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Online Biz Ninja Podcast

Online Biz Ninja Podcast

By Grant Finlayson

The Online Biz Ninja Podcast was created to help you grow your business online, without wasting money/time. Interviews, solo shows, and reviews of awesome books, to help you level up and get great results in your business, and your life.
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Postaga Review With Andy Cabasso
A Better Way to Build Links… Still doing manual outreach and PR? Postaga’s AI Outreach Assistant will change the way you build traffic to your site. Outreach Assistant helps your content get more backlinks and shares. Check it out for yourself at And check out Andy's Facebook group too:
January 5, 2021
FunnelCentrix Review - interview with Andy Phillips
FunnelCentrix is the new all-in-one digital marketing solution. No more using multiple softwares and trying to connect them all with Zapier. No more high bills from using a bunch of different softwares and tools. It has: Email Marketing Software. SMS Marketing Software. Funnel Builders. Simple Website Builders. Call Tracking Software. Survey & Form Builders. Integrated appointment Scheduling. CRM/Pieline. Tracking & Analytics. Integrated Payment Gateway. Membership Software. The best bit? A 2 week free trial, which includes full marketing training! Click the link to check it out!
January 5, 2021
Andy Gwynn - LinkedIn Expert
Grant Finlayson speaks to LinkedIn expert Andy Gwynn. You can super-boost your post reach with what Andy shares here, and get thousands of eyes on your content. Andy's FREE GIFT: The 9 Key Points To Creating A Powerful Personal Profile (On LinkedIn) Connect with Andy and turbo boost your LinkedIn: Check out the Post Party Club, and discover how to get MASSIVE engagement on your LinkedIn content:
August 24, 2020
John Ball - Speaker, Presentation Coach, Storyteller
John Ball is a speaker, a presentation fixer, storyteller, webinar pro, and coach. If you want to follow or contact him, he's best found on LinkedIn: And don't forget to check out all his great stuff on his website:
August 10, 2020
Tom Libelt - Smart Brand Marketing
Tom Libelt joins us from Smart Brand Marketing. Free gifts for listeners at: Check out his own podcast by listening to one of his popular episodes:
July 21, 2020