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One Broke Actress Podcast

One Broke Actress Podcast

By Sam Valentine
Financially, mentally, physically or otherwise...most actors are at least a little broke. Host/actress Sam Valentine brings you advice, tips, and real stories (of success AND failure) from people in and around the acting industry right now. So you feel a little more “whole” and a little less alone in Hollywood.

From auditions and day to day life of working actors to getting agents/managers, we cover it all. Tune in for bonus chats with experts and Sam + her producer Helenna Santos.
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7.7- Jerome Butler (Dialect Coach)

One Broke Actress Podcast

7.7- Jerome Butler (Dialect Coach)

One Broke Actress Podcast

8.1 - What I Thought This Would Look Like...
This week, we tackle how this career is so different than what we could ever plan it to be. I go back to that young 22-year-old Sam who landed in Hollywood ready and willing to do anything to make my dream come true. I had a laser-sharp focus on all things acting, and I believed that all the issues I had with my body, finances, and emotional well-being would be resolved with booking that one job. Boy, was I wrong.  But 10 years later, things haven't turned out like I expected them to. Looking back, I never factored in Sam the human when I was making a plan for Sam the actor. Join me as I talk about all that was unexpected in these past 10 years, all that's still to come, and how no matter where we go, there we are. Resources Mentioned in This Episode: Here's that 5 year Acting Plan I talked about The Amazing Sara Mornell, my coach Set up a Routine with Actors Encouraged Want more? Check out Patreon for bonus episodes, IG Close Friends content, and so much more. And don’t miss all the content on IG and as always at, And if you're needing some personalized help from Sam, you can schedule a chat with her right here. Don't forget to join the mailing list here! 
September 23, 2021
Season 8 Announcment
Season 8 is FINALLY on its way!! We have so many exciting things in store for this season that I am so glad to finally be sharing it with you all. We are shaking things up this time and have lots of changes coming your way. Instead of our usual 12 episodes that have a 1 hour+ episode structure with guests, this season I wanted to sit down and talk to you one-on-one. These new-and-improved Solo Sam episodes will be way shorter in length and let me chat with you about everything that's on my mind about the entertainment industry, what I've learned recently, and we will even have some Q&A's to answer whatever questions you have. We will also have professional guests that are not actors but still have things to share with the rest of us about the industry. But fear not!! We will still have plenty of acting guests in the season and long episodes, they just won't be the only thing to look forward to. As always, thanks for listening to the One Broke Actress podcast and I cannot wait to share everything that we have in store! Want more? Check out Patreon for bonus episodes, IG Close Friends content, and so much more. And don’t miss all the content on IG and as always at, And if you're needing some personalized help from Sam, you can schedule a chat with her right here.  Don't forget to join the mailing list here! 
September 16, 2021
The New Normal- Finale
Today’s episode wraps our New Normal mini-series. When I started this series I had no idea where we would be in a few months. Of course, I hoped we’d be a little further from constant COVID panic but…here we are. I decided to take this last episode solo to add my thoughts and feelings on where we’re at, where we’ve been, and my hopes for what’s to come. I hope you guys enjoy it! PS- if you like these short-form solo episodes please let me know, I am considering keeping them in the mix for season 8!
August 12, 2021
Bonus: Q&A- How do you book your first credit when you're doing "everything right"?
Helenna and Sam are back for our monthly Q&A segment, this week's question was submitted to Sam via email: How do you get that infamous first credit when it feels like you're doing all the right things (like having reps, auditioning, staying current, etc). Their answers may surprise you... Got a question? Email Sam:
August 6, 2021
Bonus: August Check In + The Pressures of Booking
Helenna and Sam are back to talk about the blessings and curses of booking a recurring role: the pressure, the covid, all of it!  Don't forget to join the mailing list here! 
August 5, 2021
The New Normal- Social Media 'Networking' with Michael Tow
Michael Tow is a very busy east coast actor and he spent his quaran-time WELL if you ask me. From his accountability group on Facebook dominating self-tapes to his Clubhouse mega-rooms, get ready to take notes. And follow his IG here!  If you haven't joined Clubhouse yet (get on it!) and get into Michael, Mike, and Roman's rooms:  The Actors Breakfast Club (7am PST M-F)   The Business Side of Acting (5pm PST M-F)  Check out our sponsor the New Triple Threat here!
July 29, 2021
The New Normal- Financial Health with Miata Edoga
Miata is the queen of creative's money happiness! She was on the podcast way back in season 3 (check it here!) and today we're going to talk actor-finances post-pandemic! I ask... In 2021 what are some realities you see creatives bumping up against? Are there some things, we can do to get our finances under control after the last year? What can we do to better prepare for this kind of random occurrence in the future? Covid changed the landscape of 1099-gig workers, it changed a lot of the creative world and brought us into the light (maybe showed the cracks in the capitalist foundation) do you think there will be some changes for the better? More from Miata with Abundance Bound here! Check out our sponsor the New Triple Threat here!
July 22, 2021
The New Normal- Acting Class with The New Triple Threat (Alyshia Ochse and Anna Lamadrid)
Our podcast sponsors of The New Triple Threat are here to bring us up to speed on the changes inside the biz from pre-pandemic to the new world we're thriving in. It's PACKED with info. We Cover: -What has shifted in all of us since the beginning of the pandemic to now, what are the standards we are working with -Embracing the new normal -Setting yourself apart as a career actor vs a hobbyist -Thoughts for the actors who have been in a level of over the last year, their advice for overcoming the inner chatter of imposter syndrome that creeps in, taking your steps appropriate for where you are -How you can empower yourself in the in-between to become the best most prepared version of yourself so you are READY -Taking up space in your business this year. Check out our sponsor the New Triple Threat here!
July 15, 2021
Bonus: Let's Talk About Podcasting (with Ashli Pollard)
Whether you're in business or creative, podcasting is a powerful tool anyone can use to amplify their message, find new audiences, and share their personal brand. Today Ashli Pollard joins me to talk all things podcasting: what we wish we knew when we started, what we did right, and some tips and takeaways for our listeners to consider when creating their own podcasts.  Don't sleep on our podcast course discount! Check it out and use it before you lose it!  $100 off Code: HITRECORD100
July 9, 2021
Bonus: July Check In + Let's talk about Burnout
Tune in for a very real and raw update on where Sam and Helenna are at right now...hint: they tired.  PS: New Normal episodes will resume next week!  Get Helenna's book Thriving in Hollywood: Amazon (paperback and kindle) (paperback)
July 8, 2021
The New Normal- Mental Health with Deb Smith
We're talking all things mental health with actor and mental health advocate Deb Smith of More Than You See! We cover: -How we start to check on our mental health after all this -Why you don’t have to identify your feelings and process them at the same time -How we check our mental health box as the world starts to put the pedal to the mental again -Why changes in our routine can cause anxiety…even when we are excited about what’s happening -Figuring out what you want to integrate into your new normal -Setting up boundaries on our social expectations over the next few months -You definitely need to steal her morning menu More from Deb here! Check out our sponsor the New Triple Threat here!
July 1, 2021
The New Normal- Physical Health with Kristina Forest
Today's episode focuses on physical health in terms of post-pandemic habits, how we feel in our own bodies, and treating ourselves with what we need instead of whats on Instagram.  I want this to be an inclusive talk not about “weight loss” (even though that may be some people’s goals) but more about our relationship to our own health over the last year and how we can adapt it moving forward. Check out Kristina here!  Check out our sponsor the New Triple Threat here!
June 24, 2021
The New Normal- Mindset with Amy McNabb
Who's down for a mini-series?!⁠ ⁠Here’s the deal, it felt like rushing into a regular podcast season without acknowledging the last 15 to 16 months we’ve been through would be doing a disservice to everyone. ⁠We’ve been through trauma, we’ve been through change, and I want to talk about it. ⁠ Amy is here to⁠ talk all things MINDSET, no matter how you're feeling this matters. How you prepare for the future and view your current day to day is a lot more under control than you think. So I got my own mindset mentor to sit down for a quick chat ;)  Find Amy here! Check out our sponsor the New Triple Threat here!
June 17, 2021
OBA Q&A: When to Stop doing Co-stars + How to Answer the Question "So what do you do?"
This week's Q&A comes straight from the comments section of the OBA Instagram! When in your career do you start turning down co-star auditions/roles? How to answer the question "so what do you do" with ZERO shame. Let's get into it.  Working Actor Workshop One Broke Actress IG
June 11, 2021
Bonus: June Check In + Let's Talk Botox + Aging in the Business
Let's get into it today!  -Sam's shoot (yay!) -our thoughts on aging in the business -cosmetic procedures -diversifying your feeds CSA Asian Casting Call Working Actor Workshop
June 10, 2021
Bonus: Becoming A Working Actor
Today's episode is the start of a series following a group of up-and-coming actors just starting their careers: Zach, Dung, Sierra, Emma, and Aline.  All these actors just graduated from Missouri State with a performance degree, took the Working Actor Workshop, and are headed to different markets with different goals. And we are going to be right there with them ;)  Don't forget about the Workshop Discount: CLUBHOUSE10 for 10% off the June classes.  Message me if you have any questions. 
May 19, 2021
OBA Q&A: When are You "Ready" to Search for Reps + Boutique Agencies vs. Big Name Agencies
Taking two questions from the Instagram today!  -when to search out reps, are you ever “ready”? -what is a boutique agency and are they good for newer actors? Check out the Working Actor Workshop here!
May 14, 2021
Bonus: May- Bookings, Feelings, and f%#k*ng Covid
today for the May bonus ep, Helenna and Sam discuss:  -we both booked super fun random jobs!  -why we make things small! -where are we at with covid things? Check out the Working Actor Workshop!
May 12, 2021
OBA Q&A: Finding Casting (not on social media) and How To Deal When It Feels Impossible
We're taking your questions! Submitted via IG or email, once a month we will tackle some of your questions! Submit questions for next episode here! 
April 14, 2021
Bonus: April Check In + Stop Asian Hate + The Ups and Downs
April Bonus time! Where Sam and Helenna are are right at this moment, when to move from classes to coaching, how to navigate the feels of the daily life.  Be sure to check @onebrokeactress where Helenna will be updating us on actor advocacy information!
April 13, 2021
7.12- Ashley Romans
I have been saving this episode for last because it is so near and dear to my heart. Ashley Romans is an amazing spirited actress who's success journey I have had a front seat for! Today you get a dose of gratitude ad joy in the career of acting. She shares how her side jobs & learning her finances inside and out made her into the worker she is now and the 9-5 mentality that made her unstoppable.  PS: The podcast will be back soon with more bonus and speciality episodes!  Ashley's IMDb Ashley's IG
April 6, 2021
7.11- Marissa Hampton
Ladies and gents, please meet the most organized actor, coach, and career woman you've ever met! Today we're stealing her systems, tips, and advice: from her career in multiple cities, to her work as a growing and adapting actress, to what she does to keep Mornell Studios running so smooth. Don't miss this one.  Ink and Paper Soul Marissa's IMDb Marissa's IG Mornell Studios
March 30, 2021
7.10- Keena Ferguson
Get ready to be motivated with actress Keena Ferguson. She shares how her journey from Missouri to LA and into the commercial world shaped her early career, and how she flipped that on its head to break into TV. Also why restricting herself to a "type" actually opened up more doors. And how being a mom and a content creator has shaped her into who she is today. Keena's IG Now Go Get It Done Keena's IMDb One Broke Actress
March 23, 2021
Bonus: March Check-In + Memorization + Wardrobe is your Best Friend
Sam and Helenna are back to check in for the month on March and WTF is going on, what they booked or changed in the last month, or whatever else is on their mind. Enjoy!  Helenna's IG One Broke Actress IG
March 19, 2021
7.9- ATL Agent Jason Lockhart
Actor turned no-nonsense agent Jason Lockhart gives us all the inside-info from his work at AMT. From his move out of LA, to what makes a perfect online profile, to actor-agent don't want to miss this one. Don't forget to listen to the end and check out his book (hint, I am giving one away!). Email sign Up (future book clubs!)  One Broke Actress IG Sponsor: Put Me on Self Tape: The New Triple Threat promo codes: obacostar ($8 off per month) obaguest ($20 off per month!) obaseries ($30 off per month, only 10 available!)
March 16, 2021
7.8- Danielle Kennedy
As our first ever "Second Act" actor, Danielle shares with us why she decided to raise a family (of 8!) before jumping back in the acting pond and all the ways her pre-acting life has influenced her work & made her better. Plus what "aging in Hollywood" means to her.  Sponsor: Put Me On Self Tape! The New Triple Threat promo codes: obacostar ($8 off per month) obaguest ($20 off per month!) obaseries ($30 off per month, only 10 available!)  Danielle's IMDb  The Actor Dictionary  Email Sign-Up   One Broke Actress IG
March 9, 2021
Bonus: Sarah Centrella (Future Boards, Manifesting, Goal Setting)
This is a very special bonus episode with Sarah Centrella, author of our last Book Club pick, Future Boards! We are getting real on the process of making a future board (read: vision board), manifesting your life, gathering moments instead of things, and goal-setting the way through. Ya'll are gonna love this.  Sarah Centrella Email Sign Up (Future Book Clubs!) One Broke Actress IG
March 5, 2021
7.7- Jerome Butler (Dialect Coach)
Our first ever dialect coach on the podcast! Jerome shares where to start in the world of voice for our acting careers and how we can use it to our advantage. ⁠He also gives us some major inspiration to continue to push ourselves outside of our "box". ⁠ Dialect Coach's Corner Jerome's Website The Headshot Truck:  BROKEFIRST- for the first month free off the subscription package  BROKE100- $100 off the unlimited looks package and a free slate shot' The Actor Dictionary One Broke Actress IG
March 2, 2021
7.6- Sara Tomko
The new Resident Alien star Sara Tomko is giving us all the self-care vibes this week. From therapy to meditation to constantly working without burning out, she shares how she managed to stay consistent in her work and have the patience to earn her successes. WeAudition: use code BROKE25 The Actor Dictionary Sara's IG One Broke Actress IG
February 23, 2021
7.5- Dionna Chambers
Actress and social media pro Dionna Chambers is bringing her expertise to the podcast today! We cover upping your socials game to help you thrive as an actor, branding yourself online, and how she handles being a mom + entrepreneur + working actor. Imperfect Produce $10 Discount!  Dionna's Site + use code ONEBROKEACTRESS for $25 off! Dionna's IG Dionna's IMDb The Actor Dictionary One Broke Actress IG
February 16, 2021
Bonus: Sprints & Recoveries (with Sam and Helenna)
We got so much love for the 1st catch-up episode of the season, Helenna Santos is back for more.  The podcast we mentioned on mental health! Helenna's IG One Broke Actress Dictionary One Broke Actress IG
February 12, 2021
7.4- Patrick Gallagher
Talk about the longevity of a CAREER! Patrick is dropping his knowledge from Sideways, Glee, Night at the Museum, his current stint on Big Sky, and all the costars you may not have realized he booked. Take notes ya'll.  Patrick's IMDb The Dictionary! One Broke Actress IG One Broke
February 9, 2021
7.3- Amy Argyle
Commercial Queen Amy Argyle is here to tell us about her manifesting, growth, hurdles, and yes even her turn to FiCore. Don't sleep on this one! Join the Email Subscribers List (for the Dictionary discount!) Amy's IG Amy's IMDb One Broke Actress IG
February 2, 2021
7.2- Kurt Yue
You may know Kurt from one of his MANY recent projects or from his YouTube channel Acting Career Center. Regardless, you're going to want to move to Atlanta after you meet this software developer turned successful working actor. Kurt's IMDb Kurt's YouTube One Broke Actress IG One Broke Actress Newsletter
January 26, 2021
7.1- Kate Siegel
Starting off season 7 with a BANG! Kate is here to calm your anxious actor nerves, tell us about her transition out of ingenue roles, and basically give you a breath of fresh air for your body image/career/life. Kate's IMDb Sponsor: Ashli Pollard's Accelerator Program One Broke Actress Email Sign Up One Broke Actress IG
January 19, 2021
Season 7 Preview
Sam is joined by Helenna Santos to do a quick podcast preview for the 7th season. This season is going to be a mixed bag of actors/agents/coaches spanning all ages, ethnicities, backgrounds, and markets! The two also share what their LA and Vancouver markets are like in these Covid times and how they are both dealing. Season 7 premiers 1/19/21! Helenna Sam
January 12, 2021
Bonus: End of Year Break + Self Tape Tips from Put Me on Self Tape (Alyshia Ochse + Anna LaMadrid)
Let's close out this year with some R&R and a true assessment of what we need, be it rest, relaxation, or prep for next year! And if the "prep" fits your fancy, you're going to LOVE this episode full of tips and tricks for our upcoming world of self-tapes. Pro's Anna LaMadrid and Alyshia Oshse share their top five secrets for your 2021 of booking it from an at home session.  *Get your Bonus Class HERE! (Find Your Light + get What's My Frame for FREE)* Check out Put Me On Self Tape  Alyshia Ochse Anna LaMadrid 
December 8, 2020
Bonus: Holiday Agent & Manager Gifts
Typically your reps would be swimming in cookies, candy, and bottles of booze they didn’t ask for right about now. And perhaps you have convinced yourself that your delivery of overpriced wine will be the thing that gets you auditions next year. 🤔 Gifts are a nice gesture, an acknowledgment of a year of hard work together, and yet they have become so stressful and almost “required”. Especially this year as we have all probably had way less auditions and probably less (maybe zero) bookings…do we still get reps gifts? Did we ever need them? What happens if we’re “the one client” who doesn’t send one?? Don’t worry, I asked them for you so it’s not awkward. Here are the questions I sent out to ~20 busy agents and managers, mine and a lot of yours! How do you feel about holiday gifts this year? Logistically speaking…if you’re not in the office how do you get them? Would you notice if you didn’t receive them from clients? If you could tell actors anything about gifting (like do’s or don’ts, things to avoid) what would it be? Read more here.
December 1, 2020
Bonus: Mia Hansen {Portrait PR}
My first ever publicist joins me today to answer all your publicity questions. We break down why she is in PR, how she got to having her own company, and what you need to know about corporate vs. boutique agencies. Mia shares with us when you should get a publicist, how to craft your publicity goals along side your own, what you need to get you started, and some tips on what to do before you reach that point in your career.  Don't forget about this post where I answer all your questions for me!  Portrait PR Portrait's IG
September 8, 2020
Bonus: Agent Anthony Boyer {Head of DDO Theatrical Dept}
*NOTE: Audio malfunctions abound. If you're super sound sensitive, skip this ep. If you're much more concerned about content and the raw info and growth as an actor...welcome.* Let's be honest, you've had (maybe too many) days to ponder over your career, reps, etc. And if you're anything like me you've wondered how you can better work with your current reps, get new people on your team, and generally get your actor-shit together. Enter Anthony. Today he's going to share with us his side of the coin. From workshops to getting signed to getting dropped, we're covering a wide range today. Enjoy this bonus ep!  DDO's Website Anthony's IG The Brand Spanking New One Broke Actress
August 11, 2020
6.12- Saudia Rashed & Brie Eley: Waiting for the Industry to Catch Up & How to be an Actor-Ally
Allyship is the practice of emphasizing social justice, inclusion, and human rights by members of an ingroup, to advance the interests of an oppressed or marginalized we have some homework guys. Saudia & Brie are gifted and outspoken actresses in the space who sat down to have a round table about what we can do to be better for our BIPOC fellow actors and to share some of their personal experiences with us directly.  Brie's IMDb Saudia's IMDb Here and Ready Saudia's Podcast: That One (Blank) Friend Saudia's IG Brie's IG Here and Ready IG
July 23, 2020
6.11- Shaan Sharma: Let's talk about Fi-Core
This episode is for any professional actor who has joined or wishes to join SAG...pretty sure thats all of us! Shaan Sharma (also featured on Episode 5.7) joins us to share the info that is particularly hard to find about why leaving your union is more complicated than it seems and for what reasons. We also get into Shaan's political stance in SAG and why the factions are so broken.  Don't forget to VOTE on/before July 22nd! Shaan's Article About Fi-Core Shaan's Pre-Elections Letter SAG's Official Site on Fi-Core Why I Joined Sag Article Shaan's IG One Broke Actress IG One Broke Actress 
July 16, 2020
6.10- Edward Hong: Is Acting Something We Can Really do right now?
Actor Edward Hong joins us to talk all about what we really can't stop thinking about: Can we really be actors right now? Apart from that massive question of importance, we talk branding, how to stand out, when to fit in, and what we can be doing till vaccines exist.  Edward's IMDb Edward's IG One Broke Actress One Broke Actress IG
July 9, 2020
6.9- Sidonie Smith: Theatre, Body Image, and Opportunity
From Miami to Munich, today's guest Sidonie Smith is a musical theatre actress, violinist, and a damn good motivational speaker who hopped on a call all the way from Berlin. She shares how she went from shy orchestra player to making her own path and following her own "golden doors" of opportunity that led her to where she is now. I think we all need a little Sidonie in our life right now.  Sidonie's Website Sidonie's Instagram One Broke Actress Instagram  One Broke Actress Followed Movie Tickets
July 2, 2020
6.8- CD Jessica Sherman: General Meetings
One of our long time favorite Casting Director's is back to talk all things general meetings! As she has hosted soooo many over these last few months especially, you guys had a lot of questions for us to discuss!  The Casting Director's Cut (use code BROKE10 for $10 off!) Jessica's IG IMDb + CSA Actor of the Month One Broke Actress IG
June 25, 2020
6.7- Matthew Law: Being an Actor and an Activist
Matthew Law graces us with his thoughts, feelings, and journey as an actor, producer, and writer in today's episode. From his choice to finally call himself an actor, to finding validation not from roles but from practicing the work, and how tokenism effects sets...Matthew really shares himself with us. We also talk about how white supremacy has a significant role in roles themselves as well as actors "deserving" feelings to gain them and how the current protests and movement has refocused his passion in ways he couldn't have imagined. Matthew's IMDb Matthew's IG One Broke Actress
June 18, 2020
6.6- Eddie Liu: Pilots in a Pandemic
What does it like to be an up and coming actor booking your biggest role yet in a new CW pilot...any then COVD 19 happens? Eddie Liu (Never Have I Ever, Kung Fu) tells us all about it today. Eddie also shares about his journey from New York, how he went from class to coaching to trusting his own work, and what it really felt like he was leaving the audition room in a solid place.  Eddie's IMDb Eddie's IG / Eddie's Twitter One Broke Actress
June 11, 2020
6.5- CD Erica Bream: Audition Coach & LA >> Southeast Casting
Southeast CD Erica Bream joins Sam to talk all things current casting (tons of tips on this one!!) and her thoughts for the future. Erica is also an audition coach and drops heaps of knowledge on the subject from someone who sees behind the camera on a daily basis! Use code BROKE10 for $10 off any package with the Casting Director’s Cut! Erica's Website One Broke Actress IG/Site
May 28, 2020
6.4- MRK Management's Matthew Kaufmann: Behind the scenes of manager life and what actors need to know about it.
Matthew Kaufmann opens up about the real life of an up and coming manager in LA. From his random (kismet?) meetings with reps her started working for, to his side jobs that got him here, to the ups and downs on his side of the table (hey actors...does this sound familiar?!) he doesn't hold back. Matthew tells us all about how and what he looks for in clients and how to have a true long lasting career with your reps. We also hit on workshops (hint: not his fav) and how he is helping others in the time of Covid.  MRK Managment  MRK Instagram  One Broke Actress IG My Store (yay!)
May 21, 2020
6.3- VO Agent Jazmin Rangel: How to get, keep, and book voice over reps and work.
My long time voice over agent (and fellow dog rescuer) Jazmin Rangel joins the podcast today to talk VO. Since it is still chugging along on that end of the business, we chat all about demos, how to treat reps, how to take your VO seriously (and they know when you don't), and where to even start.  I will share my audio equipment via a full Amazon link in my IG this week!  This episode was recorded via Zoom, thank you in advance for understanding our tech difficulties in this time!  TGMD Talent SAG Discounted Source Connect Sign Up
May 14, 2020
6.2- Michelle Lewitt: Casting in the past, present, and future.
Michelle Lewitt is a big name is the feature's world, and today she opens up about how she got there, what she's learned, and what she sees for the future of casting. From her start in basketball to how she learned her CD basics from legends Janet Hirshenson and Jane Jenkins. Acting on Zoom (video) One Broke Actress IG One Broke Actress
May 7, 2020
6.1- Jenna Doolittle: Actor & Quarantine Email Queen
Let's put this free time in to use. We don't have a "big epic plan" this season, but we do have a lot of amazing humans with the time to chat. And we sure do have a lot to chat about. This season we're going to cover the standards: day to day life in and around the business, what you know and want to share, how you got to where you are. But we're also going to talk a lot about what we're doing now and to prepare for the future of whatever this Covid-19 world throws at us. LOVE YOU ALL (please review this podcast). Jenna Doolittle is not only a hard working actress with a heart of gold (check her IMDB credits to see how often that sweet woman plays a nurse) but she is also the one and only person currently behind the Actor Quarantine Newsletter. Let's hear from the QT Queen herself on how she is got to this point in her career, how she is currently fueling her days, and why it's ok to not do everything...even when we have the time to do so.  Sign up for the Newsletter here. 
May 2, 2020
Bonus: CD Ramani Leah & The Casting Director's Cut
Quarantine Bonus Episode! -Casting Director's Cut (plus discount code BROKE 10 for $10 off!) -Virtual casting/auditions in this crazy time: how to do it well! -Slate shots, reels, and online profiles. -What three tools you can work on with your free time (now and later). Ramani Leah's IMDB Casting Director's Cut IG One Broke Actress IG Email sign up for Jenna Doolittle's daily update email Go give blood! Meals on Wheels info: West LA- 310-208-4028 Silver Lake- 213-484-7775 SM- 310-394-5133
April 7, 2020
5.12- Sam Valentine
You asked, you shall receive! Cecilia Tripp (Laurel Canyon Creative) steps up to the mic to interview your podcast host to wrap up 5 seasons of work! Answering your questions on why it all started, what Sam has learned, what direction her career is taking, and a lot more. (use code Broke25) One Broke Actress One Broke Actress IG Sam Valentine
March 29, 2020
5.11- Matthew Solomon
Matthew Solomon joins Sam to share all the feelings of an up and coming actor! What it's like to quit your day job, how to build and maintain relationships, and what makes a good acting experince for him. Sam was lucky enough to act with Matthew in the upcoming movie Followed (pandemic release...tbd).   Matt's Website Matt's IG One Broke Actress
March 22, 2020
5.10- Jennica Schwartzman {How to make an Indie Movie}
Well...I know a lot of you have time to work on a side project or two now, so what better time to talk about the whole process?! Jennica walks us through the world of making a full film from start to finish and shares a TON of insider tips along the way. She also talks about hustle culture and wtf we're doing with our time! Get her book now! (Out March 24th!) ShowNotes Jennica's IG OneBrokeActress IG
March 15, 2020
5.9- Devon Balsamo-Gillis {a TV Writer's Perspective}
Devon is an up and coming writer in the TV world (PEN-15, Colony) and she is walking Sam through the world of the writers room. She guides us through the steps of the writers world, from PA, to assistant, writers assistant, Showrunner's assistant, and beyond! Devon also talks about what attracts her to actors (in the writing process and on set) and what she wants actors to know about her side of the camera.  Full show notes here! Devon's Podcast Devon's IG One Broke Actress IG
March 8, 2020
5.8- Leah Huebner {Headshots and beyond}
Let's talk HEADSHOTS. Let's talk TYPE. Let's talk BUSINESS. Yes we hit on all that today, but surprisingly we also talk about Leah's move to photography over acting, how our ego's play such big roles in our work, and what it feels like to move on from the acting world. 
March 1, 2020
5.7- Shaan Sharma
Shaan (The Chosen) is going to educate you today on commercial auditions, session directors, your union, Fi-Core, the politics of SAG-Aftra, and whole lot more. His journey alone is enough to inspire anyone to follow whatever path is set in front of you...but be the best at it.  All show notes available at:
February 23, 2020
5.6- Ashley Platz
Ashley Platz is one of Sam's first LA friends, and she joins us today to talk about allllll the ups and downs that got her to this point. From making her own content (with laser focus) to making writer relationships that landed her roles written for her, to her Batwoman audition being leaked and leading to one of the best life shifts, Ashley holds nothing back! See show notes here:
February 16, 2020
5.5- John Rosenfeld
Sam's very own acting coach and owner of John Rosenfeld Studios joins her to talk all things actor! The first half of the podcast is his personal backstory and the second half is all the things he has learned on coaching, through-lines of actors learning, and what he wishes people would find sooner in LA!
February 9, 2020
5.4- Sarah Burns
Sarah Burns (Barry, I Love You Man, Enlightened) and Sam laugh their way through this interview. Sarah is super open about not being a "polished Hollywood lady" and just figuring things out and she went. Her experience in improv at UCB and her relationship with certain casting directors helped lead her to her current level, which as we talk about, still doesn't feel like "there"...whatever that means.
February 2, 2020
5.3- Intimacy Specialist {Olivia Buntaine & Claire Glassford}
Intimacy Coordinator Claire Glassford and Intimacy Director Olivia Buntaine join Sam to tell us all about what their job is, how it came about, and why we need it on sets.
January 26, 2020
5.2- Tait Fletcher
Motivate STATION on this one! Tait Fletcher is an actor (Breaking Bad, The Mandalorian, West World), entrepreneur (Caveman Coffee), and all around badass example of hard work and being open to the roller coaster of show business. PS: Rate the podcast, love you. Sponsored By: {use code BROKE25 for a $7.50 membership!)
January 19, 2020
5.1- Audrey Moore {of Audrey Helps Actors}
Season 5 is kicking off with actress, podcaster, and inspirational human Audrey freakin Moore. Lot's more from Audrey on her pod Audrey Helps Actors and on the 1BrokeActress IG page!
January 12, 2020
4.12- Lynn Chen
For our finale episode this season, Sam is joined by actress and advocate Lynn Chen. The two discuss the world of body image we live in, how it's more normal to be not working that it is to be working, and how to come back from time off. Lynn is a force and you're going to love her. All show-notes and references (and email sign up!) available at: Be sure to follow Sam and 1BA:
August 11, 2019
4.11- Live Coaching with Brian Patacca {Mike Schiff + Juliana Galofre}
After the epic success of Brian's episode in season 3, Sam brings him back to do a LIVE coaching of two up and coming LA actors. Listen up as you experience what it's like to have a career/life coach like Brian P! All show-notes and references (and email sign up!) available at: Be sure to follow Sam and 1BA:
August 4, 2019
4.10- Stefanie Black
Sam is joined by fellow actor and her acting coach Stefanie Black today! The two discuss theatre in LA, crazy side jobs, and the benefits of working with and being a coach! All show-notes and references (and email sign up!) available at: Be sure to follow Sam and 1BA:
July 28, 2019
4.9- Geoff Kennedy
Welcome coach and actor Geoff Kennedy to the 1 BA family! Let's get real about acting classes, casting offices, working with kids, and so much more. All show-notes and references (and email sign up!) available at: Be sure to follow Sam and 1BA:
July 21, 2019
Solo Sam: Time Management
Sam tackles the in's and out's of managing a cRaZy actor schedule. All show-notes and references (and email sign up!) available at: Be sure to follow Sam and 1BA:
July 18, 2019
4.8- Round Table {Brooke Trantor, Dawan Owens & Miller Tai}
The first official Round Table of the season brings together 3 working actors + Sam to have a full open and brutally honest discussion about hard work, making it work, and making your OWN work. All show-notes and references (and email sign up!) available at: Be sure to follow Sam and 1BA:
July 14, 2019
4.7- Alyshia Ochse
Worlds collide as Sam interviews her favorite fellow podcast host Alyshia Ochse from That One Audition! Not only is she a stellar host, Alyshia is also a hard working actress with credits spanning a ton of indie movies, TV shows, and an upcoming streaming series. She is also a loving wife and about juggling the hustles! Check out her podcast here: All show-notes and references (and email sign up!) available at: Be sure to follow Sam and 1BA:
July 7, 2019
Solo Sam: Casting Workshops & Keeping a Database
Sam gives her opinion on the right way to approach workshops, how to execute, and how to get your moneys worth! She also shares how (and why) she keeps an email and mailing database for casting and other industry folks! All show-notes and references (and email sign up!) available at: Be sure to follow Sam and 1BA:
July 4, 2019
4.6- {Casting Director} Jessica Sherman
Welcome Jessica Sherman to the 1 Broke Actress family! Today she and Sam are tackling all your questions on CD relationships, notes in the room, and some extra peaks behind the CD curtain. All show-notes and references (and email sign up!) available at: Be sure to follow Sam and 1BA:
June 30, 2019
4.5- Kelly Phlen {Stuntwoman + Actress}
In this episode Sam and Kelly talk a lot about her journey to LA and how she got into stunts and her background in gymnastics and everything like that. Kelly talks about her journey into becoming a stunt woman, some of her favorite stunts that she’s done, and her first experience stunting on a film. And she talks about how important it is to not base your self worth on your job! All show-notes and references (and email sign up!) available at: Be sure to follow Sam and 1BA:
June 23, 2019
Solo Sam: Actor Resources
We go over all of Sam's favorite actor books, sites, podcasts, and a lot more from the listeners too! Full show notes, links, and much more at:
June 20, 2019
4.4- Helenna Santos & Alexandra Boylan
Sam is joined by Helenna Santos (Ms In The Biz) and Alexandra Boylan (Switched, Catching Faith) and this week is all about CREATING: your community, your own work, all of it! Learn from these hustlers and take notes folks! Actually jk because... All show-notes and references (and email sign up!) available at: Be sure to follow Sam and 1BA:
June 16, 2019
4.3-Kelen Coleman
Kelen Coleman (Pretty Little Lies, Me Myself and I) joins Sam today to talk about voice over work, agents, the high and lows of auditions (and even bookings, acting right on set, and mental health in this crazy business! All show-notes and references (and email sign up!) available at: Be sure to follow Sam and 1BA:
June 9, 2019
Solo Sam: Being A Respectful And Responsible Actor
Sam's first ever SOLO episode kicks off this week! She's talking what it means to be respectful and responsible as an actor. Covering bases from communicating with agent and managers, being at auditions and on set, and taking care of yourself. Lots of additions from listeners too, check out the links below for more of their insight! All show-notes and references (and email sign up!) available at: Be sure to follow Sam and 1BA:
June 6, 2019
4.2- Rawson Thurber {A Writer/Director's View}
Rawson Thurber (Dodgeball, We're The Millers, Central Intelligence)joins Sam to talk about the realness of the writer/director world! All show-notes and references (and email sign up!) available at: Be sure to follow Sam and 1BA:
June 2, 2019
4.1- Dana Powell
Sam is BACK! Season 4 kicks off with badass actress Dana Powell (Bridesmaids, Modern Family). All show-notes and references (and email sign up!) available at: Be sure to follow Sam and 1BA:
May 26, 2019
Bonus: Box Angeles {Sam +Mike Elder}
Please enjoy a clip from Sam's interview with Mike Elder from the Box Angeles Podcast! Full interview here:
March 26, 2019
3.12- Actor Round Table {II}
For our finale episode, Sam is join by (former guest) Sean Crampton, Anton Narinskiy, and Lauren Sweetser. The group of four tackle some of the most common questions actors ask: Managing your finances (having a family while being a working actor, budgets for your own projects, personal finances), handling stress (priorities, goals, meditating, what is "enough"), how they get inspired, and of course, favorite audition stories. More at:
December 11, 2018
3.11-David Dean {A Manager's View}
Let's get behind the scenes with a legit rep! David Dead shares his experiences as a manager, how he came from the mail room in his thirties to owning his own management company, and the real back end of the rep world! He also hits on: -How often should you talk to your reps? -True difference between agents and managers. -How are actors without a lot of credits pitched? -Taking on clients: who aren't SAG, with limited training, etc. -What he needs to see to take on new clients (hint: it has a lot to do with a self tape) -His thoughts on Social Media -And so much more! More at:
December 4, 2018
3.10- Miata Edoga {Actor Finance Expert}
Let's get real about "budgets" and spending today! Miata is the owner and educator of Abundance Bound, a company centered around financial education for creative professionals. She shares with us how having 11 jobs while being a working actor just DIDN'T work, how she developed a true relationship with her money and got herself out of $80,000 of debt, and how you too con cultivate a true understanding of the ups and downs of your acting finances. More at:
November 27, 2018
Bonus: WeAudition (with Darren Darnborough)
Darren Darnborough joins Sam to share with the audience about the future of rehearsals/auditions/self taps and so much more. We Audition (formerly We Rehearse) is an all in one platform that hosts online meetings between actors, casting directors, reps, and people of all corners of the industry in all corners of the world. Welcome to the first place you can find a scene partner 24/7...365! AND there is a LIFETIME discount for 1BA listeners! Hell yes! More here:
November 21, 2018
3.9- Amir Talai
Amir Talai (LA to Vegas) joins Sam on this ep! He talks about his experiences with reps, meetings, and he includes tons of tips for your own agent/manager interviews! He gets real about his his thoughts on Breakdowns and the fact that acting is the only business in the entire world that not all job opportunities are available to all applicants. AND the two hit on the currently popular and extremely important topic of ethnicity/inclusion in roles, and Amir shares his opinions on making them work all around better. He also shares the behind the scenes ups and downs of LA to VEGAS, it's way more detailed than you'd expect! Find this and more here:
November 20, 2018
3.8-Lisa Sundstedt {All Things Comedy}
From touring with bands to her goal of being on a sitcom (which never happened), Lisa Sunstedt joins Sam today to spill the funny freakin beans. Lisa shares how she has started and still produces Hollywood's longest running ALL FEMALE comedy show, why she did open mics to be proactive, the basics of comedy and how to start your stand up career, balancing coaching/career/family/real life, her spiritual side, and so much more. All links at:
November 13, 2018
3.7- Greg Chun {All Things VoiceOver}
Greg Chun is a VO pro. Although his early career was music composition, he learned from the best (literally THE best) and his VO career has taken off since then. From animation to commercial to video games, today Greg shares his knowledge on the skill set. Should you even do voiceover? How do you get an agent? How do you practice? Do you need a studio? All this and so much more! More at:
November 6, 2018
3.6- Amanda Payton
Today I am joined by long time fan of the show (blushing) Amanda Payton! She opens up and gets really real with us about her transition from Carnegie Mellon to professional acting in LA (hint: it did not go as expected) and how the first few years were marked with moments of unrest, indecisiveness and…waiting. Amanda shares how she went from her bartending-networking to real nose-to-the-grindstone work of her own, setting up her own email systems to get attention before showcases, how that led her to meetings, and how her confidence from this process got her the best manager she could have asked for. Along the way she also shares how she dealt with the down side of this business: being dropped by managers, being told she was too old with too few credits, and losing days on sets due to script rewrites. As well as the up-sides: the best advice she was ever given, how she studied herself and her own personality to move from co to guest star, how stopping partying and starting working saved her from her self, and how a one line costar audition shaped her current career trajectory. All links at:
October 30, 2018
3.5- Brian Patacca {Career Coach}
Brian Patacca, actor and career coach, is up today sharing SO MUCH incredible info on the business of our work, how to keep your energy clear and give yourself the RIGHT kind of “self-care, and the universe’s role in it all. WHAT. Yes. That good. Here’s a preview of what we cover: - how he went from wildly successful actor to realizing that wasn't working for him - how he manages people's energy all day - how to deal with the actor's hustle, and why "say yes to everything" makes him think, “bitch who said that needs to be slapped!" - dealing with finances   - advice for meeting with reps - advice on networking - advice on reels - WHY we're actors - the universe/god/wtf ever and why it matters for us LINKS:  -Get Clear on your Finances: -Brian's Breakfast Club: -The Actors Salon (and Mastery Class) -Brian’s personal site for coaching:
October 23, 2018
BONUS: All About Reels {Red Mouse Pictures}
Bonus Ep this week! The first ever sponsors of the 1 Broke Actress Podcast, Red Mouse Pictures, is here to offer you a deal and a tip or two about your reel! The production team, consisting of Maddie McGuire and Corrin Evans, know a lot and have created a one of a kind business. Listen in for more! Referral code: When you contact them for your reel, tell them you heard about them from the podcast, and you'll save $50 PER SCENE you shoot! More at:
October 18, 2018
3.4- Chad Collins
Chad has been a working actor all around the world and today he joins Sam to share his story from farm town boy to big city PR to full-time actor! The two also cover: -social media -his personal "time line" for acting credits, how did he do it? -self tape tips -being motivated to take care of yourself when you're not booking Find more from Chad here: And as always, from Sam here:
October 16, 2018
3.3- Actress Round Table {Part 2}
I highly suggest you check out part 1 first! Today in Part 2 of the Actress Round Table, Ciera Payton, Montana Roesch, and Jenna Michno are back talking the politics of being a woman in Hollywood right now, how social media has affect their careers (good and bad), and so much more!
October 11, 2018
3.3- Actress Round Table
This week have a brand new format to introduce! On this Round Table episode, Ciera Payton, Montana Roesch, and Jenna Michno join Sam to answer YOUR questions, about their experiences in LA, in business of getting agents, managers, and other reps, and how to manage yourself before that. But keep your ears peeled, there is a second part of this episode coming Thursday!
October 9, 2018
3.2- Greg Longstreet {All Things PR}
This week's episode is all about PR and publicists! -Do you need one? -How do you find one? -WTF do they actually do? -Can you be your own PR? -What lessons can we learn from them? All this and more with Greg Longstreet (Polaris PR). LINKS: Greg's IG: Elder Millinial:
October 2, 2018
3.1- Christina Ochoa
Today Christina(Valor, Animal Kingdom, Blood Drive, and soon to be A Million Little Things) joins Sam and they cover: -her experience in ethnic casting (not what you'd expect) -how she survived 2.5 years without a job -her verion of balance -how she finds her character -body image Links: The Power of Full Engagement: Oceana:
September 25, 2018
Season 3 Trailer
It's finally time! Season 3 starts next week (Tue 10/25) ladies and gents! Until then please enjoy this little tease at the full upcoming season! You can always find me here:
September 19, 2018
2.12- Nicholas Gonzalez: Finding Yourself and Your Work {Season 2 Finale}
Nick Gonzales chats us through his happy beginnings, beach-side struggles, and the "I was almost in a boy band" moments that got him from Texas to LA...and then to Canada to star in "The Good Doctor". He emphasizes the life outside of acting, finding the fun on set, and making it all a little less stressful. He also shares how he balances his work with his family, his recommendations for do's and don'ts on set, and so much more. Find Nicks super impressive IMDB here: And of course, more of 1 BA here:
May 15, 2018
2.11- Molly Gardner {A Makeup Artisit's Advice}
Molly Gardner (of Girl Get Glamorous) is a makeup artist and former comedian who knows both sides of the camera very well. She shares TONS of tips and tricks for on-camera makeup, product advice, men's skincare, and a lot more than can fit in this description. She and Sam also made a video for you that will be on Molly's YouTube channel as well as 1 Broke later this week! Make sure to check the full show notes on 1BA (coming out later this week) as well for all the product links discussed in the pod! More from Molly: And more from Sam:
May 8, 2018
2.10- Krista Hazelwood & Kelsey Gonzales: Work-Life Balance & Finding Your Inspiration
Sam is joined this week by the powerhouse duo of Krista Hazelwood and Kelsey Gonzales (both actors and COO & CEO of Quench Staffing). The team talk what its like making your own full side hustle a reality, leaving the waitressing world in the dust, hiring and working with actors, finding your creativity, and finding your purpose. See more Quench here: Kelsey here: Krista here: And of course, Sam here:
May 1, 2018
2.9- Lisa Kara {Zinc Nutrition}
Lisa Kara is an LA nutritionalist with a really realistic view of the world and our bodies. Listen in as she and Sam talk really in-depth about all the current fads (Vegan, Whole 30, Keto, Marco Counting, etc), why actors fall so hard for such hardcore diets, the proteins she prefers, the one food she wishes no one would ever eat again, the one fad she's on board with right now, hormone health, not eating enough, stress levels, gah! So. Much. More. Check out more here:
April 24, 2018
2.8- Maddy Curley: Hollywood Bodies, Finding Your Strength, and Making Your Dreams Happen
Maddy Curley is a badass babe (no but for real, she'll kick your ass and then deadlift it too). She joins Sam to talk about the wild ride that brought her to LA and then following up that big budget Disney feature with the ride of a career in Hollywood. Maddy shares how she eventually made her OWN movie happen (step by step!). She also really opens up about the realities of the body image of this crazy town. Find more about Maddy on the blog:
April 17, 2018
2.7- Brett Bell {SAG-AFTRA Contracts}
Let's take a hard left turn and learn about our union (whether you're in it or not)! Brett is an incredibly generous SAG-AFTRA Contrats Rep who I met on a set a few years ago. He shares with us massive knowledge (don't worry lots of show notes on the site below!) on residuals, scale pay definitions, what he does and how he advocates for us on sets, and what the levels of theatrical union jobs are *if you're making your own work, pay close attention*! Contact Brett: And more show notes and extras at:
April 10, 2018
2.6- Amber Midthunder: Maintaining a Healthy Attitude, Body, and Faith in Hollywood
Amber may be your new favorite up-and-coming actress in LA. Known for her work in Legion and Hell or High Water, she has an exceptionally positive outlook and tells us how she maintains it on a daily basis. From her young years in the business to her current role as a public figure, she shares with us what she has learned and how we can all have more faith in the entertainment business, our own health and well-being, and whatever greater power keeps you going.
April 3, 2018
2.5- Spencer Clark: Growing Up In The Business
Sam chats with Spencer today, debunking child-actor myths left right and center. Spencer (although working in the business over 20 years) is a super down to earth actor who gives us real honest advice on self tapes, how he keeps sharp, and how he has found and maintained his passion for acting (spoiler alert: he ENJOYS it)... Find Spencer here: And as always, find 1BA, The Call Sheet, and SO much more here:
March 27, 2018
2.4- Dawan Owens: The Definition of Hard Work
This week Dawan Owens joins Sam for a hilarious yet REAL chat about what it means to be a working actor. Dawan delves deep into how he manages a family, full time job, and acting professionally, how he uses his time and energy in the most productive way possible,what "hard work" really means to him and how he prepares for his auditions (before he even gets them). Enjoy and as always, full show notes and more available at:
March 20, 2018
2.3- Sara Mornell: Everything Atlanta
Back by popular demand, the most requested guest of Season 1 rejoins the podcast this week to answer all your questions about Atlanta! From making the move and submitting to agents (hint: the timeline we discuss is great for actors no matter where you live), to what is actually considered a "local hire", and so much more.  Check out the full video here! And find Sara here:
March 13, 2018
2.2- Emily {Actors Tax Prep}: Everything you need to know about taxes as an actor
Emily Churchill from Actor's Tax Prep joins Sam on the podcast today to answer ALLLLL your questions about taxes. From write-offs, W2s, 1099s, the new tax plan, and so much more. Time to adult reallyyyy hard guys.  More info and all the links here!
March 6, 2018
2.1- Max Greenfield: On Success, The Acting Roller Coaster, And How To Keep Going
Sam is joined by Max Greenfield in the first episode of season 2! The pair discuss body types, fame, being on set, Max's advice for costars and guest stars, and so much more!  More about Max here! And as always, more from Sam here.
February 27, 2018
Season 2 Trailer
It's finally here! The teaser trailer for Season 2 featuring so many of the awesome guests in store for you in the coming months! Make sure you check out for updated content and so much more!
February 20, 2018
1.12- Ash Brewer: Soaps Operas, Career Craziness, and Genuine Hard Work
Grounded and kind, Ash sheds new night on the world of soap operas (here and in Australia), what it was like making the move across the world, her work and drive, and so much more. Find Ash here: And of course find 1BA Sam here:
December 5, 2017
1.11-Matt Corboy and Kevin Linehan: Commercial Pros
Get ready to laugh your ass off while also learning some commercial pro tips. Kevin and Matt really bring in their own spin on the world, these two fantastically positive dudes sat down with Sam to have a few beers, tell their stories, and teach you a few things in the process. Including: memorizing lines, wardrobe specifics, how they refrain from competing with each other, and why they are NOT shlep-y.
November 28, 2017
1.10-Kristen Joy Bjorge: Writer, Agent Assistant, All Around Badass
How Kristen turned from actor to writer (including some important questions to ask yourself), why she got a full time job to immerse herself in the system, and insider agent info straight from the assistants mouth: submitting to agents, gifts, calls, email edict, and so much more! Find Kristen here (seriously guys, get a script from her!):
 And of course find 1BA Sam here:
November 21, 2017
1.9- Paul Karmiryan: From Dancing To Acting
Paul opens up about the full experience of moving from being a professional dancer to being a professional actor. His drive and ambition is palpable and contagious, as is his positive attitude on this crazy world! Find Paul here: And of course find 1BA Sam here!
November 14, 2017
1.8- Erica Berger: A Casting Director's View
Prepare to have your mind blown! CD Erica Berger joins us this week for her side of the casting table. She shares with us how much she LOVES actors (what!), what CD's think of your reel, why she doesn't want your gift (ha!) and lots more! Do you have some questions for a CD? Send them to me via the link below! Find Erica Here: And of course find 1BA Sam here!
November 7, 2017
1.7- Michael Doneger: Making Your Own Movies
This week Michael Doneger talks us through his start in the acting world, when he decided all the BS wasn't for him, and how he makes his own work. He also goes into what professional actors are like on sets and in rehearsals, LOTS of gems in there! Find him production company here: And of course find 1BA Sam here! PS: wanna see his Pepsi Super Bowl commercial?
October 31, 2017
1.6- Ciera Payton: Biracial Casting, Hollywood Diversity, Envisioning your Future
Let's talk about the true ups and downs of Hollywood. Ciera shares it all and is brutally honest. She also talks on the current diversity push in casting and how it as effected her career. Find Ciera here: And of course find 1BA Sam here!
October 24, 2017
1.5- Brian Unger: The "One Thing", Pilot Auditions, and Wearing Plaid.
Having that "one thing" to make you successful. Why acting class didn't work out for him, honestly it's hilarious. How he made auditions his classroom, TV auditions and differentiating them, and the perfect storm of his new show on CBS. Here is a link to Brian's IMDB: And of course find 1BA Sam here:
October 19, 2017
1.4- Monica Barkett {Part 2}: An Agent's View Continued!
She's back! Monica and Sam continue their discussion of agent presents, reels, do's and don'ts of rep chat, and why you may not be auditioning right now. Here is a link to Monica's IMDB: And of course find 1BA Sam here:
October 13, 2017
1.4- Monica Barkett {Part 1}: An Agent's View
Monica is an agent at Global Artist agency and she knows her stuff. She sat down with Sam and gave us real insight from her side of the table: actors "homework", what she asks actors in her representation meeting, what stands out and what falls flat, and the real difference between a "fine" self tape and a booking. Here is a link to Monica's IMDB: And of course find 1BA Sam here:
October 10, 2017
1.3- Katrina Bowden: Honest Body Talk, Audition Stories, and Keeping A Balanced Life
Join Sam Valentine (1 Broke Actress) as she chats with Katrina Bowden about all things industry: body, fitness, relationships, staying know, the usual career things right? Here is Katrina's Fit Kat Site: And of course find 1BA Sam here:
October 3, 2017
1.2- Sean Crampton: Improv, Making Your Own Work, And Finding Routine
On Episode 2, Sean Crampton joins the 1 Broke Actress Podcast. He talks us though in detail how Hollywood cut him down to size, how he build himself back up, and how he maintains his sanity in this industry. You can find out more about Sean here: And of course find 1BA Sam here:
September 26, 2017
1.1- Sara Mornell: The Industry, Actor's Pitfalls, and Saying You're Welcome
Episode 1 of the 1 Broke Actress podcast is finally here! Sam chats with Sara Mornell this round, her acting coach and on of the badest bitches she's ever met. You can find out more about Sara here:  And of course find 1BA Sam here!
September 19, 2017
Podcast Teaser
Welcome to the 1 Broke Actress Podcast. An extension of 1 Broke, a girl on a mission to bring you a real account of LA actor life. This is just a small sample of all the amazing stuff we have to come. Check it out and enjoy!
August 19, 2017