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Church Work Orange

Church Work Orange

By Orange Presbyterian Church
Rev. Rebekah Tucker-Motley, and music director, Chelsea Holt, talk about all things church work. Based out of Orange County, VA, listen to them chat about experiences unique to rural churches, effects of the pandemic, and more in this conversational podcast.
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05 Part 2: You Gotta Have Faith
If you missed episode four, go ahead and give that a listen first. This is part two of Rebekah and Chelsea's greater discussion about faith and the book of James. In this vulnerable episode, you'll hear about a meaningful service and one of the pros of smaller congregations.
October 11, 2021
04 Part 1: You Gotta Have Faith
In this episode Rebekah and Chelsea talk about the changing nature of worship. Rebekah also talks about what it means to be a Matthew 25 church, and she references a PCUSA initiative called 1001 New Worshiping Communities. Rebekah has finished her series "Living and Dying in Christ" and is talking about the book of James before entering into stewardship season. You'll hear more about these sermons and the musical selections in part two.
October 5, 2021
03: Living and Dying in Christ
In this episode, Rev. Rebekah Tucker-Motley introduces her sermon series, "Living and Dying in Christ". She talks with music director, Chelsea Holt, about the hymn, "I Depend Upon Your Faithfulness" (number 831 in the Glory to God hymnal). In between these topics, they talk about a lot of random things, including, but not limited to: rats decomposing, the dinosaur-meteor tiktok, teen romances, tv shows that didn't age well, and this specific quote from This American Life episode 738: "The reason we're all here, I think, is to get each other to the other side."
September 27, 2021
02: For the Beauty of Family
In this episode of Church Work Orange, Rev. Rebekah Tucker-Motley and music director, Chelsea Holt, continue to discuss Rebekah's sermon series "For the Beauty of the Earth." You can listen to the corresponding sermon by visiting our audio archive: (Oh, and the population of the town of Orange, VA is 4,975.)
September 20, 2021
01: Introducing Church Work Orange
This is the very first episode of our podcast! Based out of Orange, VA, Reverend Rebekah Tucker-Motley (she/her) and music director, Chelsea Holt (she/her), talk about what goes on behind the scenes each week to put together a worship service. In this first episode, Rebekah and Chelsea discuss the different types of sermons and the importance of matching the music to the emotion. You can hear the service they prepared for here: Leave us a voicemail on
September 13, 2021
Church Work Orange: The Trailer
Thanks for subscribing and following Church Work Orange! Please share with a friend and look forward to the launch of our first episode later this week. You can listen to the sermons we reference online at our sermon archive:
September 7, 2021