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The Opinionated Kruffy

The Opinionated Kruffy

By Paul Schmidt III
Anyone that knows me, knows I have an opinion on almost everything. Whether it's something on the other side of the globe or right here in our own back yard - especially here at home! You see Facebook rants is just not doing it for me, because who has time these days to type & rant when you can podcast & rant. In this podcast I'll attempt to do just that. Select a topic or two to voice my opinion on. How consistent am I going be? Fingers crossed 🤞🏼 as much as time permits 😊 Of course it's not just my views, I will also want to hear from listeners to the podcast & guests to the podcast.
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Episode 1: 100 Days of NEW PUP GOVERNMENT

The Opinionated Kruffy

Episode 1: 100 Days of NEW PUP GOVERNMENT

The Opinionated Kruffy

Episode 6: Are We Back to Square One? And Government tek wi fi CUNUMUNU !?
Are We Back to Square One? And Government tek wi fi CUNUMUNU !?  Why do new administrations think it is okay to point fingers & stick with the tiresome narrative of pointing fingers & the blame game? When is enough really enough? When will government really ensure that country is living at its full potential of being a productive & happy nation? In this episode, after a little two weeks break! I am back with just an emotional piece! Because YES! Everybody should get upset & everyone should keep on agitating government! Also, was Julius being racist when he called Hon Patrick Faber ''boy''? My thoughts on these & more in this episode! ALL MY SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS
April 19, 2021
Episode 5: Racism/Colorism/Systemic Colonial Mentality in Policing!
Will we ever break free from the shackles of our colonial masters? Does the police department need to retrain? Will there ever be mutual respect in this country between citizens & officers in authority? Today, I share something I witnessed yesterday and something I see far too often during a stop & search of our young black Belizean boys in this country! Links: Twocanview by Aria Lightfoot Walasaha: A Podcast by Dominique Noralez Brent's Two Cents: The Semi-Serious Thoughts of a Guy in Belize
March 29, 2021
Join me this episode, as I discuss my Kruffy Economics 101 & how I believe the proposed salary cuts by the government will affect Belize & the economy. Is it good? Are we in this together as they say?  Can we avoid the salary cuts? What are the alternatives? I try to give my opinion on this - if you have any thoughts to share, I definitely want to hear from you as well, so feel free hit play on the podcast, share with friends and of course, I welcome & encourage everyone to send in their "Kruffy Opinion!" Links:
March 15, 2021
EPISODE 3 : The Covid-19 Vaccine is here in Belize! Will you be getting the Vaccine?
This episode, I want to switch gears a little and put some focus on some long awaited news!   The Covid-19 vaccine is finally here in Belize and distribution has commenced with frontline workers & will definitely be underway for the rest of the population. Will you be getting the vaccine? Join me as I have a conversation with Dr. Eric Bradley, Specialist in Internal Medicine & Diabetology, Head of Internal Medicine at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) & one of the lead Doctors in the Covid Unit here in Belize. During our conversation, we look back at the then and now, pre vaccine & now the rolling out of the vaccination to the population.  We have a heart to heart moment, between two cousins. With this episode, I hope that you are informed to see the benefits, that when your turn comes, you take the vaccine! Check me out all my social media links here: Also, a huge shout out to Brent & his podcast, Brent's Two Cents:
March 7, 2021
Episode 2 : Tired of the PUDP DRAMA? Is there any hope for Belize? Can we start a revolution?
This week's episode is not for the faint of heart!  This is not for your usual party loyalist or party flag waver. Join me, as I talk about the woes & drama of the PUDP fiasco.  Can we take back our power?  Can we send a message even at these municipal elections that will take place around the country? Also, take a listen to what one of the youngest candidates for councilor in the Belize City Municipal Election has to say about his run, his vision & hope for youth, entrepreneurs & The City! Check out Patrick Williams here at his online portfolio Be sure to drop a follow to all of my social media outlets: The Opinionated Kruffy
February 28, 2021
Episode 1: 100 Days of NEW PUP GOVERNMENT
The PUP has finally arrived at their 100th day in office. How do you feel? Do you feel like a winner? Did "todos ganamos" ? What is your mid-term assessment of the new "reformed" PUP government? Tune in to this week's episode of The Opinionated Kruffy, to hear my thoughts and views & give my take on their performance thus far. Also, after listening to this podcast's first episode, I would like to hear from you, if you wish, you can follow me on all my social medias - where you can leave a comment, re-share or retweet this podcast. For those who would like to check out the party sitting in government & its manifesto - check out their #PlanBelize here:
February 21, 2021
February 15, 2021
February 15, 2021