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Jordan Gross on how you can get to your cloud nine. Ep 22

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By John Gora
A motivational podcast, inspired by John Gora "I Got You" Motivational and inspired Speakers and Leaders in brands culture and society, that is dedicated to sharing the remarkable stories of servant leaders who have lived truly memorable lives. This podcast will highlight their stories, share their journey's and inspire every listener to look into the mirror and ask themselves if they are living positively. Our purpose is to promote acceptance of diversity

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More places to listen

Leading like a parent Lubna Forzley-Badr on Onetalk Radio Podcast EP 29
Lubna is a proud mom of four! three amazing children, and worked hard to have a fourth baby, named ‘Stories’ ( , a boutique story-transformation consulting, which helps leaders create stories worth sharing. She has worked for more than 15 years in a leadership and managerial roles within International blue chip organisations and across various industries, including BNP Paribas, Coca-Cola, the United Nations Development Programme, and Bank of Montreal. She is an advocate for Women in Leadership positions, a strong believer in women and the precious role they play in making this world a better place. More about Lubna on Linked
September 1, 2019
Ep28 Part 2 The great meaning of mindfulness by Jahnavi Katti.
Jahnavi Katti discusses how challenges become part of a growth mindset and in the second part of Mindfulness talk!
July 10, 2019
EP 27 ; This is a great definition #mindfulness, from one of the great mindset coach, Jahnavi Katti
On this show we talk about different styles of mindset, The person taking us through this is our guest Jahnavi Katti Mindful Leadership Trainer / Coach / Mentor Since 20 years,helping corporate leaders with my expertise by facilitating and coaching for managing stress, conflicts, decision making, gaining clearer perspectives and Emotional Intelligence. She uses mindfulness tool She created “Doing vs. Being” to help her clients in Fortune 100-500 companies J P Morgan Chase HP, Siemens, Toyota, Samsung, Bosch, Hitachi, Tesco, LG Electronics to name a few in changing state of mind from “Doing” to “Being” where Doing flows out of the Being for a paradigm shift . For inquiries connect here she on LinkedIn as Jahnavi Katti.
July 10, 2019
EP 27 Debbie Yarbrough speaks about True Giving !
Giving has often times been a big question, especially when, how and who best to give. No one could explain this better than one who puts it into practice. A selfless giver who is truly blessing the world by helping #jobseekers find opportunities. Debbie is a payroll/HRFS analysts by profession You can enroll for a jobseekers posting at sponsored by Debbie Yarbrough.
July 1, 2019
Ep 26, Success in her own words, Falguni Katira Speaks to OneTalk podcast
Success has lots of definitions, today OneTalk podcast hosted A Marketer by profession and a digital story teller shares with us her story and the feel of success from her point of view! You can connect to Falguni on LinkedIn.
June 24, 2019
Ep 26 Leadership and sales by Lindsay E.Eke
Leadership is a tool that is used to propel any business in meeting its goals and targets, today our guest Lindsay Eke who is a project manager and a digital marketer explains to us how leadership impacts sales in an organization and much more about how he uses storytelling to promote brands in the world of digital marketing.
June 21, 2019
EP 25 Getting started on LinkedIn, My journey.
Getting started on LinkedIn doesn’t need a hand from most influential people on the same platform, but knowing your purpose and Giving more than Expecting to Receive. John Gora explains it on his journey to getting heard on LinkedIn and creating a great audience in The simplest way ever! You want to connect look out for me on LinkedIn; John Gora and let the journey begin.
June 12, 2019
Keeping Hope and a positive attitude to drive change!
Many times we lose hope just at the beginning of the true change because we might have worked so hard and tired without seeing positive results. True change happens right at the last drop of your energy. Follow me on Instagram and connect with on LinkedIn let’s make the world a beautiful place!
June 6, 2019
Putting your past as a Mirror of your today Ep 23
One talk podcast a rebrand from 1Nation Radio, with Host John Gora discusses how his life is Mirrored on his past and how that has been a greater factor to his achievements today and how others can take advantage of the same.
May 28, 2019
Jordan Gross on how you can get to your cloud nine. Ep 22
1NATION RADIO podcast with Host John Gora, welcomes Jordan Gross, a great energetic and successful young man guiding people to their Cloud Nine lives by helping them discover their true passions and purpose. By designing a creative, intensive, and FUN as he discussed with us today 13th May 2019 He is an author of a book called Getting COMFY: Your Morning Guide to Daily Happiness, a TEDx Speaker, founded multiple companies and organizations! If you want to start living your own cloud nine life, then visit below to hear stories, tips, and interviews of people living out their cloud nine moments, days, and lives! Send Jordan an email at and ask as many questions as you can about cloud nine.
May 13, 2019
Justin Nguyen:- How to become the person you admire. All you need is time management. EP 21
1Nation Radio #OnthedeskwithJohn hosted Justin Nguyen the CEO GetchoGrindUp and Co host Young and D.U.M.P Podcast as we speak about helping student realize what they wish to be through time management as well as learning how to stand out in a job market. Justin is on linked justindzuynguyen
April 24, 2019
W. Kevin Ward the CEO of WKW consulting Wll speaks about Servant leadership. Ep 20
1Nation Radio with John Gora A Professional Sports Commentator and Podcast host Welcomed, The CEO of WKW Consulting Wll as we discussed more about how one can develop as a leader or a follower within a given environment, and what it takes to be a servant leader.
April 17, 2019
Rahila Khan takes us through healing the world as compared to preaching peace part 2 EP 19
Rahila is an advocate of transformational leadership in self Family, Business and Health. This is a part two of what we shared it would be great to listen to first part episode 18 to get to understand this part well.
April 17, 2019
Rahila Khan Takes us through healing the world as compared to preaching peace! EP 18
12/4/19 Friday 1Nation Radio on#ThedeskWithJohn, hosted Rahila Khan an Ambassador for Leadership of Love in Education, Business, and Health. A Facilitator in Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence Programmes (personal and corporate) Internationally accredited Journey Practitioner Intuitive Coach Including Eco- Therapy for well- being -Re-engineering the DNA for New Humanity Founder: ISHQ Leadership Academy - coaching and mentoring- all age groups
April 12, 2019
Talk Business and personal life, bring branding out of the two #SexyBrilliant Tells it plainly EP 17
Today 6/4/19 Saturday, Devina Kaur , Founder The Sexy Brilliant Global Revolution speaks to 1Nation Radio On Business, personal life and branding out of the same to be successful. If you believe you should get connected to Devina’s network, follow her “LIKE,” the Sexy Brilliant messages of empowerment from the inside out, tag her and share her posts. When she notices you, She will surely add you to her network. Why? Because she also want to learn from you & your brilliance. ✨ She is a recognized “celebrity,” on all social media. Do add her on other platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram & Twitter. #DevinaKaur #SexyBrilliant
April 6, 2019
The reason behind FamTyme App by Founder Purvi Dave’s |EP 16
Get to know how a young woman translated her difficult early stages of life into a productive App (FamTyme) that will help you understand the emotional change in your littlest ones on and off your time Purvi is on linked as “Purvi-Sonia Dave” can as well be reached through her email address (
March 22, 2019
CEO Stand Up For It Initiative| Episode 15
#1NationRadio with John on the desk hosts the CEO and Founder of Stand Up for it initiative Samuel Oduor. Where he explains all about their mission and vision, with an aim of empowering and creating awareness of your involvement in a country’s economy.. to reach out to This organization
March 15, 2019
Hope as a rope of life| By John | Ep14
Life is a tree that is growing and for one to hang on it in whichever situation, there is need for the most important ropes of life; Hope and Faith, Hope as explained today tells it all how you can starts believing in yourself..... through these two ropes.
March 3, 2019
Youth leadership explained|Oluwayemi| EP 13
Today 27/02/2019 1NationRadio Podcast welcome Oluwayemi Odubote, from Nigeria... Mr Odubote is a solutions consultant in communication industry, solving queries and business related issues in the Banking, Agriculture, Oil and Gas, and Education sector in Africa. As a project manager for development, helping entrepreneurs build and transform theirs firms and a certified career and life coach that helps people grow and move to a higher and better level, he founded the #IMEYREACH aimed at providing mental empowerment training to young people between the ages of 15-24 on the dangers of non-violent cultism and how to avoid them as they transition into adulthood. Reach out to them on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram all under the Handle “ImeyReach”.
February 28, 2019
One-talk|Tr O J Okoth|Episode 10
What does it mean to struggle!!! Have you ever heard of being humbled by the circumstances within your surroundings....The answer to these questions ‘#onthedeskwithJohn’ as we host Mwalimu John Okoth aka Tr O J Okoth , a Kenyan teacher of English and Literature. Okoth is working with young leaders on matters of patriotism, leadership and integrity. With an aim of changing the future of African leadership. He has written three books: the Shells of poverty, Tears that spoke, Not just yet... Awaiting to be published and he will be starting his Masters Degree in September this year! Don’t Miss !!! Okoth can be reached through Facebook account Tr OJ Okoth Email:
February 19, 2019
One-talk| John Gora |Episode 9
Today 10/02/19. John Gora A Security Surveillance Professional, a Sports Commentator and Podcast Host with 1Nation Radio, takes it step by step on How a person would best stand a chance to deserve a helping hand.
February 10, 2019
One-talk| John Gora | Episode 8
Today 5/02/19 1Nation Radio Host John Gora A Professional Security Surveillance Officer, a Sports Commentator and Podcast Host Talks about being Thankful to what you are and what you have . He explains how the world has been turned to negativity and suffering, uses the opportunity to bring out light to reason why everyone must be thankful for anything they posses and pass through for success to be realized
February 5, 2019
One-talk| Keya Kyea | Episode7
Sun3|2|2019 .John Gora, Security Surveillance Professional, Sports Commentator and a Podcast Host, Welcomes Keya Kyea to 1Nation Radio Podcast Interview as we discuss the meaning of #oneNation Initiative. "Keya Is a Language teacher, a music artist and the co-founder of #OneNation with myself. We have a group of 6 ambassadors who will grow into 11 very soon" links to connecting to Keya’s Music and links for getting to reach her 👇. 1. Music in free streaming: LinkedIn🔆-keya-p-a847ab20
February 3, 2019
One-talk| Peter |Episode 6
John Gora, Professional Surveillance Officer, Sports Commentator and Podcast Host welcomes Peter Mkwawa a Tanzanian humanitarian and technologist to 1Nation Radio. Peter is experienced and passionate in writing, educating and training which is all about sharing knowledge. Worked as a volunteer with various humanitarian organizations like #AFROKID, #LHRC(Legal human rights centre) #WFP (World food programme) contributing to making the world a better place. Peter plans to be a professional technologist, software engineer and leverage technology to reach out to the marginalized and provide them with better health services, improve their living standards in general which is very vital for sustainable development. Contact Peter on social media through Peter Mukwawa as his handle across the platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram)
February 2, 2019
One-talk| Kristine Tomzik |Episode 5
1Nation today 31|01|2019. John Gora, a Professional Surveillance Officer, who is also a sports Commentator and a Podcast Host welcomes Kristine Tomzik, #1NationRadio Tonight at 7:00 pm Hosts Kristine Tomzik Health and clinical records compliance and privacy consultant an Interim leader and a mentor. Works and lives in Chicago USA. Kristine Assists executive leadership and Board of Directors to understand the intent of applicable state and federal laws and regulations • Collaborates with executive leadership, key stakeholders and departments across the organization to resolve a compliance or privacy issue. • Perform compliance and privacy gap analyses, risk assessments and provide remediation recommendations • Helps healthcare organizations prepare for accreditation surveys, which assess compliance with minimum quality standards, or state and federal certification audits which assess compliance with quality and patient care regulations referred to as Conditions of Participation. In the event deficiencies are found, work with the organization to develop, implement and monitor an effective corrective action plan. • Provides interim compliance or privacy leadership to healthcare organizations during times of extended sick leaves, vacations or position vacancies. • Speaks publicly on topics specific to compliance, privacy and healthcare fraud. I truly enjoy what I do. It is challenging and the laws and regulations are always changing. No 2 clients are ever alike, and we enjoy learning from each other. The best life lesson I ever learned started with my mom, and has evolved over my career, be slow to anger, judge and speak, be quick to forgive, let go of grudges and listen and avoid unnecessary negativity and drama. My greatest achievement has been my passion for life-long learning. Some people joke that I have more letters after my name than in my name. I’m not done with getting certifications yet! I’m working on getting US Privacy and GDRP Data Privacy Officer certifications in 2019! Want to learn more? Contact me at or or Follow me on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Watch for my Tomzik Consulting website coming soon!
January 31, 2019
Why One-talk in Swahili language
The episode explains how to listen to podcast, the channels involved and generally why I started the podcast
January 26, 2019
How we intend to empower our listeners (Youths, women and marginalized communities)
John Gora, a Professional Security Surveillance Officer who is also a sports journalist and a podcast host at #OneNation Radio Podcast, takes it steps by steps on his road map on how he plans to use podcast streaming to empower, inspire and motivate youths to step out and use what they have to change their lives.
January 25, 2019
Why One-talk
John Gora, a Professional Security Surveillance Officer who is also a sport journalist and a podcast host at One Nation Radio Podcast uses personal life experiences to explain why he decided to launch 🚀 a podcast to reach out to Youths, women and marginalized communities in a way to empower, inspire and motivate these groups to realize their selfworth within the society.
January 25, 2019
The Birth of One-talk
OneNation Podcast just been launched by the sole podcaster John Gora. Who is working across the globe spreading the good news of unity and appreciation of diversity, by pushing for unity and fight against discrimination of any nature. This episode gives a brief message on what OneNation Radio is all about listen and learn!!!!💥✨💥
January 24, 2019
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