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By Stephanie Renee Cluff
We help you have a quicker, easier birth.
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#1 Surprising Benefit Of Going Through Birth
Welcome, to a series of conversations with birth professionals. These short and mighty interviews are full of inspiration. Learn from people who've dedicated their whole lives to supporting women through the powerful transition of childbirth. These astonishing people understand the physiological birth process and have supported hundreds of women to give birth. In this episode, I chat with Teresa Walsh one of the Director's of New Life Midwifery in Australia. New Life Midwifery is a private midwifery practice providing family-centered pregnancy, birth, and postnatal services. Teresa met with James and me for our initial consultation back in 2016 when we were pregnant with my first baby, Willow. Teresa was also present at my first birth (as the secondary midwife). It gives me shivers to think about the greatness of this woman. It's not an exaggeration to say that she is one of Australia's most qualified and experienced birth professionals. She's attended hundreds of births, lots of home births, she's worked in hospitals in the UK and Australia, she does advocacy work with parliament, she meets with women (though her caseload is smaller these days), Teresa mentors student midwives, and so generously and easily made time to sit with me for two and a half hours to chat. She is incredibly humble. In her words, she says that "being 'with women' as a midwife has been her privilege and honour for many years". Much love Steph
October 29, 2020
Beautifully Supported First Birth ft. Hayley Barkla
This episode features first-time mama, photographer, plant-based nutritionist and foodie: Hayley Barkla. In this chat we cover: 1) What she did to mentally/emotionally prepare for birth during pregnancy, 2) How she stumbled upon the name ‘Sonnet’ and why it’s meaningful, 3) The care provider she chose and how she made her decision. Then we do a rundown of the day she went into labour and the process, including: 5) What she did during labour for comfort, 6) What position she loved and what position she was in to bear down, 7) The actual moment of birth and what that was like, 8) Did she have skin-to-skin? A look at just after birth: 9) How did she find it in the hospital after birth, or 10) Her experience of going home and the weeks just after birth, 11) Thoughts on that snapshot in time and how to savour it, 12) Best pregnancy related purchase that she 100% recommends, 13) The message she’d put on a billboard for pregnancy mamas, if she could. If you want to get in touch with Hayley, you can via Instagram: (personal account) or (for business enquires). Enjoy!
February 5, 2020
VBAC Body-Healing Birth ft. Bek Shelling
This week's birth story is powerful! Bek shares how her body was miraculously realigned and healed by God through the birth of her second child.  In this episode we cover: Her VBAC experience Receiving promises from God for your birth Quick healing after birth Thoughts on postpartum care Products she loves  "Don't stress" Bek is a good friend and high caliber mother and friend. She is kind and honest. Her and her husband, Jay, prioritise their family as the bedrock of their lives and it's wonderful to watch and learn from. 
July 28, 2019
Home Water Birth ft. Stephanie Renee Cluff
If you're wanting a calm birth, a home birth, a water birth...this is the episode for you! In this episode we talk about: home birth into water exercises to for comfort in pregnancy labour, TENS Machine, making noise, transition birth, no tearing, water birth, vernix postpartum, resting, bleeding, food best products, advice for postpartum It was Winter. Cold. Dark. And this is my (Stephanie) story of River's birth. He is my second child and only son, born on 9 April 2019. He was 4kg and covered in vernix. A total dream, I had the most wonderful journey. Let's dive in!  And for more, follow me on Instagram (@ourlifeblood). DM via Instagram with questions you might have. Much love, Steph
July 18, 2019
Shower Free Birth ft. Jessica Morley
A fascinating chat with Jess. Based in Thailand, she gave birth to her fifth child, Harrison, in the shower of her Thailand home alongside her husband Chris. Aided by the Holy Spirit, and trusting deeply in the natural process of birth, she experienced peace and joy with her birth. She reports that it was an intense experience but she wouldn't call it painful. A beautiful way to welcome her child into the world, she speaks of how grateful she was for the birth. She also shares her advice for postpartum and encouraged new mamas to allow others to help them. A wonderful episode and not to be missed! 
June 10, 2019
Loft Free Birth ft. Laura Horn
Interviewed Laura, an Ohio based mother of four who had her last birth at home in her loft. A wonderfully empowering story about trusting the process of birth. Listen and be inspired to birth without fear. 
May 15, 2019
Living-Room Free Birth ft. Dani Avery
What a woman! Dani shares candidly and with wisdom about the calm, peaceful and QUICK birth of her third child (and first daughter), River.  In this episode Dani talks about: her holistic parenting approach, her hospital experiences with her first two boys (powerful births too!), what she did to combat fear throughout her pregnancies,  her favourite fear-busting scriptures, and lots more! This episode will be life-changing, if you let it. Allow her faith and calm knowing to infuse into your spirit. An hour of pure listening bliss!
March 29, 2019
Down-To-Earth Water Birth ft. Ally Paterson
This podcast is so uplifting! Calm, relaxed and grounded, Ally talks about her natural water birth in hospital.  Q: "What were you believing for you birth?" A: "My prayers are always 'safe and free of complications' and that's what I was expecting. I was also really hoping for painless, but I definitely got a safe and a birth completely free of complications. That's what I expect every time and that's what I have in my mind is going to happen. Having a still mind definitely helps." Enjoy!​
March 22, 2019
Blissful Home Birth ft. Ashlee Wilson
This podcast is so glorious. We recorded it in my study, sitting on the carpet, both heavily pregnant and sipping tea. Ashlee talks candily about the home birth of her first child. Roaring. Resting. Swaying. Cackling. It's all there! Ashlee's gentle spirit is so nourishing throughout this recording. Listen and be filled with encouragement! 
March 6, 2019
Peaceful Water Birth ft. Chloe Bowles
In this episode, Chloe Bowles shares the story of her beautiful first birth with Mirabelle. She gave birth in water in a hospital birthing suite alongside her husband, Caleb and her midwife. It total, the experience was just under 5 hours long. This powerful testimony sheds light on how to believe—and continue to believe throughout labour. A beautiful and profound story that's filled with faith!
February 23, 2019