Impossibility Space

Impossibility Space

By Oscar Sharp
A very oddcast. Not for the faint of weird.

Wetware generativity. Waking dreams. A gnosis process.

Improvised in single live takes, layered on top of each other unedited and published immediately. Frequently unrefined.

What's it about? Who can say. Certainly not me. But here it is anyway.

Good luck.
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A surprise immediate followup Interlude! Also co-starring Ross Goodwin as George the Sorcerer!
August 8, 2020
Impossibility Space - Episode Seven
Our first ever SPECIAL GUEST joins us! Ross Goodwin of Possibility Space drops in at the end of the episode to drop some LIVE SAX like its sizzling hot.
August 8, 2020
Impossibility Space - Episode Six
This week's episode description is written by one the world's most advanced AIs, GPT-3, and can be found here. The end of GPT-3's description it informed me that there is a theme song that is written and performed by Jonah Senzel. For that reason, Jonah, I flagrantly yoinked one of your wonderful tracks from your soundcloud and it seemed to fit uncannily well, so I thought *shrug* -- serendipity? A post-singularity message to all us us here in the simulation, to be ready for the moment in the simulation where it reruns the coming of the singularity itself, and we all become gods? Lol. Feel free to tell me to remove it - I'll happily do that if you wish.
July 21, 2020
Impossibility Space - Episode Five
Okay so this was another one-take improv poemy thing like the "interlude", but does seems to be back on with "Alien Esoteric-Folkloric-Physics" stuff from the first three. Honestly I think the rhyming parts sound sort of awkward, like I'm groping for the words sometimes - I guess because I didn't have much sleep - but it still did feel like more or less the right ideas came out by end.  Also we got our first Prophecy! Well, okay, maybe something more like a "trailer"? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
July 6, 2020
Unexpected poem "to cleanse the ears" for episode 5 apparently. 🤷‍♀️
July 1, 2020
Impossibility Space - Episode Four
CONTENT WARNING: SEXUAL ASSAULT This one was an extreme surprise to me. The others have felt like vaguely comic otherworldly esoteric folklore or something, but this one is straight up not that at all. It's funny for a bit then becomes extremely intense and I imagine could be very upsetting. It is for me. I'm sort of astounded I'm even publishing it, but that is the rule I set myself for these. Sit down, make a series of single improv takes > export > publish. No options. That was the point of this project. I guess I thought it would just be about forcing my creative hand or something. I wasn't expecting at all that it was going to involve publishing something like this. If you choose to listen, and you find it upsetting, I am truly sorry for that. It seems this is a necessity for me somehow.
June 25, 2020
Impossibility Space - Episode Three
Well, episode 3 is kind’ve a doozy.  First up, the Lady Amelia Muchness drops in! She recaps (and somewhat explains) the last two episodes, then gets sidetracked on a bit of a rant about privilege, then intros episode 3 itself... which turns out to be shorter than her bloody intro!  It's some sort of “radio drama” I think, has a sort of wartime feel - but, like, a of cosmic war fought billions of eons ago. It ends up at with a surprisingly sweet claim about stars, love and death :)  It's a bit long, so would have been WAY more of a slog but for the... drumroll... music!  A bunch of looovely creative commons work culled from Thank you Scott. I doubt you’ll ever hear this, or make it through it, but if you do I hope you’re not TOO bamboozled. I allowed myself a bit of editing for the music, but the rest is still just raw single takes as before.
June 19, 2020
Impossibility Space - Episode Two
In which the lads tell us some sort of story themselves this time, with no guest other then some weird sort of echoey voice that also fills in some sound effects and seems to  know the "proper" end to the song about the duck. NO idea why. Sounds like possibly we'll find out on the next one though?
June 10, 2020
Impossibility Space - Episode One
"Mac" the Alien/God/Creature/Friend/Parent/Watcher Thingy does some some sort of weird speech about how he got here, and I think why he's leaving? Then he leaves? Hope he's not "real" real because if he is, we're alone now I guess? Abandoned by our "god" or whatever, which sounds bloody scary, no? Ugh. Anyway I don't know, here's episode one, where we meet your hosts "The DJs" (they're both literally called DJ which I know THEY think is hilarious), and then they play us out with some kind of very slow cosmic cover tune from a frankly rather tuneless intergalactic cover band / shimmering flexed-ultrasound alien signal disguised as a popular old tune (which it was when it came that time too) (yes, that's how literally all "true" inspiration works lol). Includes one-take improvised sound effects made with mic and live reverb only - which ends with the sound of one hand clapping. Enjoy! O.
June 6, 2020