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Motivated Podcast

By Motivated
The Motivated podcast has emerged as the #1 podcast dedicated to the topic of motivation, which is hosted by Dalia Strum who is an educator on Digital Marketing and Business Strategy at The Fashion Institute of Technology and Pablo Henderson, CMO of XpresSpa Group. We feature impressive thought leaders and industry experts where we discuss what they’re working on, some of the strategies they’re deploying, how they continuously shift their mindset and most importantly how they’re keeping themselves as well as the people around them motivated.
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Motivated Podcast

Opening New Doors with Michelle Sutter, VP of Sales at Holland America
00:36 Intro 01:11 Michelle Sutter- VP of Sales Holland America 02:26 Life at Sea 02:39 British Columbia 03:38 Translating 04:12 I never sold 04:57 It isn't selling if you are sharing stories 05:32 The intersections of dominant themes 06:50 Tell a good story 07:48 A series of different stories 09:00 Aspiring for higher levels of leadership 09:31 Storytelling as a visual tool 09:56 Becoming the leader you never had 10:41 Managing vs Leading 12:38 Understanding the team members you are in service to 13:03 You're a Motivator 14:06 Building Culture 14:42 Snacks 15;30 Everybody Matters- Bob Chapman 16:44 Growth Mindset 18:05 Thinking Differently 18:22 External innovation 18:57 Work Human 20:12 Implement tangible takeaways 21:33 Clear intentions 22:07 A Cultural shift 22:52 Resistance 23:15 A learning circle 23:50 Carole Dwight- Mindset 25:25 Don't bring business cards 26:32 Making Connections 28:13 What would i do differently 29:58 Lack of self-awareness 30:19 Unintended consequences 32:02 Negative events with possible outcomes 32:30 The happiness advantage 34:20 Infinite positivity 35:33 A habit towards gratitude 36:35 Opportunity 37:29 Embracing change 37:57 Broadcasting happiness 39:56 Books as wine 40:29 The power lead 42:31 Fact checking 42:59 Contagious optimism 44:22 Rainbows and unicorns 46:13 Staying anchored 46:27 C.A.R.E 48:10 Personal Advisory Board 49:24 Ruffle some feathers 50:09 Radical shift
July 20, 2022
Choosing Happiness with Tia Graham, Certified Chief Happiness Officer · Arrive At Happy
00:34  Intro 01:01 Fireside Live 01:15 Arrive at Happy 01:24 Chief Happiness Officer 01:54 Tia Graham 02:37 A happy childhood 03:34 Choose to be happy 03:50 Three bad years 04:02 You can choose happiness 05:14 Balancing 05:55 Changing your thinking 06:19 The actions you take 06:49 Intention vs Attention 07:02 Space for three things 08:54 Rainbow colors 09:34 We allow work to fill our spaces 10:18 Work vs Anxiety 12:13 Leaders impact families 14:36 Life work integration 17:13 Honoring 18:52 It's not about hours 19:54 Privilege 21:00 Data and Productivity 23:22 Big Brother 25:27 Seasonal Happiness 26:10 Part of, not separate 26:54 What's your name, what do you do 27:54 Contagious emotions 30:08 Mirror neurons 31:11 Ripple effects 31:23 Negativity bias 33:40 Not designed to find joy 38:25 Helping other 39:24 Vacation days 46:03 Opening your eyes to travel 46:44 Investing in experiences 47:22 Hedonic treadmill 48:02 The progress principle 50:39 Motivation with a shot of dopamine 53:29 Atomic Habits 53:44 Remember you are mortal
May 04, 2022
Start with ‘what’ THEN ‘why’? with Denise Russo from SAP Global VP, Head of Enablement & Readiness
00:35 Intro 01:31 Denise Russo- Head of Enablement- SAP 02:34 Welcome 02:48 The Tabernacle 03:10 FunkJazz Kafé 03:51 Retraining the brain 04:22 Olympics, Atlanta 04:52 Planet Hollywood 07:32 Music and Art 08:04 Arrested Development 09:10 Soundtrack of our lives 11:03 Music and Hotels 12:12 Rewire the brain 13:11 Vibrations 13:47 Pharrell Williams- Happy 15:00 Playing the Clarinet 15:28 Music Business 16:02 University of Florida 17:10 Michael Green- Recording Academy 18:06 Were my motivations wrong? 19:20 Motivated 20:18 Managing a large team 21:12 Lyrics to songs 22:25 Fear of Loss or Desire to gain 23:41 Low vibrations 24:17 Tranquility 26:06 Intentions 27:19 Sound Baths 28:27 Nuach 28:55 When you're on time 29:40 Can't get time back 30:14 A minute to arrive 30:29 Switch tasking 31:40 Miles Davis 35:15 Run of Show 36:34 Start with What then Why 37;17 A call to action 39:48 A waste of time 41:39 Rest In 42:52 Ikigai 44:10 Pathways to tranquility 46:21 Worship 47:30 Dissonance or Congruence 49:21 This is Us 51:43 Coach Pat Williams 53:10 Never look back...
March 03, 2022
Dedication, Perseverance, Commitment... Breathe with Michelle Edgar- Head of Partnerships LiveXLive
00:35 Intro and welcome 01:09 Michelle Edgar- Head of Partnerships LiveXLive 01:31 Re-inventing yourself 02:11 Northwestern 02:49 Los Angeles and the Entertainment Industry 03:15 Finding a new me, the inner athlete 03:50 Passion for music 04:30 Few regrets 06:14 East Coast vs East Coast 07:30 Age and stage of life 08:50 Women's Empowerment 09:26 Why do you make time ? 10:20 The XX Project 12:43 Finding Motivation 13;03 The discipline of a concert pianist 13:49 Follow the music 14:40 Being curious, Being Open and Learning 15:26 UCLA Law Degree 16:00 Running towards a life force 17:23 Losing a parent 18:46 A different perspective and a new set of tools 19:54 An investment in myself 20:38 Ask your support system 21:18 Self-Love 21:31 Figuring out your end goal 22:56 Embrace your passions 24:07 Soledad O'Brien 25:18 Lose 30 pounds 26:48 Not being too proud 28:33 Tomorrow becomes the day after 31:31 a mile a day 32:01 Hungry to see other like minded people 32:58 Just one step forward 33:39 A glimmer of hope 34:28 It's not the age, it's the stage 34:44 Seeing improvement 36:57 All-American 38:44 Group run... 39:30 Commitment - a key ingredient to Motivation 41:28 You train all day for a few seconds 42:21 Procrastination 46:41 Polish 47:23 Immigrant mindset 48:31 Balancing it all 48:44 Sleep 49:07 A morning person 49:41 Adjust your systems 52:02 Companies that accept all of you 52:33 Dedication, Perseverance, Commitment... Breathe
December 22, 2021
Disrupt yourself with Bestselling Author, Scott Miller
00:45 Intro 01:35 Scott Miller- Author 02:29 Colossal understatement 03:16 I left my job 03:48 19 Books 04:19 Go where the love is... 05:09 Tsunami of turnover 06:04 Disrupt Yourself 06:52 Find a new audience 08:03 When do you know you are ready 08:30 Fearless but reckless 10:08 When to plant and when to harvest 11:22 Don't let yourself be disrupted, disrupt yourself. 12:41 Fire yourself 13:00 Personal Brand 14:14 You are responsible for your career 16:14 Feedback is a gift 17:17 A lack of self-awareness 17:51 Recruit and Retain talent 21:58 Emotional Intelligence 24:42 Courage 25:06 Pre-Forgiven 28:52 Inspiring and Motivating environment 30:52 A servant Leader 31:22 Be a Genius Maker 34:04 Emergent Strategy 36:20 we are all in the same storm, we are not in the same boat 39:23 Whole life 40:16 Check-in, don't check on 42:39 You can treat people differently but fairly 48:18 Friending Up 52:05 Marketing Mess 53:57 Kill or be Killed or Win-win 60:00 Master Mentors
October 20, 2021
Leading leaders with Amanda Baldwin, CEO of Supergoop
00:54 Intro 01:34 Amanda Baldwin, Supergoop 02:14 A turbulent time 02:57 The sun is still shining 04:29 Gratitude vs Guilt 05:32 Personal learnings 06:09 Where there's a will there's a way 06:26 Mental choices 06:38 Thrive vs Survive 06:52 Importance of leadership choices 07:41 the importance of small choices 08:26 Scott Miller - Management Messes 09:41 Work from home 10:05 We love big decisions 10:21 Deciding to Win 11:25 Get your head in the game 13:05 Being a parent was . agift 14:02 What I can control 14:24 Poised to Pounce 15:10 Sustaining the mental shift 15:57 This is a marathon 16:20 Pressure is a privilege 17:38 Leaders don't have all the answers 18:46 Nothing happens in isolation 20:15 Brands are people too 21:18 No right or wrongs 21:59 Trust to not have the answers 22:35 Energy, Smiles, Laughter...the right indicators 23:37 We sell sunshine 24:15 How are people going to feel 25:43 Work is a collaborative effort 27:36 Never take anything as final 29:43 Subtle cues 31:45 Emotional investment 32:34 Just listening and giving space 37:17 Looking for the macro 37:59 Responding top what you don't want to hear 39:44 Honing in on skills 41:30 Listen before you speak 41:57 Feedback is a gift 43:50 Self awareness 45:34 Team dynamics 46:57 Leading a group of leaders 47:33 Getting out of the way 48:20 Ignorance can be bliss 49:56 Morning run 50:42 Processing without inputs 51:47 Re-tooling 53: 17 Learning to juggle 55:28 Find what you naturally love then do more of it 59:11 Leadership style is about adjusting to individuals 59:56 If you want to make everybody happy, sell ice cream 61:00 It's lonely at the top 63:00 A coach and a leader 63:44 Re-apply...sunscreen. 66:00 The best is yet to come. 67:00 Change is gonna come.
September 01, 2021
Each touchpoint is an opportunity with special guest David Spisak, President and CEO of Disruptive Growth Solutions
00:35 Intro and Welcome 02:02 Partner, Investor, Software, Winery, Restaurateur, Blockchain, Philanthropist 02:21 Entrepreneur- creative thinker, logic driven 02:59 If everyone is running to the left, I'm running to the right 04:30 Brian Benstock 05:07 It's easier to climb Mt. Everest than it is to live up there. 06:20 Did they check the box? 06:47 You need to have a mission 07:40 Finding the right people 08:37 High expectations 09:42 You can't be high energy at work, and lethargic in other areas. 13:21 Hospitality: each touchpoint is an opportunity 13:32 I go out every day in the hope that I leave everybody better than I found them 14:19 You have two choices 14:54 Everybody just got an upgrade 16:03 Investment in the long term 16:32 Good problem solvers 17:01 Empathy 18:03 Merely a transaction 19:04 Live and let live 20:45 Everybody is going to sleep X amount of hours 21:10 The hours in between you are either making money or spending money 22:42 Patience, discipline, empathy 23:08 Take a seat at the bar 23:41 What's your story 26:30 Biz Dev vs Sales 28:25 Whatever's on your inside comes out 28:30 Authenticity above all 29:59 Childlike qualities 30:43 Curiosity create Motivation 31:18 Rejection 32:26 Attraction vs Action 32:47 Irrational optimist 33:04 We don't get what we want, we get what we expect 34:31 Environmental Factors 36:38 Recapture, Retain ,Relive your youth 38:34 Dress for success 38:50 Fake it until you make it 44:53 Raising philanthropists 47:06 Inspiration will get you off the sofa, motivation will make you do something...commitment
August 04, 2021
Law of Attraction vs Action with Jason Schulweis, Head of Brand Partnerships at Morning Brew
00:36    Welcome 00:52    Jason- Morning Brew 01:22    Connecting Dots- Michigan 02.07    Tom Brady 02:22    Duncan Robinson 03:04    Connecting the Dots- the same group 03:35    Background 04:11    2008 Graduated then Yahoo 04:32    Thrillist then Live Nation 04:48    MediaLink then Morning Brew 05:25    Michigan Connection 05:25    CRO 06:42    Growing from 3 to 35 06:52    Email Company vs Newsletter 07:59    Delivered Media- 1 to 1 08:30    Law of Attraction vs Action 09:10    Trust 10:20    The Evolution of Media Companies 11:06    Dynamic Networking 11:54    Collecting Dots 12:51    Collecting Experiences 14:14    Meaningful Conversations 14:40    Being more intentional 15:11    Chance favors the prepared mind 15:53    E.O.S Model 16:33    Traction 17:34    Three Uniques 20:12    Thriving during the pandemic 21:24    Hiring solves a lot of problems 22:49    Culture fit vs Culture Add 23:06    Curiosity as a core value 23:54   Mapping against kindness 24:18   Not just hiring for the now 25:00   Building Culture 27:40   Purpose and Mission 28:54   Constructive Tension 29:47   Embracing growing pains 30:28   Multi-dimensional empathy 34:21   Motivation and Tonality 35:06   Rise and Grind 36:21    Fun 37:07    Carpe Diem 39:54   2.7 M 40:15   Quantity of Quality 42:43   Gamestop, Elon Musk and Bitcoin 44:22   How do you stay Motivated 47:17   It's been hard 50:51   When the words match the actions.
April 06, 2021
Motivated to make Magic with Katie Hunt, Co-founder of Showfields
01:10 Prize Guest- Katie Hunt 01:57 Night Classes at FIT 02:34 What motivated you to take extra classes 03:13 Working with your hands 04:11 The brain works in crazy ways 04:48 Not living up to my purpose 05:09 Becoming a weird entrepreneur 05:30 Warby Parker 06:07 100 day challenge 07:00 Feeling out of control 07:41 Showfields- the elevator pitch 08:43 A place where artists can play 09:42 External factors 10:30 Deep sadness 11:23 How do we re-invent c-commerce 12:16 Power vs Panic 13:21 Now what 14:09 Team 15:02 What are the assets 16:02 2020 Vision 17:06 Higher Meaning- Magic 19:30 They see how hard you're working 20:36 Life isn't perfect 21:28 American Express 23:15 Is this Karma? 23:54 150 Brands in 3 years 24:20 3 Qualifications 24:49 Mission Driven, Well Made, Innovative 25:48 Keeping the team motivated 26:51 Let them Run 28:05 P.T Barnum of retail 28:24 Curation is queen 29:58 Getting to tell a great story 30:46 An optimist at heart
October 15, 2020
Don't be the genius, be the genius maker with Scott Miller, EVP, thought leadership at FranklinCovey
In this Motivated episode, we speak with leadership author, speaker and podcast host Scott Miller about digging your well before you're thirsty, owning your mess and friending up. 00:36 Intro 00:59 Scott Miller 01:29 How did you get started 02:34 Seeing something in you that you couldn't see in yourself 03:30 Leadership Podcast 04:31 Fail Fast 05:20 Franklin Covey 06:32 Young, hungry and a little arrogant 07:38 Utah 08:56 The irony of being identified as a leader 10:05 Not everyone should be a leader of people 11:36 Rage: David Epstein 13:22 Management mess to success 15:11 Don't be the genius be the genius maker 17:15 You create culture with every interaction 17:39 Relationships between people are the company's greatest asset 19:09 No involvement, no commitment 20:34 Six Sigma 21:42 Run with your strengths 24:19 Adapt what is right for you 25:06 What brings you joy? 26:24 Dig your well before you're thirsty 27:44 Show some courage 28:13 Go where the love is 30:26 People are cowards 31:09 I blame me 33:00 When you own your mess you make it safe for others 34:02 People aren't bad people, they're just people 34:50 Uncharted waters 35:01 Abundance mentality vs Scarcity 37:04 Check on instead of check-in 38:55 Treat people the way they want to be treated 40:26 How did you become an author? 43:17 Short-term, mid-term, long-term goals 44:12 Stillness is the key! 46:59 Friend Up
July 30, 2020
When you keep going, you'll motivate others with Samantha Saperstein who leads Women on the Move for JP Morgan Chase
We sat down to chat with Samantha Saperstein who leads Women on the Move for JP Morgan Chase. Samantha shared thoughts about ambition, forgiving yourself and urged us to "Keep going!" and reminded everybody that by keeping going you'll motivate others. 00:38 Intro 01:08 Samantha Saperstein 02:01 Women on the Move 02:13 Fueling female ambition 02:35 Women in business 03:08 Female consumer education 03:32 Female employee engagement 04:00 Ambition 04:43 Women are ambitious 05:30 Lean in 06:35 Natural born leaders 08:05 Learning from bad leaders 09:11 Intrapreneurship vs Entrepreneurship 12:27 You don't have to follow the job description 13:46 Do you generally feel supported 15:30 Extract something new 17:34 Do you need to feel valued 18:03 Creating something that hasn't been conceived of yet 19:02 Personal discovery 19:52 Fail fast 21:48 Right time, right place 22:30 Running towards failure...risk 24:45 Financial health is part of physical health 27:12 Translating your passion to business 28:21 Providing a sense of community 29:02 A board of directors for yourself 30:59 Personal Spnsors 31:42 Diversity of thought leadership 32:12 Cultivate relationships 33:57 Reverse mentoring 35:59 Professionals as parents 37:30 Going back to work after having a child 38:04 Drop the notion of perfection 39:51 Trade-off 41:21 Design your own career 43:19 Forgive yourself 45:25 Girls.Inc 48:17 JP Morgan Chase 49:36 Alexa Flash Briefings
July 15, 2020
Making mistakes and learning from others with Davis Smith, Founder & CEO of Cotopaxi
We chatted with Davis Smith, Founder & CEO of Cotopaxi (a B-Corp). about being motivated by the urgency to do good, not getting discouraged and making a major impact. 00:40 Welcome 01:08 Introducing Davis 02:05 Cotopaxi 02;28 Growing up in Ecuador 03:12 Building a brand that would inspire adventure 03:30 Lamas 04:01 Spirit Animal 04:12 B-Corp 06:52 Giving Back 08:24 Business Benefits 09:04 Retaining talent 09:55 Making mistakes 12:54 Courage and leaps of faith 13:19 Importance of community 14:40 The most generous State 15:45 Talking about others instead of yourself 16:44 Refugees 21:26 Remnant material masks 22:00 #ONEUTAH 22:31 Questival Quarantine 23:43 Do good challenge 24:11 Edgar 28:52 Three annual salaries in a few days 29:18 Outdoors indoors 30:12 Making an Impact 31:20: $10 to see somewhere new 32:12 Not getting discouraged 33:22 Looking for the beautiful things in life 35:02 18 Years 35:46 urgency as a motivator 36:50 Healthcare, Education, Livelihood Training 38:20 Calm, Cool, Collected 39:09 Fear focused C.E.O 39:22 Un-focused C.E.O 39:42 Strategy focused C.E.O 41:37 Doing good is good for business 42:54 What are people buying? 45:11 Traffic on the trails 46:05 Back to our roots 46:36 Uplifting message 47:31 Motivated by others 51:20 Do good and good will find you 52:05 Alexa Flashbriefing 52:38 Helping others 54:22 The desire to create
July 01, 2020
Cooking as therapy with dessert innovator, culinary influencer and accessories designer, Chefanie
We spoke to Chefanie about her recipe for life, cooking as therapy, the kitchen as a metaphor for life, taking sanity walks, learning the rules before you break them and keeping your balance by staying in motion. 00:45   Intro 01:15 . Chefanie 02:30   Bringing lunch to hospitals 03:12   Quarantine cooking hotline 03:33   Two speeds 03:55   Kinetic Energy 04:42   Food and Motivation 05:01   Food Allergies 05:44   Edible flowers 06:51   Closer to the kitchen 08:06   Setting the table 08:25   Food as mindfulness 08:52   Delegate 09:50   Dressing up the table 11:01   Dressing up the table 13:32   Cooking as a metaphor 14:11   Cooking therapy 15:24   Learn the rules before you break them 17:12   Sanity walks 17:40   Beauty in everyday things 18:39   In search of lost time 19:50   Beauty raising mood 20:39   How you choose to look at things matters 21:52   Decluttering the mind 22:50   Birdwatching 23:57   Observation of detail 24:50   Feeding the troops 25:51   Keep Pedaling 27:35   Comfort food 29:59   Baking bread 30:29   Food and Motivation 32:00   Tasting is snacking 33:57   Energy levels 37:05   Organic- you can only do your best 38:51   In the name of Covid 40:06   Re-Use and Re-Cycle 41:09   Re-growing food 42:00   Wasting less as reform 42:41   Victory Gardens 44:09   The next generation 45:58   Effort 47:47   Winning the first battle of the day 50:10   Inspiration through routine
June 25, 2020
Leading by example with Dave and Connor, the Founders of Priority Bikes
We spoke to Dave and Connor- owners of Priority Bikes about the nostalgia of bicycles, looking at time differently during Covid-19, finding balance and prioritizing good customer service. 00:36 Welcome 01:05 We also get to invite friends 02:44 the Story behind Priority 03:52 Low maintenance bike 05:17 101 on bicycles 05:34 Business during Covid-19 06:12 Full time job + parenting 06:52 A small team by design 08:42 Motivated by nostalgia 09:50 Bikes = Freedom 11:03 Transportation 12:02 Hard to ride a bike and not smile 12:30 Changing user behavior 13:42 Checking a lot of boxes 14:52 Scratching the uncertainty itch 15:46 White glove and contactless 12:11 The first emotion 19:09 New segments online 20:40 Time- looking at it differently 21:55 What are the questions people are asking 22:44 Craziest customer stories 24:32 Feeling good 25:15 E-bikes 28:49 Prioritizing 29:21 Working virtually 30:30 Stand up call 32:38 Supply chain 34:36 Tips for riding in the city 36:00 37:20 Highly motivated 38:56 People spreading good 40:38 What will happen when things come back 41:10 Thinking ahead - thinking about the future 41:58 You don't work at a bike company to get rich 43:10 Building Community 43:58 Leading by example 44:50 The rules are really simple 45:36 Who is doing it well? 46:16 People don't like uncertainty 47:22 Showing that you're active 48:10 Balance 51:34 Commuting with kids 54:53 Alexa Flash Briefings 58:16 Everybody on the team is Motivated
June 17, 2020
This is a Marathon not a Sprint with Erik Huberman | CEO of Hawkemedia (your outsourced CMO)
In this Episode, Erik talks to us about coming to terms with the idea that you are in a battle. He explains the concept of S.O.O and why being aggressive isn't a bad thing and why you should be on the attack. But he also reminds us that this is a Marathon and not a Sprint and finds way to remain persistent and to stay Motivated by welcoming the weekend, everybody goes through waves and the worst position might actually be the best. 1:30  intro 2:31  if you could have any superpower 3:00  deepest depths of the ocean or outer space? 3:53  one you must have during Covid-19 4:30  cell phone or computer 5:20  why you shouldn't pause your marketing? 6:29  why does all the marketing look the same? 7:16  the Land Rover Ad- award winning 8:20  the worst position might be the best 10:05 context is crucial 12:38 looking to the horizon 13:50 people wanted confidence 14:25 the future: all marketing is aspirational 15:45 Equinox Hotel 16:25 Is this a blip or D-Day? 16:53 people wearing masks is going to be a thing 18:40 Alternatives to Amazon: Is this an opportunity? 21:00 a vast majority of people are still working 21:10 re-tool or re-invent 22:50 you should be on offense 22:45 recession vs Covid-19 26:15 tone deaf campaigns 28:00 business insights...use them 31:00 small, agile, nimble: this is when it works 32:30 e-commerce post Covid-19 34:00 digital fatigue 34:42 Tik Tok still very young 35:26 SMS Marketing, owning your audience 37:00 sell through nurturing 37:45 S.O.O (Stay on Offense) 38:30 Are you really motivated? 39:45 This is a battle! 41:50 Rhone: Brand for Better 45:38 when you are at your lowest 46:08 what has Motivated you to wake up 46:58 can Erik predict the future? 48:00 Groundhog Day 48:51 playing the Saxophone 49:39 Peloton Conference calls 49:53 make the best of it 51:05 welcoming the weekends 52:54 keeping your team motivated 55:18 positive reinforcement from the Navy SEALS 55:57 Amazon Alex Flash Briefing
June 01, 2020
Finding equilibrium and efforting less with Sara Rodell founder of COVID Tech Connect and Loop & Tie
Sara talks to us about the equilibrium of giving and receiving, the flow of gifting and letting her work flow through her. She shares her insights around efforting less, the power of showing up and letting go of a narrative of control during COVID-19. 00:35 Intro 00:55 Loop & Tie 01:48 Motivated- what is it that's different 02:31 What drives behavior change 02:43 A narrative of control 03;03 Predictability 03:41 Should vs Could 04:11 Meditation 04:40 Effort- Less 05:56 A calmer leader 06;29 Coherence 07:50 You don't need a reason to take a step back 09:11 Covid tech Connect 09:58 Loop and Tie - the business of gifting 12:53 Quirky Gifts 15:39 What makes a gift different 17:21 Connection more important than ever 18:20 Gifting without Expecting 19:00 Recipocity 19:20 The flow of giving and receiving 20:43 Receiving is a gift 22:18 Gifts aren't always good 23:35 The gift of communication 24:20 A priceless gift 26:18 How do you motivate 28:18 Missing big dates 30:38 Showing Up 31:21 Feels like a mission 31:59 Being motivated as a human 33:44 Wellness: the most popular category during Covid-19 36:32 The problem you are solving for 37:00 Tablets for hospitals 38:00 The tipping point 39:25Feeling helpless 40:45 Finding Equilibrium: a team effort 42:07 How many Slack channels can I name 42;24 Do More, Effort Less 43:00 Mindfulness bullshit 44:00 My work flows through me 45:10 Old School 46:00 Create moments of feeling vulnerability where you can offer it and receive it
May 27, 2020
Content creation on TikTok with Josh Richards (who has 16M followers) and Michael Senzer, head of business development at TalentX
TalentX is a 360-degree talent development company, where they focus on digital creatives - specifically on TikTok and Youtube. Josh Richards, a TikTok star with over 16M followers, and Michael Senzer, head of TalentX’s business development join us to discuss why these are such coveted platforms and how brands could get value by bridging the gap with products/experiences and some of their featured talent. In this episode of Motivated our guests talk about the responsibility that comes with celebrity, navigating social media and Tik Tok specifically, the creative process, working with brands and hacking the algorithms while staying Motivated and being authentic. Why Motivated? 3:56 Motivation Advice from a Tik Tok celebrity 4:28 With power comes Responsibility 5:00 Tweaking your message during Covid-19 6:05 Work-life and home-life 6:45 Musicly to Tik Tok for Brands 7:30 Zoom as a Verb 10:35 Josh describes Tik Tok to an Alien 11:30 The For You page algorithm 12:19 Not a Prefect Equation 14:26 How should brands engage with Tik Tok 15:10 Trust the creative process 17:16 Hacking the algorithm 22:00 30-50 million views 24:00 The death of Vine 25:53 Creating and inspiration 27:00 Go, go, go 29:28 The next Myspace? No Fear! 30:19 Sway House 32.16 A safe place 34:30 Sponsorship 37:00 Anything you’re not proud of 38:07 Don’t be a walking billboard 42:00 Working together 45:28 Staying Motivated 49:05
May 05, 2020
Building community and trust in the DTC ecosystem with Nate Checketts founder of Rhone
This is the first podcast of the Motivated C19 series where co-hosts Dalia Strum, Founder of RethinkConnect and Pablo Henderson, VP of Marketing at Equinox Hotels feature guests who are inspiring others and are working on initiatives that embrace motivation. They are focused on connecting with thought leaders and industry experts where they discuss what they’re working on, some of the strategies they’ve deployed during this time, how they’ve shifted their mindset and most importantly how they’re keeping themselves as well as the people around them motivated. This episode featured Nate Checketts, the founder of Rhone where they discussed the Brands x better initiative that he launched and the criteria for brands to get involved. He learned early on that "the cheerleader approach" wasn’t the right approach. “By giving a false sense of optimism, then I lose credibility as a leader.” They had to make changes and adapt based on the current state of affairs. His immediate response was "sitting back and waiting for someone else to solve these problems forces us to give up the ability to do good." They needed to come from a place of “We got this. Let’s lock arms and find ways to lean on each other” We discussed Stephen Covey's The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People where relationships are like emotional bank accounts. You make deposits and you make withdrawals. "My hope is that I made enough deposits into our collective emotional bank accounts that it would keep our relationship balance in the positive." He left us with a few challenges: Do your own self analysis. Think about what motivates you.  Write down a list of your favorite moments that have happened in your life and when you’re feeling down, pull out that list and think about how it lifts you “life’s greatest moments list” Get to bed early (not 8 hours of sleep) early to bed and early to rise Remember to smile, tell your body to show you’re happy Find a small piece of poetry and memorize it. When I’m having a difficult moment, those words come into my mind. The content you choose to put into your brain will be with you when you’re challenged.  Pick a poem that you love and spend time memorizing it and let those words sink into your mind. Hope you enjoyed this episode, please subscribe and stay tuned on linkedin and instagram for additional updates.
April 16, 2020
Facilitating change in new environments
This episode features James Rosenman and his journey to becoming CEO of Andrus on Hudson along with how he focuses on exploring new revenues and vision planning the future
December 05, 2019
Collaboration instead of competition with Jarrett McGovern Co-Founder of RISE Brewing Co
This discussion with Jarrett McGovern discusses his passion for entrepreneurship and knowing when to highlight their major differentiating factor 5:20 The roar  6:14 Waited 2 months to name their product  8:35 Build trust  14:15 There’s no such things as luck, you create your opportunities  16:38 Starbucks launched nitro coffee, and it was the best thing ever for them  17:12 The importance of owning the nitro (nitrogen) aspect in their verbiage and marketing  20:15 There’s so much opportunity in this space, it’s important to look at it through a lens of collaboration instead of competition  23:05 Highlight your differentiating factor  31:20 Sometimes it’s good to be naive  34:24 Know when to hold em and know when to fold em
November 13, 2019
How advertising and marketing campaigns can align with Social Good
This discussion features Scott Carlton from Saatchi and Saatchi Wellness where we discuss the importance of Social Good and how they apply in the campaigns they choose to work on. 6:50 Saatchi and purpose driven company 7:17 Feel something, do something 9:28 When data should be evaluated and applied 12:03 Rethinking spaces + creating meaningful solutions 12:29 Advertising has changed 13:09 Having Empathy for others 13:11 Embracing our losses so we can learn from them 18:44 The true meaning of Wellness 25:44 Yes + 26:15 Sometimes tech isn't the answer
November 06, 2019
What is Phygital and how does it apply to games?
This podcast with Jon Bobrow from Move38, we discuss how gaming is the number one activity to do online, starting a business and some lessons he picked up along the way, the How to make (almost) anything class at MIT and also his newly released tabletop game "Blinks" 
October 30, 2019
Discussion about the Cannabis Industry with David Cunic
Failure to plan is planning to fail.  Topics from Today's Episode: 1:36 Creating content in an industry gets you closer to the inner workings 3:20 Discussion around advisors + consultants 4:50 The differences between canibus and hemp 5:45 What can be made with hemp? 9:55 60-75% of CBD companies will go out of business within the next 24 months 15:42 Craft companies to pay attention to 17:26 Suggestions on best practices starting a cannabis company 18:22 Branding branding branding 21:32 Dr. Craig Flowerpower coffee - teaching other people about the break downs of cannabis 22:05 Ansilary companies are being created 26:08 Who’s your target and what are your top sku’s? 28:20 Decide how you would do your marketing 28:52 B2C - power of social media, power of the internet, power of LinkedIn 34:35 what’s your 3-5 year goal? 40:40 failure to plan is planning to fail. Know what you want
October 23, 2019
Discussing data and the sharing economy with Ron J Williams from Proof Labs and Citi Ventures
We discussed driving traffic into establishments, trying before you buy and most importantly - paying attention to the data. 8:20 Paying attention to the data 11:57 a product is not a product without a market 12:21 Understand the pain point, who has it and how large is that market? 12:39 Becoming the entrepreneur in residence at Citi ventures 14:01 Building inclusivity and access into everything 14:41 Refining product road map 17:13 Which data do you start with? 18:11 asking yourself “are we focusing on the wrong thing?” 19:40 Building for a specific persona
October 16, 2019
Investing in people with Jeremy Balkin, Head of Innovation at HSBC
Topics from Today's Episode: 1:30 Getting into innovation 2:35 Defining innovation - has to add value 3:22 Building in secret 4:18 It’s about culture 4:48 Challenging the status quo 5:18 Invest in people 5:54 Technology is meant to add value into people’s lives 6:21 Knowledge is power 6:30 Disseminating insights into actionable items 8:18 Book: the innovators dilemma Don't do things just for the sake of doing them
October 10, 2019
Make your marketing initiatives memorable with Andrew Eis, VP of Marketing by CHLOE
Beyond excited to release our first episode of Season 2 of Decision Makers with Andrew Eis who is the VP of Marketing of by CHLOE (a plant based fast casual eatery). He's one of my favorite marketers who is willing to share all and we deep dive discussing marketing initiatives, data and investing in resources) Ping me on Linkedin or instagram @daliastrum with your favorite part and takeaway from this episode! Topics from Today's Episode: 02:50 | The value of data 09:15 | Don't do things just for the sake of doing them 11:03 | When interviewing, how many ideas should I give away? 15:02 | How do you understand the need and frequency for opening new locations? 21:58 | Strategies to assess data points from sampling initiatives 24:00 | Make something special memorable not just from a food perspective but also from a t-shirt perspective 24:48 | Investing resources in localization + personalization 27:05 | Collaborating with local businesses 28:33 | Amplifying field marketing efforts with paid social efforts 33:46 | You need the confidence to communicate an idea so the room understands exactly what they need to know through dialogue and conversation
October 02, 2019
Standing out from the competition in the luxury travel industry
This podcast was during Women in Luxury hosted by Luxury Daily where we spoke with Deborah Calmeyer from Roar Africa. We discussed what motivated her to take a hobby and turn it into a business, how her company stands out from her competition, and making sure that your social media aligns with the voice and messaging of the company.
August 01, 2019
Embracing culture through music and art is part of the W Hotel's DNA
We spoke with Pablo Henderson, the Global Marketing Director at W Hotels Worldwide, about how his marketing team focuses on the connection between the authenticity of the stories and the guest experience. He discusses how music sets the mood and theme of their hotels by embracing cultures and history. They do this by curating local artists and talent to elevate the overall guest experience.
July 25, 2019
How one company makes sure that their Sales + Marketing teams have dual experience
This episode was recorded during The Lead Innovation Summit at The Brooklyn Expo center. We spoke with New Store and were joined by the Chief Marketing Officer, Phil Granof along with their VP of Sales, Tony DiPaolo. They truly work as a team and live by the philosophy that the best marketers have done sales in the past. They discuss some best practices on how their teams work together.
July 18, 2019
From Smorgasburg to opening your own stores
We spoke with Former finance pro Ben LeBlanc who had an epiphany during his past work life which led to his food startup, Good Stock Soups.  He's a Louisiana native, who he has always loved to cook and eat and wanted the soups he was used to at home but couldn't find quality versions of in New York City. This motivated him to launch Good Stock soups and we discuss strategies on how he has utilized traditional as well as digital forms of marketing in addition to partnerships to increase sales. Don't forget to subscribe and follow us on instagram @onequestionxyz and linkedin for updates and new podcast releases.
July 10, 2019
Trends within luxury skincare
This episode features Elana Drell-Szyfer, the CEO of ReVive Skincare, where we podcasted live during Women in Luxury hosted by Luxury Daily. We spoke about trends and best practices within the luxury skincare industry.
July 03, 2019
The value of creating a strong network
This episode featured Mina Fader, who is the Managing Director at the Jay H Baker Retailing Center of The Wharton School. We discussed different layers of strategy that goes into marketing a program, the value of creating a strong network for students currently enrolled as well as alumni and some success stories. Make sure you subscribe and follow us on for podcast updates.
June 26, 2019
The "How" is just as important as the "Why" during executing concepts
We spoke with Kelly Markus who was most recently the VP of Experiential at Refinery29 and is now the CVO of Hunters Point, where she works with companies including Apartment Therapy and Lippe Taylor. "The how you do the work is just as important as the why in the final event production aspect" We discussed how she learned to create original IP, how to market it as well as build multiple revenue streams. Make sure you subscribe for updated episodes and connect with us on instagram for insider info @onequestionxyz
June 19, 2019
How do you apply hospitality to other industries?
This conversation was a live podcast, which featured Lindsay Hubbard, the President of Hubb House PR and Terence Tubridy from In Good Company Hospitality. We discussed trends within the Hospitality Industry, the value of social media + digital marketing as well as the concept of applying strategies within the Hospitality Industry to other verticals.
June 12, 2019
What are Affluencers and how do we connect with them?
During this #womeninluxury mini podcast, we spoke with Patricia Clark, who is the Senior Vice President of Ipsos Affluent Intelligence. They are a global research company and they focus on data points that support purchase decisions. We discuss marketing, their use of big data to develop marketing strategies and the value of creating emotional impact through storytelling. We also discuss the concept of affluencers and what impacts their purchase decisions.
May 30, 2019
Communicating value and transparency within the bedding industry with Boll & Branch
This is another mini session during #womeninluxury conference hosted by Luxury Daily. We chatted with Missy Tannen, who is the Co-Founder and President of Boll & Branch. They are the world's most fair and transparent luxury linen company.  We discuss launching a company, evaluating the product sales opportunities within the space, direct to consumer strategies (as well as opening a store-front), communicating brand messaging to your customer along with additional marketing strategies.
May 22, 2019
What is the value of building awareness?
This is part of our Women in Luxury mini series, that was hosted by Luxury Daily. This episode features Alison Bringé, the CMO of Launchmetrics and we discuss the value of awareness as well as an interesting algorithm that they created to measure influence on social media.
May 15, 2019
Speed dating brands before committing with Carlie from
We spoke with Carlie Clough, who is the Director Of Partnerships from, which is a direct to consumer sampling platform and how people want to try before they buy. Essentially, dating brands before fully committing.
May 08, 2019
Launching a 400 person event in 2 weekends, the Fyre Festival that worked
We spoke with Greg Galant, CEO of Sawhorse Media which includes Muck Rack and The Shorty Awards. We chatted about: Voting with a tweet Trending on Twitter Being too early to market Getting 400 people to attend an event that accommodated 300 people How one business provides lead gen for the other business Start small and build to support growth SEO + inspiration strategy from The Shorty Awards Website Don't wait til the last minute to print the script Find audiences + build relationships Also, don't forget to register or tune into the 11th Annual Shorty's Awards (an 800 person event), this Sunday - May 5th 2019
May 01, 2019
Behind the scenes at NRF, and how they grew to 39,000 attendees
This is the last mini session of our NRF (National Retail Federation) podcast series, we ventured out of the studio and took our podcast on the road. We stopped by the Jacob Javitz center and spoke with Ana Serafin Smith and Thomas Jordan about some marketing strategies that motivate attendees and vendors to participate in NRF.   Some topics we discussed include: What motivates attendees to join large conferences? Segmenting audiences from students to industry professionals How content creates an opportunity to drive attendance and positive sentiment Struggles behind the scenes with conference production Dealing with growing pains from a logistic standpoint
April 24, 2019
Starting a company in College, Julia Haber from Wayv gives perspective on why retail is not dead
This episode we speak with Julia Haber from wave who had an idea in college about how to connect brands with college students.  WAYV provides brand partners with unique spaces to engage with college students who primarily focus on fashion, technology and other sectors.  She discussed how she pitched companies like AT&T to collaborate with on her in person pop-ups, while growing her business from interns to hiring full time employees.  
April 17, 2019
Content strategies and collaboration opportunities with Lauren Mayhew
This week we spoke with Lauren Mayhew, who's a singer, Dj, actress and content creator and influencer. She shares some valuable collaboration strategies, best practices on how she works with brands and also how she discovers other influencers that she wants to works with.
April 10, 2019
Social and Digital best practices | Executive Producer of Digital and Social Media at Disney's ABC
This was a live OneQuestionXYZ episode during #DMWF at The Javits Center, we met with Bob Monek who is the Executive Producer of Digital and Social Media at Disney's ABC. He discusses the inner workings around how they discover and distribute content. We also discuss how a multimedia company functions and some perspectives around branding, marketing and sales and how they are interconnected.
April 03, 2019
Who fights for Apparel and Footwear brands everyday on The Hill?
This episode features Rick Helfenbein who's the CEO and President of the AAFA, the American Apparel and Footwear Association. They represent world famous brands and they fight for them on the hill everyday. They talk about public policy and the political voice of the Apparel and Footwear industry.
March 27, 2019
#notaninfluencer Campaign for World Water Day
In honor of world water day - we spoke with Chris Schortgen from They are launching their #notaninfluencer campaign to focus efforts and awareness on raising funds for a million days of clean water to those in need. Please support this campaign by going to
March 22, 2019
Robotics changing the supply chain | Tompkins Robotics
This is the second mini episode of our NRF mini series. We spoke with Mike Futch who is the president of Tompkins Robotics where he created a show stopping display to make robotics more attainable to SMB’s. They were able to highlight that  it's not that difficult to implement technology.
March 15, 2019
How to get people to stop at your booth during trade shows? | Discount Bandit
This is the first of our NRF podcast series, we ventured out of the studio and took our podcast in the road. We stopped by the Jacob Javits convention center and spoke with Payton Aragon from Discount Bandits about some marketing strategies that they utilize to get people to stop by their booth during trade shows.
March 14, 2019
Securing deals by doing things differently with Patrick Peters from Jump 450
'Our first client as an agency was Boxed, we went up against 15 of the biggest agencies. We weren't an agency before but we had a track record so we went in there and did things completely differently and their mind was blown." Patrick Peters  Patrick is truly a rockstar  He's currently the CMO of Jump450, full service performance agency, help clients scale their campaigns profitably across all the major traffic sources. On this episode, we discuss how his company started working out of Alley and how they have evolved: His team's entrepreneurial mindset has supported their learning and pivoting initiatives Their creative pitching styles and how they stand out from the crowd to secure large deals Thought leadership leads to lead generation The value of empowering your employees to focus on personal branding Their internal incentive structure  Showing your employees that you value them and their mental health They also put up their own money and spent $500,000 to understand how google display prospecting would work. This is possibly one of my favorite #onequestionxyz episodes
March 06, 2019
Lauren Berlingeri | HigherDOSE
Imagine being able to burn calories, detox, relieve pain, and relax all while sitting in a sauna listening to music or meditating. This episode featured the co-founder of HigherDOSE (the caps stand for Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin and Endorphins), Lauren Berlingeri, a health coach and veteran of wellness start-ups and #gethighnaturally Their saunas's are currently in 11 locations, use infrared technology - which beautifies you inside and out and offers a natural high--versus traditional sauna technology. The one at 11Howard Hotel is featured in a jungle-inspired room and the location at The William Vale has partnered Terra Glamping to create NYC’s first outdoor infrared spa in the heart of Williamsburg. They created a Scandinavian-inspired oasis that redefines hot and cold therapy.
February 27, 2019
Paul Cowan | Shutterstock
This podcast is a great example of why I love going to live events. It gave us an opportunity to catch up with Paul Cowan who is the VP of Enterprise and SMB Marketing at Shutterstock. He was also one of my panelists at #DMWF Digital Marketing Conference at the Javits Center in November 2018. Shutterstock recently recreated the infamous Fyre Festival ad using its own stock footage as part of its new global campaign "It's Not Stock."  The founders of the festival focused heavily on marketing, spending a lot of money on content creation and visuals (including creating their own clips for the promo video) While Fyre Festival spent hundreds of thousands to create their video collateral, Shuttershock CMO Lou Weiss said the clip, which was a compilation of 18 different bits of footage licensed through Shuttershock, cost just $2062 to create.
February 20, 2019
Cindy Barshop | VSPOT Medi Spa
This week we're chatting with Cindy Barshop, the founder of VSPOT Medi Spa. She share's her expertise on women's health, Carl and Cindy discuss their experiences of being part of the Bravo world and she also shares some words of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. If you really liked this last podcast pick up your phone and click that 5 star rating - and if you really want to connect with us, comment or dm us on instagram
February 13, 2019
Kalle Simpson | Discover Night
Talk about powerhouse entrepreneur, Kalle Simpson is the founder of Discover Night (the most comfortable pillows with sexy black silk pillow cases) and we discuss user behavior - people typically buy things that they NEED more than things they want. So she is focused on shifting the mindset to create a *need* for these amazing pillows. We also chatted about rev share strategies, getting featured in retail and the value of customer service. Follow us on instagram @onequestionxyz and don't forget to subscribe and review!
February 07, 2019
Tara Bodt | Supply Lab
This episode features Tara Bodt from Supply Lab, and some of my favorite takeaways was her story about how she get started, right down to how difficult it was to choose the brand name. She gave key insight on best practices working with sales reps and how she decides which influencers to work with.  Make sure you subscribe for new updates!
January 30, 2019
The Future of Food Live Event
This episode was a live event hosted at the Elsie Rooftop in Time Square during NRF. We featured thought leaders within the food vertical including Julie Vargas, the Director of Global RFID Market Development at Avery Dennison, Stephen Swartz, the Director of Marketing at Just Salad and Roly Nesi, the Founder and CEO of Roar Beverages.  We discussed the importance of transparency, what it means to be a flexitarian, and decreasing food waste. Don't forget to subscribe to stay up to date with new releases!
January 23, 2019
Why is Pleasantville Farmer's Market so successful?
During this Podcast we sat down with Peter Rogovin, head of the Pleasantville Farmers’ Market and discussed the intentional layout, surprise and delight elements, and how the farmer's market could be used as a product launch pad. Don't forget to subscribe and review
January 16, 2019
Alyssa Amoroso | Publyssity
We sat down with fellow influencer Alyssa Amoroso, founder of Publyssity blog and podcast. She shares everything from working in PR to launching her blog and crushing the influencer game along with best practices. This conversation is filled with PR strategies and pitching tips to work with brands.
January 09, 2019
Jennifer Kyvig Kasper - Fashion and Luxury | Instagram and Facebook
This weeks podcast is from our live launch event at The RealReal in NYC. For those who don’t know the store, they are a high end luxury consignment shop and have some amazing pieces in store and online. We had a wonderful assortment of food and drinks thanks to our sponsors Frog Leap Wine and Eat Clean Bro. This podcast features Jennifer Kyvig Kasper from Instagram and Facebook, where she focuses on Fashion and Luxury. We discussed  The role that organic content plays in marketing  Instagram has been compared to being featured in Vogue, and why it's important to incorporate into a brand's marketing and advertising strategy Demand creation and how brands been successful with that approach
January 02, 2019
Ritesh Gupta | Vayner Media
During this episode, we chatted with Ritesh Gupta from Vayner Media.  We discussed thumb stopping content and the power of storytelling (how even a few seconds make such a big difference). Don't forget to subscribe and leave a quick review!
December 27, 2018
Jordan Verroi | Founder of CapGenius
During this episode we spoke with Jordan Verroi who is a good friend of Carls and also the founder of CapGenius, a creative content keyboard. We focused on Data, market research, relationship-building and even ketchup. Don't forget to subscribe and leave a quick review!
December 19, 2018
Discussion around The Future of Retail
This podcast was recorded live at CRE tech venture conference, a conference which connects commercial real estate to tech companies - there were 1000 people in attendance so if you can power through the background noise, this was a really interesting conversation featuring co-host's Dalia Strum, Carl Radke, our guest Co-host Sarah Malcolm The COO of the content funnel, and our guests Jeremy Bergstein from the Science Project, an integrated retail innovation agency and Brian Prezgay from Pixels and Bricks and we had an interesting conversation around the future of retail
December 11, 2018
Lindsay Hubbard | Founder of Hubb House PR
We chatted with Lindsay Hubbard | Founder of Hubb House PR about various PR strategies and things that have and haven't been successful.
December 11, 2018
Tim Fullerton from WeWork - Social and Collaboration Strategies
The episode was recorded live at #DMWF, the Digital Marketing World Forum Conference at the Javits Center on November 7th 2018 where we discussed social and collaboration strategies.
December 11, 2018
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November 19, 2018