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By OreoNoHeels
Fangirling but better.

OreoNoHeels is a blog but who here has time to listen to a blog?
Now you can listen to the podcast of the very same blog, everywhere and anywhere.
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Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
On this episode, I will be diving into KPOP music! I will be talking about my experience of falling into that rabbit hole with some of the songs that got me addicted to it. I'll also talk about the industry and my understandings and views on it. And also, I'll also give a mini glimpse of my amazing playlist that goes along with it.  This episode is also available here with my playlist:
November 22, 2021
The OreoNoHeels Podcast - Gossip Girl
There it is! Welcome on The First Episode of The OreoNoHeels Podcast.  I'm quite excited to share my first episode with you. Like the titles implies, I gave you my thoughts and review on the New Gossip Girl.  See you guys in two weeks for my next episode.  For more informations, visit 
September 20, 2021
Welcome to my soon to come to life podcast. I have a few episodes in store for it that I couldn't be more excited to record.  Since, I can't record at the moment, this is a little trailer... This episode is also available as a blog post:
July 21, 2021