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Orphic Frequency

Orphic Frequency

By Michelle Gallagher /Mick G
Welcome to Orphic Frequency with Michelle Gallagher, - a renowned intuitive, teacher of esoterica, Kundalini Yogi, bad ass white witch, author and multimedia artist offering her experiences in the supernatural, talking all things esoteric & giving soul felt answers to listener's questions through "Ask Mick G". Follow along on IG at
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A Supernatural Conversation with Carleen Ladden of Paranormal Sightings

Orphic Frequency

A Supernatural Conversation with Carleen Ladden of Paranormal Sightings

Orphic Frequency

EC with Christina Nicole
Christina Nicole talks about contracting Covid 19 in a foreign country, the confusion of labels and loving our way back home.
November 17, 2020
Meet My Fave. Witch.
Margaret Burns, trained midwife & postpartum doula, Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher, & Kinesiologist.   She's trained in Body Electronics, Sacred Body Language Translation, & Spiritual Formation & Counseling.   She belongs to Hive Global Leaders, volunteered for Teal Swan & has a master's in Creative Writing & Philosophical Theology. To put it more bluntly she is my favorite witch. She is the host of Witch Eye For The Muggle Guy podcast you can hear HERE. WE talk about witchy things, kundalini yoga things and the razor thin line between a spiritual awakening and a mental break. Please give her some love (here) and thank you so much for listening to this elevated conversation!
November 3, 2020
Communicating across difference with Jess - Dervin Ackerman
Jess Is the founder and creator of Heart in Politics facilitating conversations that de-mystify the political system for Yogis, meditators, energy workers, spiritual practitioners and coaches to amplify impact towards a better world. Join Jess & I November 8th at 12pm pacific/3pm eastern for Communicating Across Difference - An online workshop practicing your values in your closest relationships.  $40 please RSVP @
October 22, 2020
Meet David Miller of Within Harmony
David Miller spent thirty years in corporate America but is now an alternative healing practitioner. Find out how and why he made this much needed and courageous leap. Connect with David at
October 9, 2020
Episode 3: Mark Allan Keyes!
Mark Allan Keyes is the Director of the Pennsylvania Paranormal Association, the Author of The Upper Darby Poltergeist and Chasing Shadows. He is a retired State Police Criminal Investigator, colleague and friend. Listen to some of Mark stories & hear how paranormal has ramped up in 2020. Find Mark at
September 15, 2020
Heavenly inspiration with Marcie Tamburelli
A grieving mom is inspired to live again through baking a dessert she never made before & turns it into her happy place; Heavenly Macarons! Find Marcie & Heavenly Macarons here:
September 2, 2020
A Supernatural Conversation with Carleen Ladden of Paranormal Sightings
Season 2 is here!! & I'm engaging in elevated conversations with some pretty cool people. In this episode, I'm excited to talk to Carleen Ladden who is one of the most profound, scientific women I know when it comes to investigating all things unseen. For over a dozen years, Carleen Ladden has been a paranormal investigator in NEPA.   Listen to her share her unnatural motivation for falling down this particular rabbit hole and reveal what she's learned about life, death, afterlife and things that go bump in the night. Contact Paranormal Sightings Here. Please feel free to share this amazing ghost story with your friends!
August 12, 2020
Meditation: Break the cycle of Generational trauma.
This is an added bonus meditation for our times.
June 4, 2020
Heaven is a place on Earth?
If heaven is a place on earth, how the heck did Belinda Carlisle know? A tragedy in my workplace blew open my inherent knowledge of heaven and hell. Find out more about it in the season finale of Orphic Frequency.
November 12, 2019
EP 9. Spirits, Portals & Vortexes Oh My!
Seeing the dead or spirit, in real life, in real time I'm talking like - during the day while I was working - was the next big happening piece in my mediumship puzzle. Esoteric Lesson: Spirit Portals & Energy Vortexs. What are they? Ask Mick G: A question I was asked on the Podcast Witch Eye For The Muggle Guy - with Margaret Burns - If you had to WitchSplain anything what would it be?   Featuring music by Len Brunson. Check him out on Soundcloud here.
November 5, 2019
Semi possession- the first Halloween edition of Orphic Freqency.
This true account is of a haunting on a farm and the couple was being terrorized by all the death that took place on the property.
October 29, 2019
Episode 7. GHOSTS!
Who or what was haunting the flat I lived in above St. Michael The Archangel's bookstore in San Francisco? Esoteric Lesson - What are ghosts? Song - Ghostbusters Remix WOlfWolfMusic  / Youtube
October 22, 2019
Night Terrors
Night terrors. I moved into a new apartment and for three months was terrorized by what felt like something kneeling on my chest at 3am.   Our esoteric lesson: INCUBUS ASK MICK G: I cover how to meet new people who share the same interests when you have a love for crystals, witchy declarations are are almost 50. Orphic song of the week - Dedicated to Melody  - a little Kate Bush. xo
October 15, 2019
Episode 5. She's hearing voices.
Hearing voices when no one is talking directly too you can make a girl think that she's having some sort of mental break. Esoteric Lesson: Clairaudience & Telepathy Ask Mick G?  Erica asks: Is it cool to ask a psychic what my life's purpose is? Featuring music from.  Death Cab For Cutie
September 30, 2019
Ep.4 Congratulations! You're A Medium!
When I first learned I was a medium.  What IS A MEDIUM anyway? James From Summit Hill writes: Can I change my Karma? And a Stevie Wonder cover by Corey Henry dedicated to my late mentor Arlene Duggan. 
September 23, 2019
Episode 3. Word Vomit.
When words from nowhere just fell out of my mouth. That's the phenomenon that happened next on my supernatural journey. Esoteric Lesson of the week: #Clairsentient Plus Music From Free Range Folk.  Buy all their stuff here. 
September 15, 2019
You down with OBE?
Out of Body Experience. Astral Travel. Let's talk about it.  What happened to me during my first OBE?  Find out when you tune in. Ask Mick G?  Lauren from Philly writes: My mom saw a Ghost Wolf in the middle of the road? Is this her spirit animal? And for the love of Orpheus, listen to The Lonely Ghost by Eamon's Clone.   Better yet, listen to the whole album on his website here: It's other worldly & oh so lovely!  T hanks Eamon's Clone for letting me share your talent! Got a burning question? Ask MICK G email me  - Got music? Send an MP3  to As always, much love and more Orphic Frequency.  See you next week
September 10, 2019
What's an Orphic Frequency?
By high def, The Who I am and how I got here - to this podcast. Episode one - the legend of Orpheus and Ask Mick G.
September 2, 2019