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The Legacy Project

The Legacy Project

By Richard Ansah
Leaving a Legacy is not thinking about writing a Will when you are reaching the end of your life. It's about constant proactive planning.
Generational Wealth is important and necessary to help our children start on the right path as much as possible.
Wealth is measured by how much you keep not how much you make!
And the 'Secret to Wealth is to own nothing and control everything'

A previous Government Chancellor once hinted that "anyone who pays inheritance tax, it's their own fault."
It's time to change the narrative!
Celebrate Your Loved Ones Emotionally and Financially
Imagine what you would do or how you could change things if you knew someone who is dear and close to you would be 'leaving us' tomorrow? In Episode 3 of the Legacy Project I tackle the subject of celebrating the lives of those who we love and how to prepare for the financial side of death without a careful plan. 
October 09, 2021
The Foundation and Priority of Leaving a Legacy
1. Wealth is Defined by how much money you keep not by how much money you make.  2. To Keep your wealth on your terms, you need a will, period! 3. What happens if you died yesterday with no will? 
October 01, 2021
Welcome To The Legacy Project Podcast
What is The Legacy Project All about? Welcome to Episode #1 The First Ever Legacy Project Podcast...Join me and be part of this historical moment! 
September 24, 2021