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This podcast is a safe place for anyone who would like to ask my opinion/advice on any topic or situation Although it is a safe place, you may not always like my opinion but i will be honest/unbiased. And you can remain anonymous. Please reach out to me at, at, Apple Podcast and Spotify. Please note I AM NOT a therapist or doctor of any kind but I have a lot of opinions. I do advise anyone with serious mental health concerns to please seek out professional help or call 911. Be safe, Be kind. Let’s get this conversation started!
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Valentines Day
Hello my lovelies, Just a mini dive into the history of Valentines Day, along with answering some listener requests as well as letting you know how much I appreciate your kind words and support while I’m still having trouble breathing due to Covid complications. I apologize for my heavy breathing and occasional cough. Glad I recorded this in small 1-2 mins increments and added it all together. I promise I will get better. Don’t forget to follow me @WomansOne on Twitter and my shout out is for Bendy Girl Yoga subscribe to her YouTube Channel. She’s amazing!
February 14, 2021
Christmas Message
Just a little message to let you know I am still here for you. Hopefully I will be recording again soon. I am so thankful for all of you listening and sticking with me as I get over this Covid illness that has been lingering. Please continue to email and DM me I will answer. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year. Be Kind Be Safe, Wear a Mask! ✌🏼❣️😷
December 24, 2020
Dedicated to ALL The CAREGIVERS
Hello my lovely's I just want to make sure that all Caregivers (paid or not) know that I appreciate you all. As promised here is the information I talked about that could possibly help Caregivers  Caregiver Helpline: 1-855-227-3640 CAREGIVERACTION.ORG MHASCREENING.ORG Also check out Fading Memories Podcast and Subscribe to their podcast and Follow them on Twitter.  Please reach out to these resources or your local professional.  You can reach me at the following Social media's and email  TWITTER: @WOMANSONE Please find me and follow, and check out my followers list for all different kinds of podcasts.  FACEBOOK: ONE WOMANS OPINION (also a group by the same name)  INSTAGRAM: OFFICIAL_ONEWOMANSOPINION Gmail: You can also find The One Woman's Opinion Podcast on all podcast platforms, Apple, Spotify etc.  The Wonderful Ginger Tea Recipe I mentioned, actually helped me in many ways, Please make sure its ok with your doctor for your to have any of these ingredients.  What you will need:  Fresh Ginger root , Powder cinnamon (or fresh cinnamon sticks, I use powder), Honey(preferably raw) and lemons.  Directions:   Cut ginger root into approximately dime size pieces and place 10 pieces in 3 cups of water into a pot and bring to boil (approx 10min) on high heat.  lower heat, Cut lemon in half, add one half of the lemon to the water, save the other half for later. Continue to boil the ginger water and lemon on medium heat for another 5mins. Lower the heat to the lowest heat and sprinkle in cinnamon or place 1 cinnamon stick in the water let simmer on low heat.  In a mug add honey and squeeze that 2nd half of lemon into the cup, Don't throw that squeezed lemon away ,put that into the simmering tea there are a lot of health benefits to the lemon rind.  Turn off heat and use a strainer to pour ginger tea into the mug . and enjoy. You can have it any time of day, I try to have it in the morning on an empty stomach and a little bit before bed, but that's just me ..  I started a YouTube channel (Official One Woman's Opinion Podcast) I will find a time to actually make a video for you all on making the tea. I know my instructions may not have been the best.  Again, Thank you all, remember you are not alone  Be Kind Be Safe.
November 12, 2020
Hello my lovely's, this episode has been the most difficult for me to discuss so far, simply because there was so much information out there on this disorder. I did not want to read it out to you all verbatim but I wanted to hit the points as it pertains to the title. But if you are interested in learning more there is a lot of information out there. I hope you enjoy this episode and please don't forget to subscribe and leave a kind review I greatly appreciate it. You can also share it on your socials and tell friends and family, The more people that know about it the more the podcast grow and can help more people. I thank you so much for listening and sticking with me through my Covid ordeal. Please reach out to me if you have anything on your mind to see if maybe I can help, and if I cant maybe I can point you in the right direction to someone who can. I am here for you and my goal is to help however I can.  As I hope you heard at the end of the episode I am starting a new thing where I give shout outs to podcasters that are on my FOLLOWERS LIST on Twitter. This episodes podcast shout out is for the podcast THE STUDENTS VERDICT. If you are into true crime give it a listen I'm sure you will love it as much as I do, so don't forget to subscribe and leave a kind review.    Don't forget you can reach me on all my social media platforms you can reach me  On Twitter @WomansOne please find me and follow me to stay up to date and also check out my FOLLOWERS LIST for more great pods and youtube channels as well  You can find me on Facebook at One Woman's Opinion (the page and the group) I'm also on Instagram at Officia_OneWomansOpinion  and you can of course DM on all of those or you can email me at Please stay safe, and Remember I am here for you,, You Are Not Alone
November 09, 2020
Hello everyone, I just wanted to keep with the Halloween season and give you a little bonus episode since I was away so long. I wanted to share a couple of scary paranormal encounters that I've had over the years. Trust me when I say I am not that talented in creative writing to have made these up, nor am I the best story teller LOL, I hope I was able to give you enough of a description so that you could imagine what I have actually experienced. Whether you are a true believer or a skeptic,, Its all in honor of the Halloween season, I hope it gives you a little bit of the shivers it still gives me to this day. Be safe Be kind. I am here for you, You are not alone.  Remember you can find ,DM and follow me on Twitter @WomansOne there you can find a ton of other podcasts on my FOLLOWERS LIST if you are looking to expand your Podcast list/genre , You can also email me whatever is on your mind at  
November 01, 2020
As I mention in the episode, I am still suffering from some of the symptoms of COVID-19,  I am grateful and thank you for your patience. Please continue to write into me with your questions, and I will make episodes dedicated to your questions soon. Below are all the ways you can contact me. Also don't forget to find and follow me on TWITTER and check out my FOLLOWERS LIST if you are looking to expand your podcast interests, one of my followers is Jacob Randall, check out his podcast CRIME OF YOUR LIFE, well researched, well told, you can feel that Jacob cares about the people involved. I will shout out someone from my list in all future episodes. Again I thank you, don't forget to subscribe to The One Woman's Opinion Podcast and leave a kind word and a review. Till next time take care Be safe Be kind. Twitter: @WOMANSONE FaceBook: One Womans Opinion  Instagram: Official_OneWomansOpinion Gmail: You can also download the Anchor.FM app and leave a voicemail 
October 27, 2020
Hi everyone I want to apologize if my voice sounds a bit off, I have a cold coming on and the first thing to go usually my voice. But no matter what I will keep my promise to you, I am here for you. I am still working on some of your emails, i havent forgotten about you.  You can reach out to me on Twitter @WOMANSONES on FaceBook at One Womans Opinion or at gmail at Even if I lose my voice I will answer you through your email and record the episode once my voice returns. Please subscribe and leave a kind review to help the show grow and reach more people. Thank you again for listening, let me know what's on your mind,. Take care  be safe. 
October 14, 2020
Fiancé, Finances and More
This episode is a listener request with a particular dilemma that takes us down a rabbit hole of must have conversations. There is an edit I have to make here at the end I gave my Twitter handle incorrectly you can reach me on Twitter @WomansOne. Thank you Please Subscribe, leave a kind word where possible. I am here for you
October 03, 2020
This episode may be sensitive to some. I do take that into consideration. This episode is a listener request. The following are a list of numbers in reference to Child Abuse NATIONAL CHILD ABUSE HOTLINE 1-800-422-4453 PREVENT CHILD ABUSE AMERICA 1-800-244-5375 You also heard an introduction to the MASK OF SANITY PODCAST, It's a great podcast and I listen to it myself. You can reach me on Twitter @WOMANSONE on Facebook at One Womans Opinion and you can email me at My intentions are not to offend anyone, I especially do not want to offend anyone out there that has been abused as a child, I am answering a listeners request for my opinion,   Be safe Be Kind I am here for you!
September 26, 2020
This is a listener requested episode. I will give the definitions I’ve found online about each of the title topics. As well as some information I received from listeners and people I know. Please have an open mind, and I hope you enjoy this as much as I did researching and recording it. You can reach me on all main social media platforms and at if you have something on your mind. I’m here for you.
September 17, 2020
Addiction and Enablers
This is our first Listener request for my opinion. It is an emotional subject. Having to due with drug abuse, please consider yourselves advised as a trigger warning. Thank you
August 28, 2020
Coercive Control (Pt.2)
Sorry about the glitch at the beginning. This is just about Coercive Control. You can reach me at, @WomansOne on Twitter .. on FB and Instagram. Let me know what’s on your mind. All opinions and advice are just my opinions but they are honest and unbiased . Be safe Be kind .. please subscribe , leave a review and a kind word.
August 23, 2020
Coercive Control & Gaslighting
Hello, this is just a brief understanding of coercive control and gaslighting. Please forgive me if you hear me sniffle lol allergies are kicking my butt. I hope you enjoy this episode I am very passionate about the topic. You can reach me on Spotify ,Apple Podcast on the ancho app at, on Twitter @WomansOne at OfficialOneWomansOpinion1@gmail, on Facebook and Instagram. Remember all requests for an opinion or advise will be kept confidential and anonymous. Be safe Be kind, Let’s get this conversation started.
August 15, 2020
I am here for you.
I wanted to give you a better understanding of my goals for this podcast and for all of us. Let’s get this conversation started! I am here for you!
August 08, 2020