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On The Table

On The Table

By Our God Given Mission
Every week, we bring Christians together to discuss and debate. Our aim is to help listeners put belief into action.

Brought to you by Our God Given Mission
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EP18:"How do I battle against temptation?"

On The Table

EP18:"How do I battle against temptation?"
Temptation is something that every Christian faces daily. Some are easy to resist, while other temptations may seem overwhelming at times and the fight against sins feels like a losing battle. Our four guests share some stories and answer the question how does one go about fighting temptations or resisting temptation? Guests: Raphael Olu-Jide, Lois Komalafe, Shelley Fleuridor and Emmanuel Hammond Join the discussion online using the #OnTheTable
May 20, 2021
EP17: Should Christians Build Wealth Or Avoid It?
In our culture today, there seems to be no facet of life that is untouched by money and the pursuit of it. The Bible calls Christians to have a different culture, one which pursues sacrificial giving. Our four guests discuss the all-important of how should Christians think about money management, stewardship and giving.  Guests: Mike Omoniyi, Lois Komalafe, Mwaka Mudenda, Emmanuel Hammond 
May 06, 2021
EP16: Why is God ignoring my prayers?
Maybe you have never prayed to God yourself, or maybe you’ve prayed for years. Most of us sense the desire to pray and even want to develop a better prayer life. However, we often find that sometimes it's difficult to know what to pray for or to even explain why we pray. Our four guests sit down to discuss the all-important topic of prayer, looking at what the Bible has to say about our prayer lives! Guests: M.T Omoniyi, Heike Faith Adex, Mwaka Mudenda and Chidera Egbujor Join the discussion online using #OnTheTable 
April 29, 2021
EP15: "Why can't Christians have fun?"
As Lockdown 3.0 finally comes to an end in the UK and everyone seems set to have a summer to remember, it can occasionally feel that there are a long list of things that we can’t participate in. Whether it’s programs that we would like to watch or places we would love to attend, there is potential to be apprehension as to if a Christian can engage. So how then should we navigate what sort of trends, events and parties we should attend? Guests: Emmanuel Hammond, Lisa Collins-Brown, Heike Faith Adex, Raphael Olu-Jide Join the discussion online using #OnTheTable
April 14, 2021
EP14: "Are Christians expected to never listen to secular music?"
The topic of secular music is one that often elicits a deep divide among Christians. Many Christians would argue that are free to listen to any kind of secular music they choose just as long as it doesn't "affect" them. Others would go as far as to say that under no circumstances should Christians listen to secular music. Our four guests discuss how with all the different music choices we have before us, we determine what type of music beneficial or harmful to our faith. Guests: M.T Omoniyi, Deborah Suen, Samson Makinde and Lisa Collins-Brown
April 07, 2021
EP13: "Why don't Christians talk about singleness"?
We often view singleness as simply a phase of our lives to exercise patience in. As if marriage is the goal and singleness is just the journey of seeking a partner. However, our four guests discuss how the season of singleness is a wonderful opportunity to use the time, resources and friendships God has blessed you with, to glorify him. Guests: Toye Akinoso, Deborah Suen, M.T Omoniyi and Heike Faith Adex
March 31, 2021
EP12:"Is there such a thing as Christian dating?"
As the words “courtship” and “dating” are not found in the Bible, everyone seems to have their own principles and guidelines as to how Christians should date. This tends to lead to all sorts of confusion as to what Christian dating looks like and whether or not dating is something Christians should do all together. In this weeks episode, our four guests look at if there is such thing as biblical dating? If so, what is it? And how can Christians think differently about this pervasive issue in media and culture?   Guests: Susana Clapcott, Toye Akinoso, Rufaro Jerahuni, Lisa Collins-Browns   Join the discussion online using #onthetable
March 17, 2021
EP11: "Should Christians take the COVID-19 Vaccine?"
As several COVID-19 vaccines make their way to the general population, many questions have been raised about the ethics, testing and development of the vaccine. As misinformation and conspiracy theories are on the rise, what does the Bible say about whether or not Christians should take the vaccine? Join the discussion online using #Onthetable Guests: M.T Omoniyi, Emmanuel Hammond, Jireh Antwi, Aramide Yusuf
March 10, 2021
EP10: "We all love forgiveness until it's actually time forgive"
We can all agree that forgiveness is central to our experience as Christians. It is at the heart of our relationship with God and our relationship with others. It is something we all know we ought to do but in reality, it is often hard and unnatural. Our four guests share some stories and encouragement to better help us apply the biblical instruction of forgiveness! Join the discussion using #Onthetable Guests: Agape Mutale, Heike Faith Adex, Toye Akinoso and Shelley Fleuridor
February 24, 2021
EP09: "What does the Bible say about mental health?"
On this week's episode of #OnTheTable, we tackle the issue of mental health. Mental illness can still be a highly stigmatized topic in the church. Those diagnosed with mental illness face unique challenges and in attempts to help those struggling with their mental health, many Christians end up doing more damage. Our four guests share some encouraging biblical truths which have helped them in their struggles with mental health. Join the discussion online using #Onthetable Guests: M.T Omoniyi, Famous Dekeri, Deborah Suen, Lois Komolafe
February 17, 2021
EP08: "Should Christians do the #bussitchallenge?"
After a short break, the On The Table podcast is back! On this weeks episode, we discuss the seemingly unpopular message of modesty! In a world in which modesty almost seems like an outdated concept, we should not only know about modesty but as Christians, we should care about it.   Guests: Mike Omoniyi, Lois Komolafe, Emmanuel Adeyemo, Heike Faith Adex
February 03, 2021
EP07: "Why don't Christians evangelise anymore?"
During this week's episode of On The Table, we bring to the table, Evangelism! As Christians, we all know that we need to share the Gospel, God has equipped us and commanded us to be witnesses of what He has done for us in our lives. However, a lot of us make excuses as to why we don't share the Gospel as often as we ought to. So, how can I better share the Gospel? Guests: Toye Akinoso, Deborah Suen, Rufaro Jerahuni , Jireh Antwi
December 23, 2020
EP06:"Why Can't Christians Be Rich?"
During this week's episode of On The Table, we bring to the table, the taboo topic of money! As the old adage goes, money makes the world go round. We can't avoid it. In today's ages, there seems to be no facet of life which is untouched by money and the pursuit of it. So how then, as Christians, should we view wealth and materialism. Guests: M.T Omoniyi, George Obolo, Deborah Seun, Caleb Sekitto
December 16, 2020
EP05: "What's wrong with Christian Twitter?"
On this week's episode of #Onthetable, we bring to the table Social Media. In the age of technology, can Christians have social media presences that speak light into a world shrouded by darkness? Guests: Raph Olu-Jide, Sonja Lee-Barnett, Shelley Fleuridor, Arinze Okoh Join the discussion online using the hashtag #onthetable. 
December 09, 2020
EP04: "Is it a problem that I only have Christian friends?"
On this week's episode of #Onthetable, we bring to the table, friendships. God did not create us to do life alone, He put us in community, so what does the Bible say about friendships how then should we navigate our friendship circles? Guests: George Obolo, Luke Oldfield, Susanna Clapcott, Ife Onamusi
December 02, 2020
EP03: "Help! My best friend is a Trump supporter"
In this week episode of the podcast, we are bringing to the table, politics. In a world which is so politically divided, now more so than ever, we look at how as believers, we should interact with the world of politics  Guests: Mike Omoniyi, Luke Oldfield, Sewa Adebisi, David Olaseinde Join the discussion online using #onthetable
November 26, 2020
EP02: "Should I Be Calling my Pastors Daddy?"
In this week episode of the podcast, we are bringing to the table, the topic of honouring our leaders. The Bible call us as believers to appreciate, respect and honour our leaders, but what does this look like in the 21st century Church? Guests: Mike Omoniyi, Elijah Ajuwon, Raphael Olu-Jide, Shumi Mararike  Join the discussion online using #onthetable
November 18, 2020
EP01: "I Just Don't Find Christians Funny"
In this week episode of the podcast, we are bringing to the table, entertainment.  We discuss how Christians should navigate the world of entertainment and what principle we should consider when choosing what to consume. Welcome to our first ever episode! Make sure to hit the subscribe button whilst you are here. Guests: Toye Akinoso, Raphael Olu-Jide, Sonja Lee Barnett, Susanna Clapcott | CONNECT with OGGM |    Website:   Youtube:   Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:
November 11, 2020