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Digital marketing insights, SEO tips and expert interviews from the team at Optix Solutions.
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Core Web Vitals - Interview with Chris Johnson

Optix Talk

Core Web Vitals - Interview with Chris Johnson

Optix Talk

Ecommerce Growth & Evolution with Kalikidan Legesse
In this edition of the Optix Talk podcast, we are speaking with Kalkidan Legesse, Founder and Managing Director at ethical retail rockstars Sancho's about her journey as an online retailer, building ecommerce through customer insights and her new reselling app Shwap.  About our Guest Kalkidan Legesse Kalkidan Legesse MBA, is an entreprenuer, a owner of award winning online retailers, Sanchos, coordinator of the Slow Fashion Show and  founder of SHWAP is a circular fashion app that will enable customers and brands to resale items indefinitely.  For more eCommerce Insights visit
June 18, 2021
Heroes of Recovery Economy with Stephanie Darkes
Heroes of Recovery Economy with Stephanie Darkes  In this edition of the Optix Talk podcast, we are speaking with Stephanie Darkes of Exploring Exeter about how online communities can help businesses to recover post-Covid. About our Guest Stephanie Darkes Stephanie Darkes is a journalist, blogger for Exploring Exeter and a contributor for Exeter Life and Devon Life magazines. She is also the mastermind behind the UNESCO City of Literature team supported We are All Heroes project & exhibition. In this discussion Stephanie shares insights into how small businesses can reach out to online communities as they reopen and the value of connecting with each other during this time. More Recovery Economy Insights: The interview is part of a collection of Covid Recovery Economy resources and marketing insights from Optix Solutions. Visit our to find out more about: Optimised Local SEO Post COVID Business Growth Strategies for Business Recovery How to Manage Your Digital Marketing Budget to Maximise Growth #optixtalk
April 26, 2021
Data Quality & Machine Learning with Joyann Boyce
On this edition of Optix Talk, we are Data Quality & Machine Learning with Joyann Boyce.  Joyann is the founder of The Social Detail, A Bristol Based Consultancy Specialising in Inclusive Marketing Strategy, has recently completed a Data Fellowship with South West Creative Technology Network, and is currently studying for a Masters in Data Science and AI. She is exploring the results if you train a machine with intentionally biased data in order to increase data fairness and more balanced results in the field. Today we're going to talk to Joyann about her research what she’s discovered about how data quality affects Machine Learning.
March 16, 2021
Core Web Vitals - Interview with Chris Johnson
Core Web Vitals are a set of new "page experience factors" which Google cares about. They relate to the experience a user has when first landing on your site - is your site fast and easy to use or is it a pain for users? In this episode we speak to Chris Johnson who has created two tools to help you review a site's CWV performance: Core SERP Vitals and Layout Shift GIF Generator. Our Senior Digital Strategist Crystal Carter spoke to Chris about his tools and his love of "tinkering". More About Core Web Vitals Our videos about CWV: How do Core Web Vitals affect rankings? and How Are Core Web Vitals Measured? Our blog post: Google’s Core Web Vitals Update: What you Need to Know for 2021 More About Chris Johnson  Twitter, Defaced.Dev, LinkedIn
January 25, 2021
eCommerce Excellence: How to Drive Sales in 2020
Whether you're already selling online, or you're thinking about starting, eCommerce has never been a more important tool. Join our conversation on the best tactics and techniques to utilise to make the most of your offering.   Joining us is Ben Rotheray, eCommerce strategy guru and founder of The Value Engine, as well as Becky and Crystal from the Optix team. Watch the original Webinar on YouTube Here.
July 01, 2020
Ben Williams Interview: Improve your mental fitness with the Commando Mindset
From a troubled background to Royal Marines Commando, and now Co-Founder of Find Your Edge Coaching, Ben Williams has global experience leading people to achieve extraordinary things.   Ben’s latest exploits have seen him coaching England Men’s Football Team and writing a book, on something he calls the “Commando Mindset”. In this exclusive episode of Optix TV, he share with us the tools and techniques that anyone can use to help them achieve.   Rob Stevens (Operations Director, Optix Solutions) had the pleasure of interviewing Ben for this edition of and we really hope that you find value from the wise words within.  
June 30, 2020
Interview: Nicholas Jemetta from Sainsbury's Mental Health & Wellbeing Group
In honour of Mental Health Awareness Week we're speaking to award winning Mental Health speaker and activist Nicholas Jemetta.  Nick is the Co-Chair of Sainsbury's Mental Health & Wellbeing Group.  For the month of May Nick is doing a Fancy Dress at Work Challenge to raise money for NHS Charities Together, Mental Health UK and Alzheimer's Society. You can donate via his Just Giving account. Subscribe to us on YouTube to see the video of our chat with Nick and future OptixTV episodes.
May 26, 2020
Be Kind and Be Well: With Special Guests Pete Fairburn and Matt Jess
Alastair and Becky are joined by guests Matt Jess and Pete Fairburn for this weeks special episode of OptixTV, to mark Mental Health Awareness Week. Matt Jess is an ex professional rugby player, notably playing for Exeter Chiefs, and also an ambassador for charity Give a Ruck.  Matt experienced difficulties with his mental health following his retirement from professional rugby and now focuses on promoting exercise as a mental health tool and coaching young people.    Pete Fairburn is the Director of Morphsites, a fellow South West Digital Agency. Pete has experienced being a support giver to someone close to him affected by mental health issues and promotes positive mental health through a variety of initiatives in his business. We discuss our stories, and also give practical advice on the things people can do to keep their own mental health in check, as well as how to help others who may be struggling. The video this episode is taken from can be found on the Optix Solutions YouTube channel
May 22, 2020
Why Growing Your Skillset is Crucial Right Now - Interview with Mandy Pearce, CIPR President Elect
CIPR Board Director, Mandy Pearse, joins Crystal Carter of Optix Solutions in a conversion on how acquiring new skills can help you adapt to the new business landscape.  In this episode we discuss how savvy marketing professionals are responding and where you should be focusing your time.  Mandy Pearse, MBA, FCIPR is a Director of the Board at President Elect at the Charted Institute of Public Relations. An experienced Marketing and Communications professional, she has supported business and organisations across the UK during the course of her career.
May 11, 2020
Lounge learning - How to up your digital skills from home
Hello and welcome to the second episode of Optix Talk from Optix Solutions. This time Alastair, Crystal and Becky discuss how you can improve your digital skills from home with remote training, including some of our favourite training platforms. The team also discuss how you can run your own training and which approach may work best for you. This audio is taken from our most recent webinar. You can see the full video on our YouTube channel.
April 24, 2020
Using a Digital Mindset to Pivot Your Business
Hello and welcome to Optix Talk, the new Podcast from the team at Optix Solutions. In our first episode we’re talking about how you can use a Digital mindset to pivot your business in these trying times. You’ll hear from our Director Alastair, Senior Digital Strategist Crystal and Head of Learning Becky. This audio is taken from a recent Optix TV Webinar, you can find the video version on our YouTube channel.
April 22, 2020