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By onda/ola
Multimedia Conscious Content // Good vibes, making waves.
onda/ola is talking with forward thinkers, healing artists, earth warriors and conscious creators — the #wavemakers.
from video interviews to onLive events, we are co-creating with community #leaders and #healers, and spreading the waves of Light.
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e5 onda/ola Shadow Work 101 soloshow ft. Rio
In this first #soloshow with we will explore shadow consciousness is, what it is and how to work with it, including tips and tricks for inner-alchemy. “Until we make the unconscious conscious, it will direct our lives and we will call it fate” For more info on illume: shadow to light to transmute your shadow side into a superpower check out or go to Insta
July 23, 2021
e4 onda/ola Cacao As Medicine ft. Jojo Jungle
Episode 4 of onda/ola features Jojo Jungle, founder of Cacao Source based in Guatemala. In this episode we discuss we discuss the history of cacao in Mayan tradition, the diverse healing qualities of the medicine, and the story behind Guatemala-based organization #CacaoSource. After traveling for years through the Lacandon jungle with a circus caravan, riding horses from village to village, Jojo discovered his passion for artisanal cuisine of unrefined Mayan cocoa, its stories, its ancestral traditions and its ceremonial revival. Today he distributes from small scale farmers and shares blooming secrets around the world thanks to his project: Cacao Source. #Cacao#Medicine#CacaoMedicine#Mayan#Tradition#CeremonialRevival#ChocolateAddict#Chocolate#PlantsAsMedicine#LakeAtitlan#WavesOfLight#Waves#Guatemala#SanMarcosLaLaguna#GoodVibes#MakingWaves#ondaolamutimedia
May 28, 2020
e3 onda/ola Movement As Medicine ft. Renee Guay
In this episode we discuss movement as medicine, the importance of morning rituals and what it means to level up and get in tune with your own higher flow. Renee Guay is the Founder of Higher Flow- a Transformational Lifestyle Brand that inspires and empowers you to connect to your higher self and discover your own unique flow! She is a human potential development coach, movement medicine facilitator, performing artist, and creator of conscious events & retreats all over the world combining empowerment coaching, movement arts, spiritual healing, and conscious entrepreneurship. By leading a life abundant in her own energetic potential, through mind, body and spirit, it is inevitable that she has the innate ability to inspire others to follow their own bliss and influence them to be the best version of themselves.
May 08, 2020
e2 onda/ola Breath as Medicine ft. Mariposa
“Breath As Medicine” Episode Two of onda/ola will feature tantric yogi, breathwork facilitator and sacred vessel holder Mariposa Alcalde. In this episode we discuss the history and healing power of the breath, DMT and the psychedelic potential of breathwork. @mariposa.respira is the founder ‘Respira Tu Amor’, a multidimensional approach to expand of the mind, body and spirit through the combined tools of yoga, tantra and breathwork. Mariposa has spent the past 7 years studying indigenous medicines and physical disciplines in Southeast Asia and South America, leading her to the ultimate medicine - the breath inside.
May 01, 2020
e1 onda/ola You Are The Medicine ft. Jessica Wajda
Episode 1 of onda/ola features Jessica Wajda, wellness chef, kundalini queen and reiki master based in California. When Jessica was 32 years old she was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer. She was told if she didn’t undergo chemotherapy she was committing suicide. In this episode Jessica reveals her personal journey to empowerment through listening to her body. We discuss the true power of the mind and explore the definition of medicine.
May 01, 2020