy week, working on some fantastic Prezi, PowerPoint and animation designs with a bunch of great clients, Russell takes you on a brief journey of how the Prezenter team came together and how it all started back in 2011. Russell is interviewed by Shaun Weston from ‘Media Will Eat Itself’ a podcast that showcases the people behind modern content creation. Shaun asks Russell where businesses are going wrong with their presentations and Russell discusses his effective branding strategy ‘to give more and expect less’. Russell also explains how he first became involved with the Prezi software in his role as a training consultant, writing one of the first books about Prezi and the steps he took to leave his full-time job and start the Prezenter. We hope you enjoy this episode. Don’t forget to subscribe for a weekly dose of design advice for non-creatives and in-depth interviews with experts across all platforms.
June 8, 2018
#EP6 - David McQueen, presenting with confidence
This week we had the pleasure of interviewing one of our favourite professional speakers, David McQueen. David lights up the stage with his confident presentation style and never fails to engage audiences both big and small. In this fantastic discussion, we explore how to present with confidence, how to handle the pressure of presenting, whether anyone can be a confident speaker and how to practice and prepare for your presentation. We also hear some useful insights into what techniques are best suited to remain calm on stage and David explains his secret to successful public speaking. “Practice makes Permanent!” This is a fun and informative conversation that presenters and public speakers of all levels will appreciate.
June 1, 2018
#EP5 - The Pressure of Presenting
Presenting can often be a daunting, stressful and nerve-wracking experience. This week Russell shares some of his best tips, to not only overcome but avoid falling foul to the pressure of presenting. From making sure you are organised, to plan time into your diary for practicing through your presentation enough times that you are comfortable, to setting out a clear core objective for your presentation this episode will set you on the right track for the next time you are stood up in front of 2, 10 or 100 people. If you have any tips that help you prepare for big presentations please comment and share them with us. Also remember to subscribe for weekly presentation tips from our team of presentation experts.
May 25, 2018
#EP4 - Top three design tips for non-designers
This week Russell and the team at The Prezenter discuss the top three design tips for non-designers. Not everyone is proficient in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator or has the time to design their presentations down to the smallest detail. Here are three of our best tips to get the most out of your presentations including where to get the best free and paid for imagery and fonts. Not over designing your slides, remembering that keeping it simple can often be the most powerful and effective way to engage your audience. We hope you enjoy the episode and if you would like to share any of your own tips or resources that you find help you in your presentation designs please comment below or email us at info@theprezenter.com *For legal reasons we must state that any suggested attempts made on Josh’s life were made in jest and he is not in actual danger from our other designers. Sources mentioned in this episode: www.shutterstock.com www.istock.com www.freepik.com www.unsplash.com www.pexels
May 18, 2018
#EP3 - Speaking to the founders of Prezi
In our very first interview, we got to speak with the guys responsible for shaking up the presentation landscape over the last 10 years. Peter Arvai and Adam Somlai-Fischer are two of the co-founders at Prezi, the zoomable presentation tool that now has 100 million users worldwide. In this great chat, we explore how and where the idea for Prezi was born, and what drove them to take on giants like Google and Microsoft. We also hear some useful insights into why Prezi presentations are proven to be more effective than PowerPoint slides, and how the brains of your audience will be able to engage and retain content they see in a Prezi. This is a fantastic and fun conversation that all presenters will benefit from hearing.
May 11, 2018
#EP2 - Our top PowerPoint tips
Everyone is tired of bad PowerPoint presentations! For a long time, people have felt that PowerPoint was becoming a very 'old school' tool to design and deliver presentations with. But suddenly the team at Microsoft have decided to breath new life into it with some fantastic features and updates which we explore in this episode. Russell and the team introduce you to a few new features that everyone should take time to explore, and give you their own top tips for getting more out of PowerPoint. There's a guest appearance from our newest team member Jonathan (Jonno) who it seems has a talent for podcasting ;-) We hope you enjoy the episode and please email any questions you'd like answered on future episodes to info@theprezenter.com
May 3, 2018
#EP1 - Our top 3 Prezi tips
Prezi has been around for a while now, but there are still a lot of presenters out there that don't quite understand it! In our first episode, we talk about the history and future of Prezi and also give you our top 3 tips for building your own Prezi presentations. We recommend you listen to this podcast through the Anchor app which is available on Apple or Android devices. Through the app, you can get involved in the conversation by hitting the message button if you have something to ask. Also, make sure to hit the clap button if you like what you hear! Oh and Josh nearly ruins our first episode here by being rude. Sorry about that!
April 17, 2018
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