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On the Bar Fly

On the Bar Fly

By Fe & Mo
We travel, we eat, we drink, we talk about it. These are our stories, sometimes we tell them sober. We don't always agree on how it happened but the story gets told. We also love to hear from you on different topics if you wish to submit on the website. We have been bar flying for years now and have quite a collection from bars, taverns, pubs in many countries. We have been drinking around the world and have some stories to tell. On the Bar Fly Podcast by the road side pit stop Hosts: Fe & Mo featuring Stan the drunk sock monkey! join #onthebarfly
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Can a review be good and bad?

On the Bar Fly

Can a review be good and bad?

On the Bar Fly

Can a review be good and bad?
We review bars, pubs, restaurants and more. We pay attention to every thing! We also have some opinions. I did not edit the audio so you can understand what I have to deal with 🤣 We are just sitting at our bar at home discussing what makes a bad review.
July 23, 2021
Our trip to Key West
We are so looking forward to getting back to Key West FL🤗 If you have not been, go! One of our favorite vacation spots is in the Keys. Key West Florida  is like a Vegas without the gamboling and desert. We sorta behaved there but it is a great way to not be yourself lol
January 7, 2021
We drank what?
Back in the day is way back in the 70's and 80's, before we were legally allowed to drink alcohol. Yes we did it! We found the cheap stuff, we did it in secret and we threw up. What were you drinking back in the day? You could call them the good ole days but things were simpler and we were dumb and lucky to get out alive (a bit dramatic there) What were you drinking back in the days of sneaking around?
October 21, 2020
Locked down and naked
Looking forward to be able to out again, but not the part of wearing pants again. We sit outside, having a few beers talking out leaving the house again. we also talk about donkey balls and shooting the dog ball. Basically this episode is about balls, and maybe some other stuff. Recorded in summer of Covid-19 and Corona with lime
October 19, 2020
Infuse your alcohol
We are putting jalapeños in tequila and vodka because one of us likes it hot. Where we got the idea and how we did it to spice it up is the discussion on this episode of On The Bar Fly. Infusions first great cocktails
July 30, 2020
How to get stuck in a different continent during a pandemic.
Getting home from over seas as the pandemic unfolds. The trip was planned for months and is a yearly adventure but... we went, we made the best of it and now we made it home . Bangkok and Sydney trip. Was unsure how to get back home, had a few plans changed but were able to get home before the lock down.
April 11, 2020
We should not be left unsupervised!
A few thoughts and stories, sometimes we have good ideas but none of them are in this episode.  We know what to do with frozen dog poo.  They don’t need the posters in bathrooms.  Do you wear the mankini?  Also a cameo from Harley the jerky bird
February 25, 2020
How we ended up at the sex museum Again
New York City and Las Vegas have sex museums and we just had to go. It was for the education and history of it all. Our stories and adventure include free beer, penis puppetry, dress made of pubic hair and more. We found some exciting places to hang out. We also found some really strange places to hang out.
January 19, 2020
Traveling with a Drunk Sock Monkey
This episode gives you a clear look into how crazy it can be traveling with a drunk sock monkey. Sorry for the pieces and crazy you listen to, was going to edit and cut but why not share the crazy I live with. Fast forward if you have to. Cheers! Yes I chased an anti fracking Clown down the street in Sydney Australia. He was on a unicycle so I had to be quick. 
January 11, 2020
Do people eat road kill?
Just a few stories of meat found on the road and parking lots that people were fine with making their own. Do people actually eat road kill? I cannot believe we have more than one story about meat on pavement. We witnessed a turkey picked up on the road and he was not hitch hiking. Also overheard a conversation about a bag of meat left in a parking lot and if they should take it.
December 14, 2019
December 13, 2019
December 13, 2019