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Only On The Midwatch

Only On The Midwatch

Well wouldn't you know it? A few submariners got together and thought that somebody might want to listen to what they had to say...go figure. This show is a laid back spot for those who have, and quite possibly still are out there doing God's work with US Military. No feelings, no bad blood, all of the opinions but even more laughs. Enjoy shooting the sh*t with us, here! Only On The Midwatch.
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OTM #10 Deep Leadership with Jon S. Rennie

Only On The Midwatch

Senor C*msock
What's better than having one great meme page admin on the show? Having 2 great meme page admins! RC_Cumsock is on this episode and I am pumped that he was willing to come on. Thank you to 69 Fathoms for hooking that up. We had such an awesome time. I'll apologize now for the retelling of the same welcome to your first boat story... I may or may not have been drinking. Enjoy!
July 06, 2022
Not About Leadership
Glad to have 69 Fathoms to come back and introduce himself and what his page is all about. We had a laid back chat and a lot of laughs. Looking forward to speaking more with this great guy! Hope you all enjoy!
January 25, 2022
69 Fathoms
My friend and runner of the 69Fathoms meme page was back on the show. I say back on the show and understand that you guys haven't heard the first visit yet because of technical difficulties but, never the less! I enjoy speaking with him about anything. I hope you guys enjoy. He will definitely be back on the show!
January 08, 2022
DGUTS Leadership!
The first time was just too good to leave it there. Back on the show is the DGUTS Podcast host providing a lot of food for thought concerning leadership. He has a very upfront and extreme ownership mentality when it comes to this topic and I think its great to hear someone in a senior leadership who is active duty spreading this message. I hope you guys enjoy the talk and if you want more of DGUTS, visit the website at and checkout the new shop at
September 23, 2021
Jessie Barnes
There was a lot to talk about! Mandatory Covid-19 Vaccines for federal workers, uniform regs, a few sea stories and some other stuff. As usual, love shootin' the sh*t with Jessie and hope you guys do too. 
September 20, 2021
DGUTS Podcast Host on Leadership
This was one of my favorite conversations on the show thus far. The Host of Don't Give Up The Ship Podcast or DGUTS Podcast was willing to have a long chat with me about leadership and his mission with his projects. It was an incredible conversation and thrust me back into the spirit of a Second Class Petty Officer looking to make positive change in the work space and community. I love how candid and true he really is and I am sure you all will appreciate that as well. This man has got a real passion for leadership and we look forward to having him come back on to further this discussion. Let us know what you guys think by hitting us up on instagram, or sending us a message here! Thanks
August 16, 2021
Season Opener with Jessie Barnes
If you are an OG listener of the show, you know Jessie and her story. She's back to help us kick off Season 3 of the Only On The Midwatch Podcast and begin a mini-series of episodes we will be doing with her. Jessie is a great person to talk to considering her resume and the fact that she's a hard charger. We hope that she can pass on some valuable info to all of you would be submariners and current sailors out there looking for a nudge in the right direction, all while having some laughs! Thanks for rocking with us guys. We hope you enjoy!
August 11, 2021
OTM #2.4 LDO Nick Church of Sailors and Sticks
Nick has been a great friend that our team met at the beginning of the TESTDEPTH journey. To say that his is driven is an under statement but it is our privilege to bring onto the show a seasoned veteran who has been through the enlisted ranks and now the commissioned; to share with you his story and what he has got going on with CWO Brian Browne. We hope you enjoy. As always don't forget to leave a review and submit feedback to us via instagram or our website.  Thanks for listening.
January 25, 2021
OTM #2.3 Nelson Velasquez aka Guntographer
There are a lot of Submarine sailors out there who do great things in parallel with their career. Nelson Velasquez has come onto the show to give us the run down of his photography biz and some insight into submarine deployment amidst COVID. We are grateful that we got to hear some funny seas stories and about  his journey in the Navy. We hope you guys give it a listen and enjoy.
January 03, 2021
OTM #2.2 There's a bunch of nuts on board already!
Good ole banter with the guys. This here is just a fun shoot the sh*t show. Something about the Walmart of liquor stores, haunted CT, moles having moles... Oh and 300 nuts on board submarines. Not to mention, AMBER alert for the nukes out there. We want to have some nukes on the show, so if you are interested please reach out to us over social media.
December 09, 2020
OTM #2.1 Jessie Barnes
Jessie Barnes is a returning first season guest of our show and we couldn't be more excited to have had her back. Checking in with Jessie, we find out some awesome opportunities coming her way and discuss how COVID-19 has changed things for a lot of us. Oh, we also talk about submariner bowel movements and such... We hope you enjoy!
December 01, 2020
OTM #11 Live with Sailors & Sticks
It's just a fan-freakintastic time when we hangout with Sailors & Sticks founders Brian Browne and Nick Church. This was collaboration that we were super excited about and had a blast doing. We asked you guys to send us in some sea stories and you did. We shared them and had some laughs and some concerned mumblings. We told you guys we were giving away prizes, and we did; a bunch of them. We hope you guys enjoyed the live show and for those you that missed it, here ya go! Enjoy!
October 13, 2020
OTM #10 Deep Leadership with Jon S. Rennie
Author of "I Have The Watch Watch: Becoming a Leader Worth Following" Jon S. Rennie was a submarine officer during the end of the Cold War. He has over 20 years of experience in corporate America leading manufacturing teams to find great success. If you have not heard his podcast yet tune into Deep Leadership Podcast for great information and tips on how to improve your leadership skills and effectiveness. We are very honored to have Jon on the show and hope you enjoy! 
September 28, 2020
OTM #9 Mustang Reggie Ritchie
Another one of our own, LTJG Reginal Ritchie has come on to the show to go back in time to his enlisted moments being a part of the crew of the good ship USS Helena. We talk about his First Class moments, his CPO moments, and what its like to be a Naval Officer with a flight squadron! Oh, and there is a big reveal! Tune in to the Only On The Midwatch Podcast!
September 10, 2020
OTM #8 The Not So Gentle Men
After some platform technical difficulties and a little more editing to keep it more user friendly, OTM #8 is up! We joke, we laugh, we remember not so brighter days. So kick back, throw some headphones in while you're doing field day or at the DMV, and laugh along with us. Only On The Midwatch.
August 26, 2020
OTM #7 Capt. Jason Pittman USN Submariner
Join us for a very special guest that has been highly requested! Jason is on our show as we dive into being command of a US Submarine as well as other leadership topics!
August 04, 2020
OTM #6 Jessie Barnes Trail Blazer
Had a great time talking with ITS1 (SS) Jessie Barnes the Navy's first female submariner/scuba diver. This meeting was wrapped a little earlier than we had hoped but that just means we will have her on again very soon! We talked about plenty of things from the pipeline to dive school, to being on easy street on a GN... Jk, we love y'all. We hope you enjoy this episode of OTM!
July 21, 2020
OTM #5 Master Chief Armon Owens
One of the best leasers in the Navy and our former COB. We touched on being a young sailor, the chaos occurring all over, leadership anddd... Armon gave us the exclusive on his new book! Great to have a fellow Guardian on the show, one of our very own. You don't want to miss the gems on this episode of Only On The Midwatch!
June 23, 2020
OTM #4 Tommy McConnell 15 Fathoms
We are lucky to have the all around great guy behind the well known and loved diver community brand 15 Fathoms, on our show. From sharing stories and lessons learned from a healthy childhood, to talking about the difficult times that were overcome, this an episode you don't want to miss! Enjoy listening to us shoot the sh*t with our friend, US Navy Diver, Tommy McConnell.
June 07, 2020
OTM #3 Josh & Ellison
Well, we realized that you guys may not know much about us. So, we decided to take the time to provide a little back story and entertain you folks with some accounts of the ridiculous moments we found ourselves in starting out in the Navy. We hope you enjoy laughing at us. Thanks again for continuing to listen and don't forget to tell others about our show!
June 04, 2020
OTM #2 USN CWO Brian Browne
Despite no-one traveling as hard as the People's Warrant, we were able to get CWO Brian Browne to talk with us while out on his military travels. Through an hour so of trouble shooting technology, we were able to ghetto-rig a long distance podcast recording set up. Though it created some complications on playback you might notice, the conversation was great and we all had a great time remembering times in the Submarine Force. We were psyched to get the chance to have Brian on our show and hopefully in the future, he will continue to return to the Only On The Midwatch Podcast.
May 25, 2020
Only On The Midwatch #1
Well we have finally done it. We worked up the guts to just let one of our recording sessions fly onto the inter webs to bless your ears. On OMW we just shoot the sh*t and have fun for your entertainment. Im sure we will iron out the kinks of this podcasting thing real soon, but for now...We're nubs. Enjoy and don't forget to swing by our website in order to pick up some great products and get on the forums to let us know what you think about the show!
May 18, 2020