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OneMontville Unites

OneMontville Unites

By One Montville
OneMontville Unites is a podcast geared toward empathy, unity and happiness among the community of Montville Township New Jersey. Entertaining topics are targeted towards having positive, engaging conversations and experiences among neighbors with guest speakers from different pillars of community leadership representing the broadest cross section of viewpoints in the township.
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OneMontville Unites: Episode 15 TJ Nelligan

OneMontville Unites

OneMontville Unites: Episode 22 - Staying safe for the holidays - guest - Andrew Caggiano
Happy Holidays from OneMontville! The end of the year is upon us and it is time to celebrate with family, friends and loved ones. Listen to our twenty second episode where Michael talks with Chief of Police Andrew Caggiano. In this episode we talk about staying safe during the holiday season. With special tips on protecting your property, yourself and loved ones whether you are travelling, entertaining visitors or are just taking some time to slow down.
December 23, 2021
OneMontville Unites: Episode 21 - Gratitude - Guest Rabbi Mark Finkel, Reverend Tom Henion & Pastor Donald Kirschner
Thank you for listening to the Season 2 Episode 3 November installment where Michael talks to Rabbi Mark Finkel - Pine Brook Jewish Center, Pastor Donald Kirschner - Montville Methodist Church and Pastor Tom Kenyon - Montville Reformed Church.  In our special November installment we kick off the holiday season talking about lessons of gratitude and thanks.  We discuss: The Montville interfaith Thanksgiving celebration The importance of every day gratitude and giving thanks during the winter holidays Teachings of the psalms from the perspective of different faiths & how they can help us navigate through difficult times in our lives like dealing with the pandemic Listen today and read more on the OneMontville website
November 30, 2021
OneMontville Unites: Episode 20 Pathways - guest - Melinda Jennis
Listen to Season 2 Episode 2 inspirational October installment Michael talks to Melinda Jennis, founder of Pathways for exceptional children and author of best selling book Include ME!: How to Build and Lead Authentic Inclusion in a Segregated World.  We learn about: Melinda's history and contributions to the community What is Pathways and how it helps children of all abilities Differences between inclusion and diversity How to get involved in Pathways Listen today and read more on the OneMontville website
October 30, 2021
OneMontville Unites: Episode 19 Presidents Council - guests - Aili Monahan & Caitlin Smith
Listen to our nineteenth episode where Michael talks with Montville Township co-presidents of the Presidents Council Aili Monahan & Caitlin Smith where we talk about Aili & Caitlin and their contributions to Montville Township What the Presidents Council is and how it works Key activities and programs Dealing with challenges of coordinating home and school activities during COVID Upcoming activities Wishes for the new school year and how parents can get involved
October 01, 2021
OneMontville Unites: Episode 18 Green In Day - guest - Sue Marinello
Listen to our season finale episode 18 where Michael and Sue chat about Green In Day’s history in Montville Township and our 2021 activity plan 
May 21, 2021
OneMontville Unites: Episode 17 Raising Resilient Teens - guest - Andrew Caggiano & Wendy Sefcik
Listen to Michael, Andrew and Wendy as we discuss the OneMontville and Montville Township Police Department event on Raising Resilient Teens. Wendy, Montville Township Parent who lost her son T.J. to suicide speaks about her role in New Jersey, her experience as a parent as well as some of the resources available to families. Andrew talks about why this upcoming event on Wednesday May 19th is so important for our community. The special event on May 19th will be available live via zoom webinar and YouTube live as well as a recorded event on YouTube visit for more event information and join us for the presentation with guests including Prosecutor Robert Carroll Sheriff James Gannon Wendy Sefcik Chief Andrew Caggiano Gul Khan, Coordinator and Founder Different Faiths One Family Interfaith Susan Tellone, Clinical Director, Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide
May 16, 2021
OneMontville Unites: Episode 16 Parks and Recreation - guest - Lori Dent
Listen to our sixteenth episode where Michael talks with Montville Parks and Recreation Director Lori Dent. We talk about: Lori‘s history with the department Challenges of organizing activities during the COVID pandemic New 2021 program activities and safety information  more information is available at the Montville Township Parks and Recreation webpage
May 02, 2021
OneMontville Unites: Episode 15 TJ Nelligan
Listen to our fifteenth episode where Michael talks with Montville's own TJ Nelligan about: TJ's history in Montville His special needs son Sean and his passing TJ's book, "Live like Sean" and what everyone can take away from it
April 18, 2021
OneMontville Unites: Episode 14 Spring Break - guest - Rene Rovtar
Listen to our fourteenth episode where Michael follows up with Montville Superintendent of Schools Rene Rovtar. We talk about: Ways Montville's schools are keeping children safe during COVID New cases reported Recommendations and guidelines for staying safe during spring holidays and spring break
April 04, 2021
OneMontville Unites: Episode 13 - guest - Aimee Puluso
Listen to our thirteenth episode where Michael follow's up with Health Officer Aimee Puluso. We talk about:  March 9th COVID Hero's day April National Public Health Week COVID updates Stats and numbers Help your contact tracers Stay safe guidelines Get vaccinated
March 21, 2021
OneMontville Unites: Episode 12 - Alexandria Sarra & Mary Aann Henry Montville Womens Club
Listen to our twelfth episode of OneMontville Unites where Michael talks with Montville Township Women’s Club President and Vice President Alexandria Sarra & Mary Aann Henry. An important episode for Women's History Month and International Women's Day, as we discuss the Montville Township Women’s Club, it's role and history in the community, some of it's past activities with local and international impact, its importance to the advancement of advancing women's leadership within our community and thoughts on International Women's Day,
March 07, 2021
OneMontville Unites: Episode 11 - Christopher Butchko Holocaust discussion
Listen to our eleventh episode of OneMontville Unites where Michael and Bansari talk with Montville Township Highschool Holocaust history teacher Christopher Butchko on his approach to teaching holocaust history, its impacts on society and its relevancy today
February 21, 2021
OneMontville Unites: Episode 10 - Celebrating Black History Month
Listen to our tenth episode of OneMontville Unites where Michael and Bansari celebrate Black History Month and the inspirations of the talented women chronicled in the movie/book Hidden Figures and some of the pioneers breaking down barriers of their time in desegregating higher education.
February 07, 2021
OneMontville Unites: Episode 9 - guest - Maddie Tubbs
Listen to our ninth episode of OneMontville Unites where Michael and Bansari talk with Maddie Tubbs, Highschool student where we discuss the OneMontville "Who Inspires you" video series.  Sahana Natesan: Nelson Mandella Ryan Cortes: Alex Trebek Olivier Phanord: Toussaint L’ouverture Anya Sinha: Michelle Obama Matthew Kraut: Barack Obama Hannah Loren Bugarin: Malala Ian Vazquez: José M. Hernández Michael O’Brien: Martin Luther King Madeline Tubbs: Harriet Tubman Impressions and reactions to the videos, Harriet Tubman in particular. Resources in school, places people can learn more Videos available on OneMontville Instagram :
January 24, 2021
OneMontville Unites: Episode 8 - guest - Jeff Cupo
Listen to our eighth episode of OneMontville Unites where Michael and Bansari talk with Montville Township librarian Jeff Cupo. We talk about: Jeff's Role at the library, some of the special community programs the library has offered in the past and some that are coming up in general and also a little about their upcoming plans for Martin Luther King day In addition to the podcast content Jeff provided additional details about upcoming events at the Montville Township Public Library: Join Us for a Month of Service in Honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day! Martin Luther King Jr. Day is not just a day to remember Dr. King's accomplishments, it is also a day to remind and inspire us to continue doing good works. In this time of pandemic and uncertainty, helping hands are greatly in need. To help facilitate Dr. King's vision, the Montville Township Public Library is offering volunteer time this month for those in grades 6-12 who do good deeds for those in need, under the supervision of a parent or guardian. There are plenty of projects you can do from home while pandemic restrictions are still in place. These websites offer some safe and helpful suggestions: GenerationOn - Volunteer at Home Do Something Do Good from Home Please write a brief description of what you've done and about how long it took and email it to by 2/1. We look forward to seeing what everyone does!! Montville "Virtual" U: Inspiring African American Leaders Thursday, Feb. 4, 1 p.m. Celebrate African American History Month. Lecture by Rochelle Christopher of Victorian Vanities. Adults only. This program will be presented via Zoom. Registration required to receive login information. Please visit Montville Township Public Library page for more details and registration information 
January 10, 2021
OneMontville Unites: Episode 7 - Empathy and relationships
Maybe you've had one of those awful conversations that left you feeling anxious or you have a friend that is just too easily triggered - Listen to episode seven of OneMontville Unites where Michael and Bansari talk about you can use empathy to help you have better relationships with your family, friends and loved ones, even with difficult topics like Coronavirus or politics. 
December 27, 2020
OneMontville Unites: Episode 6 - Book Club
Listen to our sixth episode of OneMontville Unites where Michael and Bansari talk about the new OneMontville War for kindness book club and a little more about the benefits of empathy and emotional intelligence. 
December 13, 2020
OneMontville Unites: Episode 5 - guest - Bansari Shah
Listen to our fifth episode of OneMontville Unites where Michael and Guest Co-Host Shari Schwartz talk to Bansari Shah about Minimalism. We talk about: What minimalism is, ways it can help benefit your life, ways to engage during the holidays, how you can get started adopting minimalism a little at a time and resources for learning more.
November 30, 2020
OneMontville Unites: Episode 4 - guest - Michael King
Listen to our fourth episode of OneMontville Unites where Michael and Bansari talk with current Montville Kiwanis President Michael King. We talk about: What Kiwanis is, programs they have been involved in, current programs helping Montville township and the world and how you can get involved in building our community, become a member, volunteer or donate
November 15, 2020
OneMontville Unites: Episode 3 - guest - Aimee Puluso
Montville Township Health Office: Listen to our third episode where Michael and Bansari talk with Health Officer Aimee Puluso. We talk about: Aimee's background and credentials and her role in Montville Township's public health. We get an inside peak into many of the Health Office's important jobs including what's going on with the Pandemic & in particular with COVID. We learn about how contact tracing and reporting is done and let residents know where they can reach out for more information on volunteer or donation opportunities: Additional health related resources discussed in this episode: Montville Township Website: Health Department COVID-19 page: (updated daily) Board of Health page with monthly Health Department reports and COVID summaries: (updated monthly) Agenda Center page with information on all Township public meetings: Board of Health meetings are scheduled on the 2nd Monday evening of each month at 7:30pm, and until further notice are being held by Webex. Instructions to join the meeting are included on the agenda, which is posted on the Agenda Center page, and the Board of Health page.
November 01, 2020
OneMontville Unites: Episode 2 - guest - Andrew Caggiano
Policing in Montville Township: Listen to our second episode where Michael and Bansari talk with Chief of Police Andrew Caggiano. We talk about: Andrew's history in Montville Township His view on racism and responses to the OneMontville community Just Mercy event Information about police reform in New Jersey
October 18, 2020
OneMontville Unites: Episode 1 - guest - Rene Rovtar
Empathy and its role in our community: In our very first episode Michael and Bansari talk with Rene Rovtar Superintendent of Montville Township NJ Schools. We talk about Rene’s introduction to Montville Township, how OneMontville was started, our brand new podcast and the brand new article in TAP into Montville “Empathy and its role in the community”
October 05, 2020