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The OSINT Curious Project is a source of quality, actionable, Open Source Intelligence news, original blogs, instructional videos, and a bi-weekly webcast/podcast. Most of all, we want to inspire people to look outside of their OSINT-comfort zones and pursue their OSINT passions. We try to keep people curious about exploring web applications for bits of information or trying out new techniques to access important OSINT data.

We are an OSINT-learning catalyst.
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Episode 42: New Facebook design, creating sock puppets, Redditor, OSINT on Telegram, WhatsMyName Update
Welcome back! We are back with a brand new episode after our one-month summer break! In this week’s episode, we catch up with the latest OSINT news, as usual! People in this Episode Micah Hoffman (@webbreacher) Nico Dekens (@Dutch_osintguy) Lorand Bodo (@LorandBodo) Sector035 (@Sector035) Technisette (@technisette) Rae Baker (@wondersmith_rae) What we discussed A big thank you to all our sponsors and Patreon patrons who have been supporting us!  Learn how to create a sock puppet account for your OSINT investigations here Learn about the main differences between the old and new Facebook design here Check out this new OSINT tool, called Redditor. It’s similar to Tweetdeck but just for Reddit Need some new OSINT resources? Then check out this amazing collection Dutch's talk about leveraging Telegram for OSINT purposes Sinwindie’s attack surface for Twitter. For similar flow charts, click here Interested in detecting deep fakes? Microsoft has launched a new tool to detect them Here’s a great thread about some of the most popular dark net markets. Get free and daily updates about new dark net sites Update about PimEye – a facial search engine Wanna track ‘dictators’? Check out this website that tracks aircraft associated with specific countries New updates for SentinelHub Also new updates for WhatsMyName – a username search engine developed by Micah in collaboration with OSINTCombine and many others.  Search for 393+ million US court records on JudyRecords Practice OSINT and work on real cases. Tracelabs has announced monthly OSINT Search Party CTFs! Self Promotion Micah will be at the OSINT Symposium in Australia and OSMOSISCon in October Rae will be presenting at the Bsides conference in Copenhagen on 18/19 September Lisette will be presenting at OSMOSISCon in October – check out her new website too
September 7, 2020
Episode 41: Special Guest Ines Narciso, video search tool Peteyvid, estimating crowd sizes, and more on facial recognition (even for dogs)
Special Guest Inês Narciso (@IWN_LX) – Ines worked in the Portuguese Intelligence Service for 12 years. She started up doing OSINT in 2008 and later became an OSINT and online undercover operations project manager. In 2019, she joined Iscte Iul a Lisbon University where she teaches Digital Methods and conducts research on disinformation. Since then, she’s also built a company that uses OSINT to find people’s ancestors and build family trees. In her spare time, she also helps pro bono fellow journalists in Portugal and abroad in their investigations and women who have been a victim of revenge porn or intimate image abuse. People in this Episode Micah Hoffman (@webbreacher) Nico (@DutchOSINTGuy) Matthias Wilson (@mwosint) Nixintel Lorand Bodo Sector035 Ritu Gill (@OSINTTechniques) Links to what we discussed Protecting personal privacy against unauthorized deep learning models: Search for videos across 60 platforms: Estimate the size of a crowd with this tool: Twitter thread about the video conferencing platform Zoom: Great verification case study in French: Twitter search tricks: Improved face detection software that even works on animals: Blog that has started dropping “0Days” with regards to the TOR project: New Telegram update: Upcoming virtual OSINT Symposium between 10 and 13 October: Self Promotion Learn more about Ines’s work: (in Portuguese with some English articles) The Open Source Intelligence Skills-building Conference (October 2020): German Open Source Intelligence Conference (GOCON): – if you have any questions, reach out to Matthias (@mwosint)
July 28, 2020
Episode 40: Geolocating IPs and mobile phones, PimEye, 3D reconstruction of facial images and more...
People in this Episode Micah Hoffman (@webbreacher) Matthias Wilson (@mwosint) Nixintel Technisette Baywolf88 Links to what we discussed Big phishing criminal Hushpuppi arrested in Dubai. His Instagram account was well-known for flaunting his wealth. Allowed investigators to track his movements and identify his financial assets. Matches facial images from across the web Getting photo sphere images from Google Maps using developer tools Gives insight on the locations of IP adresses PimEye reaction to a recent article (, now you can’t upload a pic anymore. You can only allow PimEye access to your camera Shows ham radio operators (with call sign and location) worldwide. Might be useful is ever working on a case involving ham radios This website allows users to create a 3d reconstruction from a single image. super useful for osint investigations. Guide to corporate OSINT recon Follow-up on the IP geolocation article TikTok mobile app security issues and how they may impact your investigations. Self Promotion Micah Hoffman, Nico Dekens & John TerBush: SANS SEC487 Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) Gathering & Analysis. Several options for Live Online & In Person
July 13, 2020
Episode 39: Ibexmind with Peter King, Twitter history, aircraft and drone monitoring, TraceLabs OSINT Virtual Machine and more...
People in this Episode Micah Hoffman (@webbreacher) Nico Dekens (@dutch_osintguy) Rae Baker (@wondersmith_rae) Nixintel Ginsberg5150 Special Guest: Peter King (@ibexmind) additional info: Links to what we discussed Shows historic profile and pinned tweet changes for Twitter accounts. Aircraft monitoring site but includes military/drones too. Good OSINT case study, using social media to ID suspect Explains how to use OSINT to investigate a website, very beginner friendly Trace Labs OSINT VM Nico’s free SANS image verification workshop Layer8 OSINT and Social Engineering conference videos are posted Sector035’s Google Dorking 10 minute tip OSINTCombine’s blog post on using the web developer tools in web browsers to download videos on several social media platforms Trace Labs has renamed their Missing CTF to OSINT Search Party CTF and is doing monthly global events! How Playing Tetris helps Tame Trauma Self Promotion Micah Hoffman, Nico Dekens & John TerBush: SANS SEC487 Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) Gathering & Analysis. Several options for Live Online & In Person Several Online workshops at
June 30, 2020
Ep 35: (Originally aired May 3) Guest Aliaume Leroy, a new Verification Handbook released, using birds to help geolocate and more....!
Originally aired May 3, 2020 People in this Episode  Micah Hoffman  Dutch_OsintGuy  Nico Technisette  Matthias Wilson (MWOsint)  Special Guest: Aliaume Leroy (@Yaolri) more info on:  Links to what we discussed Good resource for recon when conducting IP infringement related work on seller that are active on AlieExpress The new verification handbook got released this week, lots of useful osint tips, tricks and case studies by industry experts Thread By Benjamin Strick about an ongoing campaign of Chines and Russian named Bots that are attacking a Chinese Businessman who has been critical of China’s response of Covid19 How birds and where they live can help during osint investigations Nice webcast/podcast with some good insights in intelligence gathering, osint and the usage of online persona’s A nice site to send reverse image searches to multiple sites and links to several other image related tools Setting up your own facial recognition using Python and Elasticsearch Simple tool to give tips on how to start off with OSINT investigations. Similar to Micah’s YOGA, just more basic Company research and reverse image searching using the WIPO IP Portal, there’s lots of data to be found in the patent, (trade-)mark and design databases on this portal Matt Edmondson’s OSINT blog post on using Amazon Web Services (AWS) for OSINT  This site also helps to identify type of birds in a picture: (thnx to 89Kenny)  Self Promotion  Dutch_Osintguy : July 9, 2020 Workshop advanced searching and monitoring with Google for professionals  Micah Hofmann & Dutch_Osintguy Nico: Several options to follow the SANS SEC487 Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) Gathering and Analysis now with GOSI CERT !
May 26, 2020
Ep 34: (Originally aired 19 April) Interview with the famous Arno Reuser, using UntappdScraper for checkin location data, and more
People in this Episode  Micah Hoffman  Nico (Dutch_OsintGuy)  Matthias Wilson (MWOsint)  Nixintel  Kirby Plessas (kirbstr)  Sector035  John TerBush (thegumshoo)  Special Guest : Arno Reuser (@ArnoReuser) more info on &  Links to what we discussed The site hosts breach data that are easily searchable (for free)! We spoke about this in regards to its scraping of Pastebin pastes. If you have a paid account, you can access them. This page is the webification of the UntappdScraper script Micah made. Makes it easy to analyze user-reported drinking behavior. Another source for company research is import/export data. Find out who does business with a company and which means of transportation they use. The tweet depicts one example for such a (paid) database, in some countries this data is freely accessible Annotation tool designed for geospatial data, useful for osint geo related research Blog by Dutch_Osintguy about the human factor in cyber and how easy it can be for bad actors to gain access to certain video calling session by using basic osint techniques Great Cyberchef recipes which can be used for OSINT and cyber Pastebin has disabled its search function, even for Pro customers. This is bad news for OSINT because Pastebin was such a valuable resource, especially for threat intel. This is more privacy than OSINT but the Clearview AI application source code and other files were found in a public location.  Self Promotion OSINT Curious 1 day OSINT 101 course!  Kirby is teaching online OSINT classes. Visit for more details.  Micah and Dutch_Osintguy will be doing OSINT SEC487 SANS Live Online trainings in the coming months. Visit for details.
May 26, 2020
Ep. 36: Interview with Jane Lytvynenko on disinfo, the "OSINT State of Mind", cropping images and facial recognition reverse searching and more!
Originally aired May 17, 20202 People in this Episode  Micah Hoffman  Nixintel  John TerBush  Rae Baker  Lorand Bodo  Chris Kubecka  Nico Dekens  Special Guest: Jane Lytvynenko (@JaneLytv) more info on:  Links to what we discussed webinar SANS @MIC with Dutch_Osintguy talking about the “OSINT State of Mind” Great tip by showing the importance of cropping sections of pictures to figure out a location using reverse image search Great resource with lots of search engines and other recourses for OSINT New blog post by Lorenzo Romani related to facial recognition on social media. Follow up of a previous post from Lorenzo How to bring back search name by face in Google reverse image search New awesome free tool from OSINT Combine (Chris Poulter). Rapid data visualization from local CSV files How to detect bot networks on Twitter – case study by Lorand Create 3D models from images Open source softwares’ reliance on various other open source software. The end of GoodTwitter is the end for twint The new OSINT / Datajournalism verification handbook  Self Promotion  Dutch_Osintguy : July 9, 2020 Workshop advanced searching and monitoring with Google for professionals  Micah Hofmann, Dutch_Osintguy Nico & John Terbush: Several options to follow the SANS SEC487 Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) Gathering and Analysis now with GOSI CERT !  John TerBush Recorded Future podcast
May 26, 2020
Episode 33: We speak with guest Jan Tegze from, analytic thinking, beyond EXIF in photos, and more...
People in this Episode Nico (Dutch_Osintguy) Matthias Wilson (MWOsint) Nixintel Lorand Bodo (Lorandbodo) Rae Baker (wondersmith_rae) Technisette Special Guest : Jan Tegze (@jantegze) more info on Links to what we discussed Training yourself how to be an analytical thinker Related to having an Analytical mind this shows analytical techniques in action through real cases Shows how EXIF data works, but also encourages people to keep digging into images even when EXIF data has been removed because it can still contain material of interest 3 useful links for getting familiar with using api’s and python Alternative to Python? Thread by Thomas from Pointer on fake news during covid (graphic images warning) Great dashboard from OSINTCombine with loads of information on COVID19 from multiple sources Nice quiz on OPSEC, more OSINT related quizzes to come as well Great case in which lots of different OSINT techniques are used. Tracking illicit arms trading with GEOINT, reverse image searching, SOCMINT (Twitter and Facebook), corporate research and maritime OSINT An OSINT/DFIR project on an OSINT tool with a surprising outcome How to land a job in OSINT Facebook tips and 10 minute tip video Self Promotion Micah and Dutch_Osintguy will be doing OSINT SEC487 Sans Cybercast trainings the coming months Stay tuned for more OSINTcurious lunches/breaksfast/dinner
April 19, 2020
Episode 32: Chris Poulter from OSINTCombine talks tools and debuts one during the webcast! Also: disinfo during the COVID-19 crisis and more...
People in this Episode: Micah Hoffman (WebBreacher)  Nico (Dutch_Osintguy)  Matthias Wilson (MWOsint)  Nixintel  Lorand Bodo (Lorandbodo)  Rae Baker (wondersmith_rae)  Kirby Plessas (kirbstr)  Special guest: Chris Poulter (@osintcombine) and more info on  Links to what we discussed:  OSINT Combine’s talk at the #sansosintsummit  Nixintel spots fake Twitter accounts blog  DeepL is a topnotch translation tool, which is now offering support for Chinese and Japanese  Thread about group or video chat invites. Want to address this because during covid19 quarantaine we will see a lot of these links posted openly. This might pose a threat for businesses.  OPSEC during Covid19 is important when sharing your home offices or desktops while working from home.  Corporate Reconnaissance and OSINT blog by Rae Baker  TraceLabs Missing CTF  Username enumeration tool WhatsMyName got a cool web frontend thanks to, none other than Chris Poulter (OSINTCombine) –  Lorand showed some websites that you can use to tackle and fact check dis-information  Self promotion:  Micah’s SEC487 course has moved to CyberCast format. 6 full days of online OSINT learning streaming to you via GoToTraining. Classes  Rae speaking at layer8 about Martine OSINT  Kirby has webinars almost every Thursday at and has moved all custom training seminars online. Also check out our curated and commentated subscription news feed  Interested in fighting mis and disinformation around COVID19? Then join the Slack channel. DM Lorand on Twitter for more info
April 4, 2020
Episode 31: Jeff Lomas of BleuBloodHound, MWOsint demos the MSFT video indexer and more...
People in this Episode: Micah Hoffman (WebBreacher)  Dutch_Osintguy  Matthias Wilson (MwOsint)  Nixintel  Sector035  Special Guest: Jeff Lomas (@BleuBloodHound)   Links to what we discussed: Jeff Lomas talked about his blog on cell tower info, DFIR and OSINT  People being monitored by the geotagged social media trough Echosec  An semi automated website for lookups on a domain, ip or email. Covers dns, location, whois and more. Opsec! don’t know if requests are tracked  OSINT CTF that gives people a chance to practice their skills. It covers a wide range of areas like government databases, social media, archived websites as well as some basic digital forensic and cyber security knowledge.  Vis graphing tool for win, linux and osx in beta. Sort of Maltego alternative made with help of  Guideline by US DoJ : Legal Considerations when Gathering Online Cyber Threat Intelligence and Purchasing Data from Illicit Sources  Useful to manually create charts in your OSINT investigations  Bram (Aware Online) has been on fire this week, posting lots of quick OSINT tips. Might be worth a shout-out  Great detailed blog on how to build your own web scraper using Python  TikTok OSINT thread  The Cyber Intelligence Analyst Cookbook has some good information about CTI and OSINT process and analysis.  Scrapy: An open source and collaborative framework for extracting the data you need from websites.  Skills Demo:  Matthias a.k.a MWOsint – demo  Self Promotion: Dutch_OsintGuy added new events to his website for several trainings and workshops  Dutch_Osintguy : Workshop understanding Google’s search results and advanced searching techniques workshop (Dutch language only) together with Aware Online. March 20th in Amsterdam.  Micah (WebBreacher) has multiple SANS SEC487 live classes ( coming up in the coming months and is looking forward to the GIAC GOSI OSINT certification ( moving into beta testing in April.
March 9, 2020
Episode 30, A brief chat about WhatsApp, a new OSINT-dedicated Linux build and more..
People in this Episode Ginsberg5150 Nixintel Sector035 Links to what we discussed WhatsApp invite debacle: Nixintel his short blogpost about it: Open source maps and satellite imagery used to verify claims about Chinese human rights abuses A Pastebin bot on Twitter: (by SN Radar – geolocation tool for VK posts. OSINT Summit 2020 – New Buscador-style OSINT dedicated Linux build called CSI Linux: Sigint through satellites interference Citizens find the attackers of the Jawaharlal Nehru University attack:
March 9, 2020
Episode 29: Interview with OSINTTechniques, Google dorking SSIDs, a look at the Kobe Bryant helicopter crash using OSINT and more
People in this Episode Micah Hoffman Dutch_Osintguy Sector035 And our special guest: Ritu Gill aka OsintTechniques Links to what we discussed Tweet by Gonzo about searching SSID’s with a Google dork Another good name check lookup website Good read about deanonymizing TOR circuits Guest OSINT Curious blog by Jeff Lomas : 50 cognitive biases in the modern world OSINT explanation of Kobe Bryant’s catastrophic helicopter crash How to find the most recent satellite imagery on earth Trace Labs Global CTF 3 Google Geolocation API now includes Wi-Fi and Cell data  Tweet by Serge Courier: Scrape Google Maps (a tool and a browser extension to scrape results from a Google maps search – original blog post from Boolean Strings) 10 minute OSINT Curious tip “Viewing LinkedIn Profiles Anonymously” Identifying and tackling manipulated media – a free online course offered by Reuters OSINTCombine have put together an importable bookmark stack  Ginger_T Article  Self Promotion SANS OSINT Summit – February 18th, next week! Dutch_OsintGuy Nico doing two OSINT workshops on March 20th and May 18th Google Advanced Searching and Monitoring (in Dutch) Dutch_Osintguy Nico teaching in Amsterdam 21-22-23 OSINT module 1 in English
February 20, 2020
Episode 28: Bitcoin with Bellingcat's Brenna Smith, Finding who is running Wordpress even behind Cloudflare, and more
People in this Episode: Ginsberg5150 Dutch_Osintguy Sector035 Kirby Plessas And our special guest: Brenna Smith  Links to what we discussed: Archive of Brenna’s CryptOSINT newsletters can be found here  Our own technisette had a beautiful and healthy baby! Congratulations!  Introduction to OSINT (video) Micah was very lucky to meet and get to work with the talented Ritu Gill, (@OSINTTechniques). At the recent Trace Labs (@TraceLabs) and SANS (@SANSDefense) Missing Persons CTF in Washington DC, they both noticed that many people wanted to participate but had no idea how to get started. After a few discussions, they decided to make an Introduction to OSINT video.  Lorand Bodo tweeted about a paper that describes a content manipulation (chameleon) attack with a demo of the attack on Facebook.  Blog by DJ Nemec about using pingbacks to umask a real IP address of a WordPress website that is behind Cloudflare  nixintel wrote a blog about using OSINT techniques to find out who is behind a WordPress site  New chrome extension that lets you see who posted a video on Twitter first (thread in french tool on github (To install the extension, you can download the file I put on Github. Unzip everything in a local folder. Activate developer mode on the Chrome “Extensions” page. Click on “Load the unpackaged extension”, select the folder, en load)  “What is OSINT?” thread on Twitter  TraceLabs Global Missing Persons CTF III –  New SpiderFoot release  Self Promotion  Nico, Kirby, Micah, and others at SANS osint summit FEB 18th  Nico joined the recorded future podcast, talked about osint and threat intelligence. You can listen to it here
January 29, 2020
Episode 27 - OSINT Curious is a year old! And we have Vortimo's Roelof Temmingh!
Webcast 20200112 – #27 People in this Episode Dutch_Osintguy Ginsberg5150 Micah Hoffman Sector035 And our special guest: Roelof Temmingh (VortimoTech) Links to what we discussed Aware online blogs: Searching Telegram via location – and creating your own flowcharts – Micah’s OSINT MindMap – OSINT : Using Certificate Transparency lists. Shodan filter reference: Facial recognition by Yandex (vai Nelson Minar): Are you wondering what Emergency Action Messages (EAM) over the US Military High Frequency Global Communications System (HF-GCS) are? Find out all you need to know at this blog from @MilcomMP – Osint quiz by sector – The ‘Hindsight Files’ – Events From Kevin at National Child Protection Task Force Conference – “This is my conference that provides a bigger mix of OSINT with other legal methods. Self Promotion Kirby has a class in St Augustine Jan 21-22 – Kirby will have her NDCAC law-enforcement only classes listed there soon as well. OSINT Summit this February – Use code OSINTPOD20 for special deal of $175 Summit tickets Webcast byDutch_Osintguy on operations security (OpSec) tradecraft and tips for online Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Research – SecKC Tuesday 14th for workshops –
January 17, 2020
Episode 25 - Breaches, TikTok, Vortimo and more!
Find all linked material here: People in this Episode Micah Dutch_Osintguy Kirby Sector035 Links to what we discussed Tips on how to interpret leak data A new blog from MwOsint on investigating right wing extremists An Emmy for the Bellingcat documentary Firstdraft article on identifying bots Blogpost by OsintCombine on Foursquare Tutorial about Vortimo LawFare Podcast Diving into the TikTok API Automatic transcription of podcasts in iOS 13 and a direct link: Political ads information on Snapchat Tutorial on TikTok investigations Small tutorial on the tool ‘bulkextractor’ An SEO tool to analyze search results A NYT investigation into the bombing of civilian targets in Syria The item we started this episode with was a tweet about interesting Google dorks. Feel free to share your favourite Google dork on Twitter using the hashtag #osintcurious. For example: Self Promotion OSINTCurious is setting up a webshop Micah will be teaching at the SANS CDI (Washington, DC) event in December, anyone taking a class at the event can participate in the Tracelabs Missing Persons CTF! Micah will also be at the SANS OSINT Summit in Feb 2020 – Use code OSINTPOD20 to get a special price of $175 on you SANS Open-Source Intelligence Summit registration Kirby has a class for investigators in January in Jacksonville FL
December 2, 2019
Episode 24 - TikTok investigation techniques, more on Instagram and the new IntelTechniques Book! And more!
People in this Episode: Ginsberg5150 Sector035 Technisette Micah Dutch_Osintguy Links to what we discussed New OSINT Curious logo! Tiktok Instagram LinkedIn – OSINT4Good – ISIS Attack map – AirBnB Scam – Michael Bazzell’s new book – Firefox customization for OSINT – Vortimo b3 – Using 10-K and public business data in OSINT – nlp processing Bert by google brings new dimension to searching google Self Promotion Micah – At the SANS CDI (Washington, DC) event in December, anyone taking a class at the event can participate in the Tracelabs Missing Persons CTF!
November 10, 2019
Episode #23 - The talented Rae Baker, Cheatsheets and free tools galore!
People in this Episode: Kirby Micah Dutch_Osintguy Ginsberg5150 Sector035 And our special guest: Rae Baker (@wondersmith_rae) Links to what we discussed:  Shameless Self Promotion:
October 23, 2019
Episode 22: Lorando Bodo talks OSINT for counter-terrorism, Extreme Privacy, OSINT for Maritime Intelligence and more!
People in this Episode: Micah Dutch_Osintguy Ginsberg5150 Kirby (voice only) And our special OSINT Curious member and guest : Lorand Bodo (@lorandbodo) Links to what we discussed: Micah – Reading Bazzell’s Extreme Privacy book. OSINT Curious Instagram Search second blog post – Links from Lorand’s interview: Terrorism and Radicalisation Research Dashboard: Tech Against Terrorism: (@techvsterrorism) Press release: Launching an updated version of Press release: Terrorist Content Analytics Platform (TCAP): Tech Against Terrorism Podcast: Self Promotion: Dutch OSINT Guy at tweakers xl privacy & security summit November 2, 2019 SANS SEC487 upcoming classes in Sydney, Atlanta, Washington DC – Kirby is speaking at IAFCINY this week and at Osmosiscon next week
October 8, 2019
Episode 21: Live demo of mindmapping with Datascraper and Casefile and more...
Webcast 20190922 – #21 People in this Episode Micah Dutch_OsintGuy Links to things we discussed: Tetris Challenge gives insight in governmental gear Airbnb – Reverse OSINT with Your Public Information Youtube tests user profile cards that show users comment history Blog on OSINT and psychology and bias Twitter thread with step by step OSINT methodology on identifying a location with detained protesters in Xinjiang Live demo Dutch_OsintGuy & Micah Live demo shows how one can use Mindmapping software to keep track of your investigative steps and thoughts. Second part of the live demo shows how you can grab data with Instant Datascraper and visualize this data with Maltego Casefile. Live demo shows this software: Xmind mindmapping Instant Datascraper Maltego Casefile Self Promotion: Micah – SANS SEC487 trainings all over the world Dutch_OsintGuy – conference 30 & 31 Oct
September 30, 2019
Episode 20: Special guest Somdev Sangwan, Facebook dating, researching photos from a tweet, and more!
People in this Episode: Kirby DutchOSINTGuy Technisette (Voice only) Micah And our special guest: Somdev Sangwan (@s0md3v on Twitter) Links to things we discussed: Book on how to learn Python 3 Prgramming Looking up Phone numbers Comparing populair apps Facebook dating…now with Secret Crush! – Nico – Tip: Another great Chrome extension by @OsintSupport LinkedIn Email reverse Lookup Results of our OSINTCurious online survey? Trump tweeting Iran photo and then people doing research to find out what satellite it came from – & DerbyCon OSINT CTF – Our own Josh Huff competed – Bazzell writing 7th edition of OSINT book – “Writing has begun…The 7th edition of my #OSINT book will be released in early 2020. Self Promotion: Micah – SANS OSINT Summit in Virginia, USA, February 2020. CFP open now (link on the right side of page). Tickets on sale too. LE 30% discount OSINTLAW20 Kirby will be speaking at Osmosiscon in October: Dutch_osintguy will be speaking at in October
September 11, 2019
Episode 19: Guest "InfosecSherpa", enumerating phone numbers, AI and social media and more...
People in this episode: Ginsberg5150 DutchOSINTGuy Sector035 (Voice only) Kirby (first half only) And our special guest: Tracy Maleeff (@InfoSecSherpa on Twitter) Links to things we discussed: – a tool to enumerate possible phone numbers – how machine learning was used to sift through social media – new version of Twint – finding fires from space – darknet markets/forums etc – GONZO – AI OSINT Cluster search engine – a privacy aware browser Guest blog about Cell towers and how to map out the information Facebook graphs explained part 1 Facebook graphs explained part 2 – Most common web encodings explained Self Promotion: Blogpost by Sector035 and MwOsint about tracing a phone scam
September 1, 2019
Episode 18: Guest "OSINTEssentials", SXSWi, "How to Search" and more!
Show notes at People in this episode: - Ginsberg5150 - DutchOSINTGuy - Technisette (Voice only) - Sector035 (Voice only) - And our special guest: Osintessentials a.k.a Eoghan Sweeney Links to things we discussed: - We have a new Patreon - We have applied to be a part of sxsw! Please visit and vote for us to do a live webcast recording at SXSW 2020! - Lorand’s Article - S0mdev made a great bitcoin visualisation tool - osint resources - great article and step by step OSINT research article about a hacker group targeting German industry - More tools added to among it a new CSE by Francesco Poldi - Instagram Explorer helps explore Instagram pages - instagram tool - Shoutout to the Bellingcat podcast Self Promotion: - Dutch_osintguy will be speaking both days at 30-31 Oct 2019  - Ginsberg5150 will be speaking at Hacker Halted 10-11 Oct 2019 - Sector035 will be holding a workshop on ADS-B at and will be part of the live Quiztime crew at
August 7, 2019
Episode 17: Special Edition interview with the Trace Labs team after completion of the Global CTF
Webcast no.17 recorded on 2019/07/21    People in this episode:  Micah Hoffman (WebBreacher)  Ginsberg5150  Sector035 (Voice only)  Kirby Plessas  Special Guests from Trace Labs     Adrian Korn     James Liolios       Robert Sell   Links to things we discussed:  In this special episode of the OSINT Curious webcast we interviewed three people from the Trace Labs organization that conducts regional and global online, OSINT Capture The Flag (CTF) contests.  Audience and Trace Labs member Rae wrote a blog post describing her experiences with the Global Online CTF:  The OSINT Curious Project has applied to do a live webcast at the SXSW conference in 2020. Stay tuned to our social media and web site so that you can help get us there!  We just began a Patreon campaign ( where you can help support our Project.
July 22, 2019
Episode 16: news about Trace Labs CTF, reverse search for pixellated images, updates and CyberChef demo!
Webcast no.16 recorded on 2019/07/14 (We record live every other Sunday! Join us! Find the link at!) In episode 16 of the OSINTCurious webcast we discuss: People in this episode:     Micah Hoffman (WebBreacher)     Ginsberg5150     Sector035 (Voice only) Links to things we discussed: – Global online OSINT CTF     The OSINT.Team site is back up ( with 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) and SSO (Single Sign On) using either a Twitter or a Github account. A Patreon account exists for donations to keep this resource going (     @Y_vdw – Blog post on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram searching     @s0md3v is a regular attendee of the webcast. He posted about reverse web search for pixelated images –     BBC Africa OSINT on the Sudan massacre (WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT IN THE VIDEO) –     Micah was on the Recorded Future/Cyber Wire podcast and spoke about OSINT and the OSINTCurious project-     David Mashburn (@d_mashburn) gave a talk on “OSINT: Not Just Offensive” at the SANS Blue Team Summit recently – –     Listener Chris J. (@rattis) asked about our take on YouTube enforcing its restrictions on hosting “hacking” videos.     The site released some updates (v4) to their OSINT tools that are becoming similar to IntelTechniques’s old page.     Micah demoed using the amazing (and free!) CyberChef tool ( to decode Base64 encoded content and extract selectors from text     The 2020 SANS OSINT summit has been announced in Virgina, USA in February 2020 –     Some Dutch OSINTians (their word…not ours 🙂 ) had the second #Docon in The Netherlands recently. They are going to try to make the next one open to the public     Listener questions! Self Promotion:     Sector035 is indexing the posts.     Ginsberg gave shout outs to SecKC, OSINT.Team, and     Micah will be in California for a bunch of time in the coming weeks teaching his SANS SEC487 OSINT class. Spaces are still available to join him in person!
July 16, 2019
Episode 15 with special guest Katelyn “Badass” Bowden
 Recorded live on 2019/06/30 - to be part of our live audience, visit and click on Webcast In episode 15 of the OSINTCurious webcast we discuss: Links to things we discussed: - Twitter getting rid of “precise geotagging”: - New blog post by Daniel Miessler about Amass:, Link to the GitHub repo: - New search tool for TikTok: - DarkLight, a Dark web scraper:, With an invite only web front: - Facebooks ad library with current and historical advertisement data: - TraceLabs is organizing another global CTF: - OSINT Mentoring - Listener questions answered! People in this episode: Ginsberg5150 Sector035 Technisette Kirby Plessas Nico, Dutch OSINT Guy  Katelyn Bowden (badassbowden) - SPECIAL Guest!
July 3, 2019
20190616 Episode 14 of the OSINTCurious Podcast
Webcast no.14 released on 2019/06/16 In episode 14 of the OSINTCurious webcast we discuss:   Links to things we discussed: tools are now behind a pay wall are similar to the tools that used to be on   Facebook Graph Search changes becoming paid only Discussion on the OSINT community now having to step up their game in general. IntelTechnique tools are gone, is now paid, Facebook graph search is different. It all means that we need to re-focus and adjust.   Mozilla Paid Model - Layer8 Wrap Up      Micah's Layer8 talk - 6, 10MinuteTip Videos and a blog post on his blog      Ginsberg ran OSINT CTF and they were successful      Next year conference continues to grow and evolve @Bellingcat to release a 100+ page update report on MH17 this coming week  @noneprivacy's blog post on twint  Update on Invid Ludo Block VPN thread - People in this episode:   Kirby Plessas   Micah Hoffman    Nico, Dutch OSINT Guy    Steve Harris (nixintel) - SPECIAL Guest!
June 17, 2019
20190602 Episode 13 of the OSINTCurious Podcast
Webcast no.13 broadcast live on 2019/06/02  See us live - visit for broadcast information In episode 13 of the OSINTCurious webcast we discuss:  Links to things we discussed: - SpiderFoot HX Beta Closing 6.25.19 - (Go to a reddit thread and change the "r" in reddit to a "c" to make it and it'll look for deleted content in the thread.) People in this episode: ▪ Kirby Plessas ▪ Ginsberg5150
June 14, 2019
20190519 OSINTCurious Podcast with Special Guest MWOSINT!
Things we discussed in Episode 12: A blog post about fighting the disinformation The OSINT-Combine Social Lens, that lets you search in an area for posts by Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook A new browser add-on for reverse image searches and in addition to that an archive search tool: A good dark web search engine from the surface web Shout-out to the @TheBADASS_army - that sounds like another great OSINT For Good group. from @GIJN: How to pinpoint the location of persons of interest on @instagram, using the case study of fugitive Shahin Gheiybe, who is on the Dutch “Most Wanted” list Shout-out to Darkweb shakeup is back Deepdotweb is gone - so is (but not seized?) There is a news blog called trying to fill that space.  FreshOnions seems to be back online, now with a v3 address: http://vps7nsnlz3n4ckiie5evi5oz2znes7... People in this episode: Kirby Plessas Sector035 Ginsberg5150 Micah Hoffman Dutch Osint Guy and Special Gues MW-OSINT! For links and shownotes, visit OSINTCurious and watch the webcast on Youtube. Watch us live every other Sunday!
May 22, 2019
20190505 OSINTCurious Podcast with Special Guest Daniel Clemens of
Episode 11 of the webcast Watch on youtube: People in this episode: Micah Hoffman Dutch Osint Guy Sector035 (Voice only) Technisette Kirbstr and special guest Daniel Clemens! Links to things we discussed: Sector035’s blog post on calculating distances of objects on photos – Sector035’s Medium article on OpenData – Article on ‘deepface’ photos, artificially generated mugshots of nonexistent people – Article on the changes in regard to cover and open intelligence gathering and how agencies must adapt – A discussion on how many women are in the OSINT/InfoSec field MWOsint’s tweet about attribution in a case of defacement – A tweet on how publicly available traffic fine information can give some background on an accident – Links during question time: We talked with Daniel Clemens (@DanielClemens_ on Twitter) about his company ShadowDragon ( that provides tools for modern digital investigations. Of course we talked about his work for DeliverFund, a non-profit organisation that is fighting human trafficking.
May 9, 2019
20190428 OSINTCurious Podcast
Webcast no.10 released on 2019/04/28   Watch on Youtube at: In episode 10 of the osintcurious webcast we discuss:   - OSINT tool -  - FreshOnions Tor service goes up and down.  - DutchOsintGuy's blog post on OSINT Operational Security  - Ludo Block tweeted about Dustin Miller's outstanding Twitter Machine Learning thread for un-redacting content using Machine Learning.  - Defcon Recon Village CFP is now open for Las Vegas!   - Bellingcat article about Poway shooting and 8chan -  - Email validation web site   - Peabody award for BBCAfrica story on the killings in Cameroon   - Kenn White's tweet about Docker's breach and what is could mean for OSINT researchers    People in this episode:   ▪ Micah Hoffman   ▪ Dutch Osint Guy   ▪ Sector035   Links to what was discussed can be found here: #osintcurious #osint #opsec #pentest   The official webcast of the OSINTCurious ( community.
May 9, 2019
20190407 OSINTCurious Podcast with special guest Chris Kucbecka
Webcast no.9 released on 2019/03/24  In episode 9 of the OSINTCurious webcast we discuss:   An older but still very relevant article by theGrugq about influencing public opinions.  A new article by Brenna Smith (Bellingcat) about tracking cryptocurrencies.   Blog raising awareness about operations security in public by Matthias Wilson Chinese woman arrested carrying a USB stick with malware in Mar-A-Lago   The uprising of ‘deepfakes’ and the risk that involve this uprising for conducting OSINT research  And we have special Guest Chris Kucbecka, Author of two OSINT books. She tells us about the type of OSINT research she does and gives us a hands on demo on how to leverage valuable information from   People in this episode:   ▪ Micah Hoffman   ▪ Dutch Osint Guy   ▪ Ginsberg5150   ▪ Sector035   ▪ Chris Kubecka   Links to what was discussed can be found here:  The official webcast of the OSINTCurious ( community.
April 9, 2019
20190324 OSINTCurious Webcast
The official podcast of the OSINTCurious ( community. Visit for the links to what we discussed. In this video: Dutch_OsintGuy, Micah Hoffman, and Ginsberg5150.
March 25, 2019
20190310 OSINTCurious Podcast
The official podcast of the OSINTCurious ( community. Visit for the links to what we discussed. In this video: Dutch_OsintGuy, Micah Hoffman, Kirby Plessas, Sector035, Technisette, Ginsberg5150, and special guest, Justin Seitz!
March 13, 2019
20190224 OSINTCurious Podcast
The official webcast of the OSINTCurious ( community. Visit for the links to what we discussed. In this video: Dutch_OsintGuy, Micah Hoffman, and Ginsberg5150.
March 1, 2019
20190210 OSINTCurious Podcast
The official podcast of the OSINTCurious ( community. Visit for the links to what we discussed. In this episode: Dutch_OsintGuy, Kirby Plessas, Micah Hoffman, Sector035, and Technisette.
February 14, 2019
20190127 OSINTCurious Webcast
The official webcast of the OSINTCurious ( community. Visit for the links to what we discussed.
February 4, 2019
20190120 OSINTCurious Webcast (remastered)
The official webcast of the OSINTCurious ( community. Visit for the links to what we discussed.
February 4, 2019
20190113 OSINTCurious Webcast/Podcast
The official webcast of the OSINTCurious ( community. Visit for the links to what we discussed.   In this video: Dutch_OsintGuy, Kirby Plessas (voice-only), Sector035 (voice-only), Ginsberg5150, Josh Huff (voice-only), and Micah Hoffman
January 15, 2019
20190106 OSINTCurious Webcast
The first official webcast/podcast of the OSINTCurious ( community. In this episode, we discuss current events, how the OSINTCurious project evolved, and more! Links are below. In this podcast: Dutch_OsintGuy, Kirby Plessas, Sector035, Ginsberg5150, Technisette, and Micah Hoffman Visit for the links to what we discussed.
January 15, 2019