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Conversion Therapy and the negative effects it has on the LGBTQ community - 2

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By Eric Villeneuve
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The Opinion of what people think... See Description below - 3
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May 27, 2019
Conversion Therapy and the negative effects it has on the LGBTQ community - 2
Warning: Explicit language is used throughout this Podcast.  Hi I'm Eric the host of Open Topic the podcast section. My guest today is Katya and together we will be discussing amongst other things how Conversion Therapy is totally wrong and should be made illegal throughout Canada. We will be discussing about Devon Hargreaves who is from Alberta and how and how he started a petition and had 18 000 signatures, and how he presented that to the Federal Government to make and how he presented that to the Federal Government to make illegal,, however they denied the request, saying that it should be the choice of each provinces in Canada to decide for themselves if they think its wrong and ban it. However I think that the Federal Government was and is wrong anf that they should making it illegal Canada wide. There are a couple of Provinces that has banned Conversion Therapy, Ontario being one of the Provinces and a couple more but I'm not quite sure which ones. Europe has already made Conversion Therapy illegal and that it can lead to jail if people are caught. To read more go to this link Therefore I am starting an Online petition addressed to PM Justin Trudeau asking to change the criminal code for all of Canada rather than letting the provinces decide for themselves. I'm also planning to do a Peaceful Protest this summer (2019) with a large group of the LGBTQ community to meet up on Parliament Hill. What I need help with are followers both for the Online Petition which the link that is posted below as well as for the Peaceful Protest this summer. My current dilemma is that because I am straight I only have a couple of friends from the LGBTQ community but I need lots of followers to help see this through. So please share this podcast as much as you can as well if you're interested in signing the petition and / or joining us for the Protest this summer  send me an email at telling me if you would like to participate in either the Online petition  and / or the Protest.  I will take your info down and once the date and time has been decided I will email everybody to update them. So please sign and share this podcast with everyone, friends / family and anyone else you can think of. Thank you.  Together let's make this happen. 
April 15, 2019
Suicide Prevention Specialist Speaker - 1
On today's show, I'd like to introduce my guest Susie. She is a Suicide Prevention Specialist Speaker. She goes to different locations throughout the United States and speaks at Groups, Conferences, Schools etc... about Suicide Prevention.  Listen to the show for more on this...  Instagram: @Southernfriedasian Twitter: @Strnfriedasian LinkedIn: Suisie Reynolds Reece Facebook Susie Reynolds Reece Website:
March 4, 2019
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