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The DMV (Washington, DC | Maryland | Virginia) Business Show

The DMV (Washington, DC | Maryland | Virginia) Business Show

By Otto Sevilla
The DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) Business Show takes you inside the world of local business and community leaders in the DMV area. Join our host, Otto Sevilla as he unpacks their story and how they got there. You can expect to hear advice and learn about their journey.
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54 - It Doesn't Feel Like Work with Burak Temel of Urban Boxing, Saint Construction, and Med Depot

The DMV (Washington, DC | Maryland | Virginia) Business Show

54 - It Doesn't Feel Like Work with Burak Temel of Urban Boxing, Saint Construction, and Med Depot

The DMV (Washington, DC | Maryland | Virginia) Business Show

58 - Be Resourseful with Anabella Arcay of Arcay Chocolates
Anabella Arcay is the Owner, CEO, and Master Chocolatier of Arcay Chocolates in Washington, DC!  They are an internationally awarded Master Chocolatier with 42 awards!  At a young age she was very artistic and entrepreneurial first making artisanal cards, leather belts, then moved onto purses, and shirts until she found chocolate.  Arcay Chocolates was first started in Venezuela 15 years ago in her home kitchen.  It was not easy though, it was extremely hard making chocolate in a country like Venezuela where one day you could not find your basic ingredients such as sugar, cream, dairy, chocolate, and other items.  She had to become resourceful and learn how to make things differently with other ingredients.  The business has continued growing even through the immigration to the U.S. and Washington, DC metro 4 years ago.  Anabella shares the process they had to go down to establish the business in the U.S. and about the movement she is seeing from people supporting local businesses that are unique.  She shares the organization needed in business from waking up early to start the process to her focus on her customers and getting as close as possible to them and being well known. She mentions to follow your heart, path, and do not give up! LET'S CONNECT! LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Email Me! Text Me!  240-706-7584
October 19, 2021
What Is Key Money? | Commercial Real Estate Question
This episode is the newest installment of Commercial Real Estate Question!  Where anyone can ask a commercial property question and I will help answer it.  Today we will focus on the question, "What is Key Money?" Enjoy!  Let me know what you thought. Have a commercial real estate question, and I will feature yours?   Email Me! Text Me!  240-706-7584 Or DM and follow me at: LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube:
October 14, 2021
57 - Everything Is Risky with Craig Zingerline of Growth University
In this week's episode we have Craig Zingerline, he is the Founder and CEO of Growth University located in the Washington, DC metro area!  He grew up in Central New York in Rome, New York and is a long time runner that he started working around the summer of 10th grade teaching children track and began his first "business" building websites.  After graduating from Syracuse University he moved to Boston and worked at several tech companies and startups.  He believes everything is risky and shares about his first startup and how they had to pivot, and what you can learn from that.  We go deep into the remote work economy and how that is effecting everyone and his team.  He shares the story with us behind Growth University and how it all started with him recording himself in the car during his long work commute into the office.  Craig talks about how we should all get to know our customers and our numbers, and how doing other things besides our typical work can help us! LET'S CONNECT! LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Email Me! Text Me!  240-706-7584
October 12, 2021
56 - More Than Just Business with Samantha McKenna of #samsales Consulting
Welcome to the Season 2 Premier of The DMV Business Show with our guest Samantha McKenna!  Sam is the Founder of #samsales Consulting out of the Washington, DC metro area.  She is an award-winning sales leader who is on a mission to make a positive impact on the sales profession by helping organizations improve their sales, marketing, demand generation, and finance.  Originally from Switzerland and moved to the United States when she was five.  At a young age she was exposed to entrepreneurship by both parents and mentions some of the lessons learned.  Sam has had a rich enterprise sales career working with many notable companies such as ON24, LinkedIn, and shares why she left her dream job with LinkedIn to start #samsales Consulting.  She explains how she became the #1 sales rep out of over 100 in her first full year and ascended to the executive ranks.  She shows us how we should think about utilizing LinkedIn to grow our presence and business, and how to book more meetings!  Sam mentions the importance of scaling your business and taking things off your plate.  How significant it is to listen to the market and at the end of the day it is more than just business!  For those who follow me you know her - guess what Nickelodeon game show she was in?   :) LET'S CONNECT! LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Email Me! Text Me!  240-706-7584
October 5, 2021
ANNOUNCEMENT - End of Season 1
Season 1 has officially ended, that is a wrap.  Please stay tuned for Season 2 coming out next month in September!  We have some special changes coming!  Thank you for everyone who has taken the time to listen to us, greatly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart - it means a lot to me!  If you have not done so already, please go to Apple I-tunes and leave us a review and comment and go to YouTube and hit the subscribe button.  Would love to hear from you, my email and phone number are below.  Send me a message, and if you have any great guests you would love see on the show please let me know that would be fantastic.  Thank you again so much for listening, we hope you enjoyed it!  Until next time, can't wait for you to listen to Season 2 - STAY TUNED! LET'S CONNECT! LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Email Me! Text Me!  240-706-7584
August 10, 2021
55 - Stacking Educational Experiences with Corey Lockhart of WML Enterprises
Corey Lockhart is the Founder and President of WML Enterprises, LLC with offices in Leesburg, Virginia!  They are the premier demolition and site work construction company in the area.  He is the 4th and 5th generation in Northern Virginia and grew up in Chantilly, Virginia.  He tried his hand in college and it was not for him, he decided to join his fathers landscaping company for a while until he saw the towers come down and like many others decide to do his part and join the military.  Six years later once he left army at almost 30 years old he moved back to Northern Virginia and joined his dad again this time learning different things, moved into B2B sales and learned a lot.  Corey shares his previous failures and what he learned from them and how you too can avoid them, failure is learning material.  He mentions how he has started all of his business ventures part-time as a side hustle and the main differences between those ventures and his last one and what made it a success!  He shares the process on how he was able to regain time by properly qualifying a client, it makes everything more effective.  We talk about how business is a team sport, and you cannot do it all on your own you need to surround yourself with the right people.  He mentions to keep track of what you do in your free time, and to keep pressing and stacking educational experiences! LET'S CONNECT! LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Email Me! Text Me!  240-706-7584
August 3, 2021
54 - It Doesn't Feel Like Work with Burak Temel of Urban Boxing, Saint Construction, and Med Depot
In this week's episode we have Burak Temel, he is the Owner of not one but several companies Urban Boxing, Saint Construction, and Med Depot located in Northern Virginia and with locations in Washington, DC and Maryland!  Born and raised in Arlington, Virginia he did a lot sports growing up, started wrestling at 8 years old and continued it all through college and we talk about the great benefits of starting wrestling at a young age.  It is interesting how things turn out, his father was a boxer back home in Turkey and did not want his son to do it.  Unfortunately that didn't go as planned and Burak picked up the boxing gloves at 14 years old and has not looked back.  After graduating with a degree in international business from American University in Washington, DC he played poker for a living and mentions the business lessons he learned from that, and was having boxing matches until one day an opportunity presented itself when his gym out of nowhere abruptly closed down.  That opportunity led to the birth of Urban Boxing and its first location, since then they have opened two more and are in the process of opening their fourth location in Washington Navy Yard. Burak shares how within the first year in business they were selected the best gym in DC by Washingtonian Magazine by doing the common things uncommonly well! He mentions how in the beginning there are no days off, for the first 7 months he opened and closed his first gym every day from 6am - 9pm until he was able scale and hire more people. It is certainly a team effort, especially when you are overseeing multiple companies. He shares great advise for new entrepreneurs and to find something you enjoy so much it doesn't feel like work. He enjoys the impact and community they have been able to build at Urban Boxing, the help and work they have been able to provide homeowners at Saint Construction, and how during COVID the lives they have touched and saved with Med Depot - it definitely does not feel like work! LET'S CONNECT! LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Email Me! Text Me!  240-706-7584
July 27, 2021
53 - Focusing On Customer Experience with Mike Kirby of Lumina Solar
Mike Kirby is the CEO and Co-Founder of Lumina Solar with headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland!  He was born and raised in North Baltimore County in Parkton, Maryland.  Over the college summers while attending University of Delaware him and his friend started a driveway sealing business that did well and they learned a lot.  After college graduation he went straight into the solar business working with various organizations until he started his own, Lumina Solar in 2018.  In just three short years they have grown from $1MM in revenue to $17MM in 2020 to looking like 2021 is shaping up to be $37MM year, and a team of over 110 people and counting!  Mike shares how their #1 focus is on their customer experience, so much so that they have hundreds of reviews that are all FIVE stars!  He mentions the importance of being consistent, not daily or weekly or for a short period of time but over the long term - that is how you build relationships over time!  LET'S CONNECT! LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Email Me! Text Me!  240-706-7584
July 20, 2021
52 - Other People's Success with Christina Daves of PR For Anyone
In this week's episode we have Christina Daves of PR For Anyone from Northern Virginia!  She was born and raised in Vienna, Virginia and went to Virginia Tech and now lives in Prince William County.  She is a serial entrepreneur, she owned a retail store in Haymarket, Virginia that she sold to a friend and when she broke her foot she had to wear a boot and saw a need for a fashionable medical boot accessory businesses that won Steve Harvey’s Top Inventor competition, and one of her designs was worn by Diana Ross while performing for President Obama.  Within the first year of business she got on over 50 media outlets and it blew up her business!  She became great at it that she then started PR For Anyone teaching people how to get publicity for themselves and their business.  She shares how you can do it yourself and gain confidence in the process, and what is needed to win in today's business game!  The best part for Christina is watching other people's success and how it has impacted their life and business! LET'S CONNECT! LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Email Me! Text Me!  240-706-7584
July 13, 2021
51 - Word Of Mouth Marketing with Sophia Maroon of Dress It Up Dressing
Sophia Maroon is the Founder and CEO of SoFine Food, LLC that produces Dress It Up Dressing located in Bethesda, Maryland!  She was born and raised in Washington, DC, went to college in the United Kingdom and spent four years studying in Scotland .  While working at the World Bank in Washington, DC she saw a film about a report they worked on and fell in love with film making which led to the next 20 years working in documentary film making.  Sophia shares how Dress It Up Dressing was born and has grown through word of mouth marketing.  She mentions how the first 6 years she made almost no money, it was no overnight success - it was a 20 year overnight success!  In 2014 with a loan she was able to grown exponentially and attend trade show to get the word out and grow beyond Whole Foods and other retailers.  She has a great partnership with the DC Public Schools serving her healthy salad dressing, they found that vegetable consumption went up when paired with her salad dressing!  Sophia shares the top 4 things every new entrepreneur needs to know and to always ask questions and for help if needed to your network or anyone you may know!   LET'S CONNECT! LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Email Me! Text Me!  240-706-7584
July 6, 2021
50 - Purpose Will Drive You with Martin Mayorga of Mayorga Organics
In this week's episode we have Martin Mayorga, Founder and CEO of Mayorga Organics with offices in Rockville, Maryland!  You cannot miss their yellow coffee bags with red lettering in Costco.  He was born in Guatemala and due to the massive earthquake ended up moving to Nicaragua which is where his father is from, he lived in Nicaragua for several years and fled because of the revolution to Costa Rica.  He was in Costa Rica for around a year, then went to Peru where his mother is from and came to the United States at 12 years old.  He shares about his childhood in Nicaragua and collecting bullet shells of AK-47's in the streets during the revolution.  We talk about our shared love for not only Latin America especially Nicaragua which is where I am from and it is really near and dear to my heart but also physical fitness and mental health.  Martin chats about the importance of defining your purpose since at the end of the day that will be your driving force!  He mentions how sometimes things happen for a reason and we all have certain gifts we need to find.  He shares that it is not all about the money but about the lasting impact you can make, and the bigger and more volume you can do the bigger impact you can have.  This episode is filled with so many learning nuggets, from his thoughts on raising investment capital for startups to his morning routine that has him way ahead of mostly everyone else.  We both go deeper into our childhood and adolescence and the influence its had on us, this is a must listen you cannot afford to miss! LET'S CONNECT! LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Email Me! Text Me!  240-706-7584
June 29, 2021
49 - Marketing Is Like Art with Debra Moser of MeatCrafters & Central Farm Markets
Debra Moser is the Owner and Founder of Central Farm Markets and President of MeatCrafters in Landover, Maryland!  Central Farm Markets was first started in a small parking lot with 17 vendors in Bethesda, Maryland and it now has three farm markets in Maryland and Virginia.  MeatCrafters is the top and only USDA charcuterie company in the DMV and Pennsylvania area.  Debra was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico and came to the Washington, DC area at 9 months old.  We talked how she used to go out an draw the cows across the street in high school art class in Bethesda, MD before it was the city it is today.  She graduated from the University of Maryland with two degrees and has had a diverse career path that has helped her in many ways.  She mentions how the idea for both businesses came about, and how they have grown them.  Debra shares why you should not let anybody talk you out of opening your own business, especially if you are passionate about it!  She mentions how marketing is like art for her, and why she loves seeing businesses grow!  In her free time when she is not busy working on her two companies she is also a photographer, several of her photographs were recently in an exhibit in New York.  You do not want to miss this episode! LET'S CONNECT! LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Email Me! Text Me!  240-706-7584
June 22, 2021
48 - Educating The Client with Artin Safarian of Arminco
In this week's episode we have Artin Safarian, CEO and President Arminco with headquarters in Sterling, Virginia!  They are the premier dental, medical, restaurant, and retail space construction build-out and full project management provider.  He is Armenian and was born in Iran, left Iran in 1st grade and first stayed in New Delhi, India for around two and half years before immigrating to the United States and arriving to the Los Angeles area.  He moved to the DMV area during high school and has been here ever since.  He always wanted to have his own business that right after graduating from George Mason University he started the general construction division of Arminco.  Artin believes in educating the client, and the more knowledge they have the better equipped they are to make the best informed decision.  So much so that they host seminars and CE (Continuing Education) classes for doctors, and have their own podcast Synergy Practices Dental Podcasts powered by Arminco.  He mentions about seeking to understand the other person by asking questions, observing, and putting yourself in their shoes.  They have grown their national dental build-out practice foot print averaging 40-50 practices annually and working on several West Coast projects although most of them are in the East Coast.  He mentions not having the fear of failure, don't be afraid and do it! LET'S CONNECT! LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Email Me! Text Me!  240-706-7584
June 15, 2021
47 - Trust Your Instincts with Jordan Foley of Chow
Jordan Foley is the Founder and CEO of Chow in Annapolis, Maryland!  He was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Growing up he was into football and cooking with his grandma and his large Italian family.  He graduated at the top of his class at The United States Naval Academy and went to MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) for a two year graduate program, and he recently graduated from Georgetown Law School in Washington, DC.  He started Chow almost 2 years ago because he did not find many programs that helped people deeply enough, and so he married the helping of veterans and military spouses with the love of cooking and Chow was born.  Jordan shares that for him it is all about the human interaction and helping people.  In his limited free time he is busy creating new recipes they can try at Chow.  He mentions how you should always trust your instincts, it is typically never wrong! LET'S CONNECT! LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Email Me! Text Me!  240-706-7584
June 8, 2021
46 - Fourth Generation Flower Business with George Dukas of Send Smiles
In this week's episode we have George Dukas, CEO and Co-Founder of Send Smiles with headquarters in Chantilly, Virginia!  They provide on-demand, hand-delivered flowers that are farm direct and cold chain preserved with transparent pricing.  He was born and raised in Falls Church, Virginia, played basketball and golf in high school and college at George Washington University.  Always had an interest in business that he majored in business and marketing at GW.  Right after college graduation he immediately went full-time in the family business which was a flower shop located in Seven Corners Virginia and became the third-generation in the flower business.  The family flower business started with his grandfather when he came over from Greece to New York City and started selling flowers at 12 years old in the street corners of NYC.  Now him and his son Will Dukas are 50/50 partners of Send Smiles and Will became the fourth-generation in the flower business.  George goes into depth on all of the different marketing and advertising methods he has used starting from the 1990's until now, and where they are finding success in.  He shares the main difference between Send Smiles and the other national competitors.  Mentions the importance of a morning routine, working out, and getting the blood flowing! LET'S CONNECT! LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Email Me! Text Me!  240-706-7584
June 1, 2021
45 - No Regrets with Joshua Etemadi of District Bonding
Josh Etemadi is the Owner and Co-Founder of District Bonding in Leesburg, Virginia!  He was born in Warrenton, Virginia and grew up in Loudoun County.  In school he was into the arts and originally wanted to be a music producer until one day at the mall he was handed a business card to sell Cutco Knives and it was his first time he was exposed to sales, he shares the invaluable lessons he learned from that experience.  He explains what is a surety bond and how he advises construction companies to be more bondable, and the significance of the three C's of bonding.  Josh talks about the importance of relationships and how that is the first step to anything.  He mentions that you should take that next step even though it may appear risky, and live with no regrets! LET'S CONNECT! LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Email Me! Text Me!  240-706-7584
May 25, 2021
44 - Focus On The Next Step with Arun Mallikarjunan of Symbiosis
In this week's episode we have Arun Mallikarjunan, CEO and Co-Founder of Symbiosis in Washington, DC!  They are revolutionizing how healthcare providers open, manage, and grow their own private practice without all the hassle.  Arun is originally from India and came to the United States in 2003 to work on a software project in Denver, Colorado and has been here since.  It is interesting how his first venture into entrepreneurship was how he started a company within another company and what he learned from that experience.  He shares about a 6 month sabbatical he and his wife Subha who is also the COO and Co-Founder of Symbiosis did traveling in Central and South America, Africa, and India and the fascinating people they met along their journey and how the trip changed him as a person - guess where is the place he had the most fun?  The origins of Symbiosis came about from his wife Subha wanting to start her own medical practice and finding out all of the work needed to open and operate a clinic, there had to be a better way.  Arun mentions how you have to have perseverance and when someone says no or they have no interest you have to continue moving forward and build a bigger pipeline of people interested.  Do not lose sight of the end goal and continue to focus on the next step! LET'S CONNECT! LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Email Me! Text Me!  240-706-7584
May 18, 2021
43 - Expect The Unexpected with Amelia Elze of Elze Law
Amelia Elze is the Principal of Elze Law from Oakton, Virginia!  She grew up in New Jersey and Long Island, and loved surfing before heading in for class in high school.  She has been a hard worker and entrepreneurial since a young age, basically running her own babysitting agency in high school.  She talks about some things she would have done differently such starting with at least a 3-6 month cushion in savings before jumping off the cliff and starting her own law practice.  Amelia advises business owners about expecting the unexpected and how you should plan on certain items costing you at least twice as more than expected.  She mentions the important in specialization, especially in law.  She shares some great tips on what to look out for in a commercial real estate lease, this alone can save you tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. LET'S CONNECT! LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Email Me! Text Me!  240-706-7584
May 11, 2021
42 - Don't Be Afraid Of Failing with Rob Rodriguez of REFF
In this week's episode we have Rob Rodriguez, CEO and Owner of REFF, LLC in Baltimore, Maryland!  He shares with us his story on how he grew his commercial painting, pressure washing, sandblasting, and epoxy flooring company to what it is today working with global organizations.  He was born and raised in Panama City, Panama and lived through the Noriega regime.  He completed his computer engineer education and at 24 years of age decided to leave Panama for better opportunities elsewhere.  When he arrived to United States he started working at a mall kiosk and was in an unstable living environment, he eventually started working as a subcontractor and grew from there!  Rob goes into depth on all of the different marketing and advertising strategies he has tried and the results, and why he loves LinkedIn to generate business!  He shares some great advice on the importance of knowing your numbers and margins for every project and how the best way to earn business is still bonding and forming relationships with your customers.  He mentions the beauty of recurring revenue and how you should always give a tactic a try, and don't be afraid of failing! LET'S CONNECT! LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Email Me! Text Me!  240-706-7584
May 4, 2021
41 - It's The Perseverance with Adam Segal of Cove
Adam Segal is the CEO and Co-Founder of Cove from Washington, DC!  He is originally from the Boston, Massachusetts area and of course is a big Boston Red Sox fan that as a teenager he worked at Fenway Park selling cokes up and down the aisles and had a lot of fun!  During grad school he started to develop the business plan for Cove and that is where he met his business partner, and came down to Washington, DC afterwards.  He gave himself twelve months to work on it and raise some seed money and got started.  It began as a personal need, thinking how you can make work a much better experience and with technology you can work in many places you no longer have to be in a centralized office anymore.  Real estate is a people business and what they are building at Cove is helping companies, office, and multifamily property owners better serve their tenants with their technology to create superior experiences and putting everything in the hands of the right people in the right places.  Operating a business is a long game and it's about the perseverance and who can stay in the game the longest! LET'S CONNECT! LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Email Me! Text Me!  240-706-7584
April 27, 2021
40 - Managing The Relationship with Mary Abbajay of Careerstone Group
In this week's episode we have Mary Abbajay, President and CEO of Careerstone Group in Washington, DC!  They help create positive and productive workplaces in organizations.  She is originally from Toledo, Ohio and moved to DC over 31 years ago because her sister was living here.  Growing up in Ohio she called herself a nerd, she was into reading and sports.  Her first job in DC was at children's museum as a director and she shares some great stories about meeting celebrities and entertainers, especially one about Michael Jackson.  At one point she was the Co-Owner of the Toledo Lounge, a very popular bar and club in Adams Morgan.  Mary shares amazing applicable steps you can take to advance your career, and about how her best-selling book Managing Up: How to Move Up, Win at Work, and Succeed with Any Type of Boss came about.  She mentions how someone starting out should specialize and focus on managing the relationship, and to remember that the world is not a meritocracy it is about who knows you!  This episode is jammed packed with so much actionable advice anyone can implement, whether you have a boss, you are a boss, or aspire to be a boss! LET'S CONNECT! LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Email Me! Text Me!  240-706-7584
April 20, 2021
39 - Don't Jump Over Dollars To Save Dimes with Dylan Krzywonski of Hop Havoc
Dylan Krzywonski is the Founder and CEO of Hop Havoc from Williamsport, Maryland!  They were named to the Inc. 5000 in 2020!  He is from South Padre Island, Texas and grew up very quickly, he has been entrepreneurial since a young age starting his first business aimed at the six week spring break rush.  We had great conversation about the school system and home schooling.  He attended a Montessori school and shares how it helped him overall in his schooling that he finished high school at 16 years of age.  He came to Maryland due to friend and getting involved in a hop farm.  Dylan started several companies from a sales and marketing company, construction company, and others prior to founding Hop Havoc.  He mentions how you should focus on the top line and growth, sales and revenue!  Do not worry so much about the expenses, don't jump over dollars to save dimes!  He shares the importance of his team and how at the end of the day he would like to leave the company to them.  Hope Havoc has a global customer base ranging from New Zealand to South America, even though they mostly work with brewers in the Mid-Atlantic region.  If your favorite local brewery is located in the DMV area it is more than likely a Hop Havoc client!    LET'S CONNECT! LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Email Me! Text Me!  240-706-7584
April 13, 2021
38 - Building Careers with Ron Gula of Gula Tech Adventures
In this week's episode we have Ron Gula, President and Co-Founder at Gula Tech Adventures out of Columbia, Maryland!  He grew up in Syracuse, New York and served in the U.S. Air Force before arriving to the Washington, DC metro area to work with the NSA (National Security Agency).  He has founded several companies, one of them being Tenable Network Security.  Where he was the Co-Founder and CEO from 2002-2016 growing Tenable to $100 million in revenue, raising $300 million in venture capital, and setting it up for an IPO in 2018!  Ron is also involved with numerous nonprofits and think tanks, and has investments in over thirty portfolio companies.  He shares what data care is and how fruitful a career in it can be for anyone coming from all walks of life.  He mentions how the biggest investment you can make is in yourself and your company, and what he is the most proud of is in building people's careers!  When he is not busy investing in companies and nonprofits that help close the gap in cyber technology and workforce he is also the co-host of Gula Tech Cyberfiction - a must listen! LET'S CONNECT! LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Email Me! Text Me!  240-706-7584
April 6, 2021
37 - Just Show Up with Andrew Dana of Timber Pizza Co. and Call Your Mother
Andrew Dana is the Founder and Co-Owner of two award-winning restaurants Timber Pizza Co. and Call Your Mother with locations in Washington, DC and Maryland!  He grew up in the same neighborhood as me in DC, we're just two kids from Mt. Pleasant that went to the same middle school Alice Deal.  Did not know it but lived only a several blocks away from each other.  Recently President Biden made his first DC restaurant visit as President and went to their Call Your Mother Deli location in Georgetown.  It does not matter where you start, it matters where you're going and Andrew is a prime example of that!  After earning his undergraduate degree he sold windows door to door, went to business school afterwards and did not feel fulfilled in his corporate job that he eventually left to open a mobile pizza food truck!  Now, years later with several locations and more in the pipeline and over 150 team members he takes us behind the scenes of how it is growing his restaurant empire!  He chats about several pivotal moments in his business, one of them being named Bon Appétit Top 50 New Restaurants in the Country - sales basically went up over 40% overnight!  Andrew talks about the importance of just showing up no matter what and to put in the time and hard work, and how you need to have attention to detail on everything!  He shares how they treat their team and the benefits they give them, it is more like a family!  He mentions how we need to keep things as simple as possible and remove the grey area, and focus on growth! LET'S CONNECT! LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Email Me! Text Me!  240-706-7584
March 30, 2021
36 - Learning Something New Every Day with Scott Barbaro of Masonry Masters
In this week's episode we have Scott Barbaro, CEO of Masonry Masters with headquarters in Sterling, Virginia!  He is a first generation Italian immigrant that grew up here locally in Silver Spring, Maryland and graduated from the University of Maryland.  He began working in the family business Masonry Masters while in college starting at the bottom.  He shares a great story about his father giving him a little bit of tough love on the first day of work.  Scott mentions the importance of having the right people in the right roles, and talks about a recent COO hire that completely changed his business for the better and it is allowing him more time to grow the business and brand.  He brings up the significance of self development and learning something new every day, and why every organization should start and stick with their core values! LET'S CONNECT! LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Email Me! Text Me!  240-706-7584
March 23, 2021
35 - It's About The People with Sonia Mundra of Chenega Analytic Business Solutions
Sonia Mundra is the President of Chenega Analytic Business Solutions with headquarters in Lorton, Virginia!  She has grown the company from $0 to over $100 Million in sales and backlog, in less than three years!  She is originally from southern Delaware and moved the Washington, DC area to attend Georgetown University and George Washington University and has been here ever since.  She shares her experience working at major consulting and accounting firms such as Accenture and PWC.  She started working at Chenega over 7 years ago and chats about the rapid growth the company and her career have had, and shares how you need to be always improving and helping others.  They have won 2019 and 2020 Best Places to Work Award from the Washington Post, an award based on employees surveys - it is about the people!  Sonia shares how the team is working and communicating with each other during COVID.  We have a great conversation about women being assertive in the workplace and in the executive level, and how important it is to negotiate for yourself.  You cannot miss this episode! LET'S CONNECT! LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Email Me! Text Me!  240-706-7584
March 16, 2021
34 - Creating Outsize Impact with McKeever (Mac) Conwell,II of RareBreed Ventures
In this week's episode we have McKeever (Mac) Conwell,II, Founder and Managing Partner at RareBreed Ventures out of Baltimore, Maryland!  He is from Baltimore and played sports growing up but was really good at math and science, played football and was in the robotics team and engineering club.  Mac's entrepreneurial journey started in 2010 when he and two of his best friends decided to start a company.  In 2012 it started to take off, they got into two accelerators and a few years later sold the IP of the technology to a Fortune 100 company.  He immediately founded a second company right after, that ultimately failed and shares what he learned from that experience and the difference between his first and second startup.  You are always learning, you either win or you learn.   It is not easy being an entrepreneur and he mentions how hard it is, it's a long game and it's a hard game to play.  He started the first and only state backed pre-seed fund for women and minorities in the country here in Maryland called Builder Fund at TEDCO.  Mac provides great valuable advice to anyone interested in investing in the venture world today, and shares how he sources his deal flow and that the most important thing to him is creating an outsize impact! LET'S CONNECT! LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Email Me! Text Me!  240-706-7584
March 9, 2021
33 - Being The Mentor I Wanted To Have with Christopher Schafer of Christopher Schafer Clothier
In this week's episode we have Christopher Schafer, Founder and Proprietor of Christopher Schafer Clothier with locations in Baltimore, Maryland and Los Angeles, CA.  He grew up in Anne Arundel County in Millersville, Maryland!  He has always been into skate boarding and drumming, and still does it even now!  So much so he gave us a tour of his wonderful showroom and event space with a stage, always ready to jam out!  He marries music and high end men's fashion together, and does it from an authentic place from his history being in bands.  He started learning his business skills at 10-11 years of age delivering the Maryland Gazette, that helped shape him.  Christopher shares how an unforeseen trip to London led him into the fashion business, and mentions that if you are having fun with what you're doing it could be contagious!  He mentions how he loves helping other people and being the mentor he always wanted to have.  His clients are just not clients they are more than that, they are friends!  Come and get to know our new friend Christopher! LET'S CONNECT! LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Email Me! Text Me!  240-706-7584
March 2, 2021
32 - Everything Is Sales with David Sullivan of Till
In this week's episode we have David Sullivan, Founder and CEO of Till with their headquarter out of Alexandria, Virginia!  It is amazing to hear what Till is doing in helping both the renters and landlords.  David is a local having grown up in the DMV his entire life, living in the McLean and Arlington Northern Virginia area!  Had a passion for travel soccer during childhood, playing all year around.  He was the former COO of American Home, growing it to under 3,000 doors and successfully selling it to the first publicly traded Single Family Rental REIT SilverBay.  He shares why entrepreneurship is a mindset and how having the right team is important and what he does to hire the top 1%!  He mentions why learning is painful and how everything revolves around sales.  David shares great advice and a step by step system of what to do and look out for when starting a new venture.  This is a must listen for every entrepreneur and residential multifamily owner! LET'S CONNECT! LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Email Me! Text Me!  240-706-7584
February 23, 2021
31 - Innovating and Working Together with Colin Tarbert of Baltimore Development Corporation (BDC)
Colin Tarbert is President and CEO of the Baltimore Development Corporation (BDC) which serves as the economic development agency for Baltimore City.  He is a local having grown up outside of Baltimore City, in the Parkville and Towson, Maryland area!  As a child he was involved in Scouting and in high school joined a band playing the guitar.  He had a strong interest in building things which led him to studying architecture.  He mentions the different programs and initiatives the BDC has, recently launching Baltimore Together.  Colin shares how during the COVID-19 pandemic they have been able to help and award over 1,000 grants and $13 million dollars to small businesses in Baltimore City!  He goes into depth on how they innovated and worked together with other community organizations to make this happen!  Such an amazing story you need to hear! LET'S CONNECT! LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Email Me! Text Me!  240-706-7584
February 16, 2021
30 - Break The Rules with Carey Anne Nadeau of Loop
In this week's episode we have Carey Anne Nadeau, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Loop in Washington, DC!  She grew up in the insurance capital of the world Hartford, Connecticut which is interesting because she is now building an inclusive auto insurance company.  At an early age she showed a gift and talent for math, this helped her tremendously in computers and coding in elementary school.  Her undergrad at George Washington University brought her down to the Washington, DC metro area.  Carey Anne mentions how it is okay to try and to fail, it is a process.  She shares what she learned from her first business and how you must break the rules!  You cannot miss how she takes us behind the scenes on how it was when they recently raised a $3.25 million seed round and what they went through, it was quite an experience! LET'S CONNECT! LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Email Me! Text Me!  240-706-7584
February 9, 2021
29 - Results with Chris May of Quadrant Advisory
In this week's episode we have Chris May, CEO and Founder of Quadrant Advisory with their offices in Washington, DC!  He grew up New Orleans, Louisiana and came to the Washington, DC metro area after college and has been here ever since.  Growing up he loved playing baseball and has a great story playing pee wee football with a future NFL player.  He showed his first entrepreneurial tendencies at a young age cutting the neighbors grass.  He has had a rich and diverse career having worked at a hedge fund in NYC, Lockheed Martin in Maryland, and several public policy and consulting firms in Washington, DC in which he became the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) of one, and that one later went on to become his first client and the springboard to opening his own company.  Chris shares how important it is to show your clients results and how investing in the company and team at the right time is imperative.  He mentions how you should dig your mine before it is needed and be prepared, this and much more you do not want to miss! LET'S CONNECT! LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Email Me! Text Me!  240-706-7584
February 2, 2021
28 - If You Help People Get What They Want You Will Get What You Want with Andrew A. Altman, Sr. of Best Buy Waterproofing and Design Build
In this week's episode we have, Andrew A. Altman, Sr. CEO and Founder of Best Buy Waterproofing and Best Buy Design Build with their offices in Columbia, Maryland!  He is a local, he was born in Washington, DC and grew up in Prince George's County in Fort Washington, Maryland.  He also attended the University of Maryland and is a Terp alumni as well!  This episode is big in motivation and sales, you are going to be pumped up!  We go into his childhood and how as a child he was sick with severe asthma that he would always miss 75 days of school throughout the year, he spent many Christmases in the hospital and shares how he overcame it and later in life ran 58 marathons without any training.  As he puts it "it's all between the ears", we determine our own destiny and have to take full responsibility.  Before founding his company he was a senior executive at another firm and shares how he quickly was able to move up within the organization in a short period of time and how you can do it too.  He mentions the importance of spreading the wealth with your employees instead of putting everything in your pocket, if you help people get what they want you will get what you want!  Andrew shares how it is never too late to make a change or go after your dreams, you are never too old.  At the end of the of day it is all about the customer, as he says "happy customer, happy life"!  :) LET'S CONNECT! LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Email Me! Text Me!  240-706-7584
January 26, 2021
27 - From A 100/SF Home In India To Tech Co-Founder In America with Kalpesh Raval of VitusVet
In this week's episode we have Kalpesh Raval, Co-Founder and Board of Directors of VitusVet with their offices in Columbia, Maryland!  He was born and grew up in Mumbai, India, and lived in a 100 square foot home with his two siblings and parents.  Yes, that is five people in a 100 square feet.  He had a great and happy childhood living in Mumbai, it is all perspective!  He came to the United States of America in his twenties with around $150 in his wallet.  He mentions how most of his career has been in technology and how he has always been interested in building a business and continuing to level up.  You will learn how VitusVet was born at the University of Maryland business school and how they help the pets, pet owners, and veterinarians.  Kalpesh shares how you can live your life in two ways and goes in depth on how he sees success and what it means to him.  Such an inspirational story you do not want to miss! LET'S CONNECT! LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Email Me! Text Me!  240-706-7584
January 19, 2021
26 - Success Is Serving Others with Marc Steren of The Universities at Shady Grove
In this week's episode we have Marc Steren, Founding Director of Entrepreneurship at The Universities at Shady Grove in Rockville, Maryland!  His family is from Argentina and he grew up locally in Rockville, MD.  Marc has founded several companies and exited them, afterwards he decided to spend more time with his family, write books, and teach the valuable lessons of entrepreneurship he has learned to his students.  Some of his students have gone on to ABC’s Shark Tank, Tech Stars of London, Leonsis Prize winners, Georgetown’s Entrepreneur of the year, and other Incubators.  He attended and graduated from Bullis School and came full circle that he later went back to Bullis and started their entrepreneurship program.  He mentions how important it is the empower your team and learn how to delegate if you want to successfully grow your business.  Find out how at a young age he learned that actions have real consequences.  He shares how raising investment capital is not success, real success is serving others!  Learn about the great entrepreneurship program he oversees and how it not only helps its students but also the local business community in Montgomery County, Maryland! LET'S CONNECT! LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Email Me! Text Me!  240-706-7584
January 12, 2021
25 - You Have To Be Strong Mentally with Ernst Valery of SAA | EVI
In this week's episode we have Ernst Valery, Managing Member of SAA | EVI with an office in Baltimore, Maryland!  He was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and immigrated to America at 8 years old and landed in Brooklyn, NY and then Nyack, New York.  Growing up he was very busy as a student athlete playing football, lacrosse, and other sports.  He originally wanted to be an architect and then fell in love with urban planning once at Cornell University.  He chats how he was encouraged by his mother to get into real estate development and backed him in his first project in Philadelphia which eventually led to him now being involved in over 3,000 multifamily units in multiple markets and being an investor in several local community based businesses.  Ernst shares how equality and leveling the playing field is very important to him and have everyone be included that he created The Aqeuo Fund dedicated to welcoming more minorities, women, and immigrants to the field of real estate development where they would joint venture with them and put up all of the capital.  He mentions how you have to be strong mentally in business and in life and set a positive example to others!  LET'S CONNECT! LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Email Me! Text Me!  240-706-7584
January 5, 2021
24 - Get The Phone To Ring with Sam Frank of Four Twelve Roofing
In this week's episode we have Sam Frank, Co-Founder and Partner of Four Twelve Roofing with their office in Baltimore, Maryland!  They have been recognized as America's #122 fastest growing company by Inc. 5000 List and won the Baltimore Business Journal Fast Fifty Award which identifies the fastest-growing private companies across the Baltimore-metro region.  He shares how he grew up in Baltimore County playing baseball and other sports.  After college he ended up working in investment banking in New York City, started networking to find his passion and interest.  Eventually returning back to the Baltimore, Maryland area and starting Four Twelve Roofing with a partner.   Sam provides great practical advice if you are trying to figure out your career and how to manage relationships in a positive way.  He mentions his love for entrepreneurship and how important it is to just start selling as a proof of concept and to focus on the top line revenue and get the phone to ring!  This and much more, you do not want to miss! LET'S CONNECT! LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Email Me! Text Me!  240-706-7584
December 29, 2020
23 - Embrace Your Inner Scrappiness with Brent Lightner of Taoti Creative
In this week's episode we have Brent Lightner!  Brent is the Founder and CEO of Taoti Creative with offices in Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.  He was born and raised in Altoona, Pennsylvania and at a very young age showed interest in computer and robotics.  It all started with building websites in college as an entry to a scholarship competition.  He founded the creative digital agency almost 25 years ago and has been growing it ever since with over 70 employees now!  Brent shares how you need to embrace your inner scrappiness and take action, do it first and worry about getting it right later.  How innovation is important and going against industry trends.  He mentions how having a lifestyle company is imperative for him and why.  One of my favorites is why everyone should try to seek more huggable clients! LET'S CONNECT! LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Email Me! Text Me!  240-706-7584
December 22, 2020
22 - Tell A Good Story with Tony Ma of Benten Technologies
In this week's episode we have Tony Ma!  Tony is the Founder and CEO of Benten Technologies with headquarters in Manassas, Virginia.  It is all about telling a good story, and Tony has an amazing story to tell!  He was born during the Vietnam War in a rural area outside of Ho Chi Minh City.  He shares with us his origin story starting from birth to being stranded in the South Asian Sea for days to immigrating to America and landing in the Northern Virginia area that will leave you captivated within the first 10 minutes.  He mentions the three pillars his company is centered around, time, technology, and education.  Tony shares the importance of having a coach and knowing how to sell which he originally learned during his first summer in college by going door to door selling books in impoverish neighborhoods. LET'S CONNECT! LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Email Me! Text Me!  240-706-7584
December 15, 2020
21 - Making A Difference with Amy Katz of Curbside Kitchen
In this week's episode we have Amy Katz!  Amy is the Founder and CEO of Curbside Kitchen with their office in McLean, Virginia.  They are known as the Uber for food trucks with over 500 food trucks on their platform and counting!  She grew up in New Jersey and is a University of Maryland alumni as well - go Terps!  We chatted how the Curbside Kitchen idea came about 3 years ago looking for a way to modernize a very antiquated business when they noticed that property managers were having difficulties finding reliable food trucks to come to the location.  They have partnered with the finest food trucks in our area to provide us the greatest culinary experience possible, and the best part is that they come to you!  This is a great amenity not only for tenants and residents of commercial and residential properties, but they also do events, universities, assisted living facilities, and more.  Amy shares how they have been able to experience amazing growth having started with 5 buildings and are now in over 200 buildings in the DMV area and other markets throughout the East Coast of the United States and are continuing to expand.  She loves making a difference by feeding people, helping people, and supporting local business owners! LET'S CONNECT! LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Email Me! Text Me!  240-706-7584
December 8, 2020
20 - Get To Know Your Client with Kevin Learned of McMahon, Welch and Learned, PLLC
In this week's episode we have Kevin Learned!  Kevin is Co-Founder and Partner of McMahon, Welch and Learned, PLLC with their office in Reston, Virginia.  He is known as the trusted legal advisor for entrepreneurs, start-ups, emerging growth and middle-market companies.  We chatted about him growing up in Northern California in the Sacramento area and what brought him to the Washington, DC metropolitan area.  He originally wanted to become an analyst with one of the federal agencies but felt a closer bond with lawyers and loved the business side of things that he became a transactional attorney focusing on business.  Kevin shares the top three things you need to know if you are looking to acquire a company.  He mentions how important it is to be responsive in business and getting to really know your client and what their needs are.  LET'S CONNECT! LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Email Me! Text Me!  240-706-7584
December 1, 2020
19 - The Opportunities In The Challenges with Rich Daughtridge of HighRock
In this week's episode we have Rich Daughtridge!  Rich is the CEO of several companies HighRock and HighRock Group with offices in Baltimore and Hagerstown, Maryland, and Warehouse Cinemas located in Frederick, Maryland.  He is also a former professional soccer player having won three championships!  We talked about his soccer career and having grown up in Hagerstown, Maryland.  He started from humble beginnings designing websites from his apartment using a TV cardboard box as his desk to his current powerhouse marketing and advertising company.  He shares how they purchased a 10 screen movie theater doing 60,000 people per year and when they sold it it was doing 375,000 people per year, and what they did to bring more people in.  Rich mentions how it is imperative to market and create awareness and to focus on where are the opportunities in the challenges we face, especially important during today's times.  This and much more, do not miss this episode! LET'S CONNECT! LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Email Me! Text Me!  240-706-7584
November 24, 2020
18 - Your Friendly Neighborhood Dentist with Dr. Anamelechi of Children's Choice Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics
In this week's episode we have Dr. Jonelle G. Anamelechi!  Dr. Anamelechi is the owner of Children's Choice Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics with locations in New Carrollton, Maryland and Washington, DC!  She was named one of America’s Top Pediatric Dentists by the Consumers’ Research Council of America, serves as the president of the DC American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, and is involved in various other industry committees and programs.  We chat about her growing up in Borden, South Carolina a small town where there is a great sense of community that when she graduated from dental school at University of North Carolina she came back home and she had a billboard with her name on it!  She mentions how she started pulling teeth at an early age at the elementary school playground and of course asking for money afterwards.   Dr. Anamelechi shares many great dental recommendations for children in any age group and reminds us why we should reconsider gummy vitamins. LET'S CONNECT! LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Email Me! Text Me!  240-706-7584
November 17, 2020
17 - This Is A Long Game with Furkan Yuce of Elevation Flooring
In this week's episode we have Furkan Yuce, President of Elevation Flooring with their office in Arbutus, Maryland!  He was born in Ankara, Turkey and at 10 months arrived to America, he grew up in Gaithersburg, Maryland.  We chat about how it was growing up in an immigrant household in Maryland.  It all started with his exposure to the construction industry as a college student working over the summer on the construction site of the infamous Watergate in Washington, DC.  He shares how it took the company a while to earn their first contract and when they did is was not that much.  He mentions how you should not give up, it is along road.  Furkan and his two other partners founded the firm 3 years ago and in that period of time have created an organization that generates multi-millions of dollars in annual revenue.  Learn how he did it! LET'S CONNECT! LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Email Me! Text Me!  240-706-7584
November 10, 2020
16 - Put In The Time with Jeff Martin of University Recruiters
In this week's episode we have Jeff Martin!  Jeff is the CEO of University Recruiters, Jeffrey Agency, and several other new ventures coming soon with headquarters in Fulton, Maryland!  He has earned various distinguished awards and titles such as 2020 Global CEO Excellence Award, 2020 Yahoo Finance Top CEO's to watch, and Career Coaching & Recruitment CEO of the Year.  He has worked with notable figures like Gary Vee, Grant Cardone, Ryan Serhant, and many others.  We chat about growing up in New York and how lacrosse and attending Towson University brought him to Maryland!  We learn what is the greatest college degree CEO's look at and how to find a mentor.  Jeff shares what you need to do develop your brand, how you need to be patient and continue to put in the time to do the work needed!  You don't want to miss this episode filled with jam packed gems!
November 3, 2020
15 - Managing Everyone Differently with Michael Martinec of Products Support Inc.
In this week's episode we have Michael Martinec, CEO of Products Support Inc. with their office in Jessup, Maryland!  He is a local having grown up in Maryland, graduated from the University of Maryland and became a CPA (Certified Public Accountant).  He has always been interested in side businesses starting at a young age trading sports cards and selling candy, which eventually led to investing in real estate.  This is a must listen episode for everyone, it shows you how you can make it into the C-Suite without being the founder and continue to climb the corporate ladder if you choose to do so in an efficient and effective way.  Mike shares some valuable takeaways you can immediately start implementing especially if you lead and manage any sort of team.  You are going to learn how to develop a strong work environment that is going to make nobody want to leave!
October 27, 2020
14 - Always Learning with Doug Miller of Core Nutritionals, 'Merica Labz, 'Merica Snax, and The Nutrition Corners
In this week's episode we have Doug Miller!  Doug is the CEO of several companies in the nutritional supplement space Core Nutritionals, 'Merica Labz, 'Merica Snax, The Nutrition Corners, and Co-Owner of Arms Race Nutrition with headquarters in Sterling, Virginia.  He is also a Free Pro Bodybuilding 2x World Champion!  We talked about becoming the top natural body builder in the world, all of his business ventures, and growing up in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania just outside of Philadelphia.   He mentions how important it is to him the impact he is making in the community and how branding helped them become one of the most engaged supplement brands in social media.  He shares the importance of always learning from the right people and from your past mistakes.  Doug takes us behind the scenes on how he enjoys to spend his free time, and how commercial real estate has played a principal role in different aspects of his business!
October 20, 2020
13 - Just Be You with Raquel Borras of True To You Branding
Raquel Borras is CEO (Chief Excitement Officer) and Founder of True To You Branding out of Leesburg, Virginia!  She is also a Social Media Coach/Content Creator at SocialCoach and a Spokesperson for Imperfectly Perfect Campaign which is changing the face of mental health by dismantling the stigmas associated with it.  She is a personal branding and LinkedIn guru!  We chatted about her growing up in Southern California in the San Diego area and what brought her to the DC metro area.  She comes from a long line of artist in her family and is one herself.  She is a huge mental health advocate after a suicide attempt in her early twenties.   She shares how it is so much easier just being you and not trying to be something you are not, and how she turned her struggles into strengths.  Raquel mentions how you cannot miss out on the social media opportunity, it is free visibility!  She gives us some great advice on how to build emotional connections through the sharing of stories and experiences.  This and much more, don't miss the episode!
October 13, 2020
12 - It Is A Team Effort with Mike McDermott of InquisIT
In this week's episode we have Mike McDermott, President of InquisIT with their office in Chantilly, Virginia!  He has had an illustrious career in the federal space helping grow Phacil from 4 employees to leaving after almost 12 years with the title of President and revenues of almost $150 Million.  In the first 12 months with InquisIT he grew the business by nearly 40% and brought in over $28 Million in new contracts.  We chatted about his start as a Marine and how that led him to one of his side passions being a competitive body builder.  He shares how it is all about the team effort, nothing is ever done alone, and what should your ideal day look like.  He also give us some insight on how you should be as close in proximity as possible to ownership and the decision makers, and how one of the biggest skills one should learn is to be inefficient!  You heard that right, be inefficient!  Catch the entire episode, you don't want to miss it!
October 6, 2020
11 - Life Is Short with Maria Joukov of inq Tattoos
Maria Joukov is the Co-Founder & CEO of two companies inq Tattoos and Fides Services!  inq Tattoos is located in Old Town in the heart of Alexandria, Virginia's historic district.  They are innovating and reimagining the tattoo experience with there transparency and education to the customer!  You feel like you are walking into a spa with there clean high-end design.  Maria immigrated from Armenia to the US at 10 years old and grew up in Baltimore County Maryland!  We chat about what led her to the business, how starting out in the early stages you wear all of the hats at the company, and to never forget that life is short!  This and much more, don't miss it because the future that's coming is taking off like a rocket ship!
September 29, 2020
10 - The Power of Relationships with Kelly Ennis of The Verve Partnership
Kelly Ennis is the Founder and Managing Principal of The Verve Partnership with headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland!  The Verve Partnership is an interior architecture firm that focuses on how space, culture, and brand impact the built environment from the inside out.  We talked with Kelly about growing up in a town south of Allentown, Pennsylvania and how at the early age of 8 years she fell in love with her first set of Lincoln Logs and hasn't looked back since!  She shares the story how the business started and the meaning behind the brand name.  We learn about the immense power of relationships and how doing what is right always works out and wins!
September 22, 2020
9 - One Year’s Worth of Growth Within 40 Hours with Marc D'Antin of Fit Learning DC
In this week's episode we have Marc D'Antin!  He is the Director of Fit Learning DC with their Learning Lab located in Dupont Circle in Washington, DC!  We chatted about his upbringing living in several countries and states before he was 10 years old and how that shaped him, his career journey and how he ended up in his field, and why he loves what he does and sees himself doing this forever.  You will find out the importance in positivity and the critical role it plays in learning, and how can someone accomplish one to two year's worth of growth within only 40 hours, and much more!
September 15, 2020
8 - Thinking Outside The Box with Graham King of Urban Athletic Club
Graham King is the Owner and Founder of Urban Athletic Club with four gym locations in Washington, DC and there newest location at the Watergate opening soon!  He is a local having grown up in Howard County Columbia, Maryland.  We talked about his start in the fitness industry working the morning shift at a local fitness club, what he learned working there and how that has served him throughout his journey, how he has been able to build a close knit community of loyal followers, what to consider when going into a new business partnership, how thinking outside of the box has helped him and his business grow, and what the future holds!
September 8, 2020
7 - Hustle And Hard Work At An Early Age with Luke Silverman of Bark Social
In this week's episode we have Luke Silverman, Co-Founder and CEO of Bark Social!  Bark Social is the first "dog bar" in the Mid-Atlantic region that will be opening its first location soon in North Bethesda, Maryland in the Pike & Rose development!  We chatted about how out of college he started his own wine business and lived in Tuscany, Italy, he worked in Hollywood on several successful TV hit franchises such as The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and American Idol, and he loves to travel having visited 48 US states and 35 countries.  He shares how it is to raise capital from investors and what is needed, what he learned working at a young age in the hospitality industry, and how you need to create opportunities for your team.  Him and his team have created an amazing business concept you NEED to visit if you live in the DMV, especially if you have a four legged fury friend!
September 1, 2020
6 - It's All About The Fundamentals with Bob Klinger of Klinger Insurance Group
In this week's episode we have Bob Klinger!  He is the CEO and founder of Klinger Insurance Group with headquarters in Germantown, Maryland!  He went from growing up in a small town in Pennsylvania to being at the top of the insurance industry and involved in several industry boards and associations.  He served over 20 years in the military, ran the first Iraqi elections in Tikrit, was blown up in Iraq, and shares what the military taught him about marketing!  He provides great advice for all companies, how to niche down in your business, and how social media has helped him and how you should be using it, and at the end of the day it is all about the fundamentals.  This episode has so many learning nuggets and great stories, you cannot miss it!
August 25, 2020
5 - What Is Your Why with Stephanie Chin of Maryland Institute College of Art
Stephanie Chin is Assistant Director for Entrepreneurship at Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in Baltimore, Maryland!  She is also known as the Entrepreneurship Evangelist at MICA and sits on several boards that promote business and entrepreneurship in Baltimore City.  We chatted about her trajectory to where she currently is, what she has learned from working with startup founders, how traveling changed her and it became a lifelong passion, what is needed to be a successful business, and a lot more! 
August 18, 2020
4 - Tune Out The Noise with Dr. Carlos Martinez of CAM Physical Therapy and Wellness Services
In this week's episode we have Dr. Carlos Martinez, president and founder of CAM Physical Therapy and Wellness Services.  They have five locations and a long-term care facility in the Washington, DC metro area.  We talked about growing up in the Bronx and Peekskill, NY, he shares how serving for his country led him to his career, how hard work and your mental attitude is critical, it is all about the team effort, and his passion for helping and creating new opportunities in the community.  Enjoy!
August 11, 2020
3 - Always Be Learning with Jenn Shin of Jenn Shin Studios
Today's episode features Jenn Shin, she is the owner of hair studio Jenn Shin Studios located in Rockville, MD!  She shares her interesting journey that got her to where she is today, her serendipitous path into the hair styling business, how she thinks about long-term planning, her mindset, and her thoughts on teaching specific skills and techniques. 
August 4, 2020
2 - You Have To Care with Shana Cosgrove of Nyla Technology Solutions & VitalUP Marketing
Shana Cosgrove is the founder and owner of two tech companies Nyla Technology Solutions and VitalUP Marketing with headquarters in Baltimore, MD!  We talked about her upbringing in Pennsylvania, how she got into Tech, company culture and philanthropy, women in Tech, and much more.  Don't miss this episode!
July 28, 2020
1 - From Side Hustle to Restaurant Award Finalist with Javier Fernandez of Kuya Ja's Lechon Belly
Welcome to the first official episode of The DMV Business Show.  Our first guest is critically acclaimed chef Javier Fernandez co-owner of Kuya Ja's Lechon Belly located in Rockville, Maryland.  We are going to talk about what's it like growing up, how he entered the restaurant business, how he markets his business, and where he is now.
July 21, 2020
Episode O - Welcome To The DMV Business Show
Welcome to episode 0 of The DMV Business Show.  In this short episode we will be filling you in on what to expect from the show in the coming weeks.
June 24, 2020