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The One Question Podcast

The One Question Podcast

By Kristian & Bibiana
One Question: Ten Minutes. Every week we sit down and dedicate 10 minutes to discussing a single question related to design. Co-hosted by Design Leader Kristian Simsarian and CCA Interaction Design students Curran Dwyer and Bibiana Bauer, this podcast explores answers to everything from "What are the origins of Interaction Design?" to "How do we design for data and privacy?"
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S02E03 - Designing with Data (Part 1)
As we look to the future of Design, there's a new material to consider: Data. In this episode, Kristian and Bibiana explore the rise of big data, the upsurge of data science and research, the advent of algorithmic products, and the role of designers in this future ecosystem.
May 31, 2019
S02E02: Determining Deliverables
In this episode Kristian and Bibiana sit down for a discussion of two interrelated topics: #1  Bibiana's Interaction Design thesis work, and #2 How to identify and self-manage the right set of deliverables when working on a solo or personal design project.
May 06, 2019
S02E01: Facing Wicked Problems
Kicking off Season 2, co-hosts Bibiana and Kristian talk about "wicked problems," how to approach them, and how to avoid burning out when dealing with complex long-term projects.
April 01, 2019
S01E08: Ethical Design for Artificial Intelligence
We talk about taking an ethical design approach to artificial intelligence. Kristian, who got his PhD in artificial intelligence years ago, explains why it’s important to get this right and how we might start to go about it.
February 24, 2019
S01E07: Graduation!
Curran is graduating this week! In this episode, Kristian asks Curran to reflect on what he learned at CCA. The combination of brain, heart, and hand is what makes CCA such a valuable experience.
February 24, 2019
S01E06: Designing for Data and Privacy (Part 2)
As we continue our conversation about ethical design beyond the interface, MDes Chair Kristian Simsarian argues that designers need to be the "heart at the table" during conversations that shape major technologies.
February 24, 2019
S01E05: Designing for Data and Privacy (Part 1)
Mark Zuckerberg recently testified before Congress, apologizing for what many people considered Facebook’s misuse of customer data. How might we design systems that use (or do not use) data in a responsible, comprehensible way?
February 24, 2019
S01E04: Defining Our Discipline
There are lots of different names for what we do: User Experience Design, Information Architecture, Product Design, User Interface Design, and many others. What exactly does it mean to be an Interaction Designer? How does IxD intersect with these other titles?
February 24, 2019
S01E03: On the Origins of Interaction Design
What are the origins of Interaction Design as a practice and formal discipline? When did the need for Interaction Design emerge, and why? How can we trace the discipline’s development, and at what point in its history do we currently stand?
February 24, 2019
S01E02: Growing our Lego Collection With Story and Time
What does telling stories have to do with interaction design, and how did Kristian figure that out? How do interaction designers use story to create compelling experiences for the people who will be interacting with the products and services that we design?
February 24, 2019
S01E01: The Influence of Design and Designers
How did design come to have a position of influence in the business and tech community? How can designers - interaction designers in particular - leverage their influence to promote better decisions within an organization?
February 24, 2019