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The Other Beauty Conversation

The Other Beauty Conversation

By Melanie Yvette
A new podcast hosted by @MelanieYvette, editor of the beauty platform No fluff, just casual conversations some of us may be having behind closed doors as women.
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The daily experience of learning to stop self-sabotage | with Laurice Rawls
Fenty Beauty Influencer Manager Laurice Rawls was very raw and uncut about un-learning the mental self-sabotage she dealt with for years. I could relate. Sometimes, I even catch myself saying out loud, "no, we're not doing that today", when I'm going into overdrive with overthinking. Laurice also was open to sharing her experience trying to heal from a breakup, that took her through a unique breakthrough I feel a lot of us meet in our late 20s. It's like one day, out of the blue, we hit a crossroad of waking up and see that a lot of what you thought about womanhood was true, isn't, and finding ourselves having to make the decision to either reassess and reset the tone of our lives or stay on auto-pilot. Laurice chose the reset. 
January 23, 2021
The experience securing funding in the beauty industry | with Lauren Napier
Makeup artist, skincare line owner (32:00), and veteran in the beauty industry, Lauren Napier wanted to have the other beauty conversation about the real experience Black women and really, women of color too, endure seeking funding and support in the industry (45:00). It’s interesting, because ethnic women and Black women alike nine times out of ten, set the tone for trends. Or many brands follow the bandwagon of treating the Black woman consumer as a monolith (42:00). We also discuss the lost art of Editorial Makeup and escaping the typical heavy contouring look (25:30). Also, did you even know where #contouring came from? (20:15).
January 13, 2021
What is actually going on in the Black beauty business world? | with Lauren Napier
(Apologies for the audio, I’m learning) There is a difference in how the beauty world is moving now, compared to even 5 years ago. From IG makeup artists to online beauty boutiques...the new careers that have been created in the beauty industry are endless. Let's not even talk about new media. For the most part, the consumer has become the owner. I find myself purchasing from smaller beauty brands more often, waiving the inconvenience #buyingblack or small with ease. I don't care; I want to support the smaller beauty business world. But then...we have our moments when I'm like...y'all get it together.  Lauren Napier understands this. She's a veteran makeup artist (from the Today Show to her own line, CLEANSE by Lauren Napier) who, like me, needed to talk about what's really going on in the black beauty world.  Times tamps: 14:30 Who’s gotten the makeup for black women Ans women of color right. 20:15 The history of contouring 22:00 What Oprah’s makeup artist said to Lauren back in the day 27:00 What is real makeup artistry and is it a lost art? 25:30 thoughts on the school of IG makeup or IG makeup artists 28:15 The actual basics you should have in your makeup kit (if you like makeup) 32:00 A black woman’s skincare line for you 42:00 brands need to understand black women are not a monolith 43:00 Stop thinking black womenswear are always aspiring to be good enough. 45:00 The demoralizing experience for black women securing funding in beauty Enjoy.
January 08, 2021
What a Black woman learned hosting events for single Black professionals | with Genese Jamilah
You've probably heard of the Must Love Beard party, but if you haven't, maybe you've come across Genese Jamilah's I Don't Do Clubs platform. Either way, Genese has been the brains behind the Black professional party scene for about 5 years now. The catch? The men get in free at the Must Love Beard party, and the women pay. It's been wild watching her build this brand because it helped her to learn and share so much of what she's seen when it comes to Black men and Black Plus, building a platform as a Black woman is always a conversational treat, right? G's been working for herself for years now. The Sagittarius in her came out during that discussion and she dropped some nice gems.  Enjoy. 
January 07, 2021
We really don't know how to date, and it shows | with Genese Jamilah
Genese Jamilah, founder of I Don't Do Clubs, may have struck a nerve, but she's right. So many of us have (or are still) looking to base who we date based on surface-level attributes. But doing the work internally first, from figuring out if you want kids, care about fitness, etc, is the only way we'll likely be happy in our relationships. Genese runs the platform, I Don't Do Clubs and also has her hand in connecting single Black professionals with her Slide in the DMs activation. So, yeah...I was wide open to hear what she had to say.
December 15, 2020
Being cat-called by women was a weird experience | with Teen Vogue’s Danielle Kwateng
Melanie Yvette and Teen Vogue editor Danielle Kwateng realize they both had the most unusual experience.
August 19, 2020
Actually, being curvy can be exhausting | With Danielle Kwateng
We're not complaining about our curves, relax. But when Dani and I were working out, we randomly talked about how we needed to cross the street to avoid the guys that were doing the most on our way to the park. And it just reminded me of the fact that ever since I was like...12...I've had to always weirdly navigate or mentally prepare each day, awaiting being cat-called or harassed. So, I wanted to talk to her about what it's like for her too, since she's bodied up with thighs, chest, and hips. You know, just a chill convo about every day, random things women go through.  Enjoy. 
August 18, 2020