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Our One Wild And Precious Lives (And Our Dogs)

Our One Wild And Precious Lives (And Our Dogs)

By Chrissi (& Peter, And Our Dogs)
A podcast about living off the beaten track, dogs, and the overlap between the two. Get a glimpse at the world - maybe a different world from your own - through storytelling. Here's to philosophy, conversations, change, training dogs, and treating humans with kindness. Let's see where this journey takes us!

Canine nerd level scale for special interest episodes (“Dog geekery”):
1: for pet or companion dog folks
2: for dog enthusiasts who already know things, and want to learn even more
3: for highly educated animal training folks who love digging into the details of theory and philosophy
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E7 Dog geekery: pet dogs or free-roaming dogs - who's got it better?
This episode is of interest for everyone on the canine nerd level scale: level 1, 2 and 3! Chrissi talks to their friend and FDSA colleague Sue Yanoff, DVM, about whether the ree-roaming dogs of Latin America or the average western-style pet have a better life: what does the data say? How much facts do we have, and when do we need to rely on opinions? What is a dog's natural environment and behavior, and what, in fact, IS a free-roaming dog ... OR a pet ... in the first place? Along with Chrissi, you'll learn about veterinary practice, and along with Sue, you'll learn about Chrissi's and Game's free-roaming friends. LINKS & RESOURCES For pictures and videos of the two injured free-roamers we discuss, see For a weekly glimpse into the life of free-roamers, subscribe to Chrissi's Free Ranging Dogs Youtube channel. Sue Yanoff, DVM: Sue's bio The webinars by Sue Yanoff and Jessica Hekman ("To spay spay or not to spay, that is the question") ran live on September 22, but may still be available for purchase here if you're quick! I (Chrissi) attended both of them live, and highly recommend both parts! Click here for more info on Sue's canine sports medicine class! It will run again in April 2023 at FDSA (registration opens on May 22, 2023). Get in touch with Chrissi: chrissi.schranz [at] Additional resources: Chrissi's Youtube Channel on Free-Ranging dogs Studies alluded to in this conversation (chronological): Silja Griss, Stefanie Riemer, Charlotte Warembourg, Filipe Maximiano Sousa, Ewaldus Wera, Monica Berger-Gonzalez, Danilo Alvarez, Petrus Malo Bulu, Alexis López Hernández, Pablo Roquel, Salome Dürr, "If they could choose: How would dogs spend their days? Activity patterns in four populations of domestic dogs," Applied Animal Behaviour Science, Volume 243 (2021). Beck, Alan M., "The Ecology of Stray Dogs: A Study of Free-Ranging Urban Animals" (1973). Purdue University Press e-books. Book 3. Paul, M., Sen Majumder, S., Sau, S. et al. "High early life mortality in free-ranging dogs is largely influenced by humans." Sci Rep 6, 19641 (2016).
September 27, 2022
E6 Mental health through the lens of radical life changes, and the virtuous cycle of pet ownership, Guatemalan travel and catnip smuggling
In this episode, Chrissi and Peter talk to Valerie Russell. Originally from the US, she has studied forensics in the UK and worked in law enforcement in the New York metropolitan area for many years. After severe depression and a PTSD diagnosis, Valerie started her life from scratch: she moved to Guatemala and opened Due South Travels, a unique and successful travel business. Val is one of the first people I (Chrissi) met in Guatemala, and I admire her on SO many levels. She is brave, courageous, authentic, and simply good people.  In this episode, we talk about mental health, all the things the animals we share our lives with do for us, the broken system of law enforcement and health care in the US, and smuggling cat nip. We hope you enjoy this conversation as the three of us did! Get in touch with Val Get in touch with Peter peterfrombelfast [at] Get in touch with Chrissi chrissi.schranz [at] Free-ranging dogs Youtube channel Chrissi's upcoming online class at Fenzi Dog Sports Academy Out and About Resources mentioned on this episode: The Blindboy Podcast (the episode Chrissi quotes from is from April 12, 2022, and is called "Intrapersonally Speaking") Thank you ... Thank you to Lesfm for providing our royalty-free intro, outro and en-tro music, to the photographer Susanne Edele who shared this week's episode picture (catnip) royalty free on Pixabay, and to Isabelle Grubert for designing the logo of the show!
September 13, 2022
E5 Dog geekery: to touch or not to touch, that is the question.
Canine nerd level scale: 1.5 (for interested pet owners as well as enthusiastic dog folks who already know quite a bit) Chrissi, Peter and Amy Miller discuss their perspective on living or working with dogs who don't appreciate being touched by strangers. This episode consists of three distinct stories: Peter's experience as a dog walker, boarder, and vacation-experience provider, Amy's perspective as the owner of the lovely, but opinionated Marley and his protocol for meeting new (and familiar) people, and Chrissi's experience as a trainer working with people who share their lives with dogs who'd rather not be petted. We don't only talk about our personal experiences, but also speculate on where the human desire to use our hands to greet dogs may stem from - and why canines might consider this rude. Most importantly, we dispel the myth that the best way of greeting a new dog is by sticking your hand in their face to sniff.  LINKS & RESOURCES   Amy: Amy's Bio Amy is one of the masterminds that make sure FDSA runs smoothly. Amy, you are doing A LOT of those things that seem entirely mysterious to me. You're among the ones pulling the strings in the back, making sure the experience for everyone else - instructors as well as students - is smooth and intuitive. You are a helpdesk and tech magician, and I - just as all of our colleagues - deeply love and appreciate the work you do! Resources mentioned in this episode: Jennifer Summerfield, DVM - a great vet, dog trainer, and FDSA guest instructor (as well as Marley's trainer): Friends of Control Unleashed FB group: Keep an eye out for Julie Daniels' upcoming CU classes at Fenzi Dog Sports Academy: Get in touch with Peter: peterfrombelfast [at]  Get in touch with Chrissi:  chrissi.schranz [at] 
August 30, 2022
E4 The unique city of Guanajuato, sharing a multicultural house, making panditas, and human connection
In this episode, Chrissi, who has been sharing a house with three Mexicans, talks to one of their housemates: Andrés Ortega. They chat about the trials and tribulations of living with strangers, the colors and facets of Guanajuato City, and what they have learned from each other. Get ready for laughter, city stories, and lots of mutual appreciation!  LINKS & RESOURCES Get in touch with Andrés: Get in touch with Chrissi: chrissi.schranz [at] Thank you ... Thank you to Lesfm for providing our royalty-free intro, outro and en-tro music, and to Isabelle Grubert for designing the logo of the show!
August 16, 2022
E3 Dog geekery: food motivation in dog training
2/3 on the dog geekery scale (for the somewhat knowledgeable dog enthusiast who wants to learn more) Chrissi defines reinforcement, talks about using food in training, how to make kibble more appealing, hacks to increase your dog's food drive, and how to tell whether your dog is pet dog weight, athletic weight or overweight.  LINKS & RESOURCES   Sue Ailsby's protocol for teaching your dog to eat Get in touch with Chrissi:  chrissi.schranz [at]  Chrissi's August online class at Fenzi Dog Sports Academy: More awesome FDSA classes taught by my amazing colleagues (August term):
August 02, 2022
E2 Meet Chrissi and Peter (and some of the dogs in their lives)!
Chrissi and Peter introduce themselves, their dogs, and share about their businesses, lives and backgrounds. Special appearance by the one and only Hotel Azul! LINKS & RESOURCES Get in touch with Chrissi: chrissi.schranz [at] Chrissi's upcoming online class at Fenzi Dog Sports Academy: Get in touch with Peter: peterfrombelfast [at] Elvira Méndez Art Shop: The NGO Elvira works with:
July 19, 2022
E1 Intro: Everything that's scary and beautiful is on this side of life
Just a short intro, and one of the reasons I chose the Podcast title. Intro and autro music provided royalty-free by Lesfm. 
July 02, 2022