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On the Job: Helping Contractors, Estimators, and Business Owners Make an Impact

On the Job: Helping Contractors, Estimators, and Business Owners Make an Impact

By Larry from ArcSite

The podcast to listen to on the way to the job site. Sales and marketing tips to grow your career and your business.
One thing we have learned over the years is that sales guys and business owners alike share a passion for doing their job better. Every week we interview residential sales professionals on their favorite tools, tips, and strategies.

Industries that will love this podcast:
Residential Sales Contractors
Foundation Repair
Gutter Installation
Security Auditors

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Execute First. Perfect Later W/ Bill Crawford
Execute First. Perfect Later W/ Bill Crawford
Thanks for joining another awesome episode of On the Job!  This episode is sponsored by This episode is all about how you can take your next step into a productive marketing strategy for your service business. It's not as hard as it seems. Just follow these tips to start finding the right leads! This week we welcome Bill Crawford: Owner of Rainmaker For Contractors. RFC began as a passion after owning a Home Improvement Franchise in the Chicagoland area for 15 years. I’ve taken what I’ve learned from being an owner used what has worked – And thrown out what has not. As a result, I’ve created an internet marketing agency focused on helping contractors grow their businesses. An important factor in Rainmaker For Contractor's current success is predicated on my experience training over 650 employees and setting up and monitoring over 500 waterproofing trade shows.
March 09, 2021
Easy tips for hiring great earners who stick around W/ Tommy Mello
Easy tips for hiring great earners who stick around W/ Tommy Mello
Welcome to On the Job. This week Tommy Mello joins us to talk about his hiring practices, lead generation tactics he uses and shares the importance smart media buys. This episode is sponsored by ArcSite. The best field drawing app on the market. Learn more today: Home service selling is booming with incredible opportunities. Even during the pandemic. It's all about how you're capitalizing on the opportunities in front of you. For instance, one opportunity that Tommy mentions in this episode is doubling down on marketing investments during the pandemic. Part of this strategy comes from thinking about what your competition is doing, or in this case NOT doing. While many home service professionals pulling most of their advertising budget at the start and middle of the pandemic, Tommy decided to take advantage of the lower placement prices. This tactic lead to A1, Tommy's multi-million dollar garage repair business, staying top of mind for homeowners looking to make repairs during the pandemic. While managing an aggressive advertising strategy is important, you can't take on an influx of jobs if your sales reps are maxed out. So, how does Tommy make sure that he has a hungry sales team? Well, it starts at the interview. By putting more time into the hiring process, Tommy can help make sure that his staff fits the high selling mentality he looks for in a good sales rep. This extended hiring process includes a quick lunch, learning the candidate's relationship with team sports, and a dinner with their significant others. Getting to know his hires before bringing them on board helps ensure longevity and hard work. It just doesn't stop at the hiring process. We also dig into the importance of maintaining a positive work environment. As we have seen in the past, this is something that is so often overlooked. It seems almost too simple. However, the recipe is truly simple, according to Tommy. All it takes is acknowledgment, and not on a scheduled basis. Sales leaders and owners should constantly praise when praise is due. If someone is having a down day, bring them up. If they don't have plans for Thanksgiving, invite them over. A simple pat on the shoulder to start the day. None of these things cost a dime and can make the difference in keeping a great employee around. This is only the tip of the iceberg. Please enjoy the full episode for more great wisdom from Tommy. Follow the podcast on Instagram - @onthejobpod For more great content from Tommy -
February 10, 2021
Managing an expert foundation repair team W/Austin Werner
Managing an expert foundation repair team W/Austin Werner
Thanks to Austin Werner for coming on and sharing some awesome tips: Managing a team during a pandemic Marketing tips to gather the right leads So much more!
February 05, 2021
Selling 12 Million+ without buying a single lead W/ Mike Claudio
Selling 12 Million+ without buying a single lead W/ Mike Claudio
Welcome to On the Job! This week we welcome Mike Claudio to the show. Mike shares some great tips to help you successfully sell to homeowners. Topics Covered this week: The latest marketing trends you and your sales team should be trying How to Train your Sales team more efficiently Stop wasting time on unqualified leads by following these few things Tips to choose what new technology is a good fit for your team On the job is designed to help contractors, sales managers, and business owners hit their goals and embrace the latest tips and technology within the industry. Industries covered this week: Foundation Repair companies, General Contractors, Sales managers and construction business owners. Explore Mike's Podcast for more great tips! - Big Stud Sales More from Mike - Winrate Consulting Create drawings and access sales tools for free with ArcSite: More from our sponsor:
February 05, 2021